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This is an entirely fan run website, made without any kind of collaboration with Jeordie White. I want this to be understood by everyone very clearly - no one is telling me to do this, I am just a fan looking for answers here, doing research on my own and now, of course have been helped by other fans.

I personally grew up appreciating both Jeordie and Jessicka as artists, and therefore this drama was an issue that always bothered me. - They were both people that I very much looked up to. And since the 2021 Marilyn Manson allegations seemed to inspire a lot of fan detective work, I wondered where the hell was this all back when Jeordie got accused. At least what I can remember from that time is mostly just really stupid takes and assumptions, and people never really taking a closer look before just believing the allegations with a "Well he did drugs so..." 


There have been a few attempts in doing a similar site/blog such as this through the years but it seemed those always quieted down after a while and this was often because of online harassment. The facts of the case as well as important evidence has been so scattered and hard to follow that many see this case as a dead end. But it's not. 

Note: I do not represent all Twiggy fans, there are differing opinions on these things and if you want to point something out, feel free to contact me. My own head is the most familiar to me, and this is my website, therefore this is largely what I personally think and the information on which those opinions are based on. If you disagree or want to add something, feel free to contact. I still also am not Jeordie, nor do I look to represent him, he has no influence on what I say and you cannot contact him through this site. Your own reading comprehension should be in use here, this is not an official site, anyone can make a website and some points are simply theoretic and when they are, it is stated as such. I'm not an "insider" I'm a complete nobody on the other side of the world trying to make sense of these things out of personal interest, you might actually know more than I do.

I also don't read social media discussions very much, as my motive behind this site is the fact that I'm tired of them, I do have accounts on different platforms, but I don't exactly spend my days lurking through people's speculations. I don't care / want to know  what people think of me, though I'd appreciate constructive criticism of the texts. If you have something to add or see something interesting said by someone, you can send a tip or a screenshot, but don't wait for me to find your post in some thread somewhere, I probably haven't seen it. I'm personally going back towards the "2000's way of using the internet" where I'm not on social media all the time anymore and online stuff happens on the computer a couple hours a day instead of constant scrolling. 


You can contact me through social media, or if you aren't on social media or you have a lot to say, a lot of images to attach, you can email me at You can really just theorize and offer your opinions, you don't have to be personally involved or actually have anything groundbreaking to say. And yes, please tell me if a link isn't working or there is a stupid typo. 

DO NOT reach out to the families/friends of Jeordie or Jessicka in search of new information. This is a stressful subject and by now, most likely anyone willing to comment has already done so.

If you have a personal story: 

It will not be published anywhere without your permission. You can also ask to review how the information you've provided is going to be presented. For this I can for example make a password protected preview page that no one but you can access, and you can then request changes until you're comfortable. Your identity will not be revealed without your permission either. 

Info that's sent in will be read through carefully though, and there is a standard to what kind of stuff I'll post on here. If info is unverified but interesting, though, I can mention it but also with the note that it is unverified, as a request for more information on that thing. 

Let it be known that I have been contacted already by people claiming to be related to, "basically family", "friends with Jeordie", that have been full of shit - lies will be detected okay.

Think the best one so far was this one person who "knew Jeordie since he was a child" and remembered all this stuff about him being a little kid but also was like 9 years younger than him. Claimed to be his cousin but background check revealed this person to be a fan that likes to tag Jeordie in sexually harassing comments. OK.


I'll respond to these here and then never respond to them again as I already have.


"Jeordie just probably wants to retire... He's not coming back"

Wouldn't hold that against him if he wanted to but that's not the point of what I'm doing anyway. As for the "he just wants to retire" - consider the following:

- After the allegations he still appeared on stage and was selling art

-There's activity on his career until like late 2019, after which: covid happened, making it hard to work on things and make arrangements to meet up with other musicians etc, then on top of that the MM allegations, which also would affect his ability to work in the music business as someone so closely associated with Marilyn Manson. There are things going on that make it hard for him  to be a musician right now.

Not all is reported publicly, I feel like some people when they talk to me just think he's sat on the couch for the last 5 years or so. Don't think so. He could have worked on musical projects in private just without reporting on them publicly. 

But my point isn't to undo what's happened. I know I have no control over things. This site is simply me sharing my opinion, an explanation as to why it is that people support him and don't believe the allegations. My motivation is largely "I just want to be a fan, I just want to enjoy his work without always seeing the same dumbass comments. Let's get this out there I'm tired of being reminded of this so I will think about this really fucking hard now and present the results."

Of course a big part of it is also that I'd like to know what he's been up to too and I miss getting interviews and pictures and stuff like that. But I have no control over what he does. Whatever he chooses to do next in his life will probably be easier if more people know he's innocent, though? Or do you believe he only deserves justice if he gives us back something in the form of a new album or what?  What happened wasn't right, he owes us nothing at all, this is a thank you from me to him.

"Do you know what he's been up to, does he ever talk to you?"

No. I don't reach out to him to ask anything about the details of this situation. We have never had a conversation.

"He will never meet you / thank you / fuck you"

What is with people and always assuming that people do things just to get something in return? Through the years I have been given art, given music. I think I'm giving back now. He doesn't owe me shit.

This is also funny coming from the same people who say "how do you think you know, you weren't there", - how do you think you know, you haven't seen the future :D:DDDD

Jeordie as an american musician has always been someone that I haven't even thought would be possible to meet anyway. It's not exactly something I'm ever expecting to happen. This whole comment is so stupid I wish y'all and especially Jessicka would come up with a new one.

"You're unhealthily obsessed with him / do nothing else with your life"

No. I just keep my personal life separate from this project and that pisses you off because it prevents you from insulting me personally as you can't come up with better arguments against what I'm saying. 

"You just think he's hot."

He is. It would be a lie to claim otherwise. At least we can agree on one thing, it is a start.

"You just have never been a victim / don't know anyone who has so you have no sympathy at all.."

False. I just don't see why I should explain my personal business here, let alone someone else's on a website that has nothing to do with it. I really don't want to discuss my loved one's traumatic experiences too much online as they're not willing to do that themselves. Some things I briefly mention though, if you took the time to read but you don't. Just keep coming up with assumption based arguments as to why I shouldn't talk about this, that is all this and many other arguments are. "You have no right to discuss this because your opinion isn't what we want," is all this is.

"Rape apologist"

In order for me to be a rape apologist I would have to believe he did it and look for reasons to excuse / ignore that behavior. I don't. My whole point is that I believe he's innocent. That doesn't mean I'd accept rape an abuse towards anyone. I just don't think the alleged things happened at all and explain why it is that I think so.


"Stop victim blaming"


In order for me to victim blame, I would also have to believe he did it. I don't. If there is no crime committed, there is no victim to start with. This and the above are arguments used before listening to what I say, they're not responding to me, they're responses to shit someone else has said that you expect me to agree with. I don't. I don't believe abuse ever is the victim's fault. It especially cannot be the victim's fault in my opinion of this case if I don't believe that it happened in the first place. 

"Why would I listen to you, you're biased!"

Well, thing is. I originally was considering that maybe I should approach this from a more neutral perspective. But then I couldn't really do that as I had that opinion of mine already. I think this way as I'm clearly stating my opinion and perspective it's more transparent for you actually. You know what I think, you see my "bias." Whereas if I was claiming to observe the situation with a neutral approach I would be hiding the fact that I'm rooting for him, and the bias would be concealed, yet I would subconsciously bend towards defending him while claiming to observe it neutrally. It's more honest this way that I clearly say I think he's innocent and this is why. So you see what this kind of opinion is based on. It's really just math I'm showing you the calculations that got me into my conclusions so you can show me where I'm wrong if you think I am.

I think it would be dishonest of me to try and appear as not picking a side when I obviously have done so.

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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