This website will be updated as more info comes in but it's pretty well together by now. Some pages still need updating so be sure to check them again soon.

This is a completely fan run
site in no association to Twiggy Ramirez aka Jeordie White. 

I do not make any profit from this, the intention is to simply discuss this topic. I am not personally involved in this.

In the wake of the 2021 Marilyn Manson drama, I was happy to see people working together to find the truth. However, I never saw a proper discussion into the allegations made against Jeordie White, besides a few stumps of reddit threads with barely any actual evidence. This site is simply my effort in bringing forward the information that is scattered over the internet, hidden in plain sight. Look into this before making your final opinion, even if you disagree with me. I think Jeordie White is innocent. And I'm telling you why, laying it all down right here for you since as of 2021, Jessicka is still posting about this. I'm done.

Initially, my plan was to make videos on youtube, but I soon found out that while I'm decent at editing, I'm far too awkward in front of the camera and since english is not my first language, my ramblings were quite boring to listen to. Making a site like this, however, allows me to update when I find more information and list sources effectively. 

And just a disclaimer. I don't want to encourage online harassment of any kind so if you go attack the people involved, that's all on you. But I'd advise against it, it doesn't make Jeordie look good nor does it help the cause in any way. Any bullshit can just be used against him. This is not an attack. Do not go after Jessicka. If you discuss this on social media, discuss behavior, not the person itself - it's unnecessary to make fun of someone's appearance for example. Also: no matter who you're siding with, do not contact either party's family members about this. Let them be. Life is stressful as it is.

Now, I know, the entire thing looks very biased, it comes through very heavily from this site that my opinion is that Jeordie is innocent. But hear me out:


At the moment of the allegations, I was a fan of both Jessicka Addams and Jeordie White. And when I am a fan of something, I want to know everything. The fact that I am a fan of both of them and have read everything I could possibly find about them is the whole reason why I doubt this story, it didn't add up from the start. 

Jeordie has never been convicted of a crime. There has never been a criminal investigation. He has been "cancelled" based only on social media posts by Jessicka, who is widely known to start drama and harass people online for various different reasons. Her inconsistent story is not enough proof for anything and she has no right to play the authority on who gets to talk about this.

"Innocent until proven guilty" should never be forgotten and when drama is brought public, we have the right to talk about it. If you choose the "court of the internet" then the "internet detectives" can work in defense of the accused too, there is nothing wrong with that.

But remember, this is a fan site: This is supposed to be an encouragement towards you making your own conclusions on these things. I am not an official news source. There can and will be mistakes, misunderstandings, I may miscommunicate my thoughts as a multilingual person posting at 3 am... check the sources, do your own thinking. Point out possible mistakes, offer your theories. 

contact me:

I sometimes refer to information I have received via email. If it can be somehow verified, or the person can prove to me that they are somehow linked into the situation. If the information can't be verified, this fact will be mentioned if such information is shared, usually this is done as a request for more details to possibly confirm. But no one will be named without permission, knowing the online wars Jessicka likes to start. But as the point is not to start rumours and make this worse, only to clear things up from the mess they are, I will not be sharing stuff that would just make things a bigger mess. Don't bother with made up stories. Also I'm not Jeordie, I don't know him. I'm a fan, he most likely doesn't know I exist. You cannot contact him through this site.

And I'd add also that by now, while this was started by one person, multiple people have contributed into this by sending links and screenshots, tips.

None of the images shared on the site are created by me. They have been saved from various online sources and for some it is impossible to find out who took them. If you took some of them, if you want a link/credit added, it can be done. 

Quick FAQ:


I'm just tired of this subject really. So many uneducated takes and "I heard"s floating around. Decided to gather into one place the points why I think he's innocent. I'm just tired of hearing about this honestly. It's not even a "Don't bring it up please" more so, it's not going anywhere, let's stir the pot a little and see what comes up. There are a lot of fans still conflicted about this. So much unnecessary bullshit going on. 

Also just generally want to know how long does "cancellation" last. I mean when you go to jail you get out of there at some point, there is a sentence that ends at some point. Is this how we're doing this now, a dodgy accusation on facebook and you can never show your face anymore? I never really thought anyone would read this very much tbh it has been weird.

Do you hate Jessicka?

No. I actually really like Jack Off Jill's music. Some of her art is cute too. At the time of the allegations I was very upset because I liked her and Jeordie both a lot. Contrary to the popular belief, it wasn't an instant "Jeordie is hot I side with him" no, I took my time thinking about it. I grew up a JOJ fan, really liked Jessicka. I still don't hate her and I wish people would just discuss this without attacking her personally.  I mean of course there are consequences to doing something as horrible as false allegations and people are justifiably angry but you know what I mean.

I actually had a band that was more grunge/emo in my teens and JOJ was a big influence to that. At least lyrically. I think Clear Hearts is one of my favorite albums of all time. But don't take that as an achievement my "favorite albums of all time" list is very long. Definitely a favorite of the teen years though.

I just don't like her entitled attitude at all. Can't consider myself a fan anymore really. But this is not "She said bad thing about my fav I hate her" no  and if you think that's the case you can go back to scrolling Jessicka's twitter.

What do you think Jeordie would think of this / What do you want from him?

I don't necessarily want to know. I mean if he decides to tell me, it would be cool but I really am not expecting him to interact with this in any way. I don't need him to respond to this. People think I want to get married with him or something but I think that is a pretty weird angle to look at it. How I think of it is that he has already given me so much, I want to express that he is still very much missed and appreciated and there are people who want to hear his side of the story too. Also it would be great if he released an autobiography or a black metal album. I want to see him in corpsepaint that would be cool.

You've never been a victim / don't know anyone who...

Nice assumptions. Incorrect.

Are you a bass player?

Yes. You bet I have a thunderbird. Precious. 

Get a life

As if it isn't normal to be interested in stuff like this.

No but I do concentrate on other stuff too I like for example painting, play several instruments, I like writing and drawing too. Rn I'm a student but will graduate soon.

Have you met Jeordie?

Never. Though he seems like a guy I'd like to have a chat with, heard a lot of really fun stories from other fans. He just doesn't visit this side of the planet much these days.

You're just a stan

Not really honestly. I got an all time favorite artist I went completely insane for. Would buy tix for the whole tour and stuff lmao it was wild. Jeordie I haven't even seen live lol.

Why are you anonymous?

It's not relevant, the point is the issue itself. There is more than one people contributing to this anyway I don't want to take all the credit. Argue with the points, contrary opinions are welcome. I started this with my own face I just didn't see the point in that. It's really funny people say "He will never know who you are" it's like, okay, what would he do with that info anyway, I don't need him to. If I was posting photos of myself that'd be a problem too.

(implying I'm mentally ill)

Yes. Think everyone is, what's wrong with that. Normal stuff. Not psychotic though, and FYI this process of making this site has been done while willingly collaborating with mental health professionals and so far they haven't found this maladaptive or alarming. Just that my interest in this subject is impressive considering I can't concentrate on anything for too long.

So you support abusers?

No. That's not the point. I just think this specific case is really sketchy and needs a closer look into it. You're free to offer your thoughts on it and suggest contrary points. No one has. And no I will not reply if you're going to scream at me and call me names.

You can't know anything though

Yes. That's why I look at the big picture and decide based on multiple sources of information, does the big picture make sense. If not, what would make sense? If I can't know, neither can you. It's just as possible that Jeordie got beaten up in that relationship, how can you know? Have you even heard his side of the story? It's pretty suspicious that Jessicka is the only one out of the two that has ever discussed this relationship, she has been building the narrative all this time all alone yet it still doesn't add up.

He's not a saint,,,,,

This is like top ten most annoying comments material. I have done a massive research on this subject and I have been a fan for over a decade, I know he's no angel. I can bet not a single fan who's actually been around a long time thinks he's some perfect person who's never done wrong. I would not have stayed all this time if I thought he was a perfect person with no flaws, people just want to think I like a picture of him. That I have some unrealistic fantasy about him lol. No, I am a fan of the entire thing, the very fact he's not perfect is interesting to me. He's relatable.


But you can do shocking stuff, you can do drugs, have weird kinky sex, trash hotelrooms, you can be gross and weird but that does not mean you're an abuser who goes out of their way to hurt others intentionally. It's really weird that the very people who condemn him based on his public (intentionally controversial and shocking) persona are telling me "open your eyes, he's not who you think he is, you can't know what he's like" They say this while full well knowing Jessicka was doing the same sort of shit, somehow only Jeordie is "suspicious and obviously fucked up" Double standards. Could write a book about how much this shit pisses me off.

There are people who can't take the truth about whatever it is, but very often it has to do with the fact that they identify themselves so strongly with something that it hurts them personally when that thing is criticized. They can't admit to flaws in for example an ideology because it personally hurts them, they think admitting the problem would make them a bad person. I used to be the kid who got personally offended when my favorite band was dissed on a forum. But lol I'm not 12 anymore. I don't define myself based on outside things, Jeordie is a being separate from me, not my personality.

B O N U S:

All the ways I have seen people misspell JEORDIE during my research (let me know if there's more)













My favorite is my own, I always accidentally type Twoggy, it has happened so much I do it intentionally sometimes on instagram dms. Maybe that can be my stage name when I get famous.