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TWIGGY RAMIREZ IS INNOCENT - exposing the truth behind the 2017 allegations

This website is dedicated to exposing the truth behind the accusations made by Jessicka Addams towards Twiggy Ramirez / Jeordie White. Here we go through the entire case in detail, each section explains what's wrong with the claims and why they don't sound true at all. - With evidence.  (on mobile, see mobile menu in the top corner) 

Do not use the information on this site as a reason to harass the people involved in this online. 

All harassment towards me or people suspected of being me can be published on the site. I will not interact with the Addams directly.


Here you'll see the latest updates to the site. I have been getting more and more lazy with social media updates and I mainly use those pages for private messaging nowadays anyway, it's just not worth the hassle to rewrite the points onto applications where people only like photos and scroll without reading. The group of people who are interested in this site has been established and they know how to find it. I want to move on to new things because I feel my point has been made and the majority of the issues I wanted to address has been addressed. This will be here for interested people to find and that's it. I mean come on it's been two years.

10/11/2023: Page update.

The photo evidence? page has been updated with discussion of a yet another photo and also additional points. You can click here or find it in the General Inconsistencies section.

30/10/2023: Happy Halloween!

I have been so busy as my schedule is far more full of things these days. But I have to make time...

There is a new page added into the general inconsistencies section, you can find it there or click here to read about Jessicka's attack on former friend, painter Mark Ryden.

As stated before, there are many things that happened this year that I haven't gone through yet because I have had so much going on in real life, I mean just my hobbies are stuff that takes forever in general but also I've gotten a job and stuff and also a new thing that I feel is addictive... I've gotten into tattooing, as soon as I finish I have my hands itching for more bzzzzzzzzzz, though I doubt a tattoo shop in my home town would be successful considering that in the past few years I've seen them pop up in every street corner, I remember ten years ago there was probably one.

14/9/2023: Long time no see.

Just logging in to let you all know that this website has not been abandoned. I just needed some time away from social media and the internet generally. A lot going on in my personal life. And with recently finding Christianity, I had a big change of perspective to life that was great and so good but it also made me feel a bit depressed. Hard to explain, this would require my whole life story and it is not relevant. 

I am a bit of a perfectionist and often I find it hard to get started if I don't know how things will end. This site for me personally has been motivated by a will to tackle that problem. I just started doing it and didn't care how it looks like. But things, ideas, sometimes they all pile up and kind of paralyze me and then I need to step away and go back to zero. And slowly start building up again one thing at a time. Changes in my personal life made me very inspired to work on many things, art, music, but now I have a bunch of unfinished stuff all over the place. My new job has also been something that I've needed to get used to, the hours are a bit weird lol.

I have a lot to catch up with... Patience. I'll get back to this soon. I have absolutely been taking notes and writing down my thoughts. I've got a bunch of updates coming. Think I'll do a bit of an overall cleanup where I fix issues and this might be down for some moments in the following weeks.

5/3/2023: Updates:

Photo evidence? page in the general inconsistencies section has been updated addressing an additional alleged photo of a bruise. 

JOJ Lyrics page has had some screenshots added regarding the early JOJ songs and the lyrical themes.

I'm not Jessicka page, screenshots added regarding an unusual choice of words used interestingly by all the accounts associated with Jessicka.

Risk Records page Also a screenshot added there.

Screenshots and additional commentary added to Laney page and I should probably divide it into chapters it's so long at this point.......

Also, new page has been added to the general inconsistencies section, this page is called Sabotaging JOJ?

9/2/2023: Updated the Risk records page and stalker page, also Jane Doe vs Manson lawsuit details:

A while back I was emailed about a news article I had been unaware of, regarding the claim about the record label. This is now added in.

Also I've tried to simplify the fake stalker page in the Jessicka vs Me section, and added some new screenshots about the fabricated police operation situation.

As for the latest lawsuit on Manson filed in late January 2023, I am a bit out of the loop with it's details but have been following the discussion and Jeordie's involvement with it. Marilyn Manson Uncanceled has a new article that discussed these developments well and I would suggest checking his site out for details on this Jane Doe anyway, he has researched it well.

8/1/2023: Weird social media accounts notice:

Over the past few months, I have been told in dms about weird social media accounts on instagram and tumblr. At least up until this point, this has been harmless, but it's just really weird.


These fanpages keep popping up, and the usernames are always a some form of variation of ”Twiggy Ramirez (series of numbers)” or ”Jeordie White (series of numbers)” when they post, they never use hashtags, they don't post captions. Personally I find them annoying and have started blocking them as soon as I notice a new one.


On instagram there was a ”weird account alert” a while back, but this turned out to be a 11 year old kid who was looking for friends. 


Currently, on tumblr, someone has made several accounts with different variations of this username. I noticed this when I logged in after a long while, and suddenly had an unusually big amount of notifications. I have not been active there because I don't like how the platform works, and it generally seems to be far less popular than it used to be back in the day so there aren't many people discussing this.


I would advise blocking and reporting accounts that fit this criteria:


Username looks something like this: jeordiewhite1971, twiggyramirez_1998, twiggy-ramirez-1998, jeordie-white-1996


They don't use hashtags or captions, or if they do, they are simply an emoji


Account is very recently made and either posts unusually frequently or has very little or no posts at all.


The account bio is empty or just ”jeordie white” or ”twiggy ramirez” or ”fanpage”


Stay safe online!


My accounts are linked on the social media bar (on the sidebar on desktop and bottom of page on mobile). These are the only ones that I use to discuss these allegations. For simply photo posting purposes I have the Amboog A Lard era photo archive account that I mentioned on the Overnight? page, that is @thrashjeordie on instagram but I don't really have time to keep up with it.

7/2/2023: New page in the general inconsistencies section

A new page discussing claims made in January 2023 about a photo where Jessicka claims to be hiding a black eye has been added to the general inconsistencies section. You can also find it by clicking here.

5/1/2023: Update to Laney page has been made.

7/11/2022: Minor editing & added details.

The page about Jessicka's whole email claim has now been divided into chapters, as I felt it was a bit too long to read in one go. There has also been some screenshots added, some new, some old. 

In the "Exit From Marilyn Manson" section, the page "Jeordie and the MM allegations, throwing out the baby with the bathwater?" page has also had some added info and screenshots edited in. Also the "Manson case resources" page in the same section has been edited to be more up to date as usernames have changed and new sites have been opened.

13/10/2022: Collaboration with the Gala Sisters!

I totally forgot to add this info on this news section but last week I appeared in a "Spill the Coffee" video with the Gala Sisters on Youtube. You can probably see from here that speaking english on video is a bit difficult for me and why I prefer to do this on a website.... But I think it went alright, considering it was 8 am in my country and I had just woken up  from like two hours of sleep, and kept kinda zoning out and losing the plot there. The Gala Sisters were fun to talk to, thanks to them for this opportunity. As for what I say in regards to Jeordie's placement in the MM allegations, there is a new page too in the Exit From Marilyn Manson section, in which it's speculated a bit; does the Jeordie situation support the evidence of a pre-planned hit on Manson? I think I'll still edit that page a little bit as I got some good thoughts on that in messages / emails and want to add them in, and will do so probably even today as I got a lot of traveling to do, which means a lot of waiting and spare time.

Also there are some news on Jeordie's own website....

20/9/2022: I have joined reddit. 

I just made a profile on reddit to see what's going on in there. I'm not sure how active I'll be on there, but maybe I can post about updates there too. This is noted on here simply so that you're aware it is really me. Here.

Also I have added a few things into the JOJ lyrics page, nothing much, simply a few thoughts & corrections.

16/9/2022: Mechanical Animals anniversary

As those of you that have followed me on social media know, the MM allegations made me become super close with another Manson fan from my town, and we started baking Manson themed cakes in a way to have some fun while showing support to both Manson and Twiggy. So on September 15th we celebrated Mechanical Animals with a pair of swedish princess cakes made to look like them 1998 boobs.... On top there was a mushroom marshmallow upside down for a nipple... They were so good!

Mechanical Animals was the first MM album I ever bought, it was the one that got me into the band. I have so much love for the music, the aesthetic, everything. It was actually the music video for Coma White that made me interested in Twiggy! He looked so cool I had to pause the video for a closer look! And then I became a bass player - and the first thing I did when I brought my first bass home was pick up the songs on this album. 

This album has been through a lot of things by my side, but that is a long ass ramble for another time.

15/9/2022: The Gala Sisters have made a video on the case!

You can listen to their thoughts in the video attached:


The abusive Jessicka page detailing the evidence that suggests it was Jessicka abusing Jeordie is now accessible again. It was in the past a bit messy and hard to follow. Find it in the menu bar or click here.


When did they date? - page is back up, rewritten to more concise form and with some added information. You can find it in the general inconsistencies section or by clicking here

19/8/2022: Jessicka VS me

This is now a section of it's own where it's detailed how Jessicka has responded to this site and my social media accounts. Previously they were separate pages in the front page menu but now they're up again in a section of their own. It may not detail evidence on the Jeordie case specifically, but tells a lot about her behavior in general and how credible her words exactly are. - not very. Lies upon lies. You can find this section in the menu bar or click here.

AUGUST 2022: kinda redid a lot of stuff here lol pretty much every section was edited and updated....

Since the creation of this site in October 2021, a lot has changed. This was initially supposed to just be published and left to be discovered, but people started contacting me with additional information and the site kept growing... I mean the original motivation was just "Oh my god I'm so tired of reading the same comments over again does no one know how to do research I'm gonna post what I think, feel free to link to whoever is talking shit again. Just get this fucking shit out of my system." 

But it's just so that when you have to keep together a massive puzzle, when you add one thing somewhere you have to update everything else too to keep it understandable. And at the same time you have to be aware of how the reader doesn't have the same "map" of the drama in their mind and might get confused really easily if you get too rambly with shit. And like if I could do this in my own language every text would be so much shorter bc I wouldn't have to worry about miscommunicating what I'm trying to say.

In my personal life there was a lot going on too and tbh the whole winter/spring is kind of a blur but I graduated and moved to a better neighborhood and that sure helped me clear my head a little.

I looked at this stuff after taking a break from social media overall and was just like "lol that is... okay that is... alright. Wait when did I write that? Okay that is... Alright, calm" Yeah so I kinda renovated here and stripped a lot of stuff that was just cluttering this, simplified some stuff and hopefully made this a little easier to understand. Because for a while over there it was kind of just sorta duct taped together, about to fall apart. Thanks to everyone who's been at least trying to navigate this mess and keep up with whatever I have been writing!!!

So yeah, if a page is password protected, it means I still got work to do with it and it'll be up soon looking better and less cluttered. Most of it's alright. This was a lot more work that I thought it would be lol. 

so the abusive Jessicka page as well as the ones about Jessicka/Christian coming at me will be back up soon, and the timeline of allegations section will soon get a new page and I'm keeping the whole section closed until then. (lol actually, 01/09/22 I'd say I've kind of held back on that specific point I was going to add as a page to that timeline section... I don't know, it doesn't add much and would just stir up unnecessary bullshit instead of actually proving anything, maybe later, won't drop it yet) Why would she lie? page is now "The Motive" and I'm in the process of editing that text as we speak, it's gonna be a lot better than the original page. Some less relevant pages were scrapped altogether but they're not lost forever, useful info will be applied where relevant.

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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