Twiggy Ramirez is innocent!

This website is dedicated to exposing the truth behind the accusations made by Jessicka Addams towards Twiggy Ramirez / Jeordie White. Here you can click on each box with a claim and find an explanation and evidence to support it. (on mobile, scroll down for the list) If you have more information or just feedback, corrections, or if you want to harass or sue me, email address is -Or if you know someone who could help, please inform them of the existence of this site. #teamJeordieWhite We believe you Twiggy. 

Do not use the information on this site as a reason to harass the people involved in this online. 

All harassment towards me or people suspected of being me can be published on the site. I will not interact with the Addams directly.

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally.