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Was Jessicka promoting herself through Wikipedia edits?

Some tumblr users were really paying attention to the editing history of the Mansonwiki and Wikipedia pages of Jessicka related issues... This really is an interesting clue in this case, thank you, I would have never even thought to look into this.

These user ID's have been editing only the pages that have something to do with Jessicka? Who is such a devoted Jessicka fan? Adding mentions of Jessicka to Dita Von Teese's Wikipedia? Adding "--And Jessicka Addams" to all kinds of pages? Adding the accusations towards Jeordie to related wikipedia pages?

Somehow this user felt the need to add very detailed information about Jessicka's career to Mansonwiki, stuff like who attended her wedding, minor roles or cameos or appearances on TV? (which Manson fan would even care to add that, let alone know that?) despite it being a Marilyn Manson fan wiki and the pages only about each person's connection and contribution to Marilyn Manson. Jessicka is not a band member, she is the ex girlfriend of the ex bass player, a vocalist from an another band that Manson produced in the beginning. 

These edits were also, adding Jessicka's input to Jeordie's stage looks, minor updates like "Jeordie recently broke up with Laney" 

So what kind of edits were there?

This edit is very interesting considering that this "Manson fired Jeordie for being accused" is not what Manson himself said at any point, and it's a narrative that Jessicka has been pushing. Neither of them said he was fired FOR the allegations and there were multiple other things in the background of this departure. To say he was fired based on Jessicka's word is simply saying that Marilyn Manson is dumb enough to not see the multiple contradictions and lies in Jessicka's claims.  Jessicka has also always kept bringing up this "Twiggy took the look from her" story, when in reality there were various other influences and he did not copy her. 

And why would it even matter what date he was "fired" from the band on? Somehow this date has been important to Jessicka. 

Edit it twice but still not correct the typos, againat. 

Very interesting. 

Somehow the same user found this issue this important to add it to multiple pages?

And just in general? The same users updating Jessicka's wikipedia all the time? Who is this devoted fan?

Just saying, the hardcore devoted fans don't even look at Wikipedia because everything in there is outdated or wrong it's annoying to even try to correct any of it. 

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