Who knew about it?

There's a really interesting change of narrative in Jessicka's story. 

In the 2017 statement, she goes on to explain that she's coming out with her abuse allegations after years of being told to stay quiet. That the record label pressured her to stay silent and no one in their social circles was willing to take her side, so she stayed quiet.

But in that statement, she mentions that she posted about the same subject earlier in July 2017. For some reason I haven't sound any screenshots of the actual post itself and it was deleted, but as she herself admits this exists and there has been discussions online about it, maybe it does then. Especially when these screenshots from the comments exist:

So in this first story, the reason for the timing was that no one knew about it and she had repressed the memories but physical therapy for an elbow injury triggered her memories and she decided to come forward. Well, considering the inconsistencies with association to Manson and the whole avoiding Jeordie story, wouldn't this be more believable? Then again, elbow injury?

But it was changed to this "No one would listen" narrative. 

Such a change of narrative by itself is already suspicious, but let's look at that now. 

She mentioned Gidget Gein in her statement. Gidget Gein had a problem with Jeordie around the time of this allegedly abusive relationship? Where was he? If according to Jessicka, Jeordie was dressing like Gidget to humiliate him for being kicked out of the band and Gidget Gein was angry at Jeordie and friends with Jessicka, where was Gidget , wouldn't he have been supporting Jessicka?

Jessicka also said in her own 2000's website FAQ that the reason why her involvement in the story of the early years of Marilyn Manson had been downplayed was because while the book was being written, she had asked Marilyn Manson "not to go into detail about our tumultuous relationship". So, Manson knew what was going on, surely, from both perspectives at the time. And Jessicka remained a big supporter of Marilyn Manson for over a decade. Where was Manson, why would Jessicka remain friends with him for years after if he didn't do anything?

What about Daisy Berkowitz and Pogo? According to Alternative Nation, Pogo posted the following things onto a comment section on Facebook:

Scott went to his grave trying to help Jessicka get the truth out…Ultra-Noble.

I really want to thank Jessicka Addams for reconnecting Scott and I recently.

We appreciated uniqueness back then… all of us.

Change and evolution as well.

Success, and record company intentions, led to formulaic safety.

Growing Power struggles and the politics of songwriting and money came to ruin everything.

Classic and predictable.

You can’t hold lightning in a bottle forever.

Some internal conflict is necessary to find the best ideas within a group. When you become yes men, not because you all agree, but because you care what other people think too much, there is a problem.

I totally believe in compromise, but I totally believe in having Integrity when it matters.

I believe Scott felt the same way.

Life is not about simple consistent answers for every problem, it is about finding that line and definition for yourself with each problem you face.

Your principles should be consistently logical and sound, your behavior should be consistently good and appropriate, but your Solutions are only bounded by these simple things.

There’s a time to do evil in the name of good…not a Jihad, but knowing within the limits of humanity you must sometimes do violent and disagreeable things.

If the world were a perfect place, we would only need the Peace Corps not the Marine Corps.

I am no jingoist nor warmonger, but I know that Justice needs to be enforced. Talking all day about how things are wrong, rarely changes them.

This is not about principle, this is about policy.

What a vague statement, way to talk long without saying anything...


Since Daisy isn't here to speak for himself as he died around the time of these accusations, it's interesting to put words into his mouth. We can't know what he thinks. 

But if, according to Pogo, Daisy "went to his grave trying to help Jessicka get the truth out", where was Daisy in 1997 when Jessicka was allegedly silenced by the record company? According to Jessicka's narrative, he was aware of these things at this point. Is Pogo meaning to tell us that while Daisy sued Marilyn Manson for 15 million dollars due to unpaid royalties, he was quiet about this alleged abusive relationship while playing in Jessicka's band? Daisy already had a problem with Jeordie at the time, and said he "has nothing positive to say about Twiggy" But according to him, this had to do with how he left Marilyn Manson during the recording sessions of ACSS, where he felt he was excluded from the band and stated that there was a "lack of respect" towards him from Jeordie and Manson.

So where was Daisy all this time? He had no issue publicly stating that he doesn't like Jeordie and he had no issue suing Marilyn Manson. If Jessicka was already planning to come out with her story in 1997, wouldn't Daisy have been defending her loudly?

And if according to Jessicka, everyone knew about this abuse but didn't want to talk about it, where was Pogo himself? Pogo was already in the band when Jeordie joined and he was in the band after Jeordie left. Pogo played in the same band with Jeordie from 1993 to 2002. That's almost a decade. 

But he did not speak out, even though according to Jessicka, basically everyone knew. "No one was willing to stand up for me or discuss it." Pogo, by your own heroic rant, you are one of these people who didn't speak? Pogo also sued Marilyn Manson and around the time of the allegations seemed very bitter towards him and Jeordie,Haven't really followed the Manson vs Pogo case to be honest. But it's interesting how he's now acting like he knew all this time without realizing it makes him the silent observer who didn't intervene....

Interesting. So did people know or not? Was it an obvious thing that everyone saw or a hidden big secret?

I really want to thank Jessicka Addams for reconnecting Scott and I recently.

Well, there you go. So maybe they reconnected after all these years, Daisy and Pogo had their own issues with Jeordie, Jessicka started talking about this rape claim to them and they believed her because they already didn't like Jeordie. You know, when someone tells something shitty about a person you hate anyway, you don't exactly question it.

There’s a time to do evil in the name of good…not a Jihad, but knowing within the limits of humanity you must sometimes do violent and disagreeable things.

What does this mean now? What does this have to do with this situation? Because, please do think for yourself, but it sounds like he's taking part in this to somehow get back at Jeordie for whatever his problem with him is. And this isn't "oh my god my baby Twiggy could do nothing wrong", just stating that whatever it is, don't know, but considering everything it could be possible that they didn't get along in the 90's for whatever reason, linked earlier an article where Pogo said Jeordie was a "complete asshole"back in the day. He could have been an asshole, surely he's not perfect, but that doesn't mean this whole "rape scandal" is true.

And if "Twiggy was a complete asshole" back in the day, that's more a reason to ask; if Pogo didn't even like him, wouldn't he have been supporting Jessicka. Already in 1994 instead of in a facebook comment section 27 years later... 

If you have followed Pogo news post Manson, you know he has a problem with so many things. Knowing how much shit he likes to talk, things like "I hope Manson suffers," "Manson should put a bullet to his head," "Piece of shit Manson will die alone" etc, it isn't a very far fetched idea that he's just getting back at Jeordie for some age old unresolved bullshit from 1999.


But alright, Jessicka couldn't leave Jeordie because everyone was "so enmeshed with the Manson camp" they wouldn't stand up for her. But Gidget hated him, Daisy didn't like him and Pogo had some of his own problems with him too. 


This could have something to do with the change in the band chemistry in general, Jeordie was very close with Manson and became a pretty central part of the band very fast. As Jeordie joined, he sort of became a co-star with Manson soon, and it seems that him and Manson got along much better than the rest. This could spark anger in original members, especially as Daisy left soon after Jeordie joined, feeling his input wasn't appreciated. He also said he thought Manson and Jeordie started to take things "too seriously" which is along the lines of what Pogo is implying in his ramble above too. Jeordie pretty much replaced both Gidget and Daisy as he became a songwriter and also played both guitar and bass in the studio.  

"No one was comfortable speaking about it, let alone thinking of exposing to the world the horror I was dealing with."

Exposing to the world? At the time in the story she says this is like right after Jeordie joined Manson... He wasn't famous at all yet! This whole narrative is like "Jeordie played in Marilyn Manson and the big machine behind Manson kept me quiet, no one was comfortable talking about it because Manson" ... but the story is at like early 1994? Jeordie had not even become a very central member of the band at this point, he'd just joined the band. Think someone who actually was there who's telling this story would know that. The world? The world barely knew who Jeordie even was. 

It's kind of... Was your  whole intention here to get big headlines or what?

What about Jack Off Jill?

Despite Jessicka's claims that everyone knew, we have Michelle Inhell stating in 2015 that she's friends with Jeordie since high school. And she doesn't speak negatively of Jeordie at all here. 

Then there's Helen Storer and Tenni Ah Cha Cha...


So, interestingly, a feminist Riot Grrrl band's members even didn't seem to be so obviously on her side as expected.... One might think that her band members would be loudly supporting her and standing up against online criticism, if this all were true.