Why would she lie?

"But why would she lie? She has nothing to gain!" Oh that's where you're wrong. Let's have a look and try to put this whole thing into a theory of what is the motive behind Jessicka Addams' trash talk. 

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This page is just a way to wrap this whole situation up simply. Nothing new really. 

Put it shortly, Jessicka believes that Jeordie ruined her career and she wants to ruin his career to kickstart her new career as a feminist social media activist and an artist. 

As talked on the lyrics page , the Nightmares page and also in the identity theft claim page, Jessicka has been talking about the "stolen look" thing for ages, but has not expressed any sort of fear or reluctance to interact until very recently. And it seems that she blames Jeordie for the way Jack Off Jill was seemingly overshadowed by Marilyn Manson, that the comparisons between JOJ and MM were something to do with Jeordie. 

And while she talked about how Jeordie allegedly stole her look or copied her, she was always the only one to bring up this relationship and include him in her biography. 

But as pointed out earlier, Jack Off Jill's similiarity to Manson was not only because of Jeordie, but the similarity in the sound, the big affiliation to Marilyn Manson and the similar themes in the early music and stage looks. It seems that while she was frustrated by the comparisons, she found a way to include herself into the success of Marilyn Manson by bringing up the fact that she was Jeordie's ex, and saying that she came up with his look was a way to bring interest to her.

The amount of her contribution to his style grew in her statements through the years.  First she said Jeordie started wearing her clothes, then it was that Jeordie just copied her look completely, in her own 2000's website bio it was presented as an achievement almost, but in the FAQ it was mentioned passive aggressively like "he doesn't have a personality of his own" "he might have 'borrowed some things from some people", but Jeordie was also proudly included as a "Guy Friend" in the gallery. It was clear she wanted the affiliation to him but also downplay his own part into it. 

Through the years it went from "he wore my dresses in the beginning" to "he completely stole my stage persona"

This tweet from 2010 is very telling:

Jessicka Jeordie

Why would she even tag him? Jeordie has never publicly talked about her. He has never talked about their relationship or publicly acknowledged her in any way. 

She has always wanted to use him for promotion because she believes his style was stolen from her. But it wasn't, as discussed on the pages about it.  But she seems to think he owes her something, which is why there's this sort of shameless self promotion.

In Jessicka's own website, the updated bio from the 2010's shows this attitude clearly. 

Jessicka Twiggy

Jack Off Jill wasn't compared to Marilyn Manson because of Jeordie. We know that, anyone who has been into both bands for many years knows that and I wrote about that already in the Dresstheft page


But as in the late 90's it could be used as a tactic to bring attention to her own work, it also is a way to blame one person instead of "biting the hand that feeds" as in, Marilyn Manson, that despite the comparisons, brought a lot of attention to Jack Off Jill and helped them very much. 

And here it shows that she seems to believe it was specifically Jeordie who caused the comparisons. This is probably why, in her own 2000's website, she seemed to really like to talk about and support Marilyn Manson while talking down about Jeordie. It comes through that she liked the fact that Jeordie was not in the band anymore and pretty much bragged about her friendship to Marilyn Manson while implying that Manson had cut all ties to Jeordie. It was very "haha I have him now and Jeordie doesn't!"

When she talked about the Jack Off Jill reunion, she stated that they started planning it in 2013 and around the time, she had been hospitalized with an unspecified illness that caused a near death moment. 

So, this would be a time when old hurt feelings from the 90's would come up when looking back at the memories. But it wasn't Jeordie that broke up Jack Off Jill. It was problems between the band members and Jessicka combined with the bankruptcy of their record label, Risk. But rather than admitting this, it's better media attention to make a vague hint towards Jeordie. She thought Jeordie in Marilyn Manson was the reason she wasn't successful, so in her 2017 statement she implied that the fact Jeordie was in Marilyn Manson was the reason why she couldn't tell her story in the press in 1997 and neither did any of her friends listen to her in 1994. The entire issue is that Jeordie was in Marilyn Manson, that was the only reason why she couldn't leave him? 

The unspecified near death illness, it could cause a moment where she's reflecting on her life, thinking "Am I where I want to be, have I achieved everything I've wanted?" Which, combined with frustration from a band that wasn't as successful as she'd wanted it to be, would naturally cause thoughts like "Everything would be good if Jeordie didn't ruin everything." Especially if their relationship had ended with Jeordie "breaking her heart".

And then, between this 2013 start of planning the reunion and the final JOJ gigs in 2015; Jeordie got married to Laney Chantal. For some reason in 2017 Jessicka felt it was important to have the public thinking their relationship wasn't happy, she wanted to ruin it, she wanted to imply that Jeordie abused Laney, and she would harass Laney for not going along with her story. Why?

-Because Laney was benefitting from Jeordie's career in Marilyn Manson, she was included in it. She could use Jeordie's pictures to promote herself in a way that Jessicka never could, despite her attempts. 

Was this wedding the beginning of Jessicka's plans? In an interview for Alternative Press, when talking about the JOJ reunion, she made her first vague remark where she implied Jeordie had abused her and raped her. And she didn't name him, but she said "the green dress."

This was probably a test.. Her story wasn't finished, but she wanted to see what kind of a reaction this would cause and at the same time stir up conversation as Jack Off Jill was reuniting. It was simply the same thing she had done many years before "Yeah I dated Jeordie, he owes me!" 


What else it is, is that this is a vague remark that later when she comes out with her story would work as "She's talked about it before!", which it was used as by her supporters. As if repetition would make a statement more true. 

But Jack Off Jill's reunion wasn't permanent, it was a few shows and a goodbye. Jessicka has no band now, she's not active in the music scene anymore. This is that something she herself has stated many times too. Why would she come up with something like this? 

Well. She has someone to blame for her frustration in the music business and someone to accuse to get media attention and validation for her other traumas that she spoke about in the 90's. (lyrics page) She is probably speaking of abuse out of other experience. She mentioned having an abusive father in her statement and also she has tweeted about it, stating that her childhood has caused her to experience Complex PTSD. She has also stated she changed her last name because she didn't want to have her father's name. And some of thedetailed incidents in the statement sound like something that could have rather happened in her childhood instead of with Jeordie, like


"He put my stuffed animals in the oven when I came home late"

"He dumped a cage full of pet white mice into my mother's car"

 But including Jeordie makes her "braver"and gives her a way to "get back at him" for the way she believed Jeordie was the reason why JOJ was seen as "the girl Manson". Maybe she can't resolve the issues with her father and she believes that Jeordie "ruined" the band that was supposed to help her through that misery, she believes that Jeordie stole from her the person she wanted to be. 

But despite her going on about the "stolen look" issue for decades, it was seen more as fan trivia and people didn't necessarily choose her over Jeordie because of it. What's the worst possible thing you can call a man? A rapist. Now, the whole abuse story was very much built around this dress issue. Is the word rape in the story anything but an exclamation mark to this original "He wore my dresses, he owes me" claim?

She's not planning on continuing her music career, which is why, before her claims towards Jeordie in 2017, she made sure to make a huge point about "not being male identified" and claim she has no affiliation to Marilyn Manson at all. She's not in a band anymore, she doesn't need that Marilyn Manson affiliation anymore. After years of pretty much bragging about her friendship with Marilyn Manson, she turns on him, trash talks him on Facebook, is it nothing more than "My affiliation with you didn't get me where I wanted to be, fuck you, I don't need you!" 

And her affiliation with Marilyn Manson didn't get her where she wanted to be, in her opinion because of Jeordie, who she believes is the reason why JOJ was overshadowed by Manson. 

And at the same time, she stops identifying herself as "Twiggy Ramirez's ex girlfriend" and turns that against him by claiming that she didn't even want to be in that relationship, it was horrible and he ruined her career. Now she's "Twiggy Ramirez's victim" and the name Twiggy Ramirez is ruined but hers has a "survivor of ____" in front of it. So she isn't "male identified" anymore, she's empowered, see?

And maybe she feels embarrassed that she's been bringing this relationship up, and Jeordie never even notices her. 

Her career post JOJ has been feminist themed art about abuse, and Jeordie is used as a highlight marker, she can feel good about herself every time she makes a vague post about him, she can write just about anything and just call him "my rapist" and she'll see the results in the comments when fans go "I loved Twiggy but I don't anymore. I support you." It's a "Haha another one I turned from him to me."

She even had an abuse victim photoshoot? And used these photos for a post about Jeordie. Is that enough of a statement?

Jessicka Addams fraud

Her post JOJ social media posts and even artwork seem to all be about being a victim of abuse, she's basing a whole new career on this story about Jeordie. 

So no, she didn't lie when she said she's not doing this to get attention for her band. She's not. But it's obviously more a "Who am I without my bands?" And at the same time she can blame someone else for her failed music career, instead of looking into how she herself had a lot to do with the breakup of Jack Off Jill. 

Maybe there should be a page on what went down in the band chemistry... Until then, leaving this comment here. Jack Off Jill's Michelle in response of an artwork of the band posted by Jessicka on JOJ's instagram. 

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