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ERW's latest from the Jeordie allegations research point of view. This may be a bit incoherent I should be sleeping but I need to get this out rn sorry I'll edit it a bit better later. 


So yeah, recently, Evan Rachel Wood stated in her documentary that after Jeordie rejoined Marilyn Manson, Manson "changed". She doesn't state that Jeordie was contributing to the abuse towards her, but implies that his presence somehow made Manson act more irresponsibly and abusively to somehow "impress" him. This is very interesting for multiple reasons. Because. - well it's not true first of all but also Evan highlights Jeordie without realizing he is the biggest plothole in these allegations.


One of the reasons why I started this Jeordie site was the fact that I knew for a fact that absolutely at some point someone will try to use Jeordie against Manson or he will somehow be brought up. Now it has happened. But it brings in a massive inconsistency that at least to me shows both ERW and Jessicka Addams' intentions very clearly.


So. If Evan believed that Jeordie's return was a turning point towards Manson being abusive (as stated by many Marilyn Manson pages, this contradicts her story anyway, she states Jeordie's return in 2008 overnight turned Manson abusive, but then she also has earlier stated that Manson raped her on the set of a music video already in 2007 and groomed her when she was a teenager. This does not stay together.) why has he not been brought up earlier? Immediately when the allegations started, I went, ”Okay, what about Jeordie?” It weirded me out even further to notice that among Evan's supporters were friends of Jeordie's, such as Fred Sablan, Laney Chantal, Ashley Walters, Esme Bianco. And they weren't exactly mentioning the allegations towards Jeordie either.

Not only that, but earlier, Evan has stated that Manson and Jeordie reuniting was "One of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. These two best friends reuniting, which was a big deal. I felt like I was just witnessing something Incredibly special and historical and just amazing."

The clip of her saying this can be found here and the full documentary it's from here. Thanks for sending me the links I'd completely forgotten about this detail!

Jessicka on the other hand was someone whose opinion I was very interested in in 2021. She didn't really go after Manson much, though. She and her husband seemed to just retweet the Manson articles and try to use them to gain attention towards their claims about Jeordie. This I found very strange considering that prior to Jeordie's departure from Manson, Jessicka was going after Manson too with various different claims very similiar to ERW's such as ”he is inappropriate with young female fans” ”He collects nazi memorabilia” there were very similar claims to what the MM accusers were stating in 2021.


Jessicka even tried to get Evan's attention back in 2017 and even later tweeted at her; Why are you still following my rapist? In her attack towards Marilyn Manson, Jessicka stated that Manson has hit his girlfriends, and she named Evan. But when Jeordie got ”fired” this was all taken back and Jessicka said she ”has no dirt on Manson” and Manson stated he considers Jessicka a friend and Jessicka at the time seemed satisfied with this. She even went after Lexa Vonn for her allegations against Manson, called her a liar that "needs psychiatric help" and "pollutes the waters for real survivors." 


In 2021 Jessicka didn't really loudly go after Manson in support of Evan, and Evan did not mention Jessicka's allegations towards Jeordie at all.


This is very strange considering that Manson and Jeordie have always been very close and very strongly associated with each other. They have not either confirmed or denied any of the accusations towards each other.


One might imagine that had Manson been a terrible abuser, those victimized by him would hate Jeordie for not standing up against him, for not disassociating from him? For literally saying nothing in 2021? Which brings me to:


Both Jessicka and Evan state that they're doing this for all of the women and they're standing up to all the victims. But they aren't necessarily supporting each other? It seems that there are two separate camps, Jessicka supporters and Evan supporters.


If Jeordie is so close with Manson and as now claimed by Evan, something that ”made him worse,” why didn't this all go down already in 2017? Why didn't Evan and her entourage come forward already in 2017?


At least to me, it would have made so much more sense? Like, if Manson was supposedly a horrible abuser, him ”firing” Jeordie would have looked hypocritical, like he'd be trying to make himself look better and try to disassociate from Jeordie, to claim that ”This sort of thing isn't allowed in my band”, to all these alleged victims of Manson, it should have caused a reaction like ”Uhh what about you? Now that we're talking about Marilyn Manson in the whole context of abuse, what about Manson himself?”


But no? None of the people from the Evan camp have expressed any negativity towards Jeordie. And ONLY Evan was making hints towards Manson in 2017??And Jessicka has only really brought up Manson on social media as a way to bring up Jeordie once again, like ”AND ALSO I accused Jeordie.”


It's very clear what's going on here.


Both Evan and Jessicka seem to want to be ”The woman who brought the big rockstar down.” They want to be ”The Jeordie whistleblower” and ”The Marilyn Manson whistleblower.” Had Evan come out against Manson in 2017, Jessicka would have gotten all the credit for ”starting the conversation” and the same can be seen now, if Jessicka supports Evan, it will only highlight Evan and take away the attention from her own allegations as well as contradict Jessicka's own Manson narrative....


To those unaware: Jessicka was proudly associated with Marilyn Manson through the 2000s when Jeordie was not in the band, and her relationship to Manson grew sour only after Jeordie's rejoining the band. She updated her websites, edited out the bragging about the association to Manson and claimed on Facebook that she hasn't supported Manson, band or person since 2001. (She did find MM's comments about her in LHROOH offensive but later appeared to have forgiven him, stating they're close friends and "Manson would take it back", but she posted her song Author Unknown that she wrote about Manson and LHROOH in 1998 on twitter in 2021 as if to appear like she'd not supported MM ever since that book?) 


She tried to hide her association and friendship to him, then attacked him on social media, and took her attack back after Manson ”fired” Jeordie. She then said she ”has not dirt on Manson,” and demanded that pages that were detailing abuse claims against Manson take her accusations down, ”as they're outdated”.

A funny detail about Jessicka and her husband's attack on Manson in 2017 was that they mentioned Tim Skold as a person Manson has "abused", yet in the 2021 situation, Tim came forward in SUPPORT of Marilyn Manson, stating he hasn't witnessed any of the things claimed. - Hey, does this have something to do with Evan claiming Jeordie turned Manson abusive??  Is she disregarding Tim, stating he didn't witness stuff because it happened after he left, when was this filmed again?


Jessicka is only mentioning the MM allegations really to bring up her allegations towards Jeordie and at the same time, Evan is only now suddenly mentioning Jeordie to further hurt Marilyn Manson?


Evan clearly just thought of that while making that documentary anyway, as: Had Jeordie's return been a turning point towards Manson's abusive behavior, had it been a part of the story from the start, she would have been more interested in the 2017 situation and the Jeordie allegations would have been brought up in the 2021 Manson allegations right from the beginning? This would have been brought up in the planning and in the meetings between the other alleged victims? I mean even if Evan doesn't state that Jeordie was a contributor in the abuse, his return being a situation that somehow changed Manson would have made her see Jeordie in a negative light from the start? This "turning point" situation should have been mentioned somehow?


But they're all ok with Jeordie?  It seems she didn't tell them she was going to say this in the documentary. But this is all about Evan, she didn't think it through how bringing Jeordie up only highlights this very interesting inconsistency.


If this was ”for all the women” they'd have worked together? - It's all about personal gain. Competing people won't credit each other. Their motives and ways of building their stories and narratives are very similar too.


But why are there people that are friendly with Jeordie now attacking Manson? Like Fred Sablan and Laney Chantal, Ashley Walters? Some have even suggested that maybe this whole thing is a revenge plan from Jeordie for the way he was fired... But no, I don't see that as being very likely. Bringing Manson down would backfire on him... More likely something like this;


You may remember that Marilyn Manson did not exactly defend Jeordie in 2017, and his response was largely seen as him ”confirming” the allegations against Jeordie. (Discussed on the Marilyn Manson page and the Jessicka vs Manson page) This is very hard for some Manson fans to admit right now for some reason. I personally was pissed off then, and it affected my initial reaction to the 2021 allegations. I thought I believed them, for a few hours until a friend of mine broke the spell and called the whole thing ridiculous. I realized my opinion was based on spite rather than the actual text itself. Then I went to find out more and started sharing evidence of his innocence to my friends. Lost some, good bye, gained some I'll keep forever.


I realized that in that brief moment I heard of those things, my earlier disappointment caused me to feel like he's an asshole so therefore all of this must be true. But a small voice in the back of my mind was saying ”No, doesn't sound true, this sounds weird.” That friend, who isn't even a MM fan hadn't got that bias, he'd just heard The Beautiful People, he looked at it as a post on social media. And he confirmed the voice of my conscience; This is weird, sketchy, I need to look into this more.


Based on that:


Could it be that these people just have a problem with Marilyn Manson and one of the reasons is that he seemingly ”threw Jeordie under the bus.” Jeordie may not have expressed negativity towards Manson himself, but people that like him may have felt really pissed off. But did they actually discuss it in detail with Jeordie or Manson, or just decide on what it looked like?


And then when faced with the possibility of getting back at him with/through Evan for each of their own personal issues, they also thought of how the 2017 situation hit Jeordie and Manson didn't publicly seem to help him in any way. Manson didn't exactly seem to defend Jeordie when Jeordie faced false allegations of sexual assault – Would serve him right to get some of his own then! What a dick!


Some people's opinion of another person can turn from ”kind of annoying” to ”literally hitler” in seconds when there's enough similar voices talking. It's this ”This fits how I want to feel about this person right now” - effect. The anger feeds itself and while doing so, the blame can be projected on the other person, you feel powerful. So instead of feeling for example; rejected, and thinking of why it is that you feel like that, you can choose to concentrate on the anger and there it is: ”I never liked him anyway, he's a complete asshole. Who the fuck would want to hang out with him right?”


Of course we don't know what happened for sure, but it is just as possible, that maybe Marilyn Manson expressed support to Jeordie in private. As a friend, was he supporting him emotionally or even financially through that? Some people don't tell everyone about their relationships and friendships. I know for example my partner basically never talks about his best friend, it doesn't mean he doesn't care, he just thinks what's between them is what's between them. Things just are, you don't need other people to see them for them to exist, you know. A tree falls in the woods and no one witnesses it, it still falls, no one needs to say it did. 


Maybe they were pissed on Jeordie's behalf without Jeordie really contributing to it? Maybe they just saw him get hit by the drama and he didn't really talk much about it. They may have assumed how he's feeling about it.


An issue this creates is this: Now all these people are saying ”We don't even want to see Marilyn Manson's picture, he's the most vile person there is” while they still follow one of his best friends on social media? Fred Sablan recently commented support to Jeordie upon him losing his dog, called him ”brother.” Just recently I saw Laney state in an instagram story that she considers Jeordie family? Ashley Walters still follows Jeordie and his girlfriend on social media? Dan Cleary seems to have no issue with him either, and marilynmansonuncanceled explains Dan's issues with Manson on his site very well you should check it out.


Wouldn't all these people hate Jeordie too if Manson was such an abuser? Wouldn't all these people have disassociated from Jeordie in 2017 already, Marilyn Manson's best friend, accused of rape? If they'd genuinely believed then already that Manson was an abuser, they would probably have believed that Jeordie was too? Or attacked Manson then already with their horrible stories.


This creates a situation where believing all of the people in Evan's camp would mean Jessicka is a false accuser. -  But then again believing Jessicka would mean that all of the people in Evan's camp are people who don't give a shit if their friend is an abuser? You can't believe both of these cases at the same time. The more you think of them both and all at the same time, they disprove each other's narratives, neither of these cases are true.


But bringing Marilyn Manson down as a friend of Jeordie is, honestly, the dumbest possible thing you could do, because Jeordie will always be Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson. Jeordie will always be Manson's ”brother”. He has been so strongly associated with him, that I can't believe these people haven't thought twice about jumping along to this bandwagon. Bringing Marilyn Manson down will only further confirm to the public the false allegations against Jeordie. Bringing Marilyn Manson down will only further hurt Jeordie's reputation and make it harder for him to clear this name.


I know Jessicka is reading this: Don't think too fast. Jumping along to the anti-Manson stuff now will only further contradict your story. Read the full text. Expressing loud support to Evan Rachel Wood now because she mentioned Jeordie – not a good idea.  If anyone has followed closely, Evan's story has not stayed together at any point. By associating with that, I don't really know, - how good can it really look? 


And lastly; this whole Jeordie plothole just highlights how lightly these people really take these allegations? They say Manson is the root of all evil, the absolute SIZE of the claims about him is completely forgotten. "Yeah we hate him but hang out with his best friend, but if you support him on social media I'll block you, don't ever mention his name he's a rapist, but omg his best friend is a sweet dude." "Believe everyone!! There are no false allegations, except, well"  Seriously now. You can't convince me this isn't just a big performance.


We, as the "audience" aren't supposed to question anything, we aren't allowed to say someone is lying because it's "rape apologist" to say so, but these people on the so called stage of this are allowed to call each other liars and disregard each other's statements and provable facts? Manson and Jeordie aren't allowed to defend themselves but when something about the behavior of the accusers is brought up, it's met with blatant gaslighting, "it didn't happen! you're a liar". They demand our attention and our support while telling us our opinions and support are irrelevant, what would my support even give to them if it's irrelevant? It's about appearances, that is very clear. There is absolutely nothing about this that a spectator that's paid attention closely could take seriously anymore at this point.

And no, not so fast, if you turn on Jeordie now, it would just look stupid, you should've all done it in 2017 already to look in any way legit.

Did Manson play 4D chess in 2017 without even telling Jeordie or did this all just naturally play out like this? When Manson commented on parting ways with Jeordie in 2017, he did mention "fake friends and betrayals"... Really interesting. 

See also:


Marilyn Manson Uncanceled wrote a very good analysis on the documentary where Evan brought Twiggy up, and explains also very well what was going on and why Evan said that. It seems Evan was jealous of the friendship Manson and Jeordie had and that's why she commented on Jeordie this way.


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