this page will be published on October 6th for the one year anniversary of the site.


This page is meant to be a place where fans can share their messages to / about Jeordie. To get a message here, you can contact me either through the email or the social media accounts. In the message, include also a name you would wish to be included, do you want to include your social media username, your first name, a nickname? Anonymity is OK too! If you want, you can also include what country you are from. You can write in english but if it isn't your strongest point, other languages will be accepted too. 

The message can be addressed to the reader or to Jeordie. As in either, for example "I have been a Twiggy fan since 1995" or "Hi Jeordie, I have been a fan of yours since 1995" (Of course this is an example I personally came around in like 08 all kinds of stories welcome you don't have to be an elite old fan who totally was there thru everything lol)

It can be a memory, it can be words of encouragement, it can be a photo, an artwork, whatever you have.

There is no actual character limit to this but keep it at a few paragraphs. It will be public so don't write anything too personal that you don't wish to be shared with many people. 

The messages will be read through and reviewed, anything insulting towards either Jeordie or Jessicka will not be published, - keep your focus on love, not anger at the overall situation. 

Marilyn Manson - while supported by the site admin, is not the subject of this website. He can absolutely be included in artworks, photos, messages, but these should also include Jeordie and be supportive of Jeordie, not ONLY Manson. This is a Jeordie website!!

October 6th is not a final deadline, it is a temporary deadline. I would like to have messages ready when the page goes public, but after that, I will still accept more messages. Also, really one message per person, but if you have something to add it can be later added in. Or like, if you post something now and then on his birthday next year want to add something, that is fine, but not like weekly posts from the same person. 

Lastly: Jeordie is not involved in the making of the site - this is not a way to contact him. I don't know him personally, I have never talked to him. This is simply something that we can do to support him together, there is no guarantee to him ever seeing these messages. Please do not message him about this site, let there be no pressure for him to think about this subject, give him time.

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.