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Pete the witness

Of course, a big reason why some believed and still do believe the accusations is the fact that there allegedly was a witness. But let's take a look at that.

This mysterious witness has not come forward by himself confirming any of this. It might make Jessicka's story sound more credible, but before any confirmation or a full name, it doesn't really prove anything at all. It's quite easy to just say there was a witness. 

But what was it that was said about Pete? Let's see.

We moved in with each other rather quickly, much to my mother and Aunt's dismay. We lived with a roommate named Pete. Pete was kind, caring, and treated me like a younger sister. He often protected me when Jeordie's temper began to show itself. In some warped way, this became my unhinged make-believe 2nd family.

During a short break on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jeordie returned home to what was just Pete's apartment, as I was now staying with friends. I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries. All this led to an argument I never saw coming. He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved. That night I slept in Pete's bed and cried myself to sleep. Neither of us discussed it until years later as we both had our own shame about not reporting it

Now, that sounds like Pete is quite a good friend to Jessicka. One might think that such a good friend who was ashamed of not reporting these things to the authorities would come forward in support of Jessicka after all this time. But there's no info on Pete whatsoever online. He hasn't exactly commented on this at all?

It's also a bit weird that with all of this abuse happening and Pete being so protective, he's not really mentioned again after the sexual assault allegation. What about the carrying Tvs to stop her from leaving and burning plushies in the oven and whatnot? Where was Pete? Where's he in general, who is he?

Or is there something about him? Oh right:

So Pete, in the photo being crushed by Jeordie's former bandmate Barry, turns out to be "Pete Scharlatt, one of Jeordie's best friends (and ex roommate)" Alright. Confirms the part about them living together. But why would Pete hang out with Jeordie after having witnessed so many terrible things. And this post from an official Jeordie news page from 2016 suggests, that the status of their friendship likely still was "best friends" at the time Jessicka's accusations were made in 2017. Was this the reason for Pete's missing last name? That a simple google search would bring up this photo? It sure does not look like he's ashamed of not reporting a sexual assault he witnessed. 

And let me just say about roommates, - being roommates with someone, without any possible abusive relationships or substance abuse or whatever. - it still can fuck up the friendship forever. So as a person that has been roommates with a couple that had an abusive relationship going on... I had to intervene with those fights and everything, a pretty stressful time... I doubt Pete would have stayed friends with Jeordie if he'd seen him as Jessicka has described. Because as I said, even just being roommates without any extra drama on it can make you hate someone's guts because you have to see that person every day. But I'm a VERY introverted person then again, so whatever. 


Fully naming Pete Scarlatt would sound very credible. Because I dug up information and turns out that not only was he living with them, he was also a musician in the local scene. Pete Scharlatt played bass in a band called Notch Above Kafka. NAK played in the same local events as Marilyn Manson and Jack Off Jill. Why was this something that I had to look up instead of something mentioned in the story, giving Pete a face and placing him in the local scene? Is this because of the post above? That people would google his name and come up with that photo?

Here's a few flyers. The red one, by the way is from 1995. The events that Pete allegedly witnessed took place in 1994, as it was said that Jeordie came home from a break on a tour with Nine Inch Nails. This tour took place in 1994. The 1995 flyer was posted by JOJ as a throwback on their facebook before the allegations came out, which is also interesting... Just, at shows in this small venues, the bands could probably just back off from playing with Marilyn Manson in case they were uncomfortable, as in organizing smaller events, it's often done through friends and there isn't as much money and official contracts involved. 

Here's also a newspaper clipping that I found on Notch Above Kafka's Facebook, here you can see Pete Scarlatt listed as a band member.

It's also discussed in the article that the band had written a song about date rape being an issue they felt strongly about. Playing in this band, Pete probably was concerned of the same topics?

It's also interesting that Notch Above Kafka was reuniting at the same time with Jack Off Jill, and there was interaction between the bands, as well as ex Manson/JOJ guitarist Scott Putesky, known in Manson as Daisy Berkowitz. Did Jessicka and Pete reunite during this time and start talking? This brings up the question: why was Pete not mentioned from the start? Someone "desperate to be believed" most likely would bring up the having a witness part among the first things to mention about the entire ordeal? Why was Pete only brought up after Base Tendencies mentioned him in that photo post? Was this ex roommate part yet again a case of using public information as source material for her claims? (See Can't drive page as well as Plushies in the oven page in General Inconsistencies section for more about using public info...)

Also, had Pete witnessed this all, had he really got this guilt and shame for not reporting what he'd witnessed... In a time like that, interacting with Jack Off Jill as both bands are reuniting, it would be a time of looking back at old times and especially the career of Jack Off Jill, the downfall of which Jessicka seems to blame Jeordie for. Wouldn't Pete have been, already at this point, ready to help out his friend. As we know, the allegations against Jeordie started out already in 2015 when Jessicka first accused Jeordie of abuse in an interview. This was followed by aggressive posts by Jack Off Jill on social media, which were always quickly deleted/edited. Pete was nowhere to be seen in that discussion, he really only was mentioned in 2017. 

Considering this, it is a bit weird, as stated above, that the Base Tendencies post did suggest that the status of Jeordie and Pete's friendship was "best friends" still in 2016, after these band reunions, where this abuse story most likely would've come up. We don't really know about Pete's opinion on that post, but it would've been fairly easy for him to reach out to Base Tendencies and request it to be taken down. 

As the post from Base Tendencies with Pete in the photo was published between the 2015 AP interview where Jessicka first hinted towards abuse claims and the 2017 statement, I originally got stuck on the (and ex roommate) mention in it and thought about why that is, as there are two ex roommates of Jeordie's in the photo. Barry was roommates with Jeordie while they played in Amboog A Lard.

I found Jeordie's switch to bass particularly amusing since he and I had been roommates up until I left the band - and we had spent quite a bit of time goofing off, jamming, and writing songs with Jeordie playing my bass and me playing his guitar. He really dug playing bass and I enjoyed playing guitar, so it makes sense that things turned out the way they did.


I thought, maybe behind the scenes, a discussion of Jessicka falsely accusing Jeordie had been going on, and Base Tendencies had posted this photo as a subtle move, after maybe having been tipped about it by someone. This though... It isn't what happened. I read into it too much. 

Because what happened here was actually, that something was lost in translation. I am not a native speaker of english, and I initially thought that the word "courtesy of"  means the same as "property of" - but actually, "courtesy of" translates to "kohteliaisuus" "käyttöön luovuttama" which means " provided for use by ___ " or "as a kind gesture from ___"

So what the Base Tendencies post states is that the photo was provided by Barry Alpert to be published by Base Tendencies. was just a site where more info on Barry could be found. Originally I'd thought that the photo had been found on the site and the "courtesy of" meant that it's just stating that the source of the photo is Barry's website, but the photo was never on that site. This timing of this photo is fairly certainly a coincidence.

The (and ex roommate) can very well be explained so that as Barry provided this photo, he most likely would have also provided context for who Pete is for someone who doesn't know, as not to have it look like that's just a random person. He would mention "one of Jeordie's best friends" and then "also ex roommate" and this addition would tell someone previously unaware very well that they've known each other basically forever. He would not think about mentioning the fact that he himself was a roommate of Jeordie's too, as everyone already knew who he was from the context of Amboog A Lard, it would maybe for a fan be a fun detail to add, but it would for himself be irrelevant, as the person he's sending the photo to already knows how he's connected.

Considering what I'd said about it being weird that Pete had NOT been mentioned prior to the BT post at all, though:

It might just as well be possible that as Jessicka has pulled a lot of inspiration for her stories from public information, (see here, here) maybe the photo with Pete, in 2016,  gave her the idea to include this mystery roommate in her story. Had there really been this witness, why wasn't it brought up ever before BT brought it up?


And then we get to another weird detail: Jessicka claims Pete spoke to SPIN:

 Here's the question:

Does media work this way? Wouldn't it be their job to report on all of the issues concerning this news story? Wouldn't Pete, as the witness be a very important person to interview? Wouldn't it be only a good addition, considering that Jessicka was getting a lot of hate at this point, to have the witness backing her up?

Which brings us to the question: Did this interview actually happen or was Jessicka making this up? But see, she is a celebrity that's in the headlines right now and she tagged SPIN in this post. SPIN could respond and reply, stating whether or not this is true or false. 

But this "SPIN found my statement credible" doesn't exactly mean much, because SPIN isn't exactly that much of a magazine known for that high quality journalism, is it exactly definitive of the credibility of Jessicka's statement if a journalist who's excited to sell a big story in the social atmosphere of the #metoo discussion running wild only listens to Jessicka and doesn't know much of anything about any other background details? I mean, in the Marilyn Manson case reporting, people speaking positively of him were basically censored by Rolling Stone, for example ex band members Rob Holliday and Tim Skold, stated on social media that they'd spoken for long with Rolling Stone, but from an interview that lasted about 30 minutes, basically one sentence was published. While at the same time, those speaking negatively of Manson were given pages upon pages of space in the reporting. 


"Pete spoke to SPIN" could actually just mean that SPIN contacted Pete, there was an exchange where Pete indeed spoke to SPIN, but what he said was "Won't comment on it" - this could also explain why his quotes weren't used, a "no comment" mentioned in the article would only look suspicious, as it would contradict Jessicka's story and the "he had his shame of not reporting it, he was protective of me". It would also go along with Pete in general never coming forward with anything since. Jessicka does like to twist things in to what looks best for her at the moment, it's very clear and I wouldn't be surprised at all that this was the case here too. 

And anyway, had Pete actually been interested in backing Jessicka up, surely SPIN wouldn't have been his only chance of doing so, he could have for example used the Notch Above Kafka band's social media to share a statement. But he didn't do that. Even if SPIN might not have found his words relevant to use, it doesn't really explain the fact that he hasn't come forward to confirm anything at all. 

[previously here was a screenshot of an email I'd received discussing this same issue but I don't think it really adds to this much more, same speculations as already included, desktop screenshots look like shit on the mobile version anyway as they're so wide]

Now, though, it's also discussed on the Main Accusation page, that fans as well as I too, do remember this abuse story being posted initially in July 2017, then deleted and reposted in October 2017. This is why there are screenshots from Jack Off Jill discussing this in July 2017 even though the final statement was in October. I remember, and so do others, that this first version told a different story. I remember it because I was so confused with people's reactions to it. The July version detailed the argument and Pete rushing into the room before the alleged rape happened. And "that's the only thing that saved me". Maybe that's why it was deleted because that story portrayed an attempt! That's what I was confused about and what really struck me as odd when the October statement went viral. 

Maybe Pete indeed only witnessed an argument?

From here we get to when Jessicka and "her husband Christian" (read I'm not Jessicka page for info on why it's suspected that Christian is actually Jessicka on twitter) discovered my site and started "debunking" my writing. 

Well that's nice and all, but Pete's behavior does not match what's being said about him at all. It actually does not matter whether or not he's friends with Jeordie now or not, because had he agreed with the description of events, he would most likely not have stayed friends with Jeordie since the alleged abuse he'd "witnessed". 

So basically, they're implying here, that Pete was friends with Jeordie up until the allegations went viral? So, was he aware of all of this but only reacted to the information he'd known all this time upon being told about it? Like, if being told about it would be enough for him to cut off his friendship with Jeordie, surely witnessing it would have also been, in the first place. 

This is strikingly similar to the situation with Marilyn Manson. He also apparently was there to see all kinds of things happen but only became aware of it when told about it in 2017 and "believed Jessicka"? His behavior doesn't match Jessicka's accounts of it very much either. He remained friends with Jeordie after and this was mentioned in interviews. 


How do you see something happen and only become aware of it enough to react twenty years later? Not only that, but Jessicka's credibility in general is so gone, I wouldn't take her word on this at all. 

Okay yet another update. Jessicka is claiming on social media that I'm a creepy stalker and all that. But she brought up Pete again, let me comment on that on the Pete page right here. 

A few pretty interesting claims: Note that Denise is the admin of Base Tendencies. This is a fact that Jessicka has time and time again posted publicly to encourage people to harass her. Does she have Denise's consent to do this? No.

It's definitely interesting that Jessicka is making it seem like a bad thing that Denise had attempted to reach out to Pete? She'd given him a chance to comment on the issue on the official Jeordie site and set the issue straight once and for all? But he'd refused. Goes along with the "no comment" theory about the whole SPIN thing?

This issue with using Pete's last name as if it's some well guarded secret.  His last name is public information, it's been published on his band Notch Above Kafka's social media pages and when googling it, things relating to that band do come up. 

In this sense, publishing it in a post on Base Tendencies wouldn't really be that big of a crime. Also again if we look at the post, it does say "Courtesy of Barry Alpert" which would imply that that photo was provided by Barry to be posted on BT,

Both parties being fully aware of the purpose of BT being a site/social media page meant for sharing and archiving news/interviews/photos from all through Jeordie's career, it would be fair for BT to assume that if someone sends her a photo, she has the permission to post it on the site unless otherwise specified. In which case it would more so fall on Barry to ask for permission to post the photo. 

Now, with this in mind, as above stated, according to Jessicka, Pete witnessed all this abuse happen but only reacted to it upon being told about it? Stayed friends with Jeordie but now Jessicka/Christian claim that only upon being told he'd witnessed this all he'd ended his friendship to Jeordie? - Could it just be that he had no problem with that photo being there? Again he easily could have asked it to be taken down.

Also, why, is Pete's full name is a big secret, why is it that Jessicka/Christian were encouraging people to google his full name just a while back? This "Pete's full name" seems to be a rule that only Jessicka's aware of anyway. If you think of this "Don't use Pete's last name" only being a problem recently and never before that, and also how weird it is that Pete wasn't fully named in Jessicka's story, also how what we know about Pete's behavior and how it hasn't really matched Jessicka's accounts of what happened - could it be that maybe Pete was uncomfortable with Jessicka using his full name in the context of the accusations and now Jessicka's projecting the fault onto Base Tendencies, whose post had nothing to do with the allegations but that people remembered it and connected it to Jessicka's story?

This whole issue with BT posting the photo being a problem is kinda stupid anyway. It's not her fault that it exists. It would exist even if it'd never been posted. Jessicka's just mad at her for posting it because it contradicts her story, so she tries to make her look evil for posting a photo of Jeordie and Pete together at a time where probably even Pete didn't know about these accusations being about to come up.

It's this "look at her, look she's so mean, she posted this photo and I don't like that people bring it up..."

Even if she had posted it without Pete's permission, Pete could have asked it to be taken down. And the photo would still exist, the event at which the photo had been taken would still have happened. If Jessicka's story was credible, it wouldn't be this sort of a whack-a-mole game of trying to silence everyone bringing up something lol. 

And also, wonder does Jessicka have the permission from Pete to use these photos of Pete staying with them? I mean, to use them in this context and keep sharing them on several occasions simply as if they're a statement from him? If so, if Pete's not on social media, is he fully aware of the audience these photos would have? Someone who's not might not understand how different platforms work and who can see the photos... These photos with Jessicka existing don't prove either that there wouldn't possibly be more recent photos with Jeordie, I wouldn't take Jessicka's word on who's friends with who. 

Well, let's address this "Pete stayed with us" part then. It's been noted that he seems to be kind of playing both teams. He doesn't stand up or come forward on behalf of Jessicka or seem to generally behave in a way that someone who'd actually felt very strongly about this issue one way or another would. He doesn't really seem to want to be a part of this at all or defend Jeordie either. 

This seems kinda common in this whole case. 

Ex JOJ member Helen storer expressed private support to Jessicka, then went on to comment support to Jeordie and was seen at an event with him, which caused Jessicka to attack her all over social media. 

Manson at first glance seemed supportive to Jessicka, but upon a closer look it just seems like he's kind of telling her what she wants to hear so that she'll leave him and Jeordie alone. This, after being harassed for ages by Jessicka with false claims. False as in she herself later denied them. 

Everyone's hesitant to comment further, and Jessicka's habit seems to be to harass anyone who disagrees with her into compliance. Then, when she gets what she wants, it's all good again and all the shit is taken back. She, in the Manson situation as well as the situation with Jeordie's cousin, explained this all out basically so that she'd talked with these people in person and convinced them she's telling the truth somehow, when in reality it just looks like she went after them really aggressively and they thought better to leave it. I mean the shit she's said about/to me too, I wouldn't at all wonder why people close to Jeordie would just basically gray rock.

Could it just be that Pete's hanging out with Jessicka so that she won't start harassing him or Jeordie about it? Maybe he's telling Jessicka he's no longer friends with Jeordie so that the other things their friendship consist of can be the main focus rather than constantly going on about this? She gets these photos, alright, but they're really from like one occasion. And considering that, there doesn't seem to be photos taken after that - with this "Pete's full name" issue being a problem only recently, could it be that he didn't agree with his photos and full name being used by Jessicka as if they're a statement of some sort? I mean it is a bit weird for them to claim they're close friends with Pete and it's like "You never address how he stayed with us in November 2019!!" like was he asked to come over for a photoshoot or what? It just comes across as - those photos really all she got because he won't comment.

Keep in mind the above mentioned tweet "Pete stayed at our place, readily available to tell the truth" well if you guys were posting on instagram stories, why didn't he? Did he refuse? OR was the sole purpose of posting those photos to imply that he is agreeing with the story since he refuses to comment otherwise so only by claiming that he's a close friend and not friends with Jeordie they can imply that he agrees by attaching such a claim next to a photo of him. -  They took these photos because he wouldn't comment, just to have something. I mean to keep constantly saying that "Pete is not on social media" is a bit interesting, - what does Pete get from his picture being posted on social media? What is the purpose to post pictures of him on social media when he is so private as they say? Pete, as a person not interested in social media most likely wasn't the one to have the idea to take photos for instagram?

At least I personally go with the rule that if someone in a photo I have taken isn't using the platform I'm about to post it to, I'll crop them out. I don't talk about or post pictures of friends or family members who don't have an account on the particular platform. If a friend is not on instagram, it rarely comes up to even take a picture for instagram, why would it? There really is kinda no other reason to post these photos of "No social media Pete who's extremely private" than to make it known he was there and is in contact with Jessicka.

And it's very obvious by how she treats people on social media that she absolutely can't handle being told "no" so that would explain a lot.

And the thing about Pete is though, that as it seems that many others have been harassed and bullied, even threatened for not saying anything against Jeordie, it's a bit weird, because in this setting Jessicka should be mad at Pete for letting her endure this bullshit for years on end, he could really just have it in his hands to come forward and clear this once and for all. Hell, he could just email me tomorrow and tell me to shut up, but he's not doing it. 

And Jessicka's not mad about it. Well, if we look at this from the point of view of her allegations being false, she would know that Pete didn't see anything and therefore it would explain why she isn't mad that he isn't saying anything. Had he actually seen this all, wouldn't Jessicka be demanding that he say something already? But no, she's completely fine with Pete not talking, and kind of even defending him in it and finding excuses as to why he hasn't come forward to back her up, "He's not on social media" doesn't mean he couldn't issue a statement, and then "He spoke to spin but spin didn't use his quotes" as I said, no one knows exactly what he said and for all we know he could've said "no comment" and that's why it wasn't used, SPIN certainly wouldn't have been his only chance of commenting on the issue.

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