Pete Scharlatt

Of course, a big reason why some believed and still do believe the accusations is the fact that there allegedly was a witness. But let's take a look at that.

This mysterious witness has not come forward by himself confirming any of this. It might make Jessicka's story sound more credible, but before any confirmation or a full name, it doesn't really prove anything at all. It's quite easy to just say there was a witness. 

But what was it that was said about Pete? Let's see.

We moved in with each other rather quickly, much to my mother and Aunt's dismay. We lived with a roommate named Pete. Pete was kind, caring, and treated me like a younger sister. He often protected me when Jeordie's temper began to show itself. In some warped way, this became my unhinged make-believe 2nd family.

During a short break on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jeordie returned home to what was just Pete's apartment, as I was now staying with friends. I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries. All this led to an argument I never saw coming. He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved. That night I slept in Pete's bed and cried myself to sleep. Neither of us discussed it until years later as we both had our own shame about not reporting it

Now, that sounds like Pete is quite a good friend to Jessicka. One might think that such a good friend who was ashamed of not reporting these things to the authorities would come forward in support of Jessicka after all this time. But there's no info on Pete whatsoever online.

Or is there?

So Pete, in the photo being crushed by Jeordie's former bandmate Barry, turns out to be "Pete Scharlatt, one of Jeordie's best friends (and ex roommate)" Alright. Confirms the part about them living together. But why would Pete hang out with Jeordie after having witnessed so many terrible things. And this post from an official Jeordie news page from 2016 suggests, that the status of their friendship likely still was "best friends" at the time Jessicka's accusations were made n 2017. Was this the reason for Pete's missing last name? That a simple google search would bring up this photo? It sure does not look like he's ashamed of not reporting a sexual assault he witnessed. 

And let me just say about roommates, - being roommates with someone, without any possible abusive relationships or substance abuse or whatever. - it still can fuck up the friendship forever. So as a person that has been roommates with a couple that had an abusive relationship going on... I had to intervene with those fights and everything, a pretty stressful time... I doubt Pete would have stayed friends with Jeordie if he'd seen him as Jessicka has described. Because as I said, even just being roommates without any extra drama on it can make you hate someone's guts because you have to see that person every day. But I'm a VERY introverted person then again, so whatever. 


Fully naming Pete Scarlatt would sound very credible. Because I dug up information and turns out that not only was he living with them, he was also a musician in the local scene. Pete Scharlatt played bass in a band called Notch Above Kafka. NAK played in the same local events as Marilyn Manson and Jack Off Jill. Why was this something that I had to look up instead of something mentioned in the story, giving Pete a face and placing him in the local scene?

Here's a few flyers. The red one, by the way is from 1995. The events that Pete allegedly witnessed took place in 1994, as it was said that Jeordie came home from a break on a tour with Nine Inch Nails. This tour took place in 1994. 

Here's also a newspaper clipping that I found on Notch Above Kafka's Facebook, here you can see Pete Scarlatt listed as a band member:

Now from here on this is pretty much speculation, but another thing that I found very interesting while searching through Notch Above Kafka's Facebook page was that the band reunited in 2015 around the same time as Jack Off Jill made their reunion and played their last shows. On NAK's Facebook, you can see some interaction from Jack Off Jill from around this time. And Notch Above Kafka also played with Daisy Berkowitz (ex Marilyn Manson / Jack Off Jill guitarist) around the same time. So Jessicka and Jessicka's friend Daisy interacted with Notch Above Kafka some time prior to Jessicka's 2017 statement and this was around the time of Jessicka's 2015 first jab towards Jeordie in Alternative Press.

Considering this interaction between Jack Off Jill and Notch Above Kafka in 2015, it's very interesting that the official Jeordie news page Basetendencies posted the throwback photo to Jeordie and Pete from 2005 in 2016. Right between the Alternative Press interview and the 2017 statement. It could be totally random, but it also makes you think, did someone tip off whoever runs the Basetendencies page that something was going to happen? The "(and ex roommate)" part sounds very interesting considering that Barry Alpert who was also in the picture was also an ex roommate of Jeordie's but there's no such mention of him. 

Barry wrote about him and Jeordie being roommates on his website as he explained the story of Amboog-A-Lard (this is accessible via wayback machine) that he was roommates with Jeordie until he left Amboog-A-Lard.

I found Jeordie's switch to bass particularly amusing since he and I had been roommates up until I left the band - and we had spent quite a bit of time goofing off, jamming, and writing songs with Jeordie playing my bass and me playing his guitar. He really dug playing bass and I enjoyed playing guitar, so it makes sense that things turned out the way they did.


Just an interesting detail.

Well, now, here comes the very interesting/frustrating part:

Apparently, Pete was interviewed by SPIN.

Okay, this screenshot is from a twitlonger post by Jessicka. Here's the question:

Does media work this way? Wouldn't it be their job to report on all of the issues concerning this news story? Wouldn't Pete, as the witness be a very important person to interview? Wouldn't it be only a good addition, considering that Jessicka was getting a lot of hate at this point, to have the witness backing her up?

Which brings us to the question: Did this interview actually happen or was Jessicka making this up? But see, she is a celebrity that's in the headlines right now and she tagged SPIN in this post. SPIN could respond and reply, stating whether or not this is true or false. 

Considering how Pete has, according to the photo posted by Base Tendencies, remained friends with Jeordie; did he actually not back Jessicka up? This reason for SPIN not using his quotes; "They found my statement credible" implies that his statement contradicted hers. Like why else would they just leave it out like that?

I did receive some emails from a person claiming to know people involved. I believe they actually do, but this is your decision whether you believe this to be true, because I will not name the people that contact me.

Alright, this really would explain a lot. (These are from two separate emails) 

Well, alright, this person obviously wasn't there, rather they heard it from people involved, but this kind of makes sense with what we know about this. Hmm, I'll try to look for those posts with Pete that Jessicka's made...

So, okay, you might say "well, it doesn't prove it didn't happen either!" 

Well, no, but there probably was no Pete pulling Jeordie off Jessicka and saving her, it would definitely explain both why Spin didn't publish what Pete said and also why Pete remained friends with Jeordie afterwards. Maybe he really didn't see anything actually happen.

Alright, update update! Jessicka's husband Christian Addams was quick to respond to my questions about Pete upon discovering my twitter profile and he provided these pictures too, that Pete has in fact been seen with Jessicka as of November 2019.

This still does not prove Pete has cut ties to Jeordie, though! This only proves that Pete has met Jessicka and we are still exactly where we were left. I can repeat the question: Why would ANYONE remain friends with someone after allegedly witnessing them raping someone? The Addams' narrative does not make Pete look like a good guy at all here.

You said he was "protective and treated Jessicka like a little sister", yet according to your narrative he witnessed a rape and had no issue hanging out with Jeordie later. And then he does not give a statement clearing up what exactly he saw, backing up Jessicka, even though poor Jessicka is being "doxxed, harassed, lied about" all over social media. He could have it in his hands to stop this whole discourse once and for all and he hasn't and that is probably because he does not agree with you.

This clearly isn't an issue he feels passionately about as he has not come out with a statement of his own or taken part in this discussion. And the "interview with SPIN" that possibly happened, his statements clearly did not match Jessicka's if they were left out "because Jessicka sounded credible enough." In fact, why aren't the Addams mad at him for letting Jessicka endure this situation this long and not doing anything to stop it when he definitely could? Oh they'd yell at him and lose the opportunity to post pictures with him on social media.

Pete is not a witness. You do not have a witness until Pete Scharlatt states with his own name and his own face, unaffiliated with you, a statement of his own. 

It is simply disgusting to take pictures with someone who is not on social media and therefore unable to see what is being said about them and then attach an opinion and a statement to that picture two years later, saying "He agrees with us." This is not just about Jeordie; a grown man can speak for himself without anyone in between.

A picture from 2019 being used in this context, I have seen these pictures in another tweet too with Christian putting words into Pete's mouth, it does not close out the possibility that maybe Pete is unaware of these pictures being used this way. Do we know if he disagreed with the use of these photos and ended the friendship? Who knows.

Also this "Pete is no longer friends with Jeordie" claim only further proves the possibility that the rape story was made up in 2015-2017. Let me tell you why: It's obviously meant as a counterargument to the photo base tendencies posted, to say "Yeah he was friends with Jeordie then but isn't anymore, so?" Stating Pete is no longer friends with Jeordie implies that he cut ties to Jeordie upon hearing about this rape story, doesn't it? Therefore Pete would have been friends with Jeordie for years and then heard about this alleged rape somewhere after the photo posted by basetendencies was taken. So you're stating that you told him about it and he is now no longer friends with Jeordie, that basically he was only made aware of this situation and then he didn't want to be friends with Jeordie. 

But had he actually witnessed a rape happen, if just telling him about it now supposedly made him abandon Jeordie, surely actually witnessing it would have? Already in 1994. Christian is only bringing my attention yet again to another inconsistency. How can Pete witness a rape, stay friends with Jeordie and then only when it's in the media he'd end the friendship to Jeordie? It doesn't add up once again. 

I mean it would appear like he was only told about the alleged rape in 2015-2017 and then he'd ended the friendship because "Jeordie is a rapist" but had he witnessed it decades ago, no one would need to tell him about that ever happening and the alleged rape happening would have made him end his friendship with Jeordie already in the 90's. So was he unaware of what he'd witnessed until 2017? Did he witness anything at all?

This inconsistency clearly comes from a place where they wanted to accuse Jeordie and told Pete this story, somewhere around or after the JOJ reunion. They think Pete's stopped being friends with Jeordie after the photo was posted by base tendencies, because they told him that story then.

This goes along with what was said earlier about SPIN withholding his statement "because they found Jessicka credible" this just implies their stories didn't match. - Maybe he was there but didn't see it. Maybe he believed for a moment and told SPIN what he'd seen that day, maybe an argument, and this didn't include the whole "rushing in and pulling Jeordie off of her" and he just stated that he didn't see it so he can't really say. -But if the story's been added to, it isn't credible then. 

Whatever the case, had he seen it happen, he would not have waited decades to be told about it to believe it happened and only then disassociate from Jeordie. And considering the inconsistencies and lies about this (more for you to read further) there is no reason I'd believe he's not friends with Jeordie. He's gonna have to say it himself. 

So, possible reasons why Pete appeared in these photos and why he hasn't said anything:

- Maybe he wants to stay neutral and keep his privacy. As in "not my problem you guys can deal with it yourselves." Maybe he would appear in a photo with Jeordie too if Jeordie were to post stuff on social media but he isn't posting. (There is more to life than just social media, people keep reminding me but those siding with Jessicka must remember this too.)

-Pete is not on social media, he may not know the audience these photos would have. Are they going to be posted on an account that's only visible for friends? If he's never been on social media he may not know how the different platforms even work and who gets to see the photos. A "story post that disappears from the profile after 24 hours" for a private person would sound ok, but does he know these "stories" were saved and used as an argument to claim he agrees on Jessicka's story? Was he misinformed on what the use of these photos was going to be? The fact that they're now being used as "Yes Pete supports us" instead of his own statement could suggest that he is not saying what the Addams want him to say, so they desperately need to have him on social media with them to make it look like he agrees with them.

- If he now came out and said he did not see the exact thing, Jessicka would get scared and call him a rape apologist.

- Maybe he is still friends with Jeordie and doesn't want to make the situation any worse. Jessicka will not admit to any wrongdoing obviously, it has been seen by now. If he "took Jeordie's side" there could be more accusations and the Addams could suggest that Jeordie has "threatened him" or something like that. 

- If he's still friends with Jessicka, his reluctance to comment on this could also be explained by him worrying for her. He knows that Jeordie is a much bigger artist and Marilyn Manson is a huge band and the fans can be cruel when they get angry.  And even without that, false allegations coming back to her could damage her career. He knows that this will be solved at some point, didn't want to be a part of it. Maybe he wants to stay out of it because he doesn't want the backlash on his conscience, he didn't start this mess. If Jessicka has other personal issues behind this and people get angry, it could have an ugly outcome.

-Maybe he just really doesn't know. As in he didn't see it, wasn't in the room but heard arguing and can't confirm to one direction or another. As stated, he doesn't seem to feel strongly about this issue if he's comfortable hanging out with them both. Maybe he is friends with them both but hasn't told Jessicka because he doesn't want to start an argument. 

May sound like mental gymnastics but at the end of the day: Had he actually seen it, you would have been able to put his full name into the statement with no issue and he would have given a statement that matched hers without it having to be censored by some low quality tabloid like SPIN. Maybe he could have used the Notch Above Kafka band's social media to show solidarity with a proper statement.

If Pete agrees he can say it himself. Considering how much things have been twisted around, the Addams have lost their credibility and you can see the reasons for that on this site. None of this "trust me he said this, I have a photo with him" Pete can speak for himself, my email is on the about page.

So no. You do not have a witness. A witness is not someone the accuser speaks for. A witness speaks with his own mouth without someone in between. You can't start a fight on social media and then start speaking for people who aren't on social media.


You know, my mom was actually in Ft. Lauderdale in the early 90's and saw Jessicka punch Jeordie in the face, dunno what it was about, she heard something about Star Wars being "fucking cringe" Only, my mom is not on social media so she can't tell this story herself, would me posting a picture with her do? I am friends with her still to this day, have in fact known her since the 90's. My mom has never visited the US this is bullshit I just threw in as an example.

And I may sound like an asshole here, but you would wish for the exact same analysis if someone posted a picture with Jessicka and claimed she had said something that doesn't fit your narrative.

Okay yet another update. Jessicka is claiming on social media that I'm a creepy stalker and all that. Trying to tell her followers I'm harassing her but her posts are so ridiculous that I don't even feel the need to disprove them in any way, whatever. But she brought up Pete again, let me comment on that on the Pete page right here. 

First of all, I never acknowledge the fact that Pete stayed with them? - Someone clearly hasn't read my posts. I do, I have acknowledged it. So first lie right there okay. Then, Pete's name is apparently a piece of private information that I'm not supposed to know and base tendencies published his name without his consent? Yes, the admin follows me on twitter and has commented some, there Jessicka is addressing the fact that the admin, Denise tweeted that she'd asked to have a conversation with Pete but Pete wasn't willing to talk about this situation with anyone. 

"Fans of my rapist think I owe them" well I don't think you owe me anything really. I just think that when you claim something very serious, it has to add up. You don't owe it to me, you owe it to yourself.

But this "Pete's consent" is a very interesting claim, because Jessicka herself is right here posting photos of someone not on social media and adding her own claims onto that person. We don't know if Pete wanted these photos to be used that way and we don't have a statement from Pete. 

Pete's last name has never been a secret and base tendencies posting that name does not necessarily add to that, Jessicka is just trying to discredit that photo existing and trying to blame the base tendencies admin for that piece of evidence existing. Nothing more. As you can see on this page, Pete's name is public information, he played in a band called Notch Above Kafka and his name has even been included in newspaper articles about the band. the band has photos of him up on their Facebook page and when you google his name, discogs pages for Notch Above Kafka releases show up. 

I mean really, all this comes down to is. "We-well that photo exists but she shouldn't have posted that because it contradicts my story! Look at how mean she is, she posted that photo and last name and I didn't want her to!" and well, makes you think, - Maybe she in fact couldn't name Pete fully in her 2017 statement because of that base tendencies post since his last name being included is now such an issue... Clearly looks like Jessicka wanted to include the full name but base tendencies did it first. 

And on a different note: Does Jessicka have Denise's consent to naming her as the admin of base tendencies? Her name I don't think it's on the site? This is also funny that Jessicka says I haven't got her consent to posting screenshots from her twitter, but she apparently has the right to post my pictures and stories, pictures of me that I have taken, on her twitter accompanied by false claims about me stalking and threatening her. Whatever, practice what you preach is what I'm saying. 

But yeah so saying Pete's full name online is suddenly a breach of one's privacy, am I understanding you correctly? Okay, then why did Christian Addams publish it himself in 2020 on twitter and encourage his followers to google him? If it's a secret that I'm not supposed to know... Ah right, googling him would make my site show up, yeah I got it, that's why I'm not suddenly allowed to say his name. 

Also, now that they're claiming Pete is some private entity whose name is supposed to be a secret, they're basically denying the history he has in the music scene? They're denying he's got a band and that he actually was someone in the local scene at the time. They're just claiming ownership of him as a person and a character in this story, really. "Only I can speak for Pete, Only I can say his name, Only I can know what he thinks."  It's... Dehumanizing? Like people should only know his name through Jessicka and Christian and their story when they like. 

I think Christian also states it very well there, "you should stop making your opinions known." Yeah. That's what this all is. That's the whole point. 


Funny that before this update, on this page, for months, was up a paragraph that said basically: If I become a target of lies and harassment, threats of legal action, I'll consider it a win because none of that would need to happen if Pete found this that important and was all about justice for Jessicka. 

Okay you know I'm not stupid right? You thinking I am doesn't make me. I speak to you with respect and you respond with more lies. Do you think that would convince me? Probably not, you're just trying to convince others not to listen to me, which, they probably would listen to me less if you stopped giving me attention. 

Also isn't it strange that Pete is apparently really good friends with them now and they only post this one occasion all the time? It's like it was some sort of a "I swear he is our friend and agrees with us" photoshoot, they only ever mention this one occasion? They are always like ON THIS DATE IN THIS YEAR PETE WAS WITH US. Okay? For some reason Jeordie doesn't need to do this? He didn't even post the photo with Pete himself, if was posted by a person who runs his site as a throwback, it was provided by an ex bandmember, by the looks of it unaware of Pete being connected to this kind of a story later? Like it's not even posted with the intention of it being any kind of evidence and Jeordie probably doesn't even remember that photo himself!

Ok lastly; "Use your time more wisely" is a comment based on Jessicka thinking this is the only thing I'm doing because she doesn't know anything else about my life. Which is funny considering she supposedly has had law enforcement monitoring my accounts (think it's just her reading my posts tbh because while she stated she'd had been in contact with lawyers and authorities, she still had to ask twitter about laws in my country and "spend 24 hours gathering info" which she wouldn't have to do if she'd actually been in contact with lawyers and authorities)


And if she'd paid just the littlest bit of attention she'd found out for example that I don't really post about Jeordie or Jessicka much outside of this project lol, for the reason that I have my own life too. It's also pretty funny she thinks I have a hyperfixation with HER when, well. Read the site. This isn't even about her and she can't stand it. 

Clear example of an ad hominem right there, "Oh you're stupid you're putting time into this." Lol but does it disprove anything I said. Why are you reading my posts anyway, like if posting them is a waste of time, surely reading them is too? I know this is stupid, I have joked about it myself and it has been taken out of context. I like stupid things. Actually one of my hobbies is putting way too much time in making really shitty remixes of songs by replacing the instruments with funny sounds from a soap opera I'm hatewatching it sucks I love it. Spending like 3 days on a video just for laughs, the fact that there was far too much effort put into the joke is the fact that makes it funny. 


But is that in any way dumber than like, I don't know, knitting? Living is a waste of time in general, nothing matters when you really think of it. 

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