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So on this page we'll discuss Jessicka's description of the alleged rape in 1994. In addition there's the two subpages I'd recommend for you to read first linked here in the beginning. (Underlined text is always a link) They already raise suspicion about the story.

Jessicka stated that the alleged rape happened as Jeordie visited home on a break from a tour with Nine Inch Nails. This is what places the allegations to a certain timeline. She states that Jeordie had cheated on her during the tour with women when in fact she has previously maintained that it was a woman, Courtney Love. Jeordie's relationship and friendship to Courtney Love in the 90's has been pretty widely documented. Why does one woman become several women? And did he actually cheat after all?

Jessicka claims that the rape was witnessed by a roommate named Pete. Pete is a real existing person, but for some reason, Jessicka did not fully name him nor did Pete ever come forward with a statement of his own to back Jessicka's story up. Additionally there's a photo of Pete backstage with Jeordie in 2005 with a caption that explains his relationship to Jeordie to be "one of Jeordie's best friends." Would he be in a photo captioned like this if he'd witnessed Jeordie do something like that? Not only that, but in their tweets towards me, Jessicka and her husband stated that Pete "is no longer friends with Jeordie" to argue with me discussing that photo. This makes no sense; they're essentially saying that Pete witnessed a rape happen but only became aware of it as the allegations were made public in 2017. Had he actually witnessed something like that happen, why would he wait for decades to react to that information. If witnessing it with his own eyes wasn't enough to make him end his friendship to Jeordie, why would accusing Jeordie decades later suddenly be? 

During a short break on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jeordie returned home to what was just Pete's apartment, as I was now staying with friends. I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries. All this led to an argument I never saw coming. He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved. That night I slept in Pete's bed and cried myself to sleep. Neither of us discussed it until years later as we both had our own shame about not reporting it

Now, this short break on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails, as already talked on the page about the cheating issue, would most likely be during fall 1994 after Jeordie's brief relationship with Courtney Love on the NIN tour. This thing with Courtney has been documented quite well, with Manson bringing it up in interviews to tease Jeordie about it.

Jessicka herself also originally admitted it was Courtney, and that this was a tough thing for her to handle and she was very hurt about this. For fans that have been around longer, this is not news and this was a pretty well known case. But Jessicka's wording in this 2017 statement does raise the question; were they dating anymore at this point even as she states she did not live in the apartment anymore?

She has earlier on her website described their relationship as tumultuous, could it be that they had that sort of an on-off relationship that Jeordie was under the impression that they weren't a thing anymore? Or had they already broken up, but Jeordie moving on to someone else that fast made Jessicka feel hurt? Interestingly from her 2017 statement the reader gets the impression that they broke up after this ”break from NIN tour scenario” in 1994, while earlier interviews from Jessicka give the impression that they dated until 1997. Jessicka also states a paragraph earlier, right after talking about things that took place in late 1993- early 1994 that she already wanted to leave him at that point. Wouldn't Jeordie going on a tour be a good chance to pack up your stuff and tell him to get lost?


Whatever the case, ”Jeordie returned home to what was now just Pete's apartment, as I was now staying with friends” is a very interesting detail. Who lived at the apartment? If it was just Pete's apartment, did Jeordie live there either? Home, then again implies he did. But was he just crashing there or actually living there? Why was Jessicka there?

It gets even more interesting.


So... Jessicka didn't live at the apartment and didn't know that Pete was home? How did she get in? She could not have been inside the apartment as Jeordie came home, because if she no longer lived there, why would she have a key?

So, are we to understand that Jeordie came home on a break on tour, Jessicka had heard about the thing with Courtney and was waiting in the apartment building hallway for Jeordie, ready to yell at him? Isn't that a bit creepy? Or did she come in for a visit when Jeordie was already there? 

Then, Jessicka's statement describes Jeordie to always be the instigator in all conflicts, but if this kind of an argument about cheating were to happen, who would be the most likely to start the fight; the one who had cheated or the one who had been cheated on? Why was this even cheating or an issue to argue about if Jessicka had already wanted to leave him earlier, wouldn't it be a good thing that Jeordie was with someone else and not her problem anymore? And considering the whole getting into the apartment to start with part again; If she is angry at Jeordie about this Courtney thing, I'd find it more likely that it would be Pete opening that door instead of Jeordie?

"Staying with friends" seems also, she'd rather crash at a friend's place than live with Jeordie, this implies she was scared of him, right. But why was she going to that apartment to confront him (why else really?) to start with, despite implying she was staying elsewhere already as not to be with him? Why was she there?

Another thing is, Jeordie coming home from tour on a short break. Wouldn't Pete, as his roommate and friend be greeting him, asking him about how the tour had been so far? Keep in mind, this was his first real tour experience with a new band. So it's quite unlikely that Jeordie would be unaware of Pete being home. Jessicka, if she came in later, could be unaware of Pete being there if he was for example in a room with a door shut, but it's unlikely that Jeordie wouldn't know he was there. So why would Jeordie even think to attempt raping someone while knowing the "protective roommate" is home? 


And coming home from tour he'd most likely be really tired and more interested in getting something to eat and falling asleep. Depending on the time of day this was. But if he's really tired and just wants to be alone, it would be understandable to get angry, but kind of hard to imagine it escalating from there to what is claimed by Jessicka.

A very usual assumption is also that he was drunk. Which, while possible, isn't exactly entirely the ”omg he totally did it” detail that people think it is. It depends on how drunk we're talking about, and anyway; if you were to have a short break from months of touring, would you want to spend most of it bedridden with hangover and feeling like shit?

Also, well, whiskey dick is a thing. If you're like really drunk/high, "he probably did it but was just too fucked up to remember" as some Jessicka supporters in online discussions have expressed it, would you be able to get it up well enough to be able to forcibly penetrate someone. Think about that. Also drugs like cocaine can have a similar effect because it affects blood circulation so on the part of drugs it isn't that simple either! Point is drugs and alcohol aren't only a "people can go crazy" argument, they also have physical effects on the body and the blood circulation that also affect sex. "He used drugs so he did it" is not really a very good point. Sure, substance abuse can make someone change a lot, but that as an existing point isn't necessarily a confirmation of anything specific happening. 


And if that's not an issue, well: Alcohol/drugs also affects coordination abilities in a way that if you take into consideration also the fact that he was quite skinny, hence the name Twiggy, would he be able to actually even overpower her as easily as described? then there's struggles like clothes.  It was never stated he was under the influence anyway, but for those that made this assumption, here I addressed it.

And then, back to Pete,

Wouldn't the struggle of wrestling Jessicka to the floor already by itself cause enough of a commotion to alert Pete to cause him to come and see what's going on? And why was he in the other room still at this point if he was the protective older brother friend who always protected Jessicka and allegedly knew that Jeordie was so abusive? See, Jessicka states she had already moved out, Pete must have known from this already that they were going through some problems and he likely heard her come in and heard the argument start. And if this was late, wouldn't Pete be also kind of like "Uhh do you wanna get me noise complaints or what?"

And about that commotion. From here we get into the number one reason I never believed these allegations from the start. Because the story changes here. When this whole issue hit the headlines in October 2017 with the current statement, it was already old news, as Jessicka had been posting about this for years already, making and deleting posts. She mentioned in her October 2017 statement that she'd made a post in summer of 2017 already. I saw that. The "I didn't even know Pete was home" comment screenshot mentioned before on this page is from that post's comments.


But something had changed when the October statement came out. I did not mention this detail on the site before as I didn't know if I should because I have no screenshots of this so you're going to have to consider this a rumor, but someone emailed me about this earlier version, stating they remember this too, so if you do remember this too and have screenshots of this, please contact me.

I remember very vividly that my original reaction to the story was confusion, as it was stated that Jeordie pushed her to the floor and Pete came rushing into the room, pulling him off of her, and ”That was the only thing that saved me.” So Pete was there Before the rape even happened, pulling him off BEFORE that. And I just remember reading people's disgusted and horrified comments, calling Jeordie a rapist and all while I was thinking; ”Guys, shouldn't we be talking about attempted rape. Shouldn't we be talking about that? It was never stated that he actually did it, it was stated that Pete saved her before it happened. How do we know if rape was his intention?” And no, I don't mean to say that ”He only attempted so it's okay” it would not be okay, but if the story changes this much, how do we know if any of this happened?

Did it?

I just find it hard to believe, as I said, that there would have been time for anyone to rape anyone before the commotion being heard by Pete, who as the "protective roommate" most likely would have been alertly listening in worry. It doesn't sound like it happened, especially if Jeordie was aware that said roommate was home, which he most likely would have been.

If it did, where did Jeordie go after? Doubt the ”attack” would have just ended there as Pete came in. Did he just leave? But if he lived there, where did they put him for the rest of the night, would Jessicka even want to stay there? Did Jeordie stay in the apartment or leave? Did Pete carry on being roommates with him? 

And still: If Jeordie allegedly cheated on Jessicka or had already broken up with her, who knows what, why does this sound so inverted somehow? It just would make so much more sense if He'd been the one that was cheated on and he was angry about that and attacked Jessicka in retaliation. But it was not that way.

You know what, I'm just going to say it. Up until the having an argument about Jeordie being with Courtney this sounds like a thing that could have happened, but the whole rape scene just sounds like a piece that doesn't fit, something that has been added later. Why? Because all of the things I just listed and also it's just too convenient to have this alleged rape happen on this particular occasion. Because people that have been around a long time, followed both of their careers know this whole Courtney issue. We know that Jessicka was hurt about it and it was probably a lot to handle. But it's like an amateur fanfiction prompt move really, that all of the possible scenarios it's this one that we all already know about. Anyone could make this up, like ”Okay I'll write about Jessicka and Jeordie fighting... What could they fight about... Oh yea that Courtney thing probably.”


But it's also so convenient to choose this because she can accuse Jeordie of both cheating and rape to make him look so much worse and the fact that this "cheating on tour" has kind of been discussed already, it creates this feeling of trust in the reader, like "oh I know that happened, so the rest is probably true too".

Another thing is that as you read on the Courtney page, she earlier described simply finding out about Jeordie and Courtney and being very hurt about it, but she seemed to express more anger towards Courtney in that text. "I mean FUCK, you don't think a fellow female musician is going to screw you like that". Could it just be, that this specific fight about Courtney, in coming up with her allegations was chosen because - The relationship with Jeordie didn't end up being what she wanted and she felt like she'd been used. Have been there myself with one guy I really liked, and suddenly finding out he was with someone else without telling me made me feel like I had been used and I regretted ever being with him. I thought, "I wouldn't have done all that had I known I wouldn't get a relationship with him." basically. It could easily be pulled from that to "my consent was obtained with deception."

It's also strange that, as already discussed on the Pete page, this witness thing only really became a part of the story after the photo of Pete and Jeordie together had been posted by Base Tendencies in 2016. Had she really been desperate to be taken seriously, having a witness would have come up already in the most earliest mentions of this accusation. Since the start in 2015 - So did the BT photo post remind her of an argument had at Pete's place, inspiring her to attach this unfitting puzzle piece to this "cheating with Courtney" argument at Pete's place? 

And I'll yet again remind you of the "I didn't even know Pete was home" which sounds strange considering the circumstances. Who let her into the apartment? Would Jeordie want to let her in if he's on a break from tour and likely knew why she'd be there? "I didn't even know Pete was home" sounds like a "People will wonder where he came from, how do I explain it?"

It's all so... You know when an amateur writer really wants a specific scenario to happen in the story but they don't know how to write the things leading up to it, why it happens and what happens after, so it just kinda... Happens. People react irrationally or can walk through locked doors, people appear out of thin air to save someone just in time with no explanation as to how or why, because the story needs that to happen as the writer isn't skilled enough to lead it where it should go in it's own time, and the story in itself ends up existing only for the sake of those few specific scenes that the writer just really wanted to write.

This all reminded me of a fanfic I came across in my early teens on a since dead and buried band forum, the users of which will tell you to fuck off if you mention it's name to them irl jokingly. Oh sweet 2009... At the time fanfiction was everywhere and I didn't really think much of it, (well I was like 11-12 I was like "ok this is a thing people do alright" but later on, man RPF is kinda weird isn't it??) on this particular forum there was general discussion of bands (A+ gossip by the girls that attended every show possible) and then a fanfiction section, which I'd occasionally check too, and this one story from the dust of history came to mind, very abridged:

- Bandmembers A and B (from different bands, and lol not Marilyn Manson) become friends during a tour on which their bands are on together.

- Their friendship in fact becomes so close that they decide to share a hotel room at one of the stops

- Bad idea, A wakes up in the middle of the night, bound and gagged with B in his bed, clearly going to violate him somehow

- A tries to scream for help but this is in vain as he is gagged and he can only mumble behind a layer of duct tape

- Bandmember C, (bassist of A's band) rushes into the room to save A and beat the shit out of B

- B falls to the floor and apparently just disappears as in the next paragraph he is no longer there

- C comforts crying A and tells him everything will be alright

Where did B go? How did B manage to tie and gag A without waking him up too early? How did C hear the commotion if he was in a different room and A was gagged and therefore unable to scream? How did C get into the room if that wasn't his hotel room which would mean he would have to walk through a locked door? This was of course discussed in the thread (old forums, you'd make a new thread to display your story and discuss it) and the readers pointed these parts out. The author simply said: "Yep, I know right lol, I just wanted to write about C comforting A, I honestly didn't bother writing too much of a backstory, the Hurt/Comfort was the point of this story so I totally get if it sounds dumb, let's just decide that C has psychic abilities and the hotel was so shitty that the door was flimsy XD" - The author admitted the story was written only for the sake of the end scene, it didn't matter to her that it made no sense, the end scene was what she wanted. You can probably get what I mean why this came to mind. I mean I probably still remember this because it was one of the first fanfics I ever was exposed to and I was pretty confused and shocked by it, shouldn't have even seen shit like this at that age honestly, but the inconsistencies and "too convenient" things about the 2017 statement reminded me of the discussion of this fic simply as it seems the "I just wanted this end result to the story and how I got there is besides the point" is visible in the statement.

And I know I probably shouldn't be rating Jessicka's statement  like a piece of literature, but as a person who does some of creative writing (original texts lmao) I can notice certain issues. And with literature and real life, there is a rule that you can't really add things into the past without changing the whole story around it to fit. It's all like a puzzle or a math equation.

Had this been this way, we would not have the picture of Pete ”one of Jeordie's best friends” hanging out with Jeordie in 2005. We would not. Because just the existence of that picture shows whatever happened there that night didn't shock Pete to cut all ties to Jeordie. And had it, he'd try harder to hold him accountable instead of avoiding the entire subject and refusing to take part in the conversation.

With this puzzle analogy, also it's very interesting that after describing the alleged rape, Jessicka goes on to say she "saw Jeordie throughout the 90's, even toured with Marilyn Manson in 1999." Something very interesting is suspiciously left out. 

She did originally state that they dated until 1997. The story in 2017 ends at fall 1994. Regarding this; I got a message that puts it well too, along the lines of: "It's strange to me how the story escalates and escalates and the rape is like a culmination of the whole abuse story and then it supposedly ends there. Then supposedly the relationship lasted for years after that. Would imagine all of this would have happened spanning a longer timeline."


Jessicka's band Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on the Portrait Of An American Family tour in December 1994 on the Florida dates. This is a tour that she has commented on positively in the past, Jack Off Jill's first tour, yet somehow it is left unmentioned. This tour is particularly memorable due to the shocking stage antics of Jack Off Jill, (see Allegations against Jessicka page) such as stripping young guys naked in front of the crowd. Jessicka was arrested on this tour in Jacksonville and spent the night in jail and this was something she proudly shared in interviews in the 90's. Why is this left out?

Is it because she doesn't want people to remember that she in fact toured with Jeordie's band right after this alleged rape and included this particular tour in pretty much all of her interviews and website bios etc back in the day?  The sexualised stage antics too are an interesting detail, would someone who's very recently been sexually assaulted want to perform such activities? 

Jessicka also claims that basically everyone was aware of this alleged abusive relationship, but didn't do anything because he was in Marilyn Manson. She stayed friends with Marilyn Manson, as in Jeordie's best friend for years even though she claims that the fact Jeordie played in Manson's band was the reason she didn't get justice. Then as she came out with her claims, she tried to hide her friendship with Marilyn Manson and claim she hasn't been friends with him or supported him. I mean of course, the piece doesn't fit, she tried to change the story around it but it's all still online for everyone to see how she bragged about attending Manson's wedding and being friends with him, even though her abuse narrative should have made her hate Manson from the start because it being true would mean Manson chose Jeordie's career and his own friendship with Jeordie over Jessicka's safety.

And you know what else comes to mind? 

Jessicka has stated she has been inspired by the film director Todd Solondz's work, she is a fan of his. There is a movie of his called "Happiness" that details a rape scene very similar. 

A man called Allen goes on a date with a woman called Kristina. Kristina confesses to murdering an apartment building doorman after the doorman had raped her and describes the rape to Allen:

Kristina comes home with a lot of groceries and the apartment doorman Pedro offers to help her with them and  carries them with her to the apartment. After Kristina thanks him, Pedro doesn't leave, he kind of just lingers there awkwardly and then asks for a scoop of ice cream as a thanks for his favor. As Kristina is giving him the ice cream, Pedro grabs her by the front of her shirt/neck and she screams.

It cuts to a scene back on the date, Kristina says, "The next thing I knew he was inside me."

And then it cuts back to the apartment scene, Kristina is laying on the floor with Pedro on top of her. 

It appears like Pedro just overpowered her in a matter of seconds and managed to force her on the floor and rape her really easily. Only, the size difference of the characters makes the watcher question whether or not this was even possible, because Pedro was very skinny and small, Kristina was taller than him and also an overweight woman. How on earth did Pedro overpower her and force her to the floor in a flash like that?


But as it is detailed in the film, the two arrive at an apartment, have a conversation and suddenly the man grabs the woman around the neck/shirt and it cuts straight to them on the floor. Their conversation gives no hints to this being about to happen at all, they only really say "Thank you" "Could I have a scoop of your icecream?" and then Pedro grabs her. 

In the film, it is an event that could make sense because Pedro and Kristina don't know each other and Kristina lives alone. Did Pedro help Kristina with the intention of getting inside her apartment, was he planning to rape her all along? 

But comparing to Jessicka's story... 

Jessicka and Jeordie knew each other. Jeordie most likely knew that Pete was home. Even the argument that allegedly lead to the rape raises questions, how did that escalate to that? And how Jeordie is portrayed raping Jessicka is just like Pedro to Kristina; it's as if he was there with the intention to start with and the argument was simply a needed motive to attack. But Jeordie was coming home to his apartment on a break from tour, he could not have been planning on that, he most likely knew that Pete was home and also, he probably wasn't aware that Jessicka was going to even be there as Jessicka didn't live there anymore and claims she didn't know Pete was home. She must have come into the apartment when Jeordie was already home.

And the assault then just happens really fast in seconds, just like in the movie, even though this is quite impossible as Jeordie at the time was very skinny, it's unlikely he would have been able to just press her to the floor like some kind of a doll. Around the ages they were then and looking at the general body types, it's not a simple "guys are stronger".  And well, Pete would have heard the struggle and screaming and come in, but Pete's purpose in Jessicka's narrative isn't to save her, he is in the story just so there is a witness, therefore there can't be a struggle, otherwise he'd come into the room too early. Pete really isn't mentioned in anything else than witnessing this particular part, when Jeordie carries junkyard TVs to stop her from driving away and burns toys in the oven, Pete is nowhere to be seen.

So as I already stated, the description of the rape looks like a piece that doesn't fit the story, that has been added later to an event that is a bit too convenient, and then it reminds the reader of this scene from a movie, from a director that Jessicka is a fan of. 

It just looks like this: Fight about Courtney + Scene from "Happiness" + Roommate who doesn't want to be in the media. People remember the Courtney thing, most people haven't seen "Happiness", most people only need the fact that there was a roommate backed up and a name to believe this anyway. Those who don't believe the story can be labeled rape apologists anyway, they are just going to be "stupid starstruck fans". Convenient isn't it?

Not buying it. At all. And as said on a different page already, someone who has nightmares about an abusive relationship would most likely not be comfortable watching Todd Solondz films enough to call them a favorite or an inspiration, there is a lot of taking advantage, rape, abuse, going on. Especially "Happiness". 

So alright, a lot of inconsistencies and suspicious things, a lot of questions unanswered. My take on this is that this story is not credible and I would not trust it enough to justify smearing someone's reputation, having someone lose friends over this, lose their job, harm their career, have people say horrible things and harass him and his family, or possibly make him a target for violence. This story is not credible. And you can throw a tantrum about it and tell me to kill myself but it won't make this look any better.

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