So when did Jessicka and Jeordie date?

Considering how Jeordie has never talked about his relationship with Jessicka, it's a bit suspicious that the timeline of it is so unclear even though Jessicka has basically been the only one talking about it and the only one constantly reminding the public about it. 

The major change is how in the 90's interviews, Jessicka said they dated between 1993 to 1997, she said many times that they dated for four years, it was even in her website bio...

But then, when this 2017 statement comes out, the storyline is 1993-1994 and then "I saw Jeordie throughout the 90's" the ending is left completely open, did they break up after that fateful break on NIN tour or what? And at the time of that, Jessicka had already said earlier in the statement that she wanted to leave him and that they were living in separate apartments, why was this thing with Courtney even an issue then, were they even together anymore?

And then there are pictures of them together up until 1995 and pretty much none later.  Which is a bit weird, considering how Jessicka liked to post pictures of Jeordie on her website, and how both of them got far more press attention and photos taken of them towards the end of the 90's, why are there no pictures of them together after 1995.....

But then, also, Jessicka claimed on twitter that Jeordie cheated on her in 1996 with Helen Storer. But she also said in her 2017 statement that she wanted to leave Jeordie already months before the whole thing with Courtney in 1994. And earlier, as you can see on the Helen page, she had no problem with Helen, only after 2017 did she start talking shit about her and hating her, on her wayback archived 2000s website she even called Helen her best friend. You would most likely not do that if she'd been dating your "abusive ex".  

What else, there's the song Angels Fuck Devils Kiss, that Jessicka wrote for Jack Off Jill, it's included in the album Sexless Demons and Scars and it was released in September 1997. 

Jessicka interviewed for issue 5 of the official JOJ Newsletter:

--What do you mean by "help destroy the world" in 'Angel's fuck'? "

  "It is symbolism for a relationship.  We have all had --or wanted to have-a kind of a symbiotic  'us against the world' type of relationship....a Bonnie and Clyde, or a Mickey and Mallory kind of thing.  This song is about that relationship going bad.  Instead of the two of you against the world, it ends
up being just you.

So, if this song were about Jessicka and Jeordie breaking up, they could not have dated for "four years" or 1993-1997 because it takes several months between finishing recording and the release of an album, this song would have been written in 1996 already, or possibly even earlier. For comparison, Jessicka was already writing the songs for Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers (2000) in 1998. Knowing a lot of people who play in bands, I personally have heard songs years before they hit the stores and radio, or I have been on set of music videos like six months before the release of an album, the songs had been finished another few months before. 

But AFDK could be about breaking up with Jeordie, it's in the timeline, and it very much seems that Jessicka wanted to have a sort of a relationship where they're both playing in bands and looking similar, to me at least it comes through that maybe she'd accepted Jeordie wearing dresses, had she been considered a "muse" for him in that sense. "I wanted to help destroy the world" to me sounds exactly like maybe she wanted a thing where they were publicly seen as a couple while trashing the stage in different bands, the "girl Manson" stamp would have been more helpful to her in that way too. 

It could also be referring to Jessicka's friendship to Marilyn Manson, that apparently at the time of this song and Manson's biography being written was not as good. (discussed on this page) Why it's possible that this song could refer to Manson is that "Mickey and Mallory" was what Jessicka and Manson were called by the police officers as they were arrested together in 1994. A reference to a shared memory in an angry song could be a way of letting the other person know she is referring to them. (discussed on this page)

But like, very possible scenario is that they broke up in 1994 either before the Courtney thing or because of it. Jeordie dated Helen and Jessicka now considers it cheating too to make Jeordie look bad as well as Helen, she wrote AFDK about feeling like shit for her "kinderwhore couple" dream (where Jeordie in Manson makes her famous too) being broken. The relationship portrayed in Natural Born Killers, does have this kind of a narrative where Mickey takes Mallory away from her miserable home life and then they go on a crime rampage together, so a "You were supposed to be the thing that helps me get away from here" sort of a thing could be directed to both Jeordie and Manson.

All of the interviews where Jessicka mentions dating Jeordie mention him in past tense, "used to date" . Whatever the case, it cannot be "four years" , she's been overestimating her significance to him in old interviews and then when she wanted to attack him, she stopped doing that and gave us the impression that it was 1993-1994 after all. I believe they dated max until summer 1994 but that's an opinion. 

It just... Kind of sounds like they broke up in like 1994/5 and Jessicka didn't want to accept it? Especially if we look at what Jeordie's cousin said about the 1999 tour....  And then there's the whole "guy friends" thing, that if she really was that traumatized, why was she the only one posting pictures of them together and including him in everything. 

And why else would the way Jeordie looked like in 1994-1995 cause the most anger? Obviously, some strong emotions were felt at that time, if that green dress look is the one we're always talking about?  I mean, it's almost like this "Don't you dare forget about me, you're wearing my dress!" and the whole identity theft claim implied Jeordie looked like that through the whole time in Manson.

Had they broken up in 1997, wouldn't she put more emphasis on the hair look Jeordie had in 1998 in her claims, because it actually looked very similar to Jessicka's because he had bangs too?

It's just all really weird.

And overall this whole "I couldn't leave him even though I wanted to, he was trying to stop me from driving away and I just couldn't get rid of him" narrative sounds hard to believe for this reason too:

Okay just simply "I wanted to get rid of him but he kept cheating on me" first of all just think about that and then the issue of touring on top of it.

Jeordie was on tour a LOT in the 90's. If your boyfriend is away for literally eight months in a row for example, how does he control where you go? Keep in mind, no social media in the 90's, mostly landline phones too.

So when we're talking about two people that BOTH were touring musicians, I find it kind of impossible for Jeordie to be a super controlling person. He would have no time to do that. What's he's going to do, call from Vladivostok and say "You better not be talking to another guys!" how intimidating.

But here I'd like to point out also that considering that JOJ stayed quite a local act while Jeordie was away and there was no social media, it could be a perfect setting for her to tell everyone everything about their relationship in a way that makes her look the best. It would be the perfect grounds for her to talk shit about Jeordie all around town or claim they were still a thing. 

Because it kind of looks like maybe she didn't want to let him move on and now she's trying to turn it around so that Jeordie was hard to break up with. So hard to get rid of him, especially when he seemed to be dating other girls while busy on tour but still he somehow managed to control Jessicka everywhere. It just sounds like she was jealous of him and now is embarrassed and tries to turn it around with the typical "I never wanted it anyway, whatever" defense.


Could say that a touring musician is probably one of the the easiest to break up with, he's going to have to leave the country anyway, dude's gonna be away for 6 months, plenty of time to get a new apartment and pack your things. 

Of course this doesn't mean that it's impossible for a musician to be an abuser, no. Especially if someone is very manipulative, they may be very hard to get rid of or get the courage to leave them, it's not impossible.  The "why not just leave then" is not that simple, not a good argument to be applied to this kind of things, there are various valid reasons why someone might not be able get rid of an abusive partner. I know that, but not everyone who's accused is some master manipulator sociopath. Overall based on both of their's public delivery it seems that Jessicka comes across as  much more manipulative herself.  Example this way of basically keeping her followers on social media under this "Oh no, poor Jessicka" impression with obvious lies about shocking things, such as the latest "I am being stalked and threatened." story she tried to push.


But how likely is it to be able to control someone so much when the touring kind of has you out of town for most of the year. It's the same with the Manson allegations, like he's supposedly kept multiple women captive and whatnot, had an abusive controlling relationship with like 10 people while being a touring recording musician. Like people can check up tour dates and see where he was but they still believe he was in LA 24/7 raping women every day. Have no idea how people that like bands and go see them never seem to think about how the band does play shows in other places too, fans really just think about the tour dates in their own country/town.