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In her statement, Jessicka claims that the way she was raised played a part in why she stayed in the relationship with Jeordie, stating;

I met Jeordie White when I was 18 years old. I was not experienced in healthy relationships, and up until meeting him I assumed all relationships were that women’s role was to act subservient. Unfortunately, this was all I knew, as I had grown up with an abusive father who conditioned me this way.

This is something that was pretty interesting. Because, while yes, often the values we are raised with stick to us for a long time and trauma can carry through generations, that is true, this sounds a bit weird to be honest. And let's talk about why.

Jessicka, by how the people that have followed her career remember, she was a very outspoken person who confronted catcallers at shows, it was one of the reasons why people liked her! Her whole attitude was "guys don't scare me, no one can tell me what to do!" For example, this video on youtube from 1996, it shows her attitude:

At the time she met Jeordie, she was already a frontwoman in a Riot Grrrl band, and as can be seen on the lyrics page, she already wrote songs about abuse before dating Jeordie, so, it's kind of weird to claim that at the time she was believing women are to be subservient in relationships, when she was screaming the complete opposite message.

Well, someone could argue that maybe it was a "fake it till you make it" sort of a situation, where she wanted to be a strong, outspoken feminist at the time, but wasn't yet in reality. Many very confident seeming people can absolutely be feeling vulnerable under a strong character.


But it just sounds like she's taking back her entire 90's presence, like "Well I said that guys don't scare me, but I didn't mean it really" and then there's the "no one in this male dominated music business would take seriously a ferocious, outspoken frontwoman such as myself" part, it's like, are you implying that the whole reason people found you awesome, the whole reason why you're memorable, the very thing that made you different from Twiggy Ramirez was some sort of an obstacle in the end? That you weren't really a ferocious outspoken riot girl but the fact that you appeared so was a problem? What?

It just sounds like "I didn't get where I wanted to be with this attitude, I'm trying a different approach." This kind of contradicts what her entire message always was.

And saying this on this page since it kind of fits, don't know where else to put it, what does this part in the AP interview from 2015 even mean:

"Don't allow anybody—especially your current boyfriend—to verbally ridicule you, psychically abuse and rape you,"

Pretty sure it's never about allowing in this kind of situations. No one "allows" anyone to rape and abuse???? It's a very strange way of wording this, especially when you're a frontwoman of a feminist band! Allow.  Even if you don't physically resist, you don't ever allow that, you're forced to endure that. Even if you're too scared  or unable to resist, you're not "letting it happen".


She pretty much said "don't let anyone rape you" but we all know that it isn't about letting... If someone beats you up and you can't resist, are you letting it happen? No!

It's just, this is an activist on social media constantly talking about this sort of stuff. What a weird comment.

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