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The Identity Theft


So as you can see, this is a section with quite a lot of subpages (underlined text title links to a subpage) and details, a lot of information to go through. But this part of the allegations is important in how well it shows how the story changes all the time and how it actually makes no sense. This is a great example of how a closer look actually dissolves the accusation.


In her 2017 statement, Jessicka detailed how Jeordie "stole her identity" and started wearing a look similar to hers in order to humiliate her. This, as we go through all the details, is not true. And the story has actually changed many times through the years. She also additionally accused Jeordie of copying former Marilyn Manson bass player Gidget Gein, with similar motivations "to humiliate". This isn't true either.

What very likely is the "seed of truth" as in what actually happened in here is that Jeordie did borrow a dress from Jessicka as he appeared on stage wearing a dress for a show of Mrs Scabtree in April 1993. This band included both Jeordie and Jessicka as well as Marilyn Manson. The dress Jeordie wore was similar, most likely the same as the one Jessicka wore in early Jack Off Jill promos. It, however is not even close to the later famous Twiggy Ramirez dress, and this one occasion of wearing this polka dotted white dress predates Jeordie joining Marilyn Manson by over six months.  This is likely from where the "he started wearing my clothes" started, but the Twiggy Ramirez dresses were tailored for Jeordie and were never owned by Jessicka. In a timeline this claim of them being Jessicka's wouldn't even make sense.

This claim then grew as time went on as Jessicka believed she was the onle and only influence behind Jeordie's look. She's not though and in this section you'll find out in detail how. 

Here we go through how the accusation of "stealing Jessicka's look" has evolved through the years and discuss explanations as to where it came from.

This part details the timeline of Jeordie changing the way he dresses to fit the image of Marilyn Manson as he joined the band. With photo evidence it can be shown that what Jessicka said to have happened "Overnight within weeks" as she put it, - implying Jeordie just suddenly copied the look and "became someone else", would have really happened in a timespan closer to about two years. It was not an overnight transformation, this is a fanbase myth.

Here, the looks of early Marilyn Manson and Jack Off Jill are discussed and it is revealed that the looks Jeordie has been accused of stealing weren't originated by either Jessicka or Gidget Gein.

Going through the details of Jeordie replacing Gidget Gein as the bass player of Marilyn Manson, as well as the similarities in their looks and Jessicka's versions of this.

Comparing the origins, the influences and the inspirations, the messages behind the looks Jeordie and Jessicka wore. Here on you can clearly see that Jeordie had several other inspirations behind his stage persona and it's quite a lot different from hers. And additionally you'll find out that he never "dressed as a woman" like people think he did - his point was to appear androgynous, sexless.

Jessicka's "husband" (in quotation marks as she has been known to use her husband's social media accounts to defend herself online) providing me evidence for this stolen identity narrative but actually contradicting her story elsewhere.

Did one of Jessicka's favorite movies inspire the stolen identity narrative?

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