Become someone else?

In Jessicka's "stolen identity claim" there is yet another thing that doesn't hold up when inspected closer. 

She states that Jeordie "ultimately stole her identity" because he "needed to become someone else" as "he just couldn't look at himself in the mirror after what he'd done."

There are many reasons why this doesn't make sense.  

First: The part where she says Jeordie couldn't look at himself and needed to become someone else takes part in the story so that it's after the identity theft has allegedly happened. Why would he need to become someone else if he'd already done that? And why would he want to steal Jessicka's identity if it was guilt about hurting her that made him unable to look into the mirror? Wouldn't the likeness of Jessicka just be another reminder?

And then, well. Just photo evidence once again. 

There are off stage photos of Jeordie "out of character" from the 90's that are very easy to find still to this day all over social media. In these photos Jeordie's wearing clothing that basically any metal dude in a band at the time would wear; black jeans, leather jacket, etc. Seems that in his free time out of the band he was dressing like any other guy, just that the hairstyle stayed the same as you don't just get rid of dreads that easily. 

If his intention was to steal an identity and to conceal himself, escape who he was, he'd be dressing like a goth girl all the time wouldn't he? If this was his " new identity" ? Hmm. 

For comparison, you know, I got this "You just want to be someone else" comment back when I was really putting 100% effort into the goth style and no one saw me ever without makeup, I got it on before breakfast and washed it off right before sleep. And I also wore sunglasses everywhere, even indoors, I used to have friends that had never seen me without them. By this experience I don't think Jeordie was hiding himself.

Let's see some of these photos, there are more but these prove the point well enough. Let me rephrase: There are more pictures of Jeordie without the dresses and makeup, dressing in whatever guys wear, than there are pictures of him with Jessicka. So it doesn't seem like he really cared about how he was seen by others. 

Is that Paris Hilton with him? So here he's having no issues going out being photographed with other celebrities looking like this and he's wearing a green t shirt, a leather jacket, no makeup. Quick guess by the hair this is probably 1998-1999.

Screenshotted from a VHS, Jeordie backstage on a tour with Manson, again guessing by hair this is around 1997. Black t shirt, leather jacket, on the video you can see him wearing jeans. 

Jeordie with Courtney Love around 98-99. 

Jeordie with fans, again quick guess by hair, 1995. Not only did Jessicka never have red dreadlocks, but well also here Jeordie is again wearing a leather jacket, a bandshirt, black jeans. I'd also like to point out that when you shave off your eyebrows, it's in the beginning a bit of a "shit I gotta wear makeup I look like a potato without" kind of a situation so yes he's wearing makeup but yeah. Also Jessicka didn't shave her eyebrows. Next one Jeordie around the same time, no makeup:

And then these next ones are 1994 when he supposedly had changed his identity overnight to a goth kinderwhore girl and wanted to conceal his true identity. 

Just okay, like I have a whole file of these pics for these investigation purposes but I think this is enough for now. Should start another site that's just a Jeordie gallery since people can't seem to find these photos for themselves. 

Also okay but if he really put on the Twiggy look as his "new identity" and was in the full thing all the time, there would be, somewhere, a family portrait... With Jeordie looking fucking insane...  How out of place lol if there is one somewhere in someone's photo album I need to see it :DDDDDDDDDDDD

And another thing is. What did Jeordie do after he left Marilyn Manson in 2002? He moved on to work with other bands, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails and also his own band Goon Moon. He also tried out for Metallica. And as he did this, he dropped the Twiggy look. 

Why would he do this if again his intention was to become someone else? It could also be asked: Why is this part left out in Jessicka's claims? It may seem like a small detail but let's think about it. 

Jessicka has been talking about this stolen look thing a long time. In 2017 though, she claimed that it was Jeordie's place in Marilyn Manson that kept her from coming out with her abuse claims in fear of the backlash damaging her career.

In 2002 and onwards, Jeordie was not in Marilyn Manson, he was starting to use his own name instead of the Twiggy Ramirez stage name that he had for Manson. For many, this was the first time they heard the name Jeordie White. Wouldn't this time be the perfect time for Jessicka to come out with her abuse claims, to ruin Jeordie's "new beginning" and also as he was no longer "protected" by the Manson band or fanbase like she claims he would've been in the 90's. But no, she only came out with her story when Jeordie had returned to the band!

And in the 2000s Jessicka was making it known that she's very close friends with Marilyn Manson "now that Jeordie's out of the picture" basically. Wouldn't this setting have given her Manson's support too? But no, in 2017 she went on to deny her friendship to Manson in the 2000s completely, most likely so no one would think of this... And also, had Jeordie's position in Manson kept her "silenced" in fear of the backlash, why would she want any association to Marilyn Manson...

Could it be that this was always just about the dress and when Jeordie left Manson she was satisfied as Jeordie was not Twiggy Ramirez anymore. As very interestingly this whole thing blew up as Jeordie was wearing the dress again, back in Marilyn Manson. 

But alright. 2003. Jeordie joined A Perfect Circle. In the middle in the 1st photo, I know, he looks very different. 2nd photo, left.

Doesn't seem like he had any issue with looking like himself or his real name. 

On dropping the Twiggy look and leaving Manson, some comments:

San Antonio Express News, October 2003:

On the topic of his departure from the Manson family, White says there are no hard feelings.

"Some people grow up and some people grow in a different direction," he says. "I think we kind of grew out of each other. For me personally, it started to become a job and not something that I loved. But I'm very proud of what I did with that band and I would probably do another record with them if the opportunity came up."

"I think we both have respect for each other and are almost kind of scared of each other. It was really hard for both of us (to split). If we would have just said, 'Let's take a break from this for a while, because this sucks right now,' it would have made more sense. But you get business involved in it and you have contracts and tours and all this other stuff, it becomes a drag."

Speaking of drag, White is barely familiar minus the tattered baby-doll dress and smeared lipstick he wore as a Manson member. The wardrobe and name change are not so much a transformation as a reversion, he says.

"Jeordie's my real name," he says. "I wasn't trying to pull a pretentious Prince move or something like that. It just seemed silly to appear on A Perfect Circle record and use this character or stage name that I had made up."

Massachusetts Daily Collegian, November 2003:

It would appear White has found himself an ideal home in A Perfect Circle.

"I've learned a lot having worked with someone like Manson for a long time," he said. "When you're working with a frontman, as a musician, you feed off their energy. You, you know, adapt to it and learn from it. With Manson it's all about press photos and videos and just image in everything and I don't think it's that bad of a thing."

White stopped and corrected himself.

"I think it's better to have the music take a front seat to everything," he said. "[The experience with Manson] kind of made me appreciate music a little more [rather] than just trying to look crazy and be a rock star."

Orkus, 2003:

Orkus: So why did you quit the band?

JW: Because it turned out to be a job - boring routine. And I didn't like the direction we were tending to at the end.

Orkus: You're speaking about the dreadful cover version of Soft Cell's Tainted Love?

JW: Right, I hated that song. It was one of the main reasons. It became awfully boring. Manson was and still is one of my best friends but the music was in the end like a pair of old shoes. And I never meant to get old with the band. I wanted to discover something new, play different music with different people and broaden my mind. As opposed to Nikki Sixx who's still caught in the same combo. I didn't want to be 45 years old and still be the bass player of MM.


Orkus: You enjoy it not to wear make-up and dresses any longer?

JW: Yeah, though I was never forced to do this. It was my decision to wear that. It became an important part of my personality and it caused that I was buried under this Twiggy Ramirez-thing. Despite that people can still call me Twiggy if they want. It's just that A Perfect Circle seemed so real to me and above all so normal that I thought it would be better to use my real name for it.

Orkus: So Twiggy became a cartoon character?

JW: Exactly. It may sound strange but I was like Darth Vader: I got this mask because I decided to work with the dark side of power. (laughs) Well and then I couldn't put it off again. That's the way it is...When I look back at the Twiggy-days it's like I was Darth. I became my own comic character.

So, TL;DR, could be understood that he dropped the Twiggy look for a few different reasons. He's started feeling like he's "growing out of it", and that it was limiting him rather than being something that helps his creativity. In a comment in instagram, a fan said it well; "He was backed into a corner by the Twiggy thing." - People had their expectations and ideas of who he is, and well, just my own observation is that I think people get so stuck on the "funny Spaceghost" thing that they don't see past it, I don't know whether or not Jeordie liked it that way, though. It's just kind of, I wish more people would see that there's more to him than that, though the 90's Twiggy quotes are legendary and really funny.

Also, he wanted to concentrate more on music rather than the image. And as he said, it would have been a bit strange to dress like that in bands that don't generally have that aesthetic. Alright, maybe he could have kept the dress look and just toned it down a little, but maybe it was refreshing to give it up. And maybe he just wanted to look like a guy because, well he is one. -At least I sometimes feel like people tend to be so fixated on the femininity of 90s Twiggy Ramirez that they fail to see how masculine the character could be! 

And just as a former full time goth, it's actually really good for you to sometimes go without the really heavy looks for a while and figure yourself out again. It does have a psychological effect. I could feel stuck in it sometimes. 

Not really uncommon anyway to turn 30 and go full normie lol

But on the "become someone else" note it's also another point that he never really cared whether people call him Jeordie or Twiggy, just that in context of bands different from Manson, he didn't see the point in calling himself Twiggy.  Yeah, he took on a new name in Manson just like everyone else. Some kept theirs later on, some didn't. That's about that "becoming someone else" it isn't like Jessicka didn't change her name and create a character for herself. Originally Jessica Fodera, changed her first name spelling to Jessicka, the CK a homage to Aleister Crowley, Addams from Addams family. 

Ok Jeordie joined Nine Inch Nails then:

Just see how well he fits in with the rest of the band. He's the bass player for fuck's sake, he's not supposed to stand out too much. 

So he dressed like a metalhead in a thrash metal band, wore dresses and makeup in Manson, dressed like the rest of the guys in literally all of the bands he played in. It's not about becoming someone else, it's about fitting in to the rest of the band. A band has an aesthetic and it looks kinda dumb if the looks don't work well with each other. 

But this wouldn't be a finished page on my site without my bullshit psychological analysis or whatever this is supposed to be:

Where does this "needed to become someone else" narrative come from? Could it be that Jessicka is the one that needed to become someone else?

It's just really interesting that as she came out with her allegations, all the "problematic" parts of Jack Off Jill needed to be hidden, she seemed to drop the "outspoken, angry, riot goth frontwoman, no one gets to tell me what to fuckin do" attitude in exchange to portraying herself like some delicate flower who holds no power over anything.  She became portraying herself as hurt and fragile while pointing fingers and judging others. 

Did she change her own demeanor to fit into the internet feminist bubble because she needed it to get back at Jeordie for "stealing" her dreams?  Could be something like that going on. 

Or, did her creating her character in the 90's come from a place of self hatred? Did she create a "stronger me" that she believed would help her become a person she wants to be, without insecurities, and then Jeordie doing something similar just to have fun offended her? 

It would also be interesting to hear her comments on why she dropped the Kinderwhore look when Jack Off Jill disbanded? She looked very different with her band Scarling. Oh could it be that she started a new band with a different aesthetic and changed her look to go with it? So this "Overnight change" was different and better than Jeordie's because why exactly?


1st photo, Jessicka with the white bag, 2nd photo, left.