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Beginning of March 2023 came with yet another added claim, on the twitter account for House Of Addams, one of Jessicka's alt accounts. This time, it was claimed that Jeordie sabotaged the career of Jack Off Jill and was even a part of the reason for the band's breakup. Let's take a look.

So, let's begin with this claim; Jeordie was sabotaging Jack Off Jill's career by buying out an event so that no one would show up? A few issues with this claim now.


Friend of mine basically just casually asked; ”Wouldn't it still profit them no matter who buys the tickets though, it's still money, no matter where it comes from.” And well, to the point, good question.


Then, what is a showcase? A showcase is an event organized to basically make connections in the industry. Either to gain press exposure or a chance at a record deal. This kind of events may be closed door events where people are invited rather than purchasing a ticket. Sometimes they may be combined so that there might also be audience to buy a ticket but regardless, were it a showcase event, the people actually relevant to be there for the sake of the band's career progress would have been there no matter how many ticket buyers would be coming. Label representatives and press people would be invited guests. Also, had it been a showcase event, most likely there might've been other bands performing too, not just Jack Off Jill? Also, so if you look at the purpose of a showcase, what's interesting there? - Jack Off Jill already had a record deal in 1998, they were signed to Risk Records in 1997. Of course there's then the option that this event was to do press, but it's also strange considering that this is months after the release of their debut album and years before their second? - Then again, the remix-EP Covetous Creature was released in November 1998, would they be doing press for that?


Another thing is that Jack Off Jill played in Los Angeles on their west coast tour in 1998. It was at a small club called Opium Den. If this is what was meant, then, I am told that back in the 90's smaller venues like this often had no available option of purchasing tickets in advance, but you would've bought them at the door the night of the concert. So... Was Jeordie first in the queue to make sure this was going on?


There's an article about this west coast tour,

Jack Off Jill talk about life with Ex Manson guitarist, -, May 1998.


Interesting that this article is about Jack Off Jill going to tour the west coast with Scott, who is mentioned as the source of this claim in this tweet. Of course Scott, who is dead and can't comment on anything, is the alleged source of this claim. As opposed to Jessicka who's the main source of all these claims most of the time? Just now remembered something allegedly said by someone who passed away years ago? And this claim, added to Jessicka's story years after it was initially made public, published anonymously as a "page admin" who's "not Jessicka" but types exactly like her.


The word ”showcase” shows up as a name of a concert venue after the show in LA there too interestingly, though The Showcase Theatre is a concert venue, not a type of an event. ”Set to showcase” as said in the tweet would mean performing at a showcase event, not a venue called Showcase. And well, Showcase Theatre is in Corona, not Los Angeles.


It just kinda looks like yet another rushed public info sweep for inspiration to added claims. 

There was another show in LA in August 1998, but this was opening for Psychotica, so not a "showcase".

Oh but then, after publishing this page, I soon received a message containing some additional information:

There was a showcase event organized by Risk records, that this fan remembered reading about on a site containing concert reviews. This was in May 1997 in the Opium Den. 



Makes more sense than 1998, as this was when Jack Off Jill had just been signed to Risk and they were in the process of getting their debut album out. And there are other Risk signed bands playing there.

Was this in fact the showcase in question? It's the same venue, a year earlier. Would a showcase be included in a list of tour dates? And, if, wouldn't it be mentioned in the name of the event? This is not a Jack Off Jill show, but a Risk Records showcase.


Is "houseofaddams" mixing up two shows that happened in the same venue, a year apart? 


Other issues:

- Scott hadn't joined the band yet at this point, he joined Jack Off Jill after the release of the debut album, in April 1998. Therefore he could not have been in the band at the time and told this "buying out a night" story. 

- At this time, Jeordie was touring Antichrist Superstar with Marilyn Manson. Though, if you look up the tour dates, May 7-9, 1997 Jeordie was on an arena tour on the east coast, tour dates on Hartford, Connecticut, May 7, 1997 and Washington DC on May 9, 1997.  How did he organize this "buying out a night" while being busy himself on the other side of the country? With keeping mind the possibility noted by an older fan that smaller venues in the 90's was ticket sales at the doors only?

Then we get to the ”seriously psychotic obsessive narcissistic abusive behavior” - can you use more shocking words in a tweet? Difficult, hard to take this seriously.

It's just, well, Jeordie may not have been that obsessed with Jessicka in 1998, considering he's been known to have dated at least Kate Moss during this time. The exact details of how long this relationship with Kate lasted are unknown to the public, but the biography book Kate Moss – The Complete Picture (Laura Collins, 2008) mentions him staying with her at her mother's house for Christmas in December 1998. 

Well anyway, it's months later. The exact timeline is unclear, and in that book it's mentioned as a recent thing, but in being recent it could be that they'd been hanging out for months at that point though, who knows. But see, do find it a bit interesting that he was supposedly ”seriously psychotic obsessed” with Jessicka to work day and night trying to ruin the career of her band out of jealousy but then just a few months later he's dating Kate Moss.

And also, who was it again that was constantly bringing up her relationship to Jeordie in the press around this time? Jessicka. If he was this insane, once again wondering why were his photos all over JOJ websites, posted by the band? And later on in the 2000's on Jessicka's own website. It's a bit weird that Jeordie's supposedly been this possessive but in fact he's the one that never ever has mentioned her name publicly whereas Jessicka has mentioned her relationship any chance she gets. Like, in her website bio and everything? (Discussed on the Nightmares? page)

Now the other tweet, just flat out suggests Jack Off Jill broke up because of Jeordie. That he was the reason why things didn't work out the way they all wanted, that it was something he did to the band.


You know, if you remember at what point in Jack Off Jill's career did Jessicka's claims begin, this is very strange. When she first started accusing Jeordie in comments on Facebook in 2015 and the vague hint in the Alternative Press magazine, Jack Off Jill was reuniting to play a few shows together and then call it quits for good. In this time of gaining the public's attention like this, to celebrate and commemorate the band's career kinda ”one last time” way, (Oh man I remember reading about it and being sad I couldn't attend the concerts due to the distance...) don't you think that an occasion like this would have been the perfect chance to publicly state it, then, had Jeordie truly been a central part of the band's downfall even in a way that was sabotaging them on purpose?


Jessicka does also have a habit of going off on a rampage on social media and saying everything she could possibly think of about a person she has a problem with. Had Jeordie truly been the cause of her band's downfall, I would imagine it would have been mentioned a lot earlier. I mean really she mentions anything she possibly can think of if she goes off; one time, - well I didn't see the tweets myself because I couldn't be bothered to pay attention but several people mentioned this to me, she was calling me anti-semitic on twitter because one of my followers has a "nazi lightning bolt tattoo", as in, the arrow emblem logo of the Antichrist Superstar era. I'm responsible for my follower's tattoos? I don't go through my followers' profiles I have no time for that. But yet again a great example of going out to look for "dirt" on anyone she has a problem with.


Why was this not mentioned in 2017 either? In 2017 it was ”I saw him through the 90's, even toured with Manson in 1999” no mention of sabotaging the band was made there. In fact the emphasis is on the record label's alleged pressure onto her and the band, not Jeordie. Label pressured her to stay silent, label pressured her to tour with Manson in 1999. And then at that point it was a ”getting it all off her chest finally,” -situation anyway, that was the tone. But the story keeps being added to, years later?

And still back to the 2017 statement and touring with Manson, if Jeordie's intention was to ruin Jessicka's career as is being suggested, wouldn't he have been against Jack Off Jill touring with Manson in 1999? In these tweets he's supposedly going out of his way to ruin some club performance but later he's not against Jack Off Jill playing arena shows opening for Marilyn Manson? Makes sense? Wouldn't that be a lot of exposure for Jack Off Jill? Something he doesn't want? All while he's this all powerful figure in the music business?


Anyway, what did Jessicka say about the band breaking up at the time? As the other account commenting does remember, drama between band members. As well as the record label going bankrupt just before the release of their second album, which left the band on their own with the album release. FAQ archive, mid 2000's:

What happened to Jack Off Jill?
J: A lot of people want to know the answer to the question of what happened to JOJ. I'd like to be brutally honest but I fear that later it might come back and bite me in the ass. So I'll give you the edited "Highlights" Magazine" version.
For a long time Robin and I had not been getting along. I honestly don't know for how long or why it started. She often felt like she deserved more credit then she received in JOJ. I know this frustrated her and because of our background and age difference we slowly began to grow apart. During the recording of Clear Hearts Grey Flowers our differences were starting to effect our working relationship. This is half the reason Michelle Inhell departed for the second time. Although maybe things could have been salvaged, the pressure of finishing an album, our record company's shady financial deals and emanate collapse, and her need to gain more financial compensation and recognition made the rift between us irreparable.
Early 2000 --- (After trying to sell our band for ludicrous amounts of money to major labels Risk Records files for bankruptcy and hands our album over to their Atlanta office 404 records. This leaves CHGF with no promotion, no A&R; ,no street team, no money- yet incredibly it still sells every single record they pressed)
August of 2000 --- (I'm frustrated with the record industry and vow never to be in another band. JOJ officially breaks up.)
Since this we've gone our separate ways. I stayed in Los Angeles to form scarling. and she moved to Detroit and got married. Afterwards, I later found out that she still has a lot of hard feelings. That is a shame because I have no regrets except that I would have left that bad situation sooner. But there is something that really irks me at this point: the fact that she surrounds herself with opportunists that try to make the situation between us more volatile. But we all have to decide what makes us happy, I guess. The one amazing thing that came out of Robin and my split is that I reconnected with Tenni and Michelle from JOJ's original line up. We finally got a chance to air out a lot of our old dirty laundry and found that a lot of JOJ's problems had stemmed from our old bass player's insecurities. But with that said, still the original lineup was quite magic. I wish more people could have seen it.
September 2001 --- scarling. a scar is born/bourne.

Can you give us background on yourself and your previous band (for those who have been in a closet for the last few years) so we can find out a little bit more about you?
J:Reader's Digest Version of my so called life!
Background hmmm, well let's see it all started in Kindergarten when I was eating paste rather then cookies knowing then that I'd rather be a bloody musical mess then a secretary or pro hockey player. After school I noticed a few kids in the parking lot of my Elementary School wearing black eyeliner and smoking cigarettes- I guess that's when I fell into the wrong crowd. I hung with the bad kids and was homecoming queen in the same year, talk about a John Water's wet dream come true.
A few years later I started a band called Jack Off Jill which was constantly compared to Marilyn Manson and I'm not exactly sure how that happened. I mean, let the guy buy you lunch a few times and then you become his goddamn protegee. Anyway,after escaping the depths of South Florida and the clutches of Goth rock mediocrity-I came to Los Angeles to record the last JOJ record -Clear Hearts Grey Flowers. We had a bunch of record company trouble ,petty band drama and I got fed up and vowed to never be in a band again. A year later (see how long that lasted), I met Christian- my current writing partner/guitarist and Scarling. was born.

What is your relationship like with your old band members from JOJ?
J:It varies from person to person. It's weird, the more time has passed the better my relationship is with certain members. I saw Tenni and Michelle 2 years ago when I went home to Florida for Christmas and it was a really great experience. We finally got to talk about EVERYTHING.. How they felt slighted by Robin and myself but as we talked we realized there was more miscommunication then anything. Then we ended up sitting around doing a lot of "What ifs?" I still think the orginal line up was the most brilliant. I don't speak to Jeff (Ho Ho Spade) or Laura ( Lauracet Simpson) And I actually haven't since they were fired from/left the band. (depending on who you talk to) They had so many problems with their relationship, mostly fueled by drug abuse, and in the end they became more liabilities then friends or bandmates. I hoped that they had gotten their shit together but after watching that atrocity "Demystifying The Debil", it seemed as if they were still using and complete pissed off at me and with each other. You know what they say: "You can't teach old dogs new tricks".
Robin... This is a really sticky situation. I thought that eventually everything would simmer down and be OK, but the Internet and opportunists from her camp have made it very difficult to bury the hatchet. I think they believe if they fuel a feud between us it will gain them some sort of recognition. Honestly, even if I went head-to-head with her it wouldn't gain them any more fans or make their music any more then what it is. What can I say, maybe someday we'll be able to play the "What if" game but I doubt it will be anytime soon.
All and all, each member of JOJ were instrumental in getting us noticed at least on a small scale. In retrospect I doubt I'd do anything differently. JOJ certainly ran its course musically and emtionally in my opinion.

Added: Even though Hellen Storer came in at the tail end of JOJ, I consider her one of my best friends and think her new band is quite fantastic.

(And as mentioned above, at this time when this version of the band breaking up was the current narrative, pictures of Jeordie were included in the ”guy friends” folder in the ”Jessicka's favorite photos” gallery. )

Issues between Jessicka and Robin Moulder surely were supported by the fact that Robin was not a part of Jack Off Jill's returning lineup in 2015. And if you look through the comment sections in Jack Off Jill's facebook photos from the time of the reunion, you may see some mean things being said about her in the comments... Robin seems to have completely disassociated herself from anything to do with Jack Off Jill. 

There were a lot of lineup changes in the band leading up to the breakup too, which supports the original narrative. 

Now, well what happened with the Jack Off Jill members when Jessicka accused Jeordie? 

Helen, who also dated Jeordie showed support to him and remained friends with him, which caused Jessicka to attack her on social media, calling her a rape apologist, which then had Tenni and Michelle take Helen's side and state that Jessicka has to stop harassing her and that she is not a rape apologist. And that they want nothing to do with Jessicka anymore? Kind of doubt it would have gone like that, had Jeordie ruined their career like is being claimed on Jessicka's accounts now?

Also there was the Psychosin interview around the JOJ reunion in 2015, where Michelle Inhell talked about the band's career and reunion. No negative tone in discussing Jeordie, rather she quite gladly mentions she's known him since high school and states it was jealousy towards him fueled by the fact that he was more successful and had more money to buy makeup and clothes, that caused issues between them. That and Jack Off Jill being compared to Manson.

You know, maybe it was band drama and record label issues. Because it makes sense far more than any of this Jeordie stuff.

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