Jessicka on social media

On this page we're gonna take a look at Jessicka's own online behavior, since it's relevant to many of the pages. She also claimed that she was being harassed by Jeordie's fans, but a closer look would tell, that she herself was harassing Jeordie's friends and family on social media.

She now talks about having PTSD on Twitter all the time, one might think that coming out with a story of such traumatic experience in 2017 would cause her to avoid the discussions online and take time to take care of herself? Apparently not. 

Some screenshots still exist of how Jessicka used her personal social media accounts as well as the accounts of both of her bands, Scarling and Jack Off Jill, to harass people online, if they expressed any support for Jeordie. Jessicka's husband, Christian Addams also took part in this. 

Base Tendencies, and official Jeordie page tweeted their support to Jeordie as the news of his departure from Marilyn Manson came out:

basetendencies Jeordie White

Now, this is in no way an aggressive statement at all, but Jessicka of course didn't like this at all. She began trying to get her followers to report the Base Tendencies page, demanding for Jeordie's website to be taken down and even attacking the personal account of the Base Tendencies admin.

Anonymous bully, huh? Using your band's social media to say that.....

Jessicka and Christian also harassed Jeordie's girlfriend Michelle Siwy, who defended Jeordie.

This guy Christian, remember, he told me to consider his and Jessicka's feelings and not post anything about this.That it's retraumatizing. The Addams' are attacking others but playing the victim?. I'd like to remind you guys that publicly smearing someone's reputation with false allegations like this, and adding on top months of social media harassment, it can cause someone to commit suicide. It's hypocritical to start whining to me about feelings when you do something like this. You can't demand my attention for a topic and then tell me not to talk about it. So tired of public figures airing their dirty laundry on social media and then going "respect my privacy & feelings." No, you did not respect yourself when you started this. A person with healthy self respect won't need to resort to this kind of stuff at all. 

Also note here that apparently, according to fans that have contacted me, Christian has threatened them with "his SONY lawyers." How intimidating. The "SONY lawyers" most likely would only be useful in issues arising regarding his employment at SONY, not his personal life, but what do I know. Gonna sue for defamation for quoting your own words? And then he suggests Michelle Siwy is dumb for possibly wanting to sue. "Twitter is not the proper channel for legal action." I'm honestly wheezing this is so ironic and ridiculous. Thing is Jeordie doesn't even need to sue, this case is a time bomb.


Jessicka also harassed Laney Chantal, who had broken up with Jeordie around this time. Jessicka claimed to know that Jeordie had abused Laney, even though to this day, Laney maintains that it's not true and that they're still friends. 

This online harassment played a part in Laney's suicide attempt, which Jessicka then allegedly tried to publicly blame on Jeordie. (Many talk about seeing the since deleted tweets about this, but won't post them online out of respect for Laney)

Then there was the Helen Storer drama

Not going to even get started on the Lindsey Way issue, google it. Lindsey Way and Jessicka have been going after each other on social media for years, using fake accounts and harassing each other's fans. It's a really long story that I don't care to include here. But on that I'll say I am on neither side, they're both embarrassing themselves on an unreal level.