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scraped together on 2/10/23 and updated 30/10/23

In June 2023, Jessicka suddenly started attacking a famous painter named Mark Ryden on social media and making claims about him. Mark Ryden and Jessicka, as it seems, were friends for several years from the early 2000's through to around the time of Jessicka's allegations towards Jeordie. Mark Ryden's artwork was used for the cover art of Jack Off Jill's second and last album Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers (2000), and then later for the artwork of the Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole (2003) single of Scarling and the 2005 vinyl release of So Long, Scarecrow. The claims Jessicka has later made about Mark Ryden seem to spark from him not believing her story about Jeordie, and therefore it is relevant to go through them here. And a familiar pattern is to be noted in how she goes after people that disagree with her.


I'm not entirely sure what order these statements happened because I was sent screenshots of instagram stories and tweets and I wasn't actively following any of this in June at all, (because I had decided to spend more time off social media and in that, I suddenly found interest in an actor locally famous in my country and I legit binge watched his entire career in about three weeks, it took a lot of work to locate copies of completely forgotten 2000's tv shows... It was very inspiring personally, one of the movies in particular inspired me so much that I'm going to get a tattoo in reference.) so it was kind of a mess for me to pay attention. To put it simply I was on a side quest.


Anyway. So Jessicka began attacking Mark Ryden by making public an email that Mark had allegedly addressed to someone, and that had then somehow found it's way to Jessicka. In this email Mark calls her manipulative and toxic, and then expresses disbelief towards the claims about Jeordie. And says that Jessicka has tried a similar thing towards someone else too but has been unsuccessful. Name is censored though.

It could be that Mark means Gerard Way in the ”tried to also do it to (censored)” part, because what parts of the letters are visible do fit that name, and Gerard and his wife Lindsey Way also are known to be friends with Mark Ryden. Jessicka did attack Gerard and Lindsey around the Jeordie allegations time too, and more recently has made public the cease and desist letter she received from their lawyer in response. The Jessicka vs the Ways drama is so all over the place and complicated but some of it is screenshot on tumblr in a very hard to follow manner. I'm not touching it, sorry. Apparently Jessicka was making implications of pedophilia and sexual crimes about Gerard Way, while also having a very public falling out with Lindsey Way and trying to expose her with allegations that she'd cheated on Gerard with a russian fan. This arises time and time again on social media when My Chemical Romance fans bring it up.

But let's look at the part about Jeordie. Mark calls Jeordie ”that Marylin Manson drummer”, and of course Jessicka latches onto this mistake. Jeordie certainly wasn't a drummer. This is supposed to make Mark look like he's a stupid liar who thinks Jeordie is a drummer because he doesn't know anything about it. Easy to go that way about it.

But if you consider that it's stated here that Mark and Jessicka were friends for 15 years and based on that, Mark points out two occasions of what he thinks are false accusations while calling Jessicka dangerous, manipulative and toxic. Maybe he indeed has personal experience regarding this kind of behavior that affects his thoughts on her allegations. Maybe the other person Jessicka tried to accuse is someone Mark knows is innocent, and this affects his beliefs. This email is not necessarily an expose of Mark, but it points out that there are people who have known Jessicka for a very long time that believe her to be toxic, dangerous and manipulative.


So, Mark calls Jeordie a ”drummer.” Of course that is a mistake but what does that mistake actually tell us? - That Mark doesn't know anything about Jeordie, has not followed his career at all and probably doesn't know who he is. Yet Jessicka implies in her attack towards Mark, that Mark ended the friendship to her and changed his opinion of her maliciously in response to her speaking out about Jeordie. This makes no sense at all. If Mark doesn't know even what instrument Jeordie plays, it clearly would suggest that he has no personal connection of any kind to him that would cause him to feel sympathetic and biased towards him by default when he faces allegations. Not only that but Jeordie being mentioned in this email, it's not the point of this email, it's a mentioned example of a wider range of issues that Mark is discussing. Mark is not talking about Jessicka's allegations in this email but Jessicka's general behavior that he has witnessed, of which her allegations are one part of. He is expressing disagreement to someone's choice of getting a tattoo in reference to Jessicka, and this sparks him to go through why he doesn't like that and Jeordie allegations are only one thing.


So, Mark was friends with Jessicka, doesn't know Jeordie or his side of the story, and based on Jessicka's claims only and the behavior he has seen from her prior during 15 years of friendship, he does not believe what Jessicka says about Jeordie.


And allegedly he's privately expressing to someone that he, based on a friendship of about 15 years, thinks Jessicka is a manipulative, toxic, dangerous person who is also a false accuser. This is interesting when it comes to how former members of Jack Off Jill like Tenni Ah Cha Cha, Helen Storer and Michelle Inhell seem to have made this same observation, that she is toxic, lies and manipulates. (Read Helen Storer page.)

It's interesting that this is not the only occasion where Jessicka claims that people abandoned her in response to speaking out about Jeordie because they're rape apologists who'd rather choose him, and his is accompanied by a massive harassment campaign towards such people. It reminds me of a series of messages I received in 2021, where a former friend of Jessicka's stated that they had ended their friendship to Jessicka around the time of the Jeordie allegations because ”it didn't feel safe to be her friend.” Why wouldn't it be safe to be her friend? Is it because disagreeing with her always seems to lead to false accusations just like it did with yours truly personally? It is dangerous for people whose reputation affects their livelihood like artists for sure, but also it's dangerous for people in general to face that kind of wrath and harassment.


Alright. So then Jessicka also shared an email she had allegedly received from Mark Ryden personally.

This email she implies was something Mark sent her in response to her allegations on Jeordie, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Jeordie is not mentioned, and as I went through earlier, Mark mistakenly calling Jeordie ”that Manson drummer” suggests that he has no personal connection nor fanlike admiration towards him that would cause him to become angry about Jeordie being attacked. Simply, it doesn't seem that Jeordie is in any way relevant to Mark, but Jessicka relies on the argument that she often uses, where Jeordie is some world renown artist whose ass anyone wants to kiss. Which is strange considering that I'm running this website because fucking no one seems to want to talk about this, while in Jessicka's narrative everyone is against her. Mark Ryden is more famous than Jeordie easily, there is nothing Mark would gain from him in any case, and Jeordie, he honestly is not and has never even been nearly as ”world famous” as Jessicka seems to think.

And if you actually read what is being said, Mark seems to be going off at Jessicka in a way that he's sort of finally laying it all down what he thinks in a way that he's had disdain for her for a long time and something has been the last straw and he's ending this friendship. Who is this ”talented artist” woman whom he is referring to and comparing to Jessicka, it is not shown, but around this time Jessicka did have a falling out with Lindsey Way, as mentioned before so she could be what is being referred to. To my understanding Lindsey and Mark both cutting Jessicka off and remaining friends with each other was something that made her angry around this time. It could also be that Mark is talking about his own wife since next to this block of text Jessicka is talking about ”Mark and his hateful wife.”

But this doesn't seem like he is responding to the allegations about Jeordie at all, rather this seems to be in relation to something to do with this unnamed woman that Mark refers to as a ”talented artist.”

Jessicka is right in that regard that comments relating to her appearance are irrelevant and unnecessary, but generally, it is pretty human that if you've harbored anger towards someone for a long time and then something happens that breaks it all for the last time, your judgment might fail. I'm sure we have all said things about someone that were uncalled for.


But this does not look at all like Mark is, in this email, body shaming Jessicka in retaliation to her making allegations about Jeordie. It seems that there is something else and this is lacking context as to why Mark is saying what he's saying.


Now why would he trash Jessicka like that and compare her to someone who's a gifted artist an spiritually evolved? It's almost like he's talking about how another person is inspiring and Jessicka isn't. Which makes me think of how things were before Jessicka fell out with Mark Ryden.


See, back in the day there was this idea that Jessicka is ”Mark Ryden's muse.” (Muse – a source of artistic inspiration.) And now in comparison to Jessicka pretty much implying that Mark has used her ideas in his art, this is an interesting turn. Let's look at the muse thing. FAQ, 2011:

To be an inspiration to any artist is flattering. To have it be an entrance into the art world, a world that immortalizes great people, places, ideas and things is an incredible bonus. Having someone who sees me as beautiful, not just superficially attractive and to have that person capture what they see in a painting is beyond belief.


Who are these several well known artists who have painted her? Based on what artworks by Ryden I've found of Jessicka, I doubt anyone would come to ask this question. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that artworks of Jessicka by Ryden are works that were most likely commissioned. An album cover and a website graphics animation that was used on her website. This being in a ”Frequently Asked Questions” surely seems a bit off and more like a ”did you know Mark Ryden also painted me.” I don't believe this is a frequently asked question that anyone sent in. It just comes across as such an "everyone always asks about my septum piercing" thing. Ain't nobody asking. 



It even says so on her wikipedia page that ”several art publications have mentioned her as one of Mark Ryden's muses” and the sources are two web articles that are written by the same reporter for the same publication, these are reports of art show openings. A reporter took photos and summarized who was there. This is hardly ”many art publications”. Who told this person this ”muse” thing? It is entirely possible that Jessicka introduced herself as such. And she is someone known to edit wikipedia articles of herself.

Here are the articles listed and the only places I've seen mention of Jessicka as Ryden's muse.

Opening Night: Marion Peck's ”Animals” at Michael Kohn Projects (April 5,2013 by Kirsten Anderson)

Report from Mark Ryden's ”The Snow Yak” show in Tokyo. (February 12, 2009 by Kirsten Anderson)

In both of these Jessicka was present at an art show and the same reporter took a picture of her and the mention simply was that she was present. Can I get a source for Mark Ryden saying Jessicka is a muse? Because in both of these instances this is a photo caption, by the same person, in the same magazine. It could very well be that she stated she is his muse when the photographer needed context for her being there, and at the time as she was friends with Mark and his wife this was a fun thing to say?


Or is the background of this claim the fact that Mark painted the Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers cover art? There has been articles of other people called ”Ryden's muse” for having appeared in his artwork, but in these it seems that it would've not been a commission:

Here’s how Amanda Seyfried’s art world wish — to be transformed by Los Angeles artist Mark Ryden into a caricature-on-canvas “with blood trickling down my throat and me holding a dead cat” — came true. And where you can view the pop surrealist painting this weekend. In a 2011 “W” magazine interview, Seyfried leaked the tidbit that she wanted, more than anything, to be Ryden’s artistic muse. Ryden picked up on the hint and painted the new work, “Amanda,” in his Eagle Rock studio last month. Ryden created the painting specifically for the upcoming “Cat Art Show L.A. 2: The Sequel,” which opens at downtown L.A.’s Think Tank Gallery this Thursday. The group exhibition of more than 125 paintings, sculptures and photographs by 70 international artists was created and curated by “the cat lady of the art world,” Susan Michals.

If ”muse” means a person who has once been painted by Mark Ryden, then maybe Jessicka is a muse, but as we know her to be someone who edits her own wikipedia article especially, this mention of her as ”one of Mark Ryden's muses” implies that she is a source of inspiration for the arist on a general level in what kind of art he creates. And where this having commissioned an artwork of oneself once made her a muse to him, after Mark Ryden wanted to take distance to her, makes her now someone that Ryden stole ideas from and to whom he owes credit. I will get into the sketching ideas for him part further. 


But if we return to Mark Ryden in that email allegedly body shaming Jessicka and criticizing her appearance in comparison to someone, is that in context to these muse claims? Because if it is, then I could see why he would be commenting on her appearance and personality in that way, though again I don't find that to be exactly good behavior but that context could explain why. Did he need to make it clear that he does not find her inspiring in any way? If that email was something where Mark is clearly making it very obvious that he has not been very fond of Jessicka for a long time and he's finally saying it, could it be possible that Jessicka herself was the source for this ”muse” idea and Mark disagreed with it? That email allegedly from Mark reads pretty much as a ”No! You do not inspire me, you never have!” Is he talking about physical appearance in terms of what kind of a person inspires him and fits his artistic views? It is definitely interesting that it's been cropped so that you can't see the full context of it or what it was about. But certainly what part is visible does not look at all like it has anything to do with the allegations about Jeordie. 

Regarding this muse thing it is also an interesting detail for sure that Mark Ryden did paint Courtney Love for Rolling Stone magazine in 1993. What does come across from Jessicka's general behavior seems to be this need to "have the upper hand" after falling out with someone or having felt wronged by someone. This is visible in her "Manson is with me" stuff through the 2000's where she was misleadingly  implying that Manson had "gotten rid of Jeordie", on bad terms with him and somehow rightfully chosen her, just one example. 

But so, I'm not saying this is the case, but she certainly does hold her resentment towards Courtney Love (for the reason that allegedly Jeordie cheated on Jessicka with Courtney, that is according to Jessicka, but I've also gotten private messages from one source that suggest that Jeordie dumped Jessicka for Courtney  and Jessicka carried on saying they're dating. Hard to say if either are true but he surely did have something going on with Courtney that Jessicka wasn't happy about and that has been confirmed many times.) and at the time when she was starting up Scarling and working with Mark Ryden she had written of Courtney in a rather bitter tone on her website, it could seem like trying to "one up" Courtney that now after Courtney was portrayed by Jessicka's favorite painter, Jessicka is his muse!

Then in the email Mark calls Jessicka out for ”self promotion” and Jessicka strikes back with claiming that it was her that in fact promoted Mark's work, and that she was responsibe for sketching ”numerous ideas” for his artworks. 


Then she went on to post an instagram story where she makes an implication that Mark Ryden's success was somehow her doing and that not many people had even heard of him prior to him working with Jack Off Jill. In the background there is the album cover for the Scarling single Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole.

Both the ”sketching out numerous ideas” and ”promoting his work” claims are fairly ridiculous.


First. Mark Ryden is and has for a long time been a very appreciated artist who has made album covers for many artists. He gained attention in the early 90's already. In 2000 when he made the album cover for Jack Off Jill, at that point he had already worked on album covers such as for example Dangerous by Michael Jackson (1991), when Mark Ryden's accomplishments are listed, rarely is Jack Off Jill or any association to Jessicka brought up. Yet here she is acting as though she somehow discovered him and he should be thankful to the way she let him work together with her?


I don't think Mark Ryden necessarily needed her promotion at this point or at any point?

And now, to the ”sketching out numerous ideas” point. On twitter, Jessicka then made public an original sketch of the cover art of Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers, that she had drawn at the time and this was supposed to prove that she was the one with the original idea. This is an original sketch of the album, it has been made public before and it has circulated online already around the 2000's and was included on Jessicka's own website gallery too. It has always been public information that she sketched out the idea for this album cover and then Mark Ryden painted it. That is how album covers are usually made.

Yet here she makes it a problem, as if someone had claimed otherwise, and the tone with the ”I sketched out numerous ideas he has used in his artwork” in the email I included prior and ”never forget I sketched the original idea for CHGF! Mark was out of ideas!” suggests that some sort of idea theft has been going on and that Mark Ryden is making profit off ideas stolen from Jessicka. Sounds very familiar to the whole ”stolen dress” narrative about Jeordie.


Borrowing a dress to a Mrs Scabtree show once turns to stealing an identity and a signature look as a mode of psychological abuse and humiliation. A sketched out idea for an ordered album cover turns into sketching out ideas that were used without credit.


See, what is VERY common is that album covers are commissioned from visual artists. In which case, a band or a musical artist has a vision for what kind of an artwork they would want to accompany their music and what would best forward the message of the music and advertise it accurately, and then these musicians contact an artist whose work they feel best resonates with them and request them to create this artwork. What is wanted is discussed, and sketched, artist sends in progress photos and band suggests changes to the work if needed. This is how often band logos are created too. I have made band logos and cover art myself. Many bands also in discussing the cover art of an upcoming album in the press around the time of release discuss why they chose that artist in particular and how the collaboration worked.


Other option is that an artwork already exists and the band contacts the artist and requests to purchase the rights to use the artwork in an album cover and merchandise. Jessicka as a musician must know how this works.


Considering that in the cover or Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers, the band itself if portrayed, it is very obvious to anyone that this must be a commissioned artwork, not some fan art piece that Mark Ryden just happened to make and that Jessicka generously accepted for the cover of the album. This has been discussed many times over the band's career because the people Jessicka wanted to include in the album cover caused some issues. It is discussed on the Helen Storer page how, it caused some disagreement between the band members that Helen was included in this cover art despite having not been a member of the band while the album was being made and joined the band after it was finished as a live member. Things like this have had to come from the band during making an art commission, an outsider to the lineup can't know this stuff.

But I haven't really seen anyone suggesting otherwise, that this album cover was Marks idea? As stated, the original sketch has been publicly available for years and anyone with any idea how these things work would assume it was a commissioned work. Yet if you go back to the muse claim... Suggesting one is a muse suggests that the artist came up with the idea of painting someone by themselves simply through being inspired to do so without any kind of a purchase or contract to do with it. And so, could it be possible that in fact Jessicka herself has been suggesting that Mark just painted her out of admiration because he liked her, without any request or contribution, and now that he's said he doesn't like her she's "exposing the truth" that she asked to be painted and told him how.

Yeah so am I to understand that Jessicka commissioned work from Mark Ryden to be used on Jack Off Jill and Scarling album covers and also visuals for her personal website such as this one that had through the 2010's, and her visualizing her ideas for works that were commissioned now means that Mark Ryden owes her his career because her ideas took him to places he already was in before he ever met Jessicka? Alright.

And are these Jack Off Jill and Scarling artworks something Mark Ryden is most well known for and remembered? No. He has worked on art for many artists and was successful way before Jessicka came along.

Then when these claims had been made, Jessicka and Christian went on to claim that Mark Ryden had been sexually inappropriate towards Jessicka during their friendship and continued pursuing her romantically/sexually despite her not being interested as she was with Christian.

Now something's fishy here? So how did this rant start off? That Jessicka's friendship to Mark Ryden ended, - judging by the contents of these emails, out of Mark disliking Jessicka. Out of Mark distancing himself from Jessicka after the allegations she made. Yet now she claims that Mark was a total creep? Why didn't this spark Jessicka to end the friendship to Mark way earlier, or the ever so protective Christian to tell Mark to fuck off and never ever come close to them? Like did they momentarily forget that Jessicka was supposed to be a traumatized abuse victim, who would be triggered by the sort of behavior they now allege she'd endured from Mark Ryden up until 2017? Didn't this whole rant start off with Jessicka stating that Mark didn't want to be friends because Jessicka accused Jeordie? If these later claims were true, why would they have been friends at all at this point anyway? She started off by calling HIM out for ending his friendship to her!

Interesting to note here that as she makes this claim, she suddenly acts as though she isn't naming Mark, despite clearly having posted these same screenshots in instagram stories where she is naming him and people viewing these tweets do know very well what she is talking about. Not only that, but this whole attack has been nonsense to this point and we're supposed to believe this last claim now? Where she is pulling the same exact thing she's done with so many people before, that this friendship was uncomfortable and she was just enduring it at his mercy and still she sketched out art for him and promoted his work and made him famous despite him acting this way...


Awfully similar to the claims she made of Marilyn Manson, where she suddenly denied being friends with him through the 2000's (despite at the time flaunting the association) which was a lie to begin with, but also claimed this friendship to be something that she was also just enduring and having to deal with.


And also the Helen Storer situation where Helen expressed support to Jeordie, and Jessicka then turned the story of their friendship to something where she just had to endure this person who was just using her for fame but Jessicka still just out of generousity gave her the chance to play in Jack Off Jill! As if Helen didn't have a music career of her own prior to and without association to her.


I swear it is always the same thing, ”If it wasn't for me you'd be nothing, you're only successful because of my generousity and kindness and you just used me to get famous at my expense and now you dare to disagree with me!” Which is the center of her ”stolen look” thing about Jeordie too. But the irony is that while she is complaining about how she was the one behind other people's success and she was someone discovering others and bringing others up to her fame level, it always comes in the context of her lamenting her own lack of success and frustration with not getting where she wants to be. You can't be used for fame if you aren't famous to begin with? In which case it is very likely that this could be her projecting her own faults onto others.


Here she is just exhibiting the classic toxic behavior pattern of conditional love. In which people are nice and suck up to others with the expectation that those accepting the praise, help, whatever somehow enter into a contract that binds them to do as the giver wants for the rest of eternity. This kind of people, convinced of their own perceived worthlessness use blackmail and guilttrips to convince others of their own unreplaceability in order to keep them under the impression that they somehow are dependent or owe something and therefore can't reject or abandon. This comes from a deep sense of insecurity. 

A personal example is that I have a family member who kind of lives through me and she fantasizes of me becoming famous. It is completely irrelevant to her what I do or what I am realistically capable of, she will brag about being related to "a superstar yet to be discovered" no matter what and the stories are always wildly exaggerated and legit made up. As I have grown up I have noticed that she does this because she doesn't seem to think she is good enough by herself or capable of accomplishing things so she pushes the spotlight onto me to have the full attention of everyone, to make sure she entertains and impresses everyone while she doesn't have to speak about herself at all and in that way worry about judgment. Well, in her fantasy the world is yet to discover my artistic genius and owes me fame. And in turn I owe her to make that happen and am just trying to hurt people's feelings if I don't.

So; we get to issues like: I used to follow a very famous musician on tour when he still actively toured, and I would always bring him a gift if I knew I was going to meet him. This family member got increasingly frustrated and entitled about this subject and spoke of him in ugly manner like; "After all the money you've spent on his concerts, albums and memorabilia, he still makes you pay for concert tickets?" "You've given him all these gifts and he still hasn't gotten back to you with a request to collaborate?" "And he doesn't know who you are? Seriously (chuckles), and he's starting a new band and he hasn't asked you to join it?" To her, it was simply a foreign concept that one could express appreciation to an artist without asking a piece of his fame in return. And she saw this as him taking advantage of me and insisted that I should be angry at him for letting me down, as if he had no other fans than me and his career stood solely on my few pennies reaching him.

This kind of people... When their expectations aren't met and their perceived contract is broken by the side unaware of it to begin with, they will latch on to any kind of contribution to anything positive in the other person's life and highlight it's significance to either guilttrip in person or tell a third party that this person's rejection was supposedly unfair. You ever had a friend who gave you a ride once and then you guys had a falling out and they went behind your back saying you "used them as a free personal taxi driver for years"?

This kind of conditional relationships also always are revealed by the "I was uncomfortable the whole time but couldn't get rid of this person" sort of narratives where the alleged wrongdoings happen over and over and over and over again until the "villain" ends the relationship, which triggers the "victim" to try to expose as if they are ending the relationship.


Because the conditionally loving people are insecure and often base their identity around the kind of things and people they're associated, they will suck up to successful people and kiss their ass because that's the only way they can see how to get forward. They need the person they're sucking up to and when the "contract" isn't fulfilled, all the praise and good deeds are simply wasted energy and something they're embarrassed of, it's very easy to claim it was forced out of them. And this is often accompanied by the "I never wanted it anyway" defense, in which the person who perceives themselves to be let down denies even finding it important to begin with and suggests that it was the other person who wanted them around, even forcibly, and they are in fact the one being rejected and unwanted. It's kind of a "no, it is impossible that I am undesirable in some way, I must counter this by claiming that I was VERY desired by this person, in fact to the point that I was not comfortable. THEY wanted this relationship, not me, and now they think they're rejecting me."  But this kind of narrative really kind of contradicts itself because it also includes the "villain" not doing anything and the "victim" giving their all?

I mean I have seen a person IRL harassed with claims like "You never do anything to keep our friendship together I always helped you and I always did everything for you when you did nothing, I always had to be the one keeping in contact but I can't stand the way you never leave me alone you creep!" This really does sound the same.

With the inconsistency of how Jessicka claims Mark was making her uncomfortable the whole time but he still was the one to end the friendship as opposed to Jessicka who only years later claimed to have a significant reason to tell him to fuck off, I can't help but see these sexually inappropriate behavior claims as something to counter his words that he didn't see her as inspiring and beautiful, while she also strips herself of agency and claims he had all the power, as she does every single time she attacks someone publicly. This is very similar to the way she and Christian spoke of Manson in since retracted claims in retaliation to Manson apparently privately defending Jeordie in 2017; "As the nights at his home progressed and he would get more wasted, he turned into the drunk uncle who you never wanted to visit." 


It seems every person she has had a falling out is 1. More famous than her. 2. But used her for fame. 3. Someone she was forced to hang out with and just had to endure their shitty behavior. 4. But still she was the one left out which is why she attacks despite supposedly not even wanting these people around. 5. Yet someone that, the connection to them Jessicka herself flaunted while the other barely mentioned her. - Wouldn't this be the other way around if people were using her for fame? 6. And this all comes out not when it's supposedly happened but years later when there is a disagreement on a public matter.

And why, - back to her accusing Mark, when she had gained the full attention of the metoo stuff in 2017 and was being interviewed about what kind of a backlash did she face, didn't she take the chance to also call out Mark Ryden who she now these years later alleges that he also was sexually inappropriate and towards her and not to mention attacked her in retaliation to her claims about Jeordie over email because he wanted to protect him for some reason?


Could it be because this was added to the story this year and hadn't come to mind at the time it supposedly happened?

Why is Mark Ryden art up on Jessicka's ”coming soon” website ? If he's such a creep?

It's almost a lot similar to the way that the whole relationship to Jeordie has been exaggerated to such that she had no way of getting rid of him and he was so insanely jealous, yet the issue seemed to be that Jeordie was with other women on tour. He owes his career to her and she was behind all of his greatness and just isn't getting credit. It's a similar pattern for sure. Jessicka first spent years and years telling the public that she is the ex girlfriend of Twiggy Ramirez, which Jeordie never ever himself confirmed or mentioned. Then the frustration tipped over and bam, we have a story where Jessicka just couldn't get rid of Jeordie , who was aggressively pursuing her and stole her ideas.


Now Jessicka has the same thing with Mark Ryden, where she was a source of ideas and inspiration and this was flaunted, Mark disagreed with her and distanced himself, Jessicka now claims that Mark was in fact SO interested and captivated by her that he somehow kept pursuing her and also used her ideas without crediting her and she never was a "muse" but the one sketching out his ideas that he's using without credit...


I have a hard time believing the extreme claims anyway when they're delivered with clearly twisting information and coming from a person who for example called me a nazi because an instagram follower of mine I have never met has a tattoo of the Antichrist Superstar arrow emblem logo, in reference to an album that in it's message is anti fascist. Oh and the thing where she posted other people's comments along with photos of me to suggest I said those things. Reliable for sure.

And before I'm a ”stan of Ryden” let me make it clear I think his art is interesting but it's not the kind of stuff that generally inspires me. But you can have it this time, I discovered Mark Ryden through Jack Off Jill. I didn't know who he was before Jack Off Jill, Mark gained a follower in me. Pretty cool art that is nice to look at but generally I'm not that into the whole bunnies and big doll heads stuff, it kind of annoys me in art actually if human bodies aren't in correct proportions. But I like light pastel colors a lot so it's nice.

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