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So, in this section we're going through all the details of Jeordie's departure from Marilyn Manson after Jessicka's allegations went viral in October 2017. There is a lot to this and it all really isn't exactly what it seems on a surface level look.


So; the commonly understood narrative is the following: Jessicka accused Jeordie of abuse and Marilyn Manson found her so credible that he believed the story and fired Jeordie from his band, also ending their friendship in the progress. During the Manson allegations situation I have for example a couple times heard it put this simply: "Even Manson doesn't support Twiggy lol" (I will address this on the third page) This is also what Jessicka claims and wants us all to believe. It's not true, though.


A closer look into the allegations, as well as the friendship between Jessicka and Marilyn Manson tells a different story. We need to also remember that Jessicka did not only accuse Jeordie of rape, but also an abusive relationship that she claims was generally known by many. This claim has varied through time, but at the end of the day, had her story been true; Marilyn Manson would have been a primary witness since the start. He would have been aware of the details of the relationship since the 90's and the allegations would not have been a new story to him in 2017.


Manson also never actually stated that the allegations made by Jessicka were a key reason for Jeordie's exit from the band's lineup. In his tweets about the situation, his interviews after it and around this time, as well as general details after the allegations, a very different story can be read between the lines.


There are also other very suspicious details to this story that you will see as we go through this. Shortly put: Jeordie may have been fired or left on his own accord in agreement with Manson, but there was a lot going on in the background that affected this situation and if the allegations had anything to do with it, they were most likely more so a situation which brought other issues to the surface. It does look like Jeordie may have been on his way to leave the band anyway, the allegations just made it happen sooner.


Below, again, underlined headlines are links to longer texts, we'll go through every part of this in detail.



A closer look into the friendship and association between Jessicka and Marilyn Manson.




Jessicka attacks Marilyn Manson seemingly to put pressure on Manson to react to her claims, bringing on a lot of inconsistencies. 




Marilyn Manson ”fires” Jeordie but what goes on in the background and what did Manson actually say? Did he believe her? - Does not look like it. Background reasoning and details about Jeordie's departure from the band, as well as possible connections to the 2021 situation discussed, and many of you have been wondering whether or not Manson is even friends with Jeordie anymore - looks like he is.

coming soon: APOLOGIES?:

Jessicka initially also claimed there had been "apologies made" which initially made people assume Jeordie had in fact apologized. But then the story changed again, that he in fact hadn't apologized at all, and demands for apologies were made. It's also confusing as to what exactly does she want for this situation to be satisfying to her. She demands Jeordie to not be in the public eye but when he's not, he's "hiding" and when he is in the public eye, that's yet again a problem. 


And as you know, Manson has his own allegations situation. I'm too invested in this Twiggy case to properly keep up with it and many others have done a great job in looking into it. MANSON CASE RESOURCES is a list of good sites/profiles/channels on the subject. 

Then, comparing the allegations situations to each other, how does this look related to the Jeordie situation?

Upon Jeordie being mentioned in the Phoenix Rising documentary, his absence in the allegations is further highlighted.


Yet again discussing the same thing about the above mentioned plothole, but this time in further detail, what could have happened?

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Carys on youtube has made a video covering this Twiggy being fired from Manson topic too. Her thoughts and analysis available here:

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