Did Marilyn Manson really fire Jeordie from the band?

In general, from the media coverage of Jeordie's departure from Marilyn Manson in 2017, the public seemed to get the idea that Marilyn Manson believed Jessicka's claims and fired Jeordie from the band based on those things. But a closer look will tell you that it wasn't exactly the case. 

See, right from this tweet, you can see the wording. "I have decided to part ways with Jeordie White". It can mean that he really did fire him, he didn't exactly say that Jeordie has left the band either. But it can also mean that from his point of view, he has been making this decision, he doesn't say whether or not Jeordie has also decided to part ways with Marilyn Manson.


Jeordie's own statement was the following:

"I wish to spend this time with my family and focus on maintaining my several years of sobriety. I will be taking a leave of absence from Marilyn Manson and regrettably will not be performing on the upcoming tour."


Taking a leave of absence? Doesn't sound like Manson fired him.

Some time later, Manson elaborated a little bit more in Kerrang! issue 1702:

"I did not divorce Twiggy as a friend or brother, because I still care about him greatly. But I can’t say that my musical relationship with Twiggy has been good for several years. My relationship with Tyler Bates on [2015’s] ‘The Pale Emperor’ made something open up in me and I didn’t want to let negative energy back in my life.

There were other people in my life that I thought were my friends that I had to cut out this year, a lot of betrayals that surprised me, and I had to clean house and adopt and new attitude. People mistook my kindness and generosity for weakness. So I kinda adapted this attitude, like, ‘If you fuck with me, there will be consequences.’ I have issues with intimacy. That might sound weird given that we’re lying in bed together, but y’know…"

So, based on this, it really looks like there were other reasons behind the departure. This comes through also in Jeordie's own response:

"I will be taking some time to spend with my family and focus on maintaining my several years of sobriety."

So, their musical relationship wasn't as good as before. This comes through for example in the way that Jeordie did not contribute as much as a songwriter on the albums after Born Villain. 

Jeordie said he was going to take some time to maintain his several years of sobriety. It's known that he has been sober for many years, but considering that Marilyn Manson's own lifestyle is very different and he still is a user of drugs and alcohol (was in 2017 however I'm not sure, if he's now), the tour life could offer temptations that Jeordie did not want to deal with.


What else supports this is this interview

Journalist Tom O'Neill told a story about how he was visiting Marilyn Manson. It was mentioned that Jeordie was at the house too, and they did drugs, but Jeordie didn't take part in that. It was only after Jeordie left that the hard drugs were taken out, since Manson didn't want to tempt him into using them again. 

What else there is in the background of this, is that Jeordie has mentioned for example in the Hour Of Goon podcast that was ongoing prior to his departure, that he has been dealing with anxiety and he's not as social as he used to be. There are a lot of stories of how he doesn't want to deal with big amounts of people like he used to. 

Jeordie also tweeted about his anxiety prior to his departure. 

At the time of Jessicka's allegations, Jeordie had also broken up with his wife Laney Chantal, with whom he had been together for almost a decade.

That is a lot of stress for one person, combined with the overall stress of being in a very famous, touring band. Now, to add to this a media circus of rape accusations, it would make anyone very stressed out.

Then there's the issue of the reputation of the band. At the time, the #Metoo social media discussion was very popular, this kind of thing would absolutely affect the band's ticket and record sales and the overall reputation. This is something that Marilyn Manson likely thought about, but considering his reputation and the controversies in the past, if he did think about this, it could be more about thinking long ahead, as we know what happened a few years later with the 2021 accusations - 


Maybe he was also looking out for Jeordie as a friend?:

But what about the "fake friends and betrayals" that Manson talked about? Did he know beforehand about what would happen in the media circus of 2021? Whether or not you believe the allegations that have come out this year, an important thing to note is that many of the women were seemingly supporting Marilyn Manson and even friends with him based on their social media up until 2017. Evan Rachel Wood spoke positively of Manson until at least 2016. 


Here, Greta Aurora interviewed by Colonel Kurtz on youtube, she explains that Evan's girlfriend Illma contacted her, trying to recruit her into the plan to attack Marilyn Manson months before the 2021 allegations came out. They were contacting women who had been in a relationship or had a sexual encounter with Manson and having skype calls planning this all. The recent Phoenix Rising documentary was planned by Evan since 2019. One of the accusers, Ashley Morgan Smithline, actually admitted in a private instagram chat that was leaked, that they wrote their stories together. This is all very interesting considering the 2021 narrative originally was that they all came out separately?


Did Marilyn Manson want to also save Jeordie from the stress of having to be in the middle of everything that would go on in the future? To have Jeordie "guilty" would make the discussion die down around him, like it kind of has and it would be useful if he wanted to stay out of the public eye for a while.

Because: in hindsight: If this all that has recently happened was a planned attack and Manson knew it was coming, (Evan was already hinting this stuff at the time of the allegations against Jeordie, and there is a LOT of evidence that supports this being planned a long time ahead) what would it have looked like in 2021 if Marilyn Manson had loudly defended Jeordie and kept him in the band?  - It would have made both of them look guilty: "Of course rapist Manson defended his rapist friend oh my god, horrible!" And the accusations towards Jeordie would have made the headlines again and he'd be hit even harder with all of it. 

Manson and Jeordie are both very intelligent people, I'd find it unlikely that they "just gave up" in 2017.


This could explain why MM was seen liking negative comments about Jeordie such as "more like a good day, (referring to Manson saying parting ways with Jeordie was a "sad day") rapists are disgusting" even though later he stated he didn't "divorce Jeordie as a friend or a brother". This, though, caused a big divide in the fanbase  as people thought Manson believed the allegations and supported Jessicka. Fans defending Jeordie would get bullied by both MM and JOJ fans. Personally, still bitter about this especially now that MM is getting such a huge group effort and this issue is still not resolved and efforts to defend Jeordie were often short lived due to online harassment as people thought Manson believed Jessicka. Jeordie himself, though, has not publicly expressed any negativity towards Marilyn Manson.

About this theory, some fans contacted me with additional ideas, which were very good points too. So: Being metoo'd can cause a massive strain on one's mental health. Jeordie has mentioned dealing with anxiety already prior to this.

Imagine yourself into that position. It can cause just fear of dealing with people overall, it can cause suicidal thoughts. Metoo was a really big discussion, and even though Jeordie stayed silent about the subject, Jessicka still went on with terrible harassment. Maybe him and Manson thought it's better to just wait it out and maybe think about it later when it's old news and the public outrage is done. That way maybe some sort of a peace in normal life can be restored faster. Could be understandable to just log off social media and let people have their speculations.

And just knowing the nature of the discussion, had Manson actually publicly defended him, if would have been just met with "He wasn't there though" by those that were convinced by the headlines and didn't even read the entirety of the claims. 

Then there's the part that the media didn't catch up on: Jessicka was attacking Marilyn Manson too, but after Jeordie's departure from the band, she took everything back... 

That's here on a separate page, otherwise this will be too long and the site editor will crash all the time.

So Jessicka attacked Manson and took everything back when Jeordie had been "fired". It very much seems that the intention was to get him fired from Marilyn Manson. And if you've read the page about Jessicka and Manson's friendship, it could explain this well. Jessicka thought Jeordie caused the MM connection to turn harmful towards JOJ, so she wanted to "get back at him", turn Manson fans against him, she was completely fine with being friends with Marilyn Manson when Jeordie wasn't in the band. She had no problem with Jeordie publicly when Jeordie played in other bands.

This facebook post from Christian Addams supports this: 

So much emphasis on Jeordie leaving the band. "I mistakenly thought the split was for good" well, if Jeordie was such a horrible predator, why was it an issue ONLY when he played in Marilyn Manson? It's like these people forget he did not disappear at all in his time out of the band in 2002-2008. It seems they only had an issue with him in that particular band.

But no problem with Jeordie in Nine Inch Nails, an equally huge band that helped Marilyn Manson get the fame they're in? No problem with Jeordie being in A Perfect Circle? Goon Moon? You didn't address the "vile things he did" because you thought he would never return to Marilyn Manson? So the issue never was a "sexual predator getting an audience", it was Jeordie White playing in Marilyn Manson. Realize that all these details are added to the story now, because had it been "I thought he left for good" you wouldn't have known at the time that he was going to return to Marilyn Manson. And you would be mad about him joining Nine Inch Nails where he gets to play huge shows with a huge band. 

This is also funny because when I pointed out the friendship between Jessicka and Manson that Jessicka denied later in 2017 as she was attacking Marilyn Manson, Christian was quick to comment with "Jeordie didn't play in Marilyn Manson at the time" as if that were what I was even talking about and not the very obvious lying about this friendship. Christian very quickly corrected me, that Jeordie in fact was not a member of MM in 2002-2008. But see what he says here?

"I met Brian Warner in 2000. During this time Jeordie was leaving his band." and then "I'm glad he wasn't around" In 2000, Marilyn Manson was about to release the album Holy Wood, in the making of which, Jeordie was still present, he did not leave the band until 2002. 

All the connections to MM are always justified with "Yeah but Jeordie wasn't in the band then, so?" It's also interesting that Christian, who played in Scarling, would allow the band to link Marilyn Manson as a "Scarling friendly artist" on their website and include a link to a fan Q&A where Marilyn Manson says he's close friends with Jessicka. C'mon now.  And this all is the Addams not supporting Manson and thinking he is an asshole since 2000 (interestingly was JOJ broke up too hahah) but still Manson was allowed to write the notes for the booklet of Humid Teenage Mediocrity in 2006 and this is used now as proof for the stolen identity claim. How much can you contradict yourself. 

It's also quite amusing to act like two grown adults with their own careers and everything were somehow forced to hang out with Marilyn Manson? Christian was friends with MM because Jessicka dragged him along or what? Why would Jessicka want to have anything to do with this absolutely shitty person who had kept Jeordie in his band and given him a good career through that... It just really looks like they were friends with MM for good connections and didn't care for him as a friend and now in hindsight they were unable to end that friendship despite being grown ass adults. Ok Christian. 

It's so obvious that the whole point is just a petty "revenge" for Jeordie for daring to rejoin Marilyn Manson and "stealing" Jessicka's look. 

Also, wait- Jessicka said she couldn't come out with her story in the 90's because Jeordie played in Marilyn Manson and "the big machine behind Marilyn Manson" and the record label kept her silent. And now according to Christian the whole issue is that he came back to Marilyn Manson? Where did the "big machine" go? Wouldn't it make so much more sense by this logic to tell the story when Jeordie's out of the band in 2002 and looking for a new direction and starting to use his real name instead of the Twiggy Ramirez stage name? They'd had a chance to fuck up his "new beginning" right there but instead Jessicka was posting GUY FRIENDS photos of him on her site etc. And ONLY after he's back in Marilyn Manson for several years does this come up, just as Jack Off Jill is reuniting and the Metoo hashtag is trending. 

So yeah. The point absolutely was getting the Manson fans to turn against him.

Another thing is that in Jessicka's statement, she says "Time was running out for me," Why?

The statue of limitations had passed several years ago, what could she possibly mean with this? 

If there were so many other things going on in the background of Jeordie's departure from the band, could it be, that Jessicka had heard something was going on through mutual friends, and decided to act before Jeordie leaves the band for some other reason? That in this way she could get the credit for getting Jeordie "fired" and boost her status as an activist?

There's something very interesting that went on in the wikipedia edit logs that could support this...