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Manson's biography - Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Alright, let's talk about how Manson's biography clashes with Jessicka's narrative. And no, not the contents of it that much, but the timing of it's release and the existence of it in general.


What made me really doubt the part about Jessicka ”planning to come out with her story already in 1997” is the fact that Marilyn Manson's biography book was released around the same time, in February 1998. So in 1997 it was in the process of being published. And Jessicka has made some comments regarding it earlier... Let's look into that.


What is widely known about this book is that Jessicka was not very well included in the story, despite her being there at the time, and Manson's depiction her is that she was more a groupie than a musician. Her relationship to Jeordie isn't really mentioned in the book, Jessicka is very largely left out, well, read for yourself, the part about former drummer Sara Lee Lucas and Jessicka:


”Like most everyone in our band, Freddy soon had several nicknames. On stage, he was known as Sara Lee Lucas. But we called him Freddy the Wheel. The name came from one of our first groupies, Jessicka, who went on to form Jack and Jill, a band that I renamed Jack Off Jill and took them under my wing briefly, performing with them a few times. When Freddy was a teenager, he had an accident and, while he was in the hospital, the muscles in his leg atrophied to the point where the limb deformed. As part of his rehabilitation, he learned to play drums.


Freddy was a good guy and I never treated him any differently than anyone else. But I always felt bad pushing him to play better – he was a shitty drummer and everyone knew it except Scott. Jessicka, however, didn't have any qualms about mocking him. She decided that Freddy had a wheel for a foot and should henceforth be known as Freddy the Wheel. She realized this, of course, after having had sex with him, so she was in no position to mock anyone because she had bowed down before the wheel and in fact, gotten caught beneath it.”


In 1998, as the book was released, this depiction of Jessicka as merely a groupie, Manson seemingly mocking her, made her very angry and it resulted in her writing the song Author Unknown about Manson to the last album of Jack Off Jill; Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers. This same album also interestingly contains the song Nazi Halo, that seems to be about Jeordie, (more on the lyrics page about that) but it's not necessarily a song that would be describing a rapist, abusive ex, rather it seems to mock Jeordie for various reasons and what at least to me comes through is just that she thinks Jeordie's fake and arrogant.

So at this point, in 1998-2000 the issue was that Jessicka had not been included in the book and her contributions to the events had been minimized for some reason. Then;


After Jack Off Jill had disbanded, Jessicka made her own separate website just for herself, and there was a Q&A section, where she was asked about what she thinks about what Marilyn Manson said in the book.


Since we are on the Manson topic, How did you feel about what he wrote about you in his book?
At first I was absolutely hurt and horrified that my involvement in his life had been reduced to a mere mention as a 'groupie' in LHROOH. The term groupie has such a negative connotation even if it means an admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible. I didn't think that all I was to him.

 I guess I didn't really see it that way because I had always considered myself a friend an musical equal more than a groupie. While the book was written, his ex-guitar player Scott joined my band (at the time Scott had a lawsuit pending against Manson.) I think because we hadn't spoken about it he took that as a slight against him. He (Manson) claims that he was furious with me and I had no idea. It also didn't help that my ex-boyfriend had become Manson's right-hand man and had always been envious that Manson and I had a lot in common.


With all of that I believe that is why he wrote what he wrote about me. He called me right after Scott was no longer in the band. I know he believes that his influence was the reason Scott parted ways with Jack Off Jill but in essence his involvement had just run its course. I told Manson how hurt I was about what he had written; he explained that at the time he felt that I was no longer his friend and that while the original idea of his book was being thrown around New Orleans, I had asked him not to go into detail about mine and Twiggy's tumultuous relationship. He felt that by deleting me from certain events in his life that he had kept his promise.


More on this whole thing on the Jessicka & Manson part 1 page. You can pretty clearly see on there that it was Jessicka who was envious of Jeordie's association and friendship with Manson.

(Note that tumultuous doesn't necessarily mean abusive, rather it implies they argued a lot. It has been discussed though that Jessicka was the abusive one, for example Lisa LeSeur stated in an interview that it was Jessicka being verbally and physically abusive towards Jeordie. According to her, this was generally known in their social circles.)


But see, now this is why the 2017 "big machine behind manson / record label silencing me" story is kind of clashing with an earlier narrative. 

 In 1998- 2000 the issue was that Jessicka had been excluded from the book and talked about negatively. Then through the 2000's she was explaining herself being left out with her asking Manson not to discuss this relationship. But at the time of the book's release she was mentioning Jeordie herself in interviews positively. THEN in 2017 she implies that Manson was unaware of issues to this relationship, LHROOH is not mentioned at all, and Jeordie's association to Manson is seen as a thing that silences her?? What?

So to claim in 2017 that she was afraid to speak out but claim in 2000 that she told Manson not to discuss....

And also, 

If Marilyn Manson, according to Jessicka "felt she no longer was his friend" why would he be keeping promises to her?

Marilyn Manson to this day does not seem to actually believe the allegations, as if you have paid attention, his reaction to them was very vague and he clearly said he did not end his friendship to Jeordie.

This whole "I asked him not to talk about that" suggests that if there was abuse in that relationship, Manson was well aware of it, and well, he would absolutely have been as such a close friend of both of them. Had this "Manson believed when I told him all the facts" thing Jessicka has been pushing since 2017 been true, it would've come up already at this point, and Manson would have never had Jeordie rejoin his band in 2008...

But as there is evidence that suggest Jessicka was abusive towards Jeordie; this whole thing is also interesting in that context. 

- She claims she'd asked Manson not to talk about it. Why? Is there something about her own behavior that she didn't want public? Could it be that her "fear of the big machine behind Manson" was such, that if Manson mentioned what he knew about this all in the book, it could damage Jessicka's reputation? That maybe this 2000's "I asked him not to discuss" was simply a lie, but a slip up at the same time.

- Manson doesn't come across as someone who sees Jessicka as a victim, as he makes fun of her in the book while erasing her from the events. His opinion of her is pretty clear from this.

- Could it actually be so that Jeordie didn't want the relationship to be mentioned in the book? He has actually never ever mentioned Jessicka in literally anything. All of the details about the relationship happening in the first place are from Jessicka bringing it up all the time through the years. It isn't Manson sources that this information ever came from.  Did Jeordie ask Manson not to talk about this or did Manson make the decision himself, seeing how things were?

- Was Jessicka explaining this situation in a way that benefits her the most on her website and simply claiming she had asked not to be included, as to make it appear like she had a say in it and this was somehow out of respect to her? At this time, as you can read on the Jessicka & Manson part 1 page, she was falsely pushing a narrative where Manson had cut Jeordie off and had like chosen Jessicka over him, was close with her. When in fact Manson and Jeordie were not on bad terms at the time at all. 


Well, if that wasn't weird, after discovering this site, Jessicka went on a few angry tweet rampages, on one of which she was going after the author of LHROOH, and the narrative changed. 

What had been "I was hurt about what Manson wrote about me in his book" enough to get even a song written about him, was now suddenly Neil Strauss' fault, when through the years the anger about this groupie mention had always been directed at Manson only. I could suggest that it's possible that this was in reaction to me suggesting on this page that maybe Jeordie had requested the relationship to not be discussed in the book. If so, the way she here contradicts her own earlier statement that she'd asked herself to be excluded, by going after Neil Strauss as if he'd been somehow enabling Jeordie by not having the details of the relationship included, and having Jessicka mentioned as a groupie, -  is it true then? Did that suggestion hit a nerve? Was she left out as a form of gray rocking either by Jeordie's request or because Manson saw it as the best option? Her being left so largely out does fit to how she has never been mentioned by Jeordie at all.

In which case, Neil Strauss, I'm sorry if a possibility I suggested caused you a headache... Anyway, let's see the tweets. Jessicka responded to Neil Strauss unprovoked, to a tweet that had nothing to do with LHROOH.

Umm... What?

How was Neil Strauss Jeordie's "lapdog" as a best selling author writing the biography of Marilyn Manson? In whose band Jeordie was the bass player and a co-songwriter? Not only is she acting like it was Jeordie's book to start with, but what else is going on, she can't seem to overall in her narratives decide whether or not Jeordie was an important bandmember in the band dynamic or not. Her way of talking about him varies from basically (this is not a quote by her, but a summary) "he contributed nothing at all and only being in Marilyn Manson made him famous, he only got as far as he got because of Manson and on other people's stolen ideas" but at the same time he's apparently been this super powerful character whose ass the co-author of his band leader's biography is kissing? 

Neil Strauss, in writing of this book, yes, he is on his part responsible of it's contents, but in working on the book, he was an outsider looking into the story, and the person providing the information on which the partly fictional and exaggerated for shock value story was based, would be - Marilyn Manson. Therefore Marilyn Manson's opinions and accounts on what whoever is like most likely had the most impact on what was said. 

What kind of recorded evidence could there be of this? Whose life was ruined? What friendships suffered besides Manson and Trent Reznor's ? Whose reputation was ruined? This whole rant about #FICTION is pretty ironic considering that her own "Jeordie jumped into the river" story is quite likely to have been pulled from LHROOH.

Also, to note another thing, it's possible to be a groupie while in a band of your own, those facts don't cancel each other. In fact, Jessicka being in a band IS mentioned in the book. Actually, if one was being a groupie to achieve status in the music scene, having a band of their own could for sure be a motivation. The term "groupie" gained it's negative connotation through people seeing those partaking in the lifestyle as doing so to gain status. Was this what Manson was in fact talking about? Did he see Jessicka as a ladder climber? Would not be surprised based on the information on the friendship/association between Manson and Jessicka. Generally she does come across like Manson and Jeordie owe her something.

I could also suggest that since this "calling her a groupie" situation at this point 24 years after the release of the book still is something that needs to be dramatically tweeted about, maybe Jessicka was left out of the book for the reason that Manson didn't want to give her attention or anything else to stick to. He expressed a negative opinion of her while not connecting her to Jeordie. If she really was abusive towards him, this could be an understandable move. Especially as Jeordie was being brought up by JOJ sources pretty often in the 90's like "fun fact Jessicka dated Twiggy!", and seems the length and the seriousness of the relationship was exaggerated. Was this a "You will not gain status through him, especially as you've treated him badly, so this relationship you've been bragging about will not be confirmed by me and I'll call you what you are, a ladder climber." ?

So in essence, I don't think either of these stories Jessicka's stated: The 2000's "I asked not to be discussed"  or the "Machine behind Manson silenced me" actually make any sense because they contradict each other and both seem to be things that were said as a "this is beneficial to my narratives in this specific moment."

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