On this page we'll go through Jessicka's claims about Jeordie's relationship to his ex wife Laney Chantal. They were together for 8 years, starting from 2009 and ending in 2017. They got married in 2014. Jessicka, in her allegations started claiming that Jeordie had been abusing Laney during this relationship and that mutual friends had been contacting Jessicka about this. Laney denied these claims though, and maintained that her experience was positive and she stayed friends with Jeordie, posting positively of him until her sudden death in 2022. Laney is the only one out of these alleged "multiple victims" Jessicka has been naming, and Laney's denial of these claims surely sets doubt over Jessicka's credibility. 

Around the time of posting her claims, Jessicka started insinuating on social media that she'd "heard from mutual friends" that Jeordie had been abusive towards Laney, and that she'd been watching her social media "looking for signs" to confirm these suspicions.  Wait, wasn't she claiming to have reccurring nightmares of running into him and avoiding him? (Check the nightmares page. ) Why would she, two decades after her own relationship that she'd been trying to forget and move on from according to herself, why would she be even interested in what Jeordie's up to? Why would she even want to snoop on his wife's social media?

Here are some screenshots, thanks: loverofmenartandpasta on tumblr who kept up with this closely at the time.

So, here she's implying that Jeordie's behavior has been the same all through the years and he's been abusing basically everyone he's dated, brings up Laney as an example, but it doesn't exactly seem in any way even close to being true.

Because for example, had Jeordie's behavior been the same as Jessicka alleges it had been towards her, Jeordie would have been extremely jealous towards Laney. In Jessicka's statement, pretty much everything was motivated by jealousy and the will to control.

Well why is it that he didn't seem to have any problem with for example Laney's nude photos being available for everyone to see all over the internet? Laney, in addition to her career as a SFX Makeup artist, was a Suicide Girl, an alternative nude model. And what did Jeordie do about it? He was liking and sharing her photos on social media and supporting her work in that. Does that seem like something an extremely jealous person would do? Could imagine that if he was violent and controlling, as motivated by jealousy, there wouldn't have been any suicidegirls profiles public to start with during the relationship?

Another thing that could be brought up for example, is Laney's trip to Japan in 2016.

Initially I was emailed about this, fans were mentioning to me that on Laney's private instagram account sep.pu.ku.4u, she'd been posting photos from a trip to Japan, on which she went with a male friend, and Jeordie wasn't with her but the flight tickets had been a gift from Jeordie. These posts have since been deleted, as Laney deleted a lot of posts in the aftermath of the allegations drama, most likely seeking privacy at a rough time. If anyone has screenshots, you can send them in. This trip was additionally discussed on Hour Of Goon, though. 

In this episode, right towards the end, the following discussion is had:

Fred: I saw that Laney's going to Japan?

Jeordie: She is.

Fred: That's cool, she ever been?

Jeordie: She hasn't. I got her a ticket.

Fred: That's so nice.

Jeordie: But, it was so weird, they were so cheap.

[Fred and Jeordie discuss Jeordie's habit of taking his friend's dogs to stay over at his house so he can take care of them while his friends are away, irrelevant to this point]

Jeordie: But yeah, she's going to Japan. She wanted me to go with her, but it's just, I can't.

Fred: It's hard to go on trips when you're not on tour. 

Jeordie: Especially when... I do, or we go, when we go we're like... It's first class, nice hotels, the whole like... I'm sorry, but I'm spoiled. And I just can't like, 

Fred: Yeah because [on tour] you have someone like, 

Jeordie: coordinating everything

Fred: Yeah, coordinating everything. When you're at the airport or you leave the hotel, you don't have to ask where shit is, someone's just taking you there.

Jeordie: Yeah. So I'm spoiled, so for me to just sit in a coach or staying at like air bnb or whatever it is that you do when you go to Japan... It's like being punished. And like, then I'd be cranky and just ruin this whole experience for her so

Fred: Right

Jeordie: She'll go with her friends and she'll have a great time. She'll have way more fun than having me around and she'll get to enjoy it. I'm really excited for her. 

Doesn't sound like a very controlling and jealous person? Would a terribly jealous person act like this? 

Have to include these, I did end up finding out that this male friend was Brett Grace, who was very close with Laney. The two even have matching tattoos around their mutual interest in anime, more specifically Pokemon and Death Note. Brett's instagram still includes mentions of this Japan trip, some of which I have included below. Note; liked by Jeordie.

Really it just seems... Like Jessicka is talking shit.... A "jealous" guy buys his girlfriend tickets to get on a trip to Japan, on which he himself doesn't go to but is "excited for her" full well knowing that girlfriend goes on this trip abroad with a male friend. Likes pictures of them on said trip on social media. 


Another general observation that could be made, if we go back to the Hour Of Goon podcast is, you notice how in Jessicka's statement she describes Jeordie as this person who doesn't want Jessicka to succeed, doesn't want her to be seen, kind of wants to become successful at her expense... Like holding her back?

But then in Hour Of Goon generally, it's like, while Laney was not a part of the podcast, she was often home when it was being recorded. So if she walked past the room or there was a background noise, or she was heard coming home, Jeordie was pretty much always happily going; "Laney!!!" and he would include her in the conversation and clearly wanted the listener to know more about her and what she's doing.


Had it been this sort of "I am the main character" setting that Jessicka seems to want to portray him into, I could imagine that a reaction to Laney making her presence known in the background would be annoyance, "you're distracting the audience from me!" rather than excitement and a will to proudly remind the audience that "Yeah that's my wife by the way, she should come and say hello too!"  

And of course, then, it's important to see what Laney had to say about Jessicka's claims:

So this doesn't exactly look like Jessicka's telling the truth at all. Some have stated though, that they'd seen Laney speaking of Jeordie negatively in this time and then quickly deleting, as they were breaking up and the allegations were going on. I personally have not seen these posts but have seen people mention them. But see, okay, that is a time with a lot of stress going on, under a lot of stress people may say things in an extreme manner. And Laney has mentioned dealing with BPD among other mental illnesses. What BPD does is that it makes controlling one's emotions very hard sometimes, and emotions go from absolute love to absolute hate very quickly, and a person having this mental illness who's under a lot of stress may say things in real life or social media, that they would want to take back later. This is especially true surely in a breakup situation, also taking into consideration that it has been talked about, that Jeordie allegedly cheated on Laney with his current girlfriend Michelle, which would have been one of the things that lead to the breakup. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, well you could see a really good reason to post something negative. But cheating isn't abuse and had it happened, then it would look like it was discussed between those involved and forgiven?

It could of course be, that Jessicka saw a negative comment from Laney and then exaggerated it out of proportions in her usual habit, expecting Laney to join her in trashing Jeordie. Whatever the case, from then to recent times, Laney did maintain that she and Jeordie were friends. Here is one post from new year 2019, two years after breaking up with Jeordie, a screenshot of which was sent to me a while back.

Her positive talking of Jeordie was not taken back after the allegations situation settled. She went on to date other people, and would speak of Jeordie positively until her sudden death in October 2022. The two liked each other's posts and followed each other on social media. Laney even in instagram stories or Q&As stating she considers Jeordie family. In her obituary published by her family after her death, Jeordie is mentioned among her family members as "ex husband and a friend".

As Jeordie expressed his grief about Laney's death on instagram, Laney's mother was seen commenting support to him. I've also included a post from her that calls Laney "daughter", as it isn't exactly in her bio that she is her mother. Above mentioned close friend Brett was also seen commenting support to Jeordie for example.

Highly doubt Laney's family would have included Jeordie like this, had he really been the kind of a person Jessicka describes him as... Especially this far after them breaking up. It's been five years. If anything negative had happened, there would most likely be no will to even mention him at all, he'd be a part of the past.

Laney's supportiveness of Jeordie was also noted in the Marilyn Manson allegations that began in 2021. It was noted by many fans as being strange that while Laney absolutely did not support Manson, she still kept close with one of his best friends, Jeordie. - Which then has resulted in situations where she spoke badly of Manson and seemed to condemn him to hell, while she had Manson related memorabilia visible in her social media photos.  They were clearly something she's fond of, but if she had an issue with Manson, were the afterparty passes and photos, album covers, art, up on the walls because they're something Jeordie was a part of? Probably?


This then raises the question whether or not her issues with Manson had to do with her opinion on how Manson handled Jeordie's allegations situation, because prior to that she was known to be fond of him? Laney got a lot of harassment she did not deserve at all and one could reasonably feel it was partly because of Manson's vague reaction that many took as a confirmation that he believed Jessicka. It's hard to believe she would genuinely believe Manson to be a serial rapist and a killer who has torture chambers in his house while keeping so close with Jeordie, who hasn't come forward to comment on the issue in any way, has always been best friends with Manson... 

But back to this Jessicka situation. Are we supposed to just take Jessicka's word over someone else's personal experience here because believe women? She's probably never met Laney at all anyway. Or are we to listen to Jessicka over Laney's family? She is always going "Fans who aren't involved think they know the best, were you there?" Yet in this we should only listen to her. This is ironic too, considering that when Lisa LeSeur stated that in her opinion, Jessicka had been abusive towards Jeordie in the 90's, Jessicka was quick to argue that Lisa's comments don't matter as Jeordie himself has never claimed abuse. Well, doesn't that apply here too? Jessicka over all.

Jessicka, in 2017-18 of course wasn't happy about Laney telling a different story, so in her typical way, she resorted to bullying and harassing her on social media. A lot of these posts have been deleted since then, but those who kept up at the time say, that Jessicka was constantly tagging Jessicka in negative tweets, aggressively going after her, all while making false claims about her and Jeordie's relationship. This lead to an unfortunate situation, where Laney attempted suicide, and allegedly Jessicka was claiming that that too was because of Jeordie, when in reality, Jessicka herself had been pushing her buttons to get her to comply with her story. (Do note that this was in 2017-18 and has nothing to do with Laney's death in 2022) Screenshots of this allegedly are possessed by some, but out of respect for laney, they're not posted online. There still is this, screenshot from Laney's instagram as well as a screenshot from a twitlonger post by Jessicka where she claims she's reached out to Laney and implying that Laney harming herself had something to do with her "blaming herself for what he did to her".

Will have to mention that this whole twitlonger post is a pile of garbage anyway, because; You can read the whole thing about Scott and Matt on the page about it, Jessicka's "apology" was not sincere and she harassed these people, then very clearly took the apology back. "Illuminating discussion", which was later in revealed dms discussed to be, you guessed it, threats and harassment from Jessicka/Christian. And as for Pete, why on earth would SPIN not use his quotes, there really aren't many other reasons than his story not matching Jessicka's? - Had it matched, it would've only added to Jessicka's credibility. Or was "Speaking to SPIN" actually just that he had an exchange, a conversation from someone from SPIN and his "quote" was that he won't comment? "They found my statement credible" does not explain why Pete's wasn't included, and SPIN isn't exactly that much of high quality journalism, does it matter if a journalist who only knows Jessicka's side and not much else of any background details, who wants to get paid and sell a big headline, is his judgment on this topic exactly definitive?


And well, even if we don't have much screenshots of this drama between her and Laney, this starting an online war behavior is not exactly new in Jessicka's case. It's very typical for her. Jessicka, at this very same time was going after another ex of Jeordie's Helen Storer, very aggressively as Helen had expressed support to him and his at the time new girlfriend Michelle. Helen dated Jeordie around 1996. 

She was also going after Michelle Siwy, with her husband's account, and here we can get a look at what kind of posts that included... Despite on that above mentioned twitlonger post claiming that Michelle "the woman he is currently dating" was "vehemently coming after her" - no, Michelle made a couple instagram posts where she vaguely expressed her opinion on the situation, never even mentioning Jessicka's name. Jessicka though:

So once again we come to this, Jessicka is a liar and a bully. 

Now, this did not end there. 

The news of Laney's tragic and sudden death were made public on 4th of November 2022. She had died on October 31st. This info being made public had those close to her sharing their favorite pictures and memories of her, their condolences, expressing their grief.  And of course, some pretty interesting vague tweets were made by Jessicka, who obviously paid attention.

I was emailed these screenshots. Considering the timing, they seemed like vague implications that Laney's death had something to do with someone abusing her. And coming from Jessicka who had prior claimed such things about Jeordie, is she implying Jeordie caused her death somehow? "Truth will come out, finally" ?

Then, Laney's death was originally reported to be a drug overdose. This has people speculating on it widely, as Laney had a history of drug use. This prompted Laney's mother to make a public post on Facebook clarifying things so that such rumours and speculations would end. She stated that no, it was not anything to do with illegal substances nor was it a suicide, as had been rumoured, but that Laney had accidentally overmedicated on the prescription medications that she had for her mental illnesses, as she had suffered a severe anxiety attack. "Drug overdose" had meant prescription medication, not illegal drugs. Here's the post as screenshots:

I shared this on twitter so that the real story would reach those discussing, as many Jeordie's fans are also fans of Laney and were messaging me about what had happened. Of course, Christian Addams was quick to comment, indeed confirming that him and Jessicka want to use this tragedy to further their narratives...

First, someone replied to the tweet with the "explains a lot don't it" which, well it is a pretty insensitive thing to say after someone had just passed. Implying that the mental illnesses Laney was suffering from were why she'd made abuse accusations. 

Towards Manson, I assume this person meant, as Laney accused Manson of abusive behavior towards herself and her friends in the allegations of 2021.

But Christian seemed to have taken that to mean Jeordie? Of course, as he and Jessicka have been pushing their own narratives about Jeordie and Laney....

Not only that, but the "JW is 100% guilty" accompanied by the "It explains that abusers have a life long influence on those they abuse and groom" is a CLEAR implication that this death was somehow Jeordie's fault. 

"Kindly let people grieve" ? How about let Jeordie grieve? As already shown on this page, Laney's family clearly do not see him as an abuser! Unbelievable hypocrisy.

Christian (or could be Jessicka behind her husband's account too for all I know, superfan is a word she likes to use to describe people who disagree with her) here is implying that the mental illnesses Laney suffered from were caused by Jeordie who "abused and groomed" her. 

Laney was 20 years old when she started dating Jeordie. There was an age gap, but that is a full grown adult. Grooming is a term used in discussion of sexual abuse of children. Two consenting adults having a relationship where there is an age gap is not "grooming".

And then, let's take a look at the mental illnesses Laney was dealing with, as listed in her mother's social media post: Borderline Personality disorder, Anxiety, Body Dysmorphia, Bipolar Disorder. Are these trauma related? Yes, they can be, but a little closer look into them... (these things are obviously more complicated than like three paragraphs though)

Borderline Personality Disorder, as said in it's name, is a personality disorder. A personality disorder develops while a personality is developing. This means childhood and teenage years. You don't usually get a personality disorder from something that happens in your adulthood. BPD can be a result of a traumatic relationship, but do you think Laney and her family would act so positive towards Jeordie if he'd traumatized her that severely?

Anxiety can be related to pretty much anything, but if you have Borderline, anxiety can very likely come along, as the symptoms of Borderline include for example things like "Rejection sensitive dysphoria" which means, intense anxiety and fears related to feelings of being abandoned, criticized or rejected somehow. This can cause social withdrawal and fear of socializing. Anxiety is pretty much a part of Borderline. I have an anxiety disorder, you can't pull a conclusion that someone specific is at fault in that?

Body image issues such as body dysmorphia can be and commonly are present in cases of Borderline, as BPD causes issues with one's sense of self too. People I personally know who have BPD have struggled with eating disorders for example.

Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder that causes intense mood swings from depression to mania. The cause for it is unknown, but right now what is known mostly includes biological and genetic causes, as in, chemical imbalances in the brain, and, it's hereditary so the risk to get it is higher if a relative has it. Trauma and stress can have an effect on when this illness shows itself, but the illness in itself isn't a "this specific thing happened and now I have this illness" like, as compared to for example, maybe Post traumatic stress disorder could be.

None of these illnesses listed can even be clearly stated to be about a specific thing and both Borderline and Bipolar are illnesses she likely already had when she began her relationship with Jeordie. Both borderline and bipolar are illnesses that stat showing symptoms in late teens - early adulthood and often are diagnosed around this time. Putting them onto Jeordie when he is obviously grieving this loss is not only a case of very bad timing, but generally shows ignorance in what these mental illnesses mean. This all coming from people who post trauma/mental health awareness all the time? Well clearly it's just virtue signaling if they are posting shit like this?? Of course all the while complaining about "misinformation" on social media. Give me a break.

You cannot make assumptions about someone else's life experiences based on the mental illnesses they have. And you shouldn't. A reason why many people are afraid to seek help is because of the thought that a mental illness will have the whole family "branded" as somehow bad. This was why I personally struggled for ages without proper help; I thought that if people knew what I have, they'd think my family or partner had "done it to me". Mean, been told for example that I shouldn't be so open about being trans because ignorant people might assume the gender dysphoria has to do with some sexual abuse trauma or something. No, it does not have anything to do with anything like that.

Also, why is he demanding to meet Denise (Base Tendencies) in person to see this "evidence from reliable sources" ? He does know Denise's email address that is used in her Jeordie news stuff, it's publicly available. At this point, over five years since the peak of this drama, seven years since it started, if Denise was someone they wanted to convince, shouldn't this evidence and "texts from MM" be already sent to her ages ago? Really to me that demand to meet in person seemed more like an attempt to intimidate than anything else.

Why is Manson a moral authority? He's also been accused of abuse? Jessicka and Christian have recently been trying to gain the attention of anti Manson accounts as can be seen in a screenshot I'm posting next. So why is she seemingly siding with people that are accusing Manson but still holding Manson to that position where his word matters? If he were an abuser, then why would his word on whether someone else is matter? Why would Manson have a text conversation with Christian about whether or not Jeordie's guilty? Why is that a discussion between the two of them - that would have been a discussion between Jessicka and Manson? Is this once again Jessicka on Christian's account? Why would Manson be telling Christian something Christian in his position would already know? (Read more about how the story doesn't stay together on what Manson believed or said or did regarding Jeordie in the Exit From Marilyn Manson section.)

Not only this all, but one of Jessicka's accounts, House Of Addams, was seen replying to a year old tweet in the aftermath of the reporting on Laney's death. In the reply, was included a comment from Jeordie's post about Laney. Jessicka must have read through the comment section. Closely. (Her using these accounts linked to herself to defend herself on social media is obvious) Closely, because she'd spotted the only comment that mentions her name. I doubt that she'd missed the comment from Laney's mother... So, likely aware of Laney's family being on good terms with Jeordie, yet still continue to lie?

Why even read through those comments? Why look for a year old tweet? Yet I was told not to tweet about this case because it's triggering and retraumatizing for her. Yet here she's looking for any mention of herself or Jeordie, clearly. As always. Wondering about the obituary too, everyone else was listed with full name and location, Jeordie only by first name. Is it because Jessicka probably has google alerts on his name because she wants to keep up with every single thing Jeordie is involved in? 

Again "Ask Manson and his Mrs. if Jessicka lied then get back to me!" while tagging anti Manson accounts?

Why is Manson a moral authority if he's also a horrible person and a rapist? Remember how Jessicka went out of her way to attack a Manson accuser Lexa Vonn after he'd fired Jeordie, defended Manson? And now acts as if she's against him so that she'd get the attention of these anti MM accounts? But can't decide whether MM is a good guy or not because him firing Jeordie is the biggest "confirmation" but loses it's value pretty much if Manson is guilty of what he's been accused of?

MansonInfoWars and MansonIsAbusive have become her new TwitterSafety and TwitterSupport, accs she tags when she needs people to see how she's doing the right thing and being unjustifiably attacked. She's the little sister that hits her siblings and calls for mom when she gets a hit back. 

Alright. I'll bring back the screenshot of the comment Laney's mother left on Jeordie's instagram, as well as the mention of him as a friend in the obituary that her family published. Jessicka lied about Laney and Jeordie.

Also, as a memorial service for Laney was held on November 12th 2022, some pictures from there have been shared on social media, (thanks for the tip, this was from Brett Grace's instagram story) this memorial pamphlet photo choice is interesting. It's Laney on her wedding day in July 2014, when she got married with Jeordie. Well, that is a beautiful photo of her! But here, context matters; everyone looking at this photo will instantly recognize it's context, where it was taken, on what day, and that will come to mind when looking at it. I doubt, had there been any very negative memories associated with this marriage or Jeordie, would they have chosen this specific photo to be printed on this pamphlet?

I mean usually the photo choice for something like this would be something like, "This is the person at their happiest, this was a big important moment, a good memory." ?

So then, Christian's tweet implying Laney's passing had something to do with Jeordie was deleted. I posted about the tweet as well as Jessicka's tweets on instagram, letting my followers know that an update was made. Jessicka didn't take it well, and I was sent emails and dms about her reaction to what I had posted. 

She goes on to deny that her vague tweets had anything to do with Laney, and that she'd been in fact talking about her mother.

She posted in the summertime that her mother is battling cancer. With that, sincerely, I wish all the strength to Jessicka in dealing with. I know she doesn't want my well wishes, though. Her mother is not involved in this at all, and even if she was, nobody deserves to get cancer. I have family members who have been affected by cancer and it really is a tough thing. 

But see here again, she does not include the context in which the claim was made and what things contributed to the conclusion, so she can imply it was this tweet only and the rest was made up. It was not this tweet ONLY. How could I possibly have known this was supposed to be about her mother? She is implying here that I was aware of that and still decided to "twist her words." See, even if you'd think I was wrong, you could probably see where I was coming from and why I thought she was referring to Laney. 

And really? Just coincidentally, she was thinking about her mother losing the battle against cancer;

(You've read the full page all of this has been mentioned above)

- Right as the news about Laney's death were published

- While provably going through the comments under Jeordie's post about Laney's death

- And later posted another vague tweet where "truth will come out, finally" that one was on Sunday, November 6th, two days after. I doubt "truth will come out" would have anything to do with her mother?

- And her husband was replying to me, clearly implying that Laney's mental illnesses were Jeordie's fault

Even, assuming that specific tweet wasn't about Laney, you could clearly see that in this context it would not exactly be a reach to think it was. Also, the "abuse your power" choice of words pretty understandably would, for someone aware of how Jessicka has claimed Jeordie "is a serial abuser who abused his power", cause a connection to the Jeordie claims, especially if aware of the earlier beef with Jessicka making claims about Laney. 

Another thing is that this tweet comes across as saying someone has passed away. "May they have peace in eternity." and then this kind of scenery. This kind of a post, on the same day as Laney's death was reported? 

Of course, this response then had people expressing their condolences to Jessicka, as, understandably they too saw the post as being about someone who has already passed away. But then it was revealed that her mother is still alive, but in home hospice care. (Edit 19. Nov, was at the time, I was made aware that she later posted that her mother has passed.)

So Jessicka makes a vague tweet which can clearly be read as being about someone who's already passed away, on the same day as Laney's death was reported on, then says it was about her mother, who hadn't yet died, but whom she was thinking about right as the news about Laney were made public?

I mean well, yeah, it's possible. Considering the full context and everything else that was said, I'm not sure. What do you think?

Her complaining about assumptions being made doesn't help though, as she is making pretty rude assumptions about me here and continuing her "sick stalker" story. All while implying I was only talking about that one tweet...

She then goes on explaining, and here comes something pretty interesting, which makes it hard to take this whole ordeal seriously. 

Well, the myopic lens thing is a good point. Often when we are very focused on things, we may see them only through the "glasses" of that issue and as if everything is connected to that issue. That is something that people have to be aware of in all kinds of online discussions.


It's just not exactly the case in this situation as you could clearly see the tweet was not the ONLY one, and there was more things that happened that made that tweet look like it was about Laney. Out of this context it doesn't look like it was, but considering the other things that happened at that time, it looks like it was. Had that tweet been the only thing, then it would have been too much of a reach to connect it to Laney.

But what is said next...

"Their hatred & rage that some dude who hates LGBTQ people can't do a little dance on stage for them anymore."

You... Do understand how ridiculous that is? Implying Jeordie hates the LGBT? For anyone who has followed his career, that is a completely ridiculous claim. I mean, how uncomfortable with the LGBT would he have to be to have his nudes in a homoerotic magazine? (Honcho, 1997) 

He was never uncomfortable with people in the 90's thinking he's trans or intersex, gay, none of those rumours and speculations ever seemed to bother him at all. He in fact never specified his sexual orientation when asked, (and he was asked that) because he didn't see why it would matter. 

So, did that response change that she lied about Laney and Jeordie? No it didn't. The issue was simply that it's unsure whether one of the tweets included was referring to Laney. Other tweets such as the "truth will come out" as well as what Christian responded clearly were, and I think the issue was that this one specific tweet was the choice for the instagram post. 

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