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One story that did surface on social media was the claims made by a twitter/instagram user Korzkit. She is quite a popular person on social media, so this gained some attention again as the Manson allegations started in February 2021, and later on as Jessicka was notified about them. She of course was interested as she had been claiming that there were multiple other victims. 

This already does raise questions, though:

Korzkit, as you can see, claims that she has been telling this story since Jessicka's allegations began in 2015. If so, then she'd been someone following the bands Marilyn Manson and Jack Off Jill closely. She did not contact Jessicka or know it was possible? She did not do this, despite Jessicka claiming she had been receiving these stories? That people online had to screenshot her story and tag Jessicka in tweets? Hmm. 

And well, there are many other issues. Let's look through the story. 

Enter: the tweets of a twitter user Korzkit.

Upon the Manson allegations coming out in February 2021, Korzkit joined into the discussion with a story that she'd been invited on tour with the band and that Jeordie had threatened to rape her. This was accompanied by a photo of them together.

Well, the photo proves really only that she met him. The rest is, whatever it is.

This story immediately struck me as weird for one reason though. I followed Korzkit on social media because I liked her style, which obviously is very Manson influenced with the shaved eyebrows, contact lenses and lipstick, but also because of the fact that she was a Marilyn Manson fan. I joined instagram in summer of 2016. I soon started following a lot of goths, my favorite bands and their fans.

But Korzkit claims she didn't support the band after that? How did I follow a Marilyn Manson fan Korzkit in 2016 if she didn't support the band since 2015? Suspiciously, a look through the account in 2021 revealed that a LOT of posts after 2015 had been deleted for some reason.

But some remained on the account when I went through it recently. Let's take a look.

Didn't support the band since 2015 but posed with their shirt on in December 2018 and January 2019? This is also a year after Jessicka's allegations on Jeordie went viral. Of course, at this point it could have been possible to think that she chose to support Marilyn Manson as under the impression that Manson had fired Jeordie due to not accepting what he was accused of. 

But in her tweets Korzkit stated this experience in 2015 was why she stopped supporting the band. 

It's one thing to own a bandshirt of a band you no longer support. I have been into black metal all my life and have owned bandshirts of some bands whose values I disagree with for a long time despite no longer feeling like those bands were something I'd want to support for various reasons. The shirts have just been forgotten in the back of the closet and then sold when in need of some cash. There's owning a shirt but there's a conscious decision and several steps from there to choosing to wear it in an instagram selfie.

March 2019 she posted a very Twiggy reminiscent look. And alright, well, those white glasses are more known as popularized by Kurt Cobain, I'm aware of that. But the combination of them with the hairstyle brings to mind Jeordie in 1998. I'm pretty sure that a former fan of his would see the connection immediately. And I wonder also, had Jeordie really said what she claims he had, making her too uncomfortable to support the band any longer, - wouldn't this look feel uncomfortable to wear due to it being so closely reminiscent of Jeordie, that any fan of Jeordie's would see it as a reference to him, whether intended or not?

In discussing this, it came up that maybe indeed, they had been joking around, and the negative attention to Marilyn Manson later on made her see the jokes as something else? The expression "barely 19" in her tweet does kind of come across as explaining things in a more negative light than they actually were. Barely 19? Okay, you'd be 18, a legal adult? So?

But Korzkit had apparently left out an important piece of the story. According to a friend of hers who also was there, that she had erased from her depiction of the events: Not only was she not invited by the band, but by this friend who was invited, but also, none of this happened and Korzkit barely had any verbal exchange with Jeordie, nor was she ever left alone with him. 

See how here their ages 18-19 are used as Korzkit to claim he's "child grooming"  - an 18-19 year old is an adult! Not only that, but as described already prior to these tweets on this very page, she did not stop supporting the band Marilyn Manson after 2015 and was posting photos clearly as a fan of theirs. So "something impacted me heavily." And okay, she's stating that people were calling her a liar, alright, well, that would more so be a negative experience of the fanbase as a whole, which would make it even more uncomfortable to associate with it by wearing the band's merch. 

You know? I never believed the Jeordie allegations, but I was so upset by how his fans were treated when the allegations came out, that that alone as well as my feelings about Manson firing him caused me to not show my support to Marilyn Manson as obviously anymore, I went from an "obvious Mansonite" to casual fan because I was just too upset by what had happened, I felt excluded from the fanbase. That alone, without any uncomfortable personal experiences upset me enough, so I find it hard to believe that someone who'd actually witnessed something like this would keep posing with Manson merch on?

Another fan I have been talking to said they'd gotten rid of their Manson posters because of Manson's decision to fire Jeordie. But Korzkit was "impacted heavily" and "didn't support them since" but kept posting pictures with their merch on?

See and compare these following ones too. "I met the band in mid 2015 at Download Festival, in Nov 2015 they invited me on their UK tour" - friend comes out to contradict the story and posts screenshots proving she in fact invited Korzkit, she wasn't invited by the band, this is dodged by : ""Yes, I was invited, by you." So that's an admission to lying earlier about being invited by the band... OK. Then there in the earlier screenshots "I wasn't mentioning you to be polite to you (keeps insinuating that this friend is somehow a victim of Jeordie's too despite her stating otherwise)" Well conveniently she didn't mention a person who obviously disagrees with her story so that no one would ask her?  Almost like she knew she would contradict her story if she mentioned her by name?

Also, I managed to get in contact with this friend Kat through Twitter (have her permission to mention this) and she maintained this story that she was there and the things depicted by Korzkit aren't true. And as for Korzkit's implications that Kat had been underage when talking to Jeordie prior to these events, not true, she told me she was 18 when she became friends with Jeordie and at the time of this "being invited on tour" story she had been friends with him for about a year, which would make her 19 at the time. (Jeordie was not "Like 50" either that is an exaggeration, he was 44 at this time. See, Korzkit makes herself and her friend younger and Jeordie older than they actually were, as if that isn't also adding to how unreliable her storytelling is.) She maintained that she was never made uncomfortable or forced to do anything by Jeordie, they were friends and Jeordie was always kind to her. When I asked if she'd heard anyone else tell negative stories of interacting with Jeordie, she said no. 

So then of course Jessicka found this story, keep in mind what I said about the responsibility about a story's credibility prior in this section, "wanting it to be true because it supports your cause" etc:

Tells a lot about the credibility of her claims of supposedly having been contacted by dozens of "victims" when she basically jumps at excitement when this kind of stuff comes up. She's treating it as fact right away, all while she herself complains about lies on social media when claims about her are made. False accusations never happen except it's Jessicka accused... This is literally the only story like this I have ever seen posted of him publicly so  of course she jumps at the opportunity, to spread it as truth and act as if she'd be doing something about it. Of course no efforts into looking at whether or not this is credible either. It isn't very credible. If she had "emails from 30-50" women she would not need to ask her to testify about something Jeordie allegedly said. There would be claims of more substance already in public knowledge if any of her "emails from these women" stuff was true. Interestingly all this "testify" "lawsuit" stuff was being brought up in her tweets during the JD trials anyway, instead of when it would have made sense to bring it up, maybe you know, when coming out with her claims forever ago in the first place.

Whatever, wouldn't buy this story. 

Besides, how often does a rapist say they're gonna rape someone? Pretty often the issue with rape is that the person doing it does not see it as a rape to begin with, because they think they didn't do anything wrong. You know the whole entire thing about victim blaming that some assholes do where it "wasn't rape because she was dressed like that", and all that complete garbage.

Let's imagine an asshole rockstar who exploits young fans. This kind of a guy would most likely not think of this behavior as rape to begin with, because he would believe he's always wanted and his actions are justified. That he's that important that the women around him just want him no matter the circumstances.

This "He said he wanted to rape me" it just sounds like something that doesn't fit this kind of an idea that's been built around these allegations?

I have to add here that as someone who has been following bands on tour and wanting to get close to them, not so much in the recent years, but not that long ago, and these memories are fresh in the mind, I do see some familiar things in this whole thing too: 

"I was invited by the band" - Overstating. People being in contact with celebrities, wanting to get backstage and get close to bands are often pretty competitive about it and especially on social media may overstate their connection to the band. This is something I'm personally guilty of doing in the past too lol. It's almost something you don't even notice you're doing.


For example, a friend and I went to a bar after a concert, and ran into the members of her favorite band while there. We took a group photo with the vocalist and the guitarist as we ran into them again. Friend posts this on social media: "Hanging out with [band] last night." - This is almost like implying we spent a longer time together?

Another one is that during a concert a bandmember gets close to the crowd and highfives random people. I have seen such a story go through the transformation of: "I got a high five." - "We shook hands" - "He noticed me, looked right at me and came closer, shook my hand." - "I met him."

Another thing is this, suddenly having a negative story and trashing people who got close to the band, but behavior doesn't match it, then attacking a friend who contradicts it, with a "dumb fangirl" rhetoric.

-Want to get noticed by a bandmember, don't get it but friend gets it.

-Go "I never wanted that anyway" to protect your own pride.

-Now bandmember is a creep for liking to hang out with fan girls because you weren't the one getting that attention. "I never wanted it anyway" defense can also be turned into: Bandmember is a creep for giving attention to any fangirl.

-Also friend is a stupid fangirl for getting that attention, you didn't get it so you can claim the reason is you didn't want it, friend got it so it's proof she was seeking it so friend is a dumb fangirl stupid ass groupie and you're not.

This can result in things like: Being too nervous to talk to bandmember who is having a conversation with your friend - scenario turns into either 1.) "I was so uncomfortable meeting him that I couldn't speak, I was frozen in shock. He's so creepy..." or 2.) "I just couldn't get a word in, my friend did everything in her power to not let me talk to bandmember because she wanted his undivided attention all the time, she's such a groupie...." 

Seen this kind of stuff go down a few times. Just, remember when reading any personal story about literally anything, that emotions affect so much of how we first of all perceive things as they're happening, but they also affect how a story is perceived after it's happened, while it's being told. 

To me this Korzkit story looks like... -  if I look back to my personal experiences as a fan and also when I think about how I felt when Jeordie and Manson were metoo'd:

She probably really wanted to get close to the band, and this friend invited her to these events. Then she didn't end up feeling included in what was happening. Maybe she was expecting it to be more than it ended up being. She was disappointed. 


I've seen it many times that people expect meeting their favorite bands to be these magical experiences that could lead into a friendship or even more. This isn't just a girl thing, sometimes guys in local smaller bands expect that when they meet someone they idolize, this idol will notice them and listen to their demo and it will kickstart their career. Then, when these "fantasies" don't happen, sometimes the whole experience is remembered as far more negative than it was. 

Say, a guy gives his band's demo to a bandmember, who says, "Alright, I'll check it out." Bandmember never gets around to doing that, and guy feels embarrassed. The story changes to, "Yeah he just threw it in the trash literally, what a dick."


Then, Jeordie got accused and Korzkit maybe genuinely believed the accusations and was horrified by them. She probably felt ashamed that someone she'd been a fan of, in her mind was now seemingly exposed as a criminal. It's easier to project that feeling of the shame onto him. At the same time there is a grief process, it feels like a loss, if your idea of someone you've looked up to changes that drastically. That loss is easier to handle, the memories and the guy are easier to let go of, if your own opinion of them is negative. It's easier to push away something you hate.

And maybe she, in meeting Jeordie didn't feel important and included. But by telling this story about him can give her that feeling, as people are shocked by the story and commenting on it. 

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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