So, lets discuss the topic of the tours on this page. How many times did Jack Off Jill tour with Marilyn Manson again?

In Jessicka's statement, it's only mentioned once that Jack Off Jill toured with Marilyn Manson in 1999. This tour is mentioned with dread, Jessicka claims that she didn't want to be there and was pressured to go by the record label. On the Nightmares? page there's some contradicting info on that though.

But was that the only time Jack Off Jill toured with Marilyn Manson? -No!

Interestingly, the fact that Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on the Portrait Of An American Family tour in 1994 is left out. Why?

Could it have something to do with the following fact:

Certain parts in Jessicka's description of the alleged rape set it to a certain time. She said that it took place after Jeordie had been unfaithful on tour with NIN and it was during a short break on said tour that this alleged rape happened. As already discussed on the Courtney Love page, this means that it happened somewhere in fall 1994. 

Courtney's band Hole joined this tour in August 1994. There were three dates in Florida on that tour: November 18 Jacksonville, November 20 Miami, and November 21 Tampa. There's an off day in between. Was this the alleged short break?

Alright, then Marilyn Manson went on touring with NIN until they left the tour to do their own first headlining tour in December 1994, aka the POAAF tour, on which Jack Off Jill opened for them on the Florida dates. 

This tour is probably one of the most memorable ones, though, because this is the tour where Jessicka got arrested with Marilyn Manson after a show in Jacksonville. This tour was mentioned in pretty much every single Jessicka interview from the 90's, because of this incident. This tour was mentioned in Jessicka's website bio too in the 2000s.

So why is this left out of the story? If it was absolutely horrible to be on tour with Jeordie in 1999, wouldn't it be even more horrible to be on tour with him in 1994?