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Very quickly since I started, Jessicka and "her husband" discovered my social media accounts and website, and instead of discussing this like human beings, they resorted to guilttripping, manipulation, harassment, threatening with doxxing, law enforcement etc. These cases you can read about on here. If you have been harassed and want to talk about it, you can contact me, but publishing that information is on your terms and will be done only with your permission. 

"Her husband" in quotation marks because she's been caught with multiple accounts, you can read about it on the "I'm not Jessicka!" page. Her and Christian's writing styles are pretty much exactly the same on social media and it's clear she has access to his account as she's proven to be behind the JOJ official account despite claiming it's "run by admins" and while being behind that account, she's mistakenly tweeted things clearly meant to be tweeted on Christian's account, with things like "My wife" in them. 

In november 2021, about a month since this site was published, Jessicka's husband Christian started tweeting at me. I responded with the tone that I actually was responding to him, though I had and still have doubts that it was, as Jessicka has been known to have access to that account and to use it to go after people on social media. 

When Christian's approach in trying to simply guilttrip me into silence didn't work, a couple months later Jessicka started tweeting about having a stalker who wishes her harm. She had been using a burner account to snoop on my social media accounts, and she'd fabricated this story of me sending death threats. She began an attempt to try and intimidate me into silence with threats of revealing my personal information as well as threats of legal action. Of course, her story does not stay together at all and is full of holes. 

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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