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So, on this page we're looking at what happened between Jessicka and Marilyn Manson before Jeordie was set aside from the band. 

Before the allegations came out, (Jessicka did make many posts on Jack Off Jill's facebook about Jeordie before the media picked the story up, but they were deleted fast and little screenshots exist. Many people remember seeing these, though), Jessicka was attacking Marilyn Manson and alleging all kinds of things about him. 

So, there's a lot about Marilyn Manson and how he's a horrible person suddenly. This post still exists on Jack Off Jill's facebook page, but it has been edited a LOT. She was attacking Manson aggressively, then took her claims back after she got what she wanted, which was to get Jeordie out of the band. This seems a common tactic for her, if someone disagrees with her and isn't doing what she wants them to, she'll accuse them and start a war on social media, where previously being on good terms is twisted completely upside down. This can be seen in for example her attack towards former Jack Off Jill member Helen Storer, and also in her attack towards Jeordie's ex wife Laney Chantal

Even this edited post with this part about not having supported Marilyn Manson in 16 years is not true. Read that page here. Jessicka was an obvious supporter of Marilyn Manson through the years.

So, what else happened?

As Jessicka was making and deleting posts about Jeordie prior to the allegations going viral, up until October 2017, there seemed to have been no public reaction to that from Marilyn Manson. In private though, it seems, as Jessicka was implying in her private Facebook group Sparkle In Darkness, Manson was actually texting Jessicka in defense of Jeordie. Parts of which she was sharing in this group.

Here can be seen one of these texts allegedly from Manson, where he seems to be claiming that Jeordie was not the only member of Marilyn Manson she slept with, which would contradict her story quite a bit. Of course there's doubt as to whether or not this is actually a text from Manson, but I'd say that the word choices are very Manson-like.

So Jessicka's trying to make Manson look like a bad person for not believing her and not supporting her, but this post does then again greatly contradict her later narrative, where she claims, to this day, that Manson "knew her claims to be true and believed her." This we'll go through further on the next page of this section, Manson & Jeordie. 

But what's to be mentioned here about that page is that Manson's behavior during the aftermath of the allegations or after the entire ordeal doesn't, upon closer inspection match at all what you would expect from someone who'd genuinely believed Jessicka's claims. He "wished Jeordie well" upon departure and still expressed care for him, as well as obviously stayed friends with him. 

This is a great example yet again of the short sighted way Jessicka works in her online dramas. At this point, before Jeordie had been let go from Marilyn Manson, her best option might have been to try and make Manson look like a bad person for defending Jeordie, but then her narrative changed and this no longer matches it. 

Also, in the same group, Jessicka's husband Christian was making a lot of claims about Manson and Jeordie too. It is to be noted here though, that Jessicka has been caught using several accounts and we can't be sure if actually this is just her.

These claims, upon closer inspection don't actually really work at all. 

Let's start with the ones about Jeordie. They do really point to the direction that all of this with the allegations was just about Jeordie playing in Marilyn Manson and nothing else. It's always forgotten, also in the allegations, that Jeordie didn't disappear anywhere in the 2000's when he didn't play in Marilyn Manson. And the Jessicka & Manson part 1 page really... She was so satisfied when Jeordie wasn't in the band, clearly she wanted to be the "Manson's sidekick" Jeordie always was. 

"I met Brian Warner in 2000, during this time Jeordie White was leaving his band."

No? During this time Holy Wood was being recorded, in the process of which, Jeordie was very much present. He didn't leave the band until 2002. 

"I regret that I never addressed the vile things he did to my wife as I mistakenly  thought the split was for good"

So it didn't matter anymore when he wasn't in Marilyn Manson? If this had been about a "sexual predator getting a platform in the music business", why didn't this come up when Jeordie joined Nine Inch Nails, an equally huge band that was the one that was there producing and helping Marilyn Manson in the beginning of their career? In the 2000's Jessicka and Christian couldn't have known about Jeordie rejoining Manson, they should've been furious about his new part in Nine Inch Nails. But it didn't matter as Jeordie had at that point dropped the Twiggy Ramirez persona who wore the "look stolen from Jessicka. 

Then, the claims about Marilyn Manson:

 Dita has come out with a statement saying Manson has not abused her:


To those who have expressed your concerns of my well-being, I appreciate your kindness.

"Please know that the details made public do not match my personal experience during our seven years together as a couple. Had they, I would not have married him in December 2005.

Tim Skold has expressed support to Manson to this day and has appeared with him in recent photos on his social media. He has also been working on music with Manson as reported in 2021.  Jennifer Syme is dead, Brad is dead and he did make up his issues with Manson before his death, (discussed on Gidget Gein page) Scott is dead. What is it with the Addams and always using dead people as witnesses to their claims. When did John 5 ever say shit about Manson? Who even are some of these people?

The "John 5 situation" most likely is a video of Manson and John5 fighting on stage that has always been sort of misunderstood and taken out of context as Manson being "abusive" but John 5 has since explained his side of the story and according to him it was not a case of Manson being violent at all, more so, it was John himself acting out due to lack of sleep as he was grieving the loss of his sister.

"So anyways, fast forward to the show. Now, what Manson did, that happened all the time. He didn't do anything wrong. I just snapped. It was weird. I went nuts. I didn't even remember. I just snapped. And I feel terrible watching it now because it really was my fault. You can't really hear what he's saying, obviously, but he's saying, 'Pick up your guitar.' 'Cause it looks like he's going, 'Come on. Come on.' But he's saying, 'Pick up your guitar. Pick up your guitar,' because he knew what was going on. And I feel horrible about it. But it was just a bad situation at that time… It was terrible because he was so nice during that time and all that stuff. I was in such a weird place, and it was just a bad time. I don't even remember it happening. It was just terrible."

So... Addams mentioning John 5 in this context is again just pulled from public information. If Manson "abused" John 5 because of that infamous video clip, it's again a very interesting example of cherry picking stuff to fit your own narrative because well, wait till you watch this video of Manson pushing Jeordie and hitting him with a mic stand on stage. Considering that JOJ was also known for their shocking stage shows, this kind of intentional misrepresenting is incredibly hypocritical.


And Jennifer Syme:

She died in a car crash, allegedly caused by consumption of alcohol and drugs. This death was after leaving a party that she attended at Marilyn Manson's house. Marilyn Manson was blamed for her death but was not found to have influenced it.

Had Manson actually been at fault in Jennifer's death, it would then be very weird to look at Jessicka's old 2000's website, where she brags about association and friendship to Marilyn Manson while mentioning Jennifer Syme as an inspiration, this all after her death?

What are the basic inspirations of Scarling?
J:Right now- here are the who's and what's that inspire me- Crispin Glover, Mark Ryden, Roman Dirge, things that go crash in the dark, LOVE, fashionista, lemons, Sigur Ros, Charlie White, John Waters, blue pills, Robert Smith, Pink Floyd, Alexander (respectively), 3rd degree burns, Kevin Shields, BRMC, the chelsea, natasha lyonne, tweaker, LA., tragic opportunists, Jennifer Syme, THE MOVIE STORYTELLING, director Todd Solondz, and daytime television (unfortunately).

So more public info being twisted when convenient to the Addams, they sure like doing this.

More of Jessicka accusing Manson of several different things:

So, then, Jeordie was fired/left from Marilyn Manson and Jessicka backtracked, editing out all the bad things said of Manson and deleting tweets and comments. But a twitter user reporting on abuse claims about Marilyn Manson had already picked up her story. And Jessicka wanted her claims taken down.

If the things she said were true, why would they become outdated? This just means that her whole intention with her claims towards Marilyn Manson was to get Jeordie fired from the band and nothing else. How does a claim like "hit at least 3 of his girlfriends" and "is inappropriate with young female fans" "underage girls" "pedophile tendencies" become outdated after Jessicka gets what she wants? It's very clear from here that despite her activism, she doesn't care about anything but herself. And that she is someone who will make serious claims about other people to get what she wants.

And if her claims about Marilyn Manson weren't true after all, how can we trust her claims about Jeordie either? And what does this look like in the context of the recent Marilyn Manson allegations that she has pretty much just been using to try and gain attention for her claims about Jeordie, she hasn't repeated her claims about Manson, more so, as you can read on the next page on Jeordie's departure, she seems to be trying to enforce a false belief that a minority of fans have, that Jeordie has turned against Manson?

Then, apparently inspired by Jessicka's claims towards Marilyn Manson, another woman came forward with claims about Manson. Lexa Vonn, a fashion designer, also known from her 90's band Ophelia Rising, made charges of sexual battery towards Marilyn Manson around the same time of Jessicka's allegations towards Jeordie. Since then, nothing has really been heard from of what happened with these charges, did this go anywhere.

Jessicka, however, for some reason suddenly didn't like this, even though her mission seemed to be to expose Marilyn Manson just moments before. She began attacking Lexa Vonn on social media, saying she's lying, needs a good therapist and that she "only pollutes the waters for the real survivors." Believe all women isn't that right Jessicka?

Lexa Vonn responded, and implied there had been a deal made between Marilyn and Jessicka:

This really made people speculate. What kind of deal was it, if there was one?

Some thought that Jessicka and Manson both knew things about each other that they didn't want public. Did Manson know something about Jessicka that made her backtrack and try to conceal her attack towards Manson in fear of it getting out? Did Jessicka know something about Manson that got Manson "firing" Jeordie in fear of this something getting public? But again, there were multiple other reasons behind Jeordie's departure from the band, Jessicka didn't seem to have as much of an influence as the media would like you to think. 

Is Lexa Vonn making this up because she thought Jessicka would support her going against Manson but she didn't after all and she's afraid of the backlash and disappointed, trying to divert some of the attention towards Jessicka? It could be just that. Haven't followed Lexa Vonn's career, can't judge on her character too much, but it really could just be a "I thought we were in this together!!" sort of a thing.

Jessicka then responded to these claims, stating that there was no deal made between her and Manson:

I believe that part to be true. But "I have no dirt on him" after all THAT? She admits her claims were false!

Considering the way Jessicka seemed to want to be Manson's sidekick in the place of Jeordie, as could be seen on the Jessicka & Manson part 1 page, and how it only really seemed to matter to Jessicka that Jeordie played in Marilyn Manson while she didn't really care or mention at all what he was up to when he didn't, it seems that she only wanted Jeordie out of Marilyn Manson. When that happened, she was satisfied. And she needed Manson to be a "good guy" in the public opinion so that the weight of him firing Jeordie from the band would work as a confirmatory point for her allegations against Jeordie.

Even in the more recent Marilyn Manson allegations, she has not very loudly gone after Manson as one might expect, more so, she's just used the Manson discussion as a reason to bring attention to her claims about Jeordie. This wasn't about anything else than Manson choosing her over Jeordie. 

At the same time, as you can read on the next, Manson & Jeordie page, Manson's actual behavior seems more like he's kind of just giving Jessicka what she wants for now so that she'll leave Jeordie alone. The allegations seemed to just come at a time where there were other issues at hand, and Manson actually never stated he'd fired Jeordie BECAUSE of what Jessicka had said. 

In this very twitlonger post she's now switched to the narrative that Manson believed her on the spot, which doesn't match what she was doing earlier, which was going after Manson publicly because he was defending Jeordie privately.

Lexa Vonn, as someone accusing Marilyn Manson and being attacked by Jessicka, who's calling her a liar, has a clear motive to discredit both of them and imply a background deal so that she herself looks like the most honest one out of the three, 

As for everything else:


Jeordie's cousin's comment is included on the Nightmares? page. I don't think her being angry about these allegations actually disproves what she said at all, maybe she just saw the harassment, some more of the harassment, maybe got some of it herself and thought to keep quiet about it so that Jeordie would be left the fuck alone a bit faster. 

Also, yet again it's left out and ignored that she toured with Marilyn Manson literally weeks after the alleged rape, as Jack Off Jill opened for Manson on the POAAF tour on the Florida dates in December 1994, this tour she used to mention literally everywhere because she got arrested and it was very memorabe. Those mentions on the Allegations against Jessicka page

At that point Jack Off Jill had not been even signed to Risk Records yet and therefore they were not "in a bad position because of their record company". At this point, in 1994, JOJ was releasing cassettes and 7'' singles through Jessicka's own independent label called Rectum Records. JOJ also opened for Manson with the witness Pete's band Notch Above Kafka in summer 1995, still yet to be signed to Risk. It's just easy to explain things with a label that went defunct 20+ years ago that is conveniently left unnamed...

As for Jessicka's twitter account being hacked, that is most likely a lie, she has done this many times. Here's for example her using her twitter account to claim she has lost access to her twitter account. How would she tweet this if she'd been locked out of this account?


"LAPD has bigger issues than my hacked DMs" sounds hilarious because she claims she's gone to the cops about seeing a death threat in my instagram stories and that detectives are monitoring my accounts daily. Why would I send a death threat to her in my instagram story when we've blocked each other and she wouldn't be supposed to see it? Of course no screenshot and not a single one of my 600+ followers have seen that "threat" because it never happened. 

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