So, on this page we're looking at what happened between Jessicka and Marilyn Manson before Jeordie was set aside from the band. 

Before the allegations came out, (Jessicka did make many posts on Jack Off Jill's facebook about Jeordie before the media picked the story up, but they were deleted fast and little screenshots exist. Many people remember seeing these, though), Jessicka was attacking Marilyn Manson and alleging all kinds of things about him. 

Jessicka's attack on Marilyn Manson

So, there's a lot about Marilyn Manson and how he's a horrible person suddenly. This post still exists on Jack Off Jill's facebook page, but it has been edited a LOT. This all is pretty interesting considering that Jessicka was totally fine being friends with members of Mindless Self Indulgence, while well aware of their "n word" lyrics and racism, problematic behavior on general. (Lyrics like "5 year old panty shot", Lynz pretending to be indian for social justice points on twitter, and well yeah the latest thing with Jimmy Urine...)

First of all, this part about not having supported Marilyn Manson in 16 years is not true. Read that page here. Jessicka was an obvious supporter of Marilyn Manson through the years.

So, why was this edited, what happened?

Jessicka was loudly attacking Marilyn Manson and Jeordie too. And while a lot of fans thought Marilyn didn't defend Jeordie at all and for some, this was the reason to believe the allegations about Jeordie and some on the other hand were disappointed and angry about his lack of support for Jeordie, it wasn't the case. 

Apparently, in a private facebook group called Sparke In Darkness, Jessicksa claimed to have received texts from Marilyn Manson, defending Jeordie and calling her "a bowel movement who slept with everyone in my band." 

A screenshot of a post that seems to be a response to Manson's claims exists.

As no one has been able to provide screenshots of such texts existing, no one can really know if they really happened of not or if this was just a claim made by Jessicka. But as this "slept with eveyone in the band" was already a discussion earlier when Jessicka was referred to as a groupie in Manson's biography, it could mean a few things:

Jessicka wants to make Marilyn Manson look bad by claiming he doesn't care about her experiences.

Marilyn Manson actually thinks this way and actually defended Jeordie in these texts.

Who knows. Also, in the same group, Jessicka's husband Christian claimed to know that Manson had abused literally everyone he'd worked with and was calling them "threatening".

So alright,they're trying to make Marilyn Manson look like a total douchebag who treats everyone like shit. But while claiming so, that he's attacking them for accusing Jeordie, they're implying that someone who was there at the time doesn't agree with Jessicka's story. They're implying that Marilyn Manson, a close friend of both Jessicka and Jeordie at the time, is defending Jeordie?

This, combined with the "I asked Marilyn Manson not to go into detail about our relationship" thing, really makes you think?

Also I will have to note that out of the people Christian mentioned; Dita has come out with a statement saying Manson has not abused her:


To those who have expressed your concerns of my well-being, I appreciate your kindness.

"Please know that the details made public do not match my personal experience during our seven years together as a couple. Had they, I would not have married him in December 2005.

Tim Skold has expressed support to Manson to this day and has appeared with him in recent photos on his social media. Jennifer Syme is dead, Brad is dead and he did make up his issues with Manson before his death, Scott is dead. What is it with the Addams and always using dead people as witnesses to their claims. When did John 5 ever say shit about Manson? Who even are some of these people?

The "John 5 situation" most likely is a video of Manson and John5 fighting on stage that has always been sort of misunderstood and taken out of context as Manson being "abusive" but John 5 has since explained his side of the story and according to him it was not a case of Manson being violent at all, more so, it was John himself acting out due to lack of sleep as he was grieving the loss of his sister.

"So anyways, fast forward to the show. Now, what Manson did, that happened all the time. He didn't do anything wrong. I just snapped. It was weird. I went nuts. I didn't even remember. I just snapped. And I feel terrible watching it now because it really was my fault. You can't really hear what he's saying, obviously, but he's saying, 'Pick up your guitar.' 'Cause it looks like he's going, 'Come on. Come on.' But he's saying, 'Pick up your guitar. Pick up your guitar,' because he knew what was going on. And I feel horrible about it. But it was just a bad situation at that time… It was terrible because he was so nice during that time and all that stuff. I was in such a weird place, and it was just a bad time. I don't even remember it happening. It was just terrible."

So... Addams mentioning John 5 in this context is again just pulled from public information. If Manson "abused" John 5 because of that infamous video clip, it's again a very interesting example of cherry picking stuff to fit your own narrative because well, wait till you watch this video of Manson pushing Jeordie and hitting him with a mic stand on stage. Considering that JOJ was also known for their shocking stage shows, this kind of intentional misrepresenting is incredibly hypocritical.


And Jennifer Syme:

She died in a car crash, allegedly caused by consumption of alcohol and drugs. This death was after leaving a party that she attended at Marilyn Manson's house. Marilyn Manson was blamed for her death but was not found to have influenced it.

So more public info being twisted when convenient to the Addams, they sure like doing this.

So, then, Jeordie was fired/left from Marilyn Manson and Jessicka backtracked, editing out all the bad things said of Manson and deleting tweets and comments. But a twitter user reporting on abuse claims about Marilyn Manson had already picked up her story. And Jessicka wanted her claims taken down.

If the things she said were true, why would they become outdated? This just means that her whole intention with her claims towards Marilyn Manson was to get Jeordie fired from the band and nothing else. How does a claim like "hit at least 3 of his girlfriends" and "is inappropriate with young female fans" become outdated after Jessicka gets what she wants? It's very clear from here that despite her activism, she doesn't care about anything but herself. 

And if her claims about Marilyn Manson weren't true after all, how can we trust her claims about Jeordie either?

Then, apparently inspired by Jessicka's claims towards Marilyn Manson, another woman came forward with claims about Manson. Lexa Vonn, a fashion designer, also known from her 90's band Ophelia Rising, made charges of sexual battery towards Marilyn Manson around the same time of Jessicka's allegations towards Jeordie.

Jessicka, however, for some reason suddenly didn't like this, even though her mission seemed to be to expose Marilyn Manson just moments before. She began attacking Lexa Vonn on social media, saying she's lying, needs a good therapist and that she "only pollutes the waters for the real survivors."

Lexa Vonn responded, and implied there had been a deal made between Marilyn and Jessicka:

This really made people speculate. What kind of deal was it, if there was one?

Some thought that Jessicka and Manson both knew things about each other that they didn't want public. Did Manson know something about Jessicka that made her backtrack and try to conceal her attack towards Manson in fear of it getting out? Did Jessicka know something about Manson that got Manson "firing" Jeordie in fear of this something getting public? But again, there were multiple other reasons behind Jeordie's departure from the band, Jessicka didn't seem to have as much of an influence as the media would like you to think. 

Is Lexa Vonn making this up because she thought Jessicka would support her going against Manson but she didn't after all and she's afraid of the backlash and disappointed, trying to divert some of the attention towards Jessicka? It could be just that. Haven't followed Lexa Vonn's career, can't judge on her character too much, but it really could just be a "I thought we were in this together!!" sort of a thing.

Maybe Jessicka backtracked on her claims towards Manson simply because she got what she wanted and didn't want to deal with more hate and also JOJ and Manson share a lot of fans so maybe this backtracking was also a bit of damage control. She responded to the claims about the deal by stating in a twitlonger post that she did not strike a deal with Manson.

But as discussed before, Manson did not specifically say he fired Jeordie. I also very highly doubt that Marilyn would have just taken Jessicka's word like that, after having been friends with Jeordie forever? Manson has been accused, and still is accused, of literally everything possible by now, he would not just take Jessicka's word after knowing Jeordie for decades, by his experience he probably wouldn't just go "Fuck him bye!" 

Like just imagine Marilyn Manson believing the "stolen dress" claim for example? Imagine Manson believing "Manson renamed him Twiggy Ramirez" when Manson was there, Manson sat with him in the interviews, Manson was probably there when Jeordie came up with that name...

This "Jessicka has so much dirt on Manson they totally made a deal..." Highly doubt that Marilyn Manson would be afraid of Jessicka enough for her to be able to extort him into firing Jeordie. C'mon. She's already pulled the nazi and racist cards, she was already grasping at straws right there. What else could she possibly have.

It just looks like the deal claim is just a way to imply Jessicka's intentions were all about herself and she's not really in this to expose or fight anything, only to get back at Jeordie, and Lexa said the claim thing out of disappointment or genuinely thought Jessicka made a deal with Manson, because the backtracking came out of nowhere.

And also, Jessicka's backtracking and deleting her claims against Manson makes the situation, to someone who hasn't followed it closely, look like only her statement about Jeordie made Manson immediately fire Jeordie and she had a massive impact with a single statement, as if it was so credible and so true that not even Marilyn Manson could doubt it. 

Maybe she just wanted to attack Jeordie and not Manson as much, because even though Jack Off Jill is so "removed from all affiliation" to Marilyn Manson, they still do benefit from the connection and the bands share fans. Could explain why in 2021, Jessicka did not loudly attack Manson with Evan Rachel Wood and the rest, even though by her earlier behavior it would have been expected. She made pretty vague posts on twitter and only reminded the public about her statement on Jeordie. 

But there's this statement from Marilyn Manson, that made many believe that he indeed believed Jessicka:

"I knew Jessicka and Jeordie had a romantic relationship many years ago and I considered and still consider Jessicka to be a friend. I knew nothing about these allegations until very recently and am saddened by Jessicka's obvious distress."


It sure looks like Marilyn Manson took her side, understandably many took it as "Manson confirmed Jessicka's statement!" but:


If Marilyn Manson says he "considers Jessicka a friend" after Jessicka has loudly been claiming she hasn't supported him and wants no association to him at all, what does it look like then? Jessicka has been a supporter of Manson despite claiming she hasnt, so was Manson not aware of Jessicka absolutely hating him suddenly? Was this attack on Manson just an act? Usually when a friendship ends, both friends know about it... It's just this "Oh you guys are friends now huh?" for everyone who's seen her attacks on Marilyn Manson. 

What about the "I knew nothing about these allegations" part? Considering that Manson was close friends with both Jessicka and Jeordie at the time of this alleged abusive relationship, it really is kind of very confusing that he says he didn't know, because he was there. He absolutely knew about what was going on, Jessicka herself said that she asked Manson to leave her and Jeordie's relationship out of LHROOH, and the way she is portrayed in the book is more making fun of her than compassionate, so maybe it was in fact her who was a pain to deal with. Manson would know both sides of the story absolutely as he was best friends with Jeordie too. It's kind of a "I don't know what you're talking about" isn't it. 


And we're not talking about just a rape allegation, we're talking about someone claiming Jeordie was acting batshit crazy in a way that would not be unnoticed by people around them. This seems to be forgotten often. I'm saying from experience, that had Jeordie really been the kind of guy who jumps off a bridge out of jealousy, people would have absolutely known and talked about it, and his behavior would have affected the band. I speak from experience I have been "Pete" once. Jessicka herself says everyone was aware. Manson saying he doesn't know is him denying it.

It's also pretty hard to believe he didn't know anything about these allegations, as, those who have followed this case know, Jessicka has made and deleted and made and deleted multiple statements on Facebook since like 2015. These people share friends. The first time I heard of these allegations was a Jack Off Jill Facebook post that was just "Jeordie is a rapist" and it was deleted like two hours later. 

"I am saddened by her obvious distress" could be more a "I'm disappointed and wonder why you need to do this, I feel bad for you, you're putting yourself in a bad place, I'm saddened that you're mentally in a place like this, so unhappy with your own life and yourself that you feel this would help."

Essentially, Manson hugs her but when his face isn't visible to her he winks and smiles to Jeordie. He denies everything she's said while appearing compassionate. 

Make your own conclusions, but it's a press statement where he was trying to look good so that the media circus would end fast, probably, since, as already discussed, there was a LOT going on in both of their lives. 

It's just hard to believe Marilyn Manson would believe Jessicka's statement because it doesn't make sense and whatever Manson says will not make it make any more sense. 

And don't you think that Marilyn Manson would have said something a lot worse if the claims Jessicka made were true? 

All this being said, his reaction caused the fanbase to largely turn their backs to Jeordie and bully the fans who tried to defend Jeordie. Even I felt Manson didn't do enough, I was very angry, but the recent drama has made me rethink. And even though I was angry at Manson, I don't see it making sense that someone who made it through being blamed for Columbine would betray his best friend over a metoo hashtag in fear of being called a rape apologist. 

If he did, then karma is a bitch and enjoy the ride, he should apologize absolutely, but I don't think it makes sense that he did.