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Proofs of the identity theft

As Jessicka's husband Christian found out about this site and the social media profiles, he provided me some proof for their claims. Let's look at that. 

So, as I said, had the style been completely and directly stolen from Jessicka, there should be a lot of pictures with Jessicka wearing the exactly same looking dress as the "90's Twiggy" dresses. She has had time since the 90's to provide a picture of herself wearing that exact dress, but she hasn't been able to. Now, after reading all my pages on why I don't believe Jeordie stole anything, look at the proof they provided me with. 

So, Christian tweeted to me an ebay link to a Jack Off Jill album, which would contain sleevenotes by Marilyn Manson that said Jeordie took his style directly from Jessicka. And I'll get to that in a minute, but see, the link was expired. And Christian was nice enough to provide me with a new one. 

The ebay link expired. Why would you have an expired ebay link saved somewhere. Do you have a "sources" list for your own claims? Who is the "fan detective" here? 

As you've read the pages, I have listed MULTIPLE sources that support my opinion on this. The Addams have an online record store link. Truly, I am speechless. I am the one who only has the internet for reference, what the Addams SHOULD HAVE would be far more than one ebay link to an album sleevenote.


And!!!!!! Jessicka claimed she hasn't supported Marilyn Manson since 2001 but this album Christian now linked me for proof was released in 2006 with sleevenotes from Marilyn Manson. Are you kidding me?


And it gets even better when we read the sleevenote. With help of Christian's highlighting. 

"Jessicka came off like a Goth-rock Paula Abdul who borrowed some of her style from the then-trendy riot grrls and threw in a dash of blood, glitter, morbid humor, little girl charm, and Boy George-meets-Lydia Lunch, making it her signature kinder Goth look all her own. Of course, she added a few of satan's recommendations in the overall "how-to-get-ugly-and-be-hated-overnight" routine that I had mastered effortessly. (It was a look that would then in turn be borrowed by her ex boyfriend and my former bass player, who at the time was still doing headspins in a Metallica cover band)"

Okay, firstly: At the time Jessicka created her own style and formed Jack Off Jill, Jeordie played in Amboog A Lard, which was NOT a Metallica coverband. 

Now, what did I say about the sources list and the expired ebay link? This is pretty much exactly the "Jeordie overnight went from dressing like he was in Metallica to wearing dresses and makeup in Marilyn Manson", which I already have disproven for you. 

Did you actually need sources to write your own claim? Did you base the claim on this album booklet? See "overnight, Metallica" hmm. Was the ebay link in your browser tabs like "This can be used when they ask for proof!" Seriously? That's what it looks like.

And then. See how the word borrowed is used twice. Jessicka borrowed a look that would then in turn be borrowed. It implies that the borrowing was similar on the second time, it could be rephrased like this: "Jeordie borrowed, just like Jessicka borrowed." She did not originate the look. She took influence from Riot Grrrl and added in her own touch. Same as Jeordie did, and I have multiple pages of information backing up that he did not COPY the look. 

Okay, Marilyn Manson "said so" and I also remember that Olivia Newton-Bundy said Jeordie "took the look from Jessicka" in the Demystifying the Devil documentary. (If you use that as a source I will have to remind that Jessicka herself trashed that documentary on her site, calling it an "atrocity, demystifying the debil" so even she doesn't see it as a very good source.)

However I have listed in this whole section about this "Stolen Identity" claim multiple reasons why Jeordie did not copy her. He might have been influenced by her among other women to dress in the Kinderwhore style but Jessicka did not originate it and Jeordie's way of doing the look was very obviously inspired by Twiggy and many others too. (and he had the dreadlocks first too so the combination of dress and dreads was not from her, Jessicka wore extensions) the point is that Jessicka claims his look was STOLEN AND COPIED from her ONLY and it's very obviously not true, the dresses were not the same. The same way it could be said that Jessicka ripped off Babes in Toyland or Switchblade Symphony. 

But why would Manson and Olivia say it was borrowed from her? Simple: It may have looked like that and especially considering the attitudes of the time period of the early 90's, comments like "Haha he's wearing his girlfriend's clothes!" would be completely expected. No one is denying that they looked similar. 

Also, a far better source would be a Jack Off Jill member speaking? How about Michelle Inhell around the time of the 2015 reunion and Jessicka's AP interview. Michelle said in this interview, that Jessicka and Jeordie's styles were developed at the same time as the bands were friends and practicing close to each other and then when Jeordie "took off", there was envy towards him because "he had more money to buy makeup and outifts and we didn't, we were just dragging the same old shit around." According to her it wasn't Jeordie stealing from her, but Manson as a whole getting more credit for similar ideas and Jack Off Jill being seen as something he'd created. (Which, he didn't create JOJ, that we all can agree on, JOJ was their own thing and it's unfortunate it was "overshadowed" like that) 

One would think that even Jessicka's band member would agree with her but doesn't seem like it. Michelle doesn't sound like she has anything bad to say about Jeordie in general, "I know Jeordie since high school" etc.

Do her bandmembers think her narrative is false? 

Well, then, Christian said that Jessicka gives all credit to those who came up with Riot Grrl. 

True. She never said she invented Riot Grrrl. But. It cannot be stolen from her if she didn't come up with it. She credits Kat Bjelland and Lori Barbero. But then she wants credit when someone else dresses in Kinderwhore and acts like some sort of an authority on who gets to wear it. 


Well, Jeordie credits Twiggy, Carol Channing, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, and all of those are enough to explain where his style came from and the influences are obvious. 

That is literally it. Jessicka THINKS Jeordie's style came from her but it's not true. One ebay link vs multiple sources of infortmation and loads of photos. Okay. 

And well to address one thing about the first tweet lastly. "Jeordie never denied it." He did. If you can comprehend the text that you read, he did deny it. He said he does not condone that type of behavior. It was even in the headlines as "Denies allegations". His response was clearly thought through and "read between the lines" intentionally, because: Do you expect me to believe that this would have ended with him just saying "I didn't do that."? Had he said so, you would have been screaming about how "He called Jessicka a liar!!!! Of course he'd deny it he doesn't want to take responsibility of his actions!!!" What else should he have said? He didn't admit to it either, this whole "He never denied any of it" is such a stupid point and it shows how you have nothing to back your claims up.

You see what you want to see, clearly. 

This is just so funny honestly considering that this album sleevenote as a source is really nothing better than this: I remember seeing a magazine clipping from Metal Hammer or Kerrang! where it's said that Jeordie has been spotted backstage with his mom and "It's clear where the influence has come, as mama Ramirez is seen walking backstage wearing a pink dress and combat boots, hope she didn't influence the vomiting on demand thing too".  It's somewhere in my files I could find it but honestly I don't care enough to bother. 

But just as well I could make a huge point about "It's clearly said right here that his mom was the one and only source of inspiration and the look was taken directly from her, how dare you imply anything otherwise you dress theft apologist." 

I'm tired. I mean at the same time it's not enough proof in the Addams opinion that Jessicka has admitted to the whole stripping underage boys on stage on numerous occasions and anyone talking about it is a liar. The hypocrisy is so obvious that I'm wondering how the fuck anyone ever took any of this bullshit seriously. 

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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