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Now on this page, let's take a look at the other accounts that along with Jessicka, partake in the Jeordie discussion as well as spreading false information. Jessicka's band accounts; Scarling, Jack Off Jill, as well as her art/merch shop account House Of Addams seem to be all run by the same person. The writing style is very similar. They all retweet Jessicka's content no matter what she says, they all take part in the Jeordie discussion fairly aggressively. Same goes for Jessicka's husband's account. Jessicka says that these pages are not run by her, but they are run by "admins". This, on a closer look, seems to be a complete lie. 

This has been noticed by many in the online discussions, in whatever drama she has been tangled into. The Jeordie situation is not the only war she has been taking part in. She forgets to switch accounts while angrily tweeting, and people have managed to screenshot this behavior. 

This has been also noted by an ex close friend of Jessicka's, Lynz Way. I will say here though, that as there has been such a big and loud public falling out between Jessicka and Lynz, where both have acted very shadily, Lynz could have a motive to lie about this, so by itself it isn't that "conclusive" as I don't find Lynz to be a very credible person, she has lied a lot too. But she is a former friend of Jessicka's and her words in this context might be true. Just saying that her word alone isn't enough. 

Have to thank lynzuglyliar for a lot of these screenshots and also, on their tumblr it's gone through further that Jessicka additionally runs/ran accounts called FeminismCat and CourtneyThug

But there's more to this:

Let's talk about the JOJ_Official account.

Here's a good example. In response to someone accusing Jessicka of racism, the JOJ_official twitter account responded by providing a screenshot of Jessicka's twitter profile, which included the BLM hashtag in the bio. Not only is tagging BLM not a point that would prove someone "isn't racist", one can simply put it in there to appear antiracist, and someone supporting BLM can still have racist attitudes to unlearn. But that's not even the point why this is interesting. See for yourself, why does the Jack Off Jill band account run by admins have access to Jessicka's login? Why do they have the "edit profile" feature visible? It's only visible for the person who's logged in to that account...

Then, in 2019, there was an argument in the comment section of a photo Jack Off Jill had posted on instagram. The photo was an artwork with the text "J is for Jack Off Jill" but an original member, Tenni Ah Cha Cha, had been left out of the artwork, which then sparked this argument, and "not Jessicka" Jack Off JIll account deleting the comments of band members Tenni and Michelle as they were commenting.In this argument, even members of Jack Off Jill were commenting to the band account, and stating that Jessicka is using it to air her dirty laundry. Are Jack Off Jill's other members excluded from updating the band's social media? 

"Even in your lies and manipulation of history" is very interesting too.


(I would be very interested in talking to the other members of Jack Off Jill. As I have stated on social media, I'm actually a fan of the band and I do find it such a shame that the band's history and image has been hijacked this way to only be about trashing Jeordie, when in reality it was so much more. I would be interested in hearing the other members' perspective in both the Jeordie case but also the band's history.)

And here is a situation where someone's forgotten to switch account... Jack Off Jill account is tweeting what's supposed to be tweeted by Jessicka's husband's account... So she has access to her husband's accounts? Isn't that a bit umm.. That does add an interesting tone to the whole situation with "Christian" trying to guilttrip me into stopping this site project.  I did respond to it seemingly assuming it's actually Christian but I doubted from the start that it's him at all.

Then there's just the partaking in the Jeordie discussion to start with, anyway. Okay. Here's "Christian" telling me that even mentioning this is "triggering and retraumatizing."

This is pretty interesting. Now remember that we should stop discussing this as this is retraumatizing... Well, in a private facebook group called Sparkle In Darkness, an earlier Jeordie investigation page was "hilarious" - I wonder what changed? Is a typo really all that it takes to make a "retraumatizing" topic hilarious? And just the fact that both Jessicka and Christian seem to be run by her... Uhh.

Helen Storer typo'd as Stoner, well, that is a pretty funny typo, I'll give her that, but it's yet again an example of getting stuck on something irrelevant to bring attention away from what the person was actually saying. Lowercase r and n do look similar it is an easy mistake to make, what if the person posting on tumblr wasn't a native speaker of English? Stoner would be easier to pronounce than Storer,  might genuinely have been a situation where they though that's how it was written, especially as "Stoner" is a more common word. You can laugh at a typo that's fine but that doesn't mean the person who'd made the type didn't have anything valuable to say or that their findings weren't interesting. In fact, the Helen Storer situation is a pretty interesting one and tells a lot about Jessicka's behavior overall, not only that, but it was, after all, Jessicka going after, -harassing and lying about, a Jack Off Jill member and an ex of Jeordie's for supporting Jeordie - which does contradict Jessicka's story. But yeah, do concentrate on the typo.

But hey, if Jessicka is triggered by this topic, I wonder how her band Jack Off Jill as well as her other page House Of Addams handles this? I mean she follows the accounts and the hashtags so they might want to keep the drama out of it? Only... They just keep going at it, tweet threads upon tweet threads, going after fans.... 

Let me ask, what kind of a "page admin" first of all would post their personal opinions on said page when they're given the responsibility of running someone else's platform? A page admin, out of respect for the seriousness of the topic, would stay out of this kind of angry discussion, as well as just for the reason of keeping the account's appearance professional looking, so that for those interested in the business aspect of it, it's more pleasant to keep up with. Jessicka's personal account on the other hand would be more so a place for her to let out whatever she thinks. But this is ridiculous. 

A "page admin" would respect this "being triggered" situation.

A "page admin" being anonymous would not share their personal opinions on such topics as the profile is not for them, but the person they're running it for. This is fairly obviously Jessicka using all of these accounts to keep up this discussion. 

JOJ tweet discussed on the Can't Remember? page, the Jessicka's emails page as well as the JOJ lyrics page

The houseofaddams tweet discussed on the Manson & Jeordie page.

Also, when "Christian" started tweeting at me in November 2021, I decided to block him, Jessicka and all these other accounts because my intention was not to confront them about this at all and I wasn't looking for an argument. And I was told the subject is triggering, so, I thought, if Jessicka wants no part in this discussion either, then maybe for all involved it's better if I just block her so she won't see any of my posts in her timeline if she follows any related hashtags. I did soon after unblock to see if they too had blocked me. They all had. 

But then, in March 2022, months later, Jessicka started making false claims about me threatening her. That she'd "seen" a death threat in my instagram story and notified the authorities. She had screenshots of my posts and comments left by my followers. Only - she wasn't supposed to be watching? We had blocked each other? Why would I have even put a death threat in an instagram story I've blocked her from seeing? What purpose would that serve? And despite blocking me in November at the same time as "Christian", she then months later acted as if she'd only just discovered my accounts.

Very close friend? Is this a new approach because I blocked her "husband" ? Again, I cannot say for sure that this was her, but I don't have many options, and the approach is very similar to the other accounts she's behind of; seeking out this discussion and angrily going after people, calling them misogynists, rape apologists, all kinds of things, fixating on whether or not Jeordie's a member of Marilyn Manson.  I hope for Jessicka that this is just a random person, because this kind of threats, even from a "close friend", this kind of harassing comments "from her side" don't exactly help her case at all. And the issue is, she has been caught with these accounts that she claims not to run, (and I've "kept creating numerous accounts"  - "attempted to reach out" to her, lol, my "policy" in this is that I do not reach out to either party because I don't want to bother them, I still have blocked Jessicka and all her accounts. And by not reaching out to either party I mean that I do not attempt to contact bandmembers or family, close friends etc not Jeordie's not Jessicka's.) - it's not a stretch to assume something like this was coming from her. But yet again - I'm not saying this was her, but I wouldn't be surprised it it was. 

It is also interesting how this person feels the need to bring up that they don't hate LGBT people, when I called Jessicka out for being transphobic in my response to her false stories about me.... Why would this "close friend" need to bring that up if no one had accused them of anti LGBT behavior? Why did this person need to get defensive about that, when none of the posts he responded to has anything to do with me being trans? 

Also getting so defensive about me pointing out that Jessicka keeps a close watch, then saying I'm "obsessed with" "Mr. White's" life and love life. (I'll have to admit I posted a lot of Breaking Bad references on that day lol.... Mr White.... Mike... who'll be the next one to approach me? Her cousin Jesse?) Why would this person need to get defensive about that? If Jessicka wasn't keeping up? 

The funny thing is, most of the info about Jeordie's dating life on this site has been something that others have helped me with, in pointing things out, because I actually don't really care who he's dating or has been dating. In this project there was a lot of catching up to do for example in things related to Laney, because I literally did not pay attention to her nor did I really follow her on social media when she was still with Jeordie. I didn't care, I'm a fan of Jeordie and as far as I'm concerned, I'm happy if he's happy and that's it. If I was an obsessed stan who thought I was the right one for him and he just won't get it , I'd probably be trash talking his current and ex girlfriends but I'm not doing that, I'm - yeah in that post I was defending his girlfriend and pointing out that she's getting a lot of disrespect she doesn't deserve.

And in essence what this person threatened me with was "making horrid statements" so what, they're going to lie about me to prove somehow that she's not a liar? Oh that sounds familiar... Interestingly right after she'd done that very thing; lie about me in her fabricated stalker story, and this "closse friend" encounter was after I called her out on it.  All of this is just projection and accusing me of things Jessicka is doing herself.  Like making multiple profiles. Lol.

Also Mike thinks I'm anonymous when that's a narrative Jessicka came up with? I never really was since she could post my pictures in her stalker story tweets. I just keep my personal life separate I'm not exactly hiding, I just don't think who I am is relevant. This "anonymity is cowardice" is a constant point from Jessicka towards anyone criticizing her and she makes it because she's mad she can't attack those people personally, - I mean the moment she had a photo of my face she made up a whole story around it.

Another one I'd like to mention is that at the time of Jessicka's accusations going viral, Jeordie's Hour Of Goon podcast as well as his friend Fred Sablan, whom he ran the podcast with, was getting tweets from weird accounts, demanding "denounce Jeordie White"

This account, for example, has the kind of an username that twitter suggests if you can't come up with a nickname. This account followed stuff like politicians, airlines, sports people, the kind of people you're suggested to follow when joining twitter, before you're allowed to go further, you have to follow a few accounts. This account was made in October 2017, a few days after Jessicka's allegations, seemingly only for the purpose of tagging Fred in tweets demanding him to disassociate from Jeordie.

Who would bother to make a throwaway account for this purpose? It's usually those that are actually following the drama on social media closely that are invested enough in it to comment more on it... But they are usually standing behind their words, on their account that they generally use. Unless someone... Wanted to make it seem like there was more people holding a certain opinion than there actually was.... Whether this is Jessicka or not, it's still interesting. Might also want to note here that this was on October 27th 2017 that this person was demanding Fred to denounce Jeordie. He'd already been fired from Marilyn Manson at that point and anyone who had a strong opinion on the issue had already expressed it. Hour Of Goon was largely a Jeordie fan thing, a lot of Marilyn Manson fans had no idea it even was a thing.


This person making these tweets was someone who had a specific interest in Jeordie, someone to whom being fired from Marilyn Manson was not enough. Someone who keeps up closely despite hating him. Someone who gives a shit about whether or not Fred Sablan supports Jeordie or not. I mean, Fred is not exactly a central person in this drama in any other way than through being a friend of Jeordie's. He's not a band leader, he's not someone I would even expect a reaction from. Who could that be. Who else would care this much.

It really seems that she likes to stir this discussion up with "accounts run by admins" and then act as if she's being attacked. I have been told of cases like, the JOJ_official page starting a riot below a tweet that is years old as if it was recent, etc. 

Then there's this interesting choice of word: Super fan.

This whole Jeordie case is the first time I really came across people being called "superfan". You don't see that often? It's not a common "insult" to supporters of someone accused of abuse. Why is it that all these accounts associated with Jessicka use it so often? And pretty much just them? Almost as though it's the same person writing these tweets? 

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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