The Jessicka vs Helen Storer drama

Thought this could have it's own page since there's so much to say here and it's easier to refer to this page with a link. 

Helen Storer played guitar for Jack Off Jill in 2000 and later returned to the lineup at the 2015 reunion shows as a bass player, replacing founding bass player Robin Moulder. 

What ties Helen into this Jessicka and Jeordie drama is the fact that apparently she had a brief relationship with Jeordie in 1996 and at the time of Jessicka's allegations, she appeared to support Jeordie, which caused Jessicka to go after her on social media, calling her a rape apologist. 

Unknown JOJ facts about Hellen Storer (archived JOJ website from the early 2000's):

Hellen is represented by the blonde girl riding the pink rabbit on the cover of the album Clear Hearts Grey Flowers painted by Mark Ryden. Hellen and Jessicka were going to start a band together after the demise of JOJ but due to unforeseen geographical differences they never got a chance. Jessicka and Hellen both dated Twiggy Ramirez. They met at a bar in Florida called Squeeze when he tried to insight a cat fight between them. He never got his cat fight quite the opposite. They remain very good friends.


So, after Jessicka's allegations, Helen was seen commenting support on Jeordie's girlfriend Michelle's instagram post that was quite obviously made towards Jessicka:

Helen was also seen at an event with Jeordie and Michelle, screenshots from a story:

So, Jessicka started attacking her on social media. She claimed that Jeordie cheated on her with Helen in 1996, (which is interesting considering that in her 2017 statement she said she wanted to leave Jeordie already in 1994??? ) and also that Helen had privately messaged support to her despite being friends with Jeordie publicly, which in Jessicka's opinion made her a rape apologist. 

Um. See how Helen is an "ex associate" and the name of the sender is cropped out. This message has nothing in it that could tie it to Helen. It could be from anyone, and of course Helen is not mentioned in the tweet either so she can't really respond to this claim. This is Jessicka's proofs again. Credible, truly. 

So, later, a post on Jack Off Jill's instagram sparked an argument between the band members, and in those since deleted comments, Jack Off Jill drummer Tenni Ah Cha Cha called Jessicka out for using Jack Off Jill's social media for personal drama and also appeared to defend Helen, saying that Helen is not a rape apologist. Which, could be understood; If in her opinion Helen is not a rape apologist for hanging out with Jeordie despite Jessicka's claims, it probably means she doesn't agree with Jessicka's storyline either....

So it really looks like not even Jack Off Jill agree with her...