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The Jessicka vs Helen Storer drama

Here we'll go through Jessicka's attack on Helen Storer, former Jack Off Jill bass/guitar player, her ex close friend and also, an ex of Jeordie's. 

Helen Storer (sometimes spelled Hellen) played guitar for Jack Off Jill in 2000 when she joined to replace former guitarist Michelle Inhell, and later returned to the lineup at the 2015 reunion shows as a bass player, replacing founding bass player Robin Moulder. She is also known from her other bands, most notably Thee Heavenly Music Association. 

What ties Helen into this Jessicka and Jeordie drama is the fact that apparently she had a brief relationship with Jeordie in 1996 and at the time of Jessicka's allegations, she appeared to support Jeordie, which caused Jessicka to go after her on social media, calling her a rape apologist. But what do her actions say in the bigger picture and how did other Jack Off Jill members react? 

Let's start with what was said about this all in the 2000's.

Unknown JOJ facts about Hellen Storer (archived JOJ website from the early 2000's):

Hellen is represented by the blonde girl riding the pink rabbit on the cover of the album Clear Hearts Grey Flowers painted by Mark Ryden. Hellen and Jessicka were going to start a band together after the demise of JOJ but due to unforeseen geographical differences they never got a chance. Jessicka and Hellen both dated Twiggy Ramirez. They met at a bar in Florida called Squeeze when he tried to insight a cat fight between them. He never got his cat fight quite the opposite. They remain very good friends.

In the cover art of the Jack Off Jill album Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers, Helen is portrayed in the place of Michelle Inhell, who, at that time had left the band, but still had contributed to songwriting on the album on songs such as one of the most known JOJ songs Strawberry Gashes, as well as Losing his touch. Neither Michelle or Helen played on the album, the guitars were performed by Clint Walsh. This album art situation did spark some bad blood, as Michelle later expressed (in a comment included later on this page) that Jessicka had had her replaced in the cover art "out of spite" to include Helen, who had nothing to do with the creation of that album. In this, though, Michelle did not express anger towards Helen personally. 

Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers (2000) cover artwork by Mark Ryden. Helen is the blonde girl on the back of the Rabbit. The red haired girl is founding bassist Robin Moulder.

And as said, it has been discussed that Helen and Jessicka remained very good friends through the 2000's, so much so, that Helen joined Jack Off Jill on stage as a bass player at the 2015 reunion shows, in the place of the founding bass player Robin Moulder, who by then had already taken a career path in other things outside music business, in game development. Moulder is the founder of 3lb Games. In Robin's leaving Jack Off Jill initially, she also had a falling out with Jessicka, which does come up sometimes in spiteful comments on Jack Off Jill's social media pages. So, with Robin out of the picture this way, and Helen as a JOJ member and a good friend, she was a natural choice to be on stage at the last tour. 

Jessicka's friendship to Helen is discussed on Jessicka's archived 2000's website FAQ:

I've heard some of your former band members new music Three Ton Gate, tcr, and Lo- Ball. I really don't like any of it and think it's all crap. Do you think that you made them better musicians or was it the combination of folks in JOJ that made it so good? what do you think of the projects of your former bandmates? do you like any of their sounds?
J:[discussed other bands such as Scott's Three Ton Gate, Robin's TCR etc first] Helen Storer's new project THEE HEAVENLY MUSIC ASSOCIATION is so amazing: sad angelic vocals floating in a sea of fuzz guitars and melodic noise. Dave and Hellen should be really proud because their music is flawless.


What is your relationship like with your old band members from JOJ?
J:[long explanation about the other members, irrelevant to Helen discussion but you can read it on the original page] Added: Even though Hellen Storer came in at the tail end of JOJ, I consider her one of my best friends and think her new band is quite fantastic.


Helen being with Jeordie was also noted by Lexa Vonn in the allegations and Jessicka going against Helen discussion. 

So, up until now, looks like Jessicka and Helen were very good friends since the 90's and JOJ times, and both of them dated Jeordie, which didn't seem to be a problem at all? 

But what happened when Jessicka came forwards with her allegations towards Jeordie?


Helen was seen commenting support to a since deleted post of Jeordie's girlfriend Michelle reacting to the allegations. She was then seen in an instagram story of Michelle's, at some sort of an event with Jeordie present too. This angered Jessicka, and she began to attack Helen on social media. 

So, Jessicka started attacking her on social media. And here can be seen a very typical Jessicka style of rewriting an entire friendship, denying the past and fitting it into a new narrative where the other person was always bad and Jessicka just dealt with it because she's a better person or whatever.


Same happened with her attempts to cover up her friendship to Marilyn Manson around this same time. Through the 2000's, she'd been basically bragging about her association and friendship to Manson and even attending his wedding, but when Manson privately defended Jeordie regarding Jessicka's claims about him, she went public with a claim that her and Manson had not been friends since the disbanding of JOJ, which was not true at all. 

So from here on, Jessicka was claiming that what originally was "Both Jessicka and Helen dated Twiggy" was suddenly Jeordie cheating on her with Helen. What originally was Jessicka and Helen remaining very good friends since that time, turned to "I forgave her, So much so I invited her to play the JOJ reunion shows." Yeah Jessicka, SO MUCH SO you had her join JOJ, included Helen on the cover art of Clear Hearts Grey Flowers despite her not even playing on the album, and "Hellen and Jessicka were going to start a band together after the demise of JOJ but due to unforeseen geographical differences they never got a chance."  and "Even though Hellen Storer came in at the tail end of JOJ, I consider her one of my best friends and think her new band is quite fantastic."

That all she's leaving out. Doesn't look like "forgiving" as much as it looks like not having had a problem with her to start with until this particular drama. 


And also, had they really not been as close as she'd originally portrayed it, had this "I forgave her" storyline been true, why would Jessicka have been this hurt of the lack of support enough to go after her anyway? Had Helen really been this girl Jeordie cheated on her with, someone she'd had to "forgive", would she expect support from her in the first place when she accuses Jeordie? - This "I forgave her" point really looks to only be an "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have gotten anywhere in life, your success was because of me, don't you dare disagree with me" - which is very similar to her attitude towards Jeordie, as she basically implies in her stolen look claims that Jeordie owes her his success and he only got so far because of her. This is a very typical narcissistic approach meant to intimidate people into compliance. 

Another issue with this is yet again Jessicka's narrative with the whole statement about Jeordie. In her statement, she was saying that she'd already wanted to leave Jeordie in early 1994, before Jeordie even went on the tour with NIN, during which she said they already lived in separate apartments. If in her statement, she was saying she wanted to leave him already, then again, why would it be an issue in the first place if Jeordie was with someone else. This question applies to both the situation with Courtney and this Helen part. 

She then shared a message she'd received, allegedly from Helen, to show how Helen "betrayed her", thoughts on which I'll continue on below these screenshots. 

So, did Helen express support to Jessicka? initially I thought these messages were from someone else, but then I saw the additional screenshot which does include what appears to be Helen's email address. (I covered it up for obvious reasons, but in the original post it was visible, which, if intentional, was pretty rude of Jessicka to include. Probably intentional as her intention clearly was to "expose" her as a rape apologist and have people harass her.)

But is she a rape apologist? Why did she send Jessicka a message like this?

One could argue that maybe Helen believed Jessicka at first in her initial emotional reaction due to the shocking nature of her claims, and then came to second thoughts later. Only, the issue is that she played in Jack Off Jill, she's known Jessicka a long time, it would not be the first time she comes across these claims, whether true or not. Had Jessicka been telling the truth, once again, Helen would have heard of this ages ago and wouldn't have been friends with Jeordie or Michelle to comment on their photos and go to events with them to start with anymore at this point. Why is it that according to Jessicka, everyone basically knew but everyone only reacts to her story when it comes public... 

What Jessicka is implying here is that Helen believed her and knew her story to be true, but chose to keep kissing Jeordie's ass instead of standing up for her friend. 

What I think is going on is that Jessicka's reaction to Helen expressing support to Jeordie actually explains Helen's "playing both teams" behavior. Maybe she sent that message to Jessicka in an attempt to play nice to avoid being further tangled into the situation. Maybe she just told Jessicka what she wanted to hear so that the discussion about this particular topic with her would be over. 

This seems common with people in this case. People are said to have believed Jessicka without question, but don't seem to behave at all in a way that someone with such an opinion would. Marilyn Manson "believed" (according to Jessicka) but also stated that Jeordie's departure from the band was due to musical differences, he said he wishes Jeordie well, and he remained friends with him after, even so much so that he named his new kitten after Jeordie's cat after supposedly firing him. This while appearing sympathetic to Jessicka, but never actually saying anything in support of her. Pete Scharlatt "witnessed it" but remained friends with Jeordie after, never came forward at all, is reluctant to say anything, seems to be friends with both of them. 

But if you see how Jessicka likes to harass people, you know, one way to deal with such a person is playing nice around them to avoid conflict, to get the issue over with. When you are an extremely confrontational/manipulative/aggressive or emotionally intense/immature/demanding person, - people aren't honest to you, ever. They won't tell you the full story or a 100% honest opinion, something will always be filtered. (We all know that one type of person who's very confrontational or manipulative and talks behind other's backs, but who always posts on social media about being always backstabbed) It's not out of fear, but more so, convenience and peace. And this becomes even more so an issue when the people involved are public figures who don't necessarily want an audience for their personal dramas.


Could maybe give an example like this: Same way I lie to my grandmother every time I go to a concert that "Yeah I have a hotel booked and a lot of friends coming" when in reality I'm sleeping in the backseat of my car to save money, and going to the show alone bc none of my friends are into that band and honestly I prefer going alone and not being tied to anyone else's "I don't like moshpits can we just sit at the back, if you go then I'll just be alone here and it'll ruin my fun, stand next to me :("  or whatever.


 I'd never hear the end of it if I was honest to her, because she's so intense and demanding with her worry that it becomes a demand of changing all my plans to fit her wishes, it becomes all about her and how she's feeling and I end up feeling like shit while trying to make her happy when it was supposed to be my good times, my lil roadtrip. It's not that I hate her or am afraid of her, I know she wishes well but I just don't want to go through that all over again every time. It's just convenience and peace. I'd like to always tell her the truth, but it always becomes a massive overreaction so I just don't bother with it. She can't handle worry or the fact that I'm not a child anymore. Some people can't handle criticism or disagreement some can't handle rejection. 

Helen knew that Jessicka would probably expect her to say something as she's a close friend, but also someone that dated Jeordie briefly. Maybe she didn't agree with her but didn't want to lose the friendship to Jessicka, so she played nice to avoid starting a huge argument. At the same time, Helen could have been looking out to Jeordie too, as being seen as someone "on Jeordie's side" would in turn have Jessicka harass Jeordie even more and keep the drama up. Playing nice to her, appearing supportive might just be the easiest way to get past the situation and have it over and done with so that Jeordie can try to restore peace in his personal life as soon as possible. 

You see, Helen's supportive message to Jessicka was not intended to be public, it was only meant for Jessicka's eyes. It was a private message. And then the message on Michelle's instagram as well as the appearance in Michelle's story, they were meant to be public, but maybe Helen didn't expect "traumatized" Jessicka to be looking at them, as she claims that she "avoids Jeordie at all costs" due to the topic being so triggering to her. 

All in all, in going after Helen, Jessicka admits to snooping on the social media of Jeordie's girlfriend despite having just in her statement claimed that she has nightmares of running into him and does not want any interaction to him at all. She also answered her own question as to why Helen acted the way she did - maybe it's because of the way Jessicka will aggressively go after anyone who disagrees with her, anyone who supports Jeordie. She also yet again showed that she's a liar who will twist anything upside down if someone doesn't do what she wants, the entire long time friendship and what happened in JOJ band lineup and cover arts, etc, that can be looked up was replaced with cheap and stupid lies and victim mentality. 

Well, then, Jack Off Jill members Tenni Ah Cha Cha as well as Michelle Inhell joined the conversation.


The Jack Off Jill account on instagram published a photo post of an artwork of the band, that had the band as well as the text "J is for Jack Off Jill".  Founding member Tenni was excluded from the artwork, which sparked an argument, as it brought up the situation with Michelle being replaced with Helen in the cover art of the Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers album artwork. There were may comments from Tenni and Michelle, but the Jack Off Jill account (who's Jessicka but saying she's not) kept deleting the comments and as of now, they are disabled all together. Here in were comments regarding the Helen situation.

I wonder, if Jessicka's own bandmembers know what happened, that Helen remained friends with Jeordie and expressed support to him, but they say they don't think she's a rape apologist and Jessicka should stop using Jack Off Jill's platforms to bully her about it, what does it say about their opinion on the Jeordie case?

Because if Jessicka was telling the truth, Helen would be a rape apologist - a person who supports and defends a known rapist, fully aware of the crime they've committed. But they say that she's not! To have this opinion they would have to believe Jeordie to be innocent too? And Jessicka deleting her bandmate's comments from the band's instagram - wonder why the rest of the band is not allowed access to login on the band's accounts?

And wonder why is it that none of the other Jack Off Jill members have personally come forward to back up the story?

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