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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

When looking through Jessickas website, I noticed that she has listed Hedwig and the Angry Inch as one of her favorite movies. Fans of Type O Negative might know this movie from the cover of the song ”Angry Inch” that they covered for their album Life is Killing Me, at least that's why I watched this.

Now, there are a lot of similarities with this movie and Jessicka's claims of stolen identity. I find it honestly quite ironic that she lists this as one of her favorite movies. And well, it is a good movie, but considering the topic of the site...

So. Hedwid and the Angry Inch tells a story of a trans woman musician who went through a botched sex reassignment surgery. The movie follows her struggle with her identity and starting a music career. The plot kind of revolves around Hedwig's relationship to another musician called Tommy Gnosis, who's stolen her songs and ideas and become a massively successful idol. Hedwig and her band follow Tommy's band's tour while making plans to sue him so that Hedwig would get credited for her work and get the recognition she deserves.

Sounds a bit familiar does it?

Then. Hedwig and the Angry Inch came out in 2001, around the time Jack Off Jill had broken up and Jessicka was ”frustrated and vowed to never be in a band again.” This movie is listed as one of her favorite movies in her website FAQ both in the old pink version of the site that it was through the 2000's and also in the updated site of the 2010's.

And no, the point is not to say that she copied the plot, no. But it's very likely that some of the falsehoods in her ”he stole my identity” claim have been inspired by this movie. Because the subject clearly speaks to her and if she is this bitter about Jeordie ”stealing her identity,” she would most likely be thinking about him while watching this movie and identify with the story. At least for me, having watched this movie and knowing she has watched it too, it really is very interesting.

”He stole my look overnight” definitely comes to mind when thinking about the story of Tommy Gnosis.

Remember how Jessicka stated that Jeordie was ”renamed Twiggy Ramirez” by Marilyn Manson? She was implying that the ”Twiggy” was just a name given to him and had no connection to his looks at all, which Jessicka claims were stolen from her. She also states Jeordie just put on someone else's ideas and ran with it. But this is not true, as Jeordie came up with the name Twiggy Ramirez himself, saying he chose it out of admiration for Twiggy the model, and then he made multiple references to Twiggy's looks during his time in Marilyn Manson. Both in the 90's and after his return to the band in the 2000's. He does credit his influences.

In the movie, Hedwig right about creates Tommy Gnosis. She teaches him rock history, gives him the name and teaches him how to dress. There is a scene in the movie for example, where Hedwig draws a silver cross on Tommy's forehead and it becomes his signature makeup look. Tommy Gnosis goes on a full on transformation from a rather ordinary looking guy to a gothy, almost Ville Valo like rock idol. This all is taught to him by Hedwig, and Tommy gives her no credit. Tommy leaves Hedwig after discovering her ”inch” as in the botched result of the sex reassignment surgery, he rejects her but profits off the art she's made of her life experiences.

This is very similar to how it's very largely implied in Jessicka's claims that Jeordie did absolutely nothing himself, only was along the ride in someone else's band and wore someone else's clothes and makeup. And the claims of cheating and so on, it seems Jeordie was the one to end the relationship, similarly it could be understood that Jessicka believes he rejected her but chose to profit off the art she'd made of her life experiences, as old interviews suggest that Jessicka's Kinderwhore look and shocking stage antics were created as a portrayal of childhood trauma. But Jeordie did not steal her character, he has no control over other people's misconceptions and comparisons.

It's also never mentioned by Jessicka, what Jeordie did in Marilyn Manson. It's simply implied that he didn't deserve to be in the band and only stole someone else's ideas and took a place of Gidget Gein, basically just showed up and took the credit. This isn't true though, as Marilyn Manson fans know, that Jeordie contributed a lot to Marilyn Manson and his thrash metal background brought heavier riffs into the band's music. He is credited for being a songwriter in many of the 90's hit songs such as The Beautiful People and The Dope Show. 90's Manson as it was would not have existed without him. This is a fact.

Well, Tommy Gnosis. He just literally stole the songs.

Jeordie has never mentioned Jessicka or credited her in any way, but Jessicka has kept bringing it up all these years. The story's just kept getting bigger and bigger which makes it harder and harder to believe as it changes every time.

Towards the end of the movie, Tommy and Hedwig reconcile as they meet each other in Tommy's limousine. They accidentally crash the limousine into a truck and it results in massive headlines that reveal the truth about Tommy's career. Hedwig gets the popularity that she deserves and Tommy is forgotten.

This sounds like the result Jessicka was looking for, as she went on to harass musicians who still supported Jeordie and wanted to work with him, such as Shirley Manson from Garbage, and Chris Goss. Jessicka even demanded Jeordie's website to be taken down for being run by ”rape apologists.” And well, the whole driving scene of her claims by itself is another topic I have to discuss on another page, there are very interesting details to it still to mention.

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