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Hair comparisons

Let's compare the haircuts of Jessicka and Jeordie. While in her 2017 statement she says the haircut was copied from Gidget Gein, she has stated earlier that Jeordie copied her haircut. It's also kind of a part of the look, the similarity in their looks is very much about the combination of black dreadlocks and the dresses. 

As already stated on the Kinderwhore page, at the time Jeordie got his dreadlocks, Jessicka still had just curly hair. But another thing to note is something that's also very interesting: It seems that Jessicka's hair look was actually curly black hair with braided in dreadlock extensions. That's a whole different thing! While Jeordie had dreadlocks made of his own hair with some strands dyed in different colours.

Jessicka's hair at the time Jeordie joined Marilyn Manson, as in, the time he "stole her look overnight":

Jessicka Addams Jack Off Jill
Jessicka Addams Jack Off Jill

It isn't exactly the same look? And if you look at other bands from the 90's to mid 2000's, everyone had black hair with some extensions in there, or dreadlocks;


Dani Filth, Bert McCracken, Joey Jordison (the white extensions at one point), Amy Lee, Rayna Foss Rose, Rob Zombie, Skinny Disco, Dope, 3/5 of Murderdolls had black dreads with red in there (the drummer Ben Graves, as he was tall and thin and had black dreads, was actually criticized for copying Twiggy Ramirez by some fans), everyone had either weird colored dreadlocks, or just black dreadlocks or black hair with dreadlocks extensions in there. Having like three fake dreads at the front doesn't reserve the haircut for her? And since Jack Off Jill and Manson were some of these so called "mallgoth" bands, there's the whole nu metal scene too to consider. Ever heard of Korn? Could suggest one possible influence for Jeordie's dreads to be Robin Finck from NIN? Even Trent Reznor had dreadlocks at some point.

And okay, in 1998, Jessicka and Jeordie looked very similar. Because this is the point when Jeordie had bangs too. These pictures have probably been compared to each other.

Jessicka Addams Jack Off Jill
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie White

Dreads and bangs, mesh, lipstick, red background! They are the same photo basically!! Understandable, but the thing is; Jessicka had this hair look through the 90's and for Jeordie... A bit of "historical context" must be considered.

Because, some time earlier, as mentioned for example in LHROOH, in 1997, Jeordie shaved the entire front of his hair off. It was speculated by fans that this was a reference to the Jodorowsky film Holy Mountain, that MM has made many references to, or Charles Manson, but Jeordie stated in an instagram post, that he was going for a Peter Gabriel sort of a look. But so we got the ACSS era bald Twiggy:

Twiggy Ramirez Marilyn Manson

So hair usually grows back when it has been cut, it seems that it was more a natural progress between looks, as going into the year 2000, Jeordie had grown the hair long again.

Another thing that Jeordie did in the 90's was wearing wigs. Don't know how he possibly pulled that off, wearing a wig over dreads, but he wore a blonde wig right in the earlier looks in 1995, then later also another brown wig in 1996/7. 

Twiggy Ramirez
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie White

So if the intention was to "steal an identity," why would he do completely different looks? This "stole my identity" claim is something that is very hard to believe for someone who is familiar with their characters and the stories in the background, or someone who has been a fan of Jeordie for a long time. It's only believable for someone who's seen a few photos on google or come across a photo from 1995 on social media. 

And these are not the only things, still not; unlike Jessicka, Jeordie for example had a big part of his hair dyed red in 1995... also the sides of his head shaved short... among other details.

Twiggy Ramirez
Twiggy Ramirez

It was not the same at any point, really. There are similarities, of course. But this again looks like this is more something that Jessicka experienced on more an emotional level, she feels like he copied him so of course everything he does is somehow just a cheap copy of her original idea.


But Jessicka's hair look, through the 90's pretty much was the same, black hair with braided in extensions in there, maybe later on even actual dreadlocks. While Jeordie tried out all kinds of different looks. Here's Jessicka performing live in 1997.

Jessicka Addams Jack Off Jill
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