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Main points, the ”too long didn't read” page, to get you started.

I realize that this site contains a LOT of information, and I still haven't even posted all of it. There still are ”ongoing leads,” things that need further confirmation, updates that need to be done, things I just haven't gotten around to writing about. Tips I still haven't ”investigated.” It's a lot to take in and this is definitely not a thing that you can just absorb in one sitting.


And I don't know if you're all able to even find everything here so easily because there is a lot to go through and I'm not a professional in this by any means, it can be a bit hard to find things. Some readers also are not familiar with the case at all, so it understandably can be a bit overwhelming, especially when written by a long time fan who already knows these things, a ”Twiggy drama beginner” might get lost. (You can send me questions if you have any!)

So here goes some of the main points as to why people think Jeordie White is innocent. What's so suspicious about the case?

You can read Jessicka's story for yourself on The Accusations page.


The claims have changed several times. For example the ”stolen dress.” Originally Jessicka talked about Jeordie ”stealing her look” only, never about abuse, this claim grew bigger through the years and it has changed several times. It went from ”he wore my clothes” to ”he stole my clothes” to ”he started getting his clothes made to look like mine.” Jessicka also earlier stated that Jeordie ”copied her hairstyle” but later she stated Jeordie copied former Marilyn Manson bassist Gidget Gein's hairstyle and ”striped tights” that Jeordie has never been seen wearing, but Jessicka did wear striped tights herself. Despite all this, there actually is no footage of Jessicka ever wearing Jeordie's ”signature dress,” and where the claim originally was just that "he was wearing my clothes" it later turned into a specific article of clothing being "stolen," Jessicka can't decide of Jeordie stole "her thrift store dresses" or a single dress or the entire look, did he get his "made to look like hers" the story is different literally every time it's told. And well this claim is false provably. This is discussed in detail in the Identity theft section.

Another suspicious change is that the narrative changes from "It was a secret that no one knew at all, no one noticed I repressed my memories and was triggered suddenly to remember" to "everyone knew all the time people just didn't want to talk about it or stand up for me".  Read more on: the big machine page in the allegations-timeline section. A more thorough look into certain other details (meaning namely Pogo and Daisy Berkowitz) is on the way, that page was a bit messy but it'll be up when I finish editing it.

The claims are largely based on public information such as things said in interviews, common knowledge or Jeordie's public appearances. For example: Jessicka claims Jeordie stacked junkyard Tvs behind her car to stop her from driving away. This claim is weird considering that it's not an effective way to stop anyone from leaving, also where did Jeordie get those Tvs from? Did he walk back and forth with them and carry one by one from somewhere? Interestingly, Jeordie contributed photography to a german band Skew Siskin. The album booklet of ”Album of the Year” contains a photo taken by Jeordie. Of a pile of junkyard Tvs. This kind of examples further discussed on the Can't drive? And Stuffed Animals pages.

There seems to also be inspiration taken from movies. On the Can't drive? page it's for example mentioned, that the part about Jeordie not daring to ”look at himself in the mirror after what he'd done” reminds of a scene from Natural Born Killers, which is a movie that came out in October 1994 that Jessicka referred to in 90's interviews. The page about Jessicka claiming to have had a botched abortion also discusses that her story sounds like it could be from one of her favorite movies, Palindromes. More movies, (links link to pages where they are discussed:) Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Happiness.

Jessicka's claim that Marilyn Manson believed her claims and fired Jeordie from the band based on them does not match Marilyn Manson's behavior around the subject whatsoever. Why did Manson "Wish him well", why did Manson never express disappointment, anger, anything like that towards Jeordie? Why did Manson only list other reasons for the departure and leave Jessicka out of it? He did not at any point act like he should have acted, had he actually believed her. Additionally Jessicka can't decide whether Manson knew about the alleged abuse all along or did he only find out upon the claims going viral in 2017, the narrative changes suspiciously. More on The Exit From Marilyn Manson.

Her timeline makes no sense. For example she describes Jeordie changing the way he dresses ”overnight” as he joins Marilyn Manson in December 1993. Then later in her story, after a party in South Florida with Trent Reznor, months after he's joined the band, Jessicka states Jeordie ”couldn't look at himself and needed to become someone else” after he'd already changed? Then as she describes the rape situation, fall 1994, ”On a break from NIN tour”, she states she has already moved out of their shared apartment. In reality Jeordie took on the dress look on the tour after the NIN tour in December 1994 and at this point he would have no reason to have any access to Jessicka's wardrobe in any way if they lived in separate apartments already earlier. So the timeline of him starting to wear dresses is first of all a year off but also the story timeline suggests he "changed" more than once?

The witnesses. So far there are two witnesses who have been named. Jessicka's witness Pete Scharlatt has never come forward with a statement of his own and Jessicka speaks for him ”as he is not on social media.” Pete has been seen with Jeordie, as very good friends after the alleged rape he supposedly witnessed. This is discussed on the Pete page and so far the narrative according to Jessicka and her husband is this: Pete witnessed a rape but carried on being friends with Jeordie until being told decades later that he'd witnessed a rape and he cut the friendship to Jeordie as he found out? So how did he not know what he'd witnessed? Does not add up. The only witness that has done an interview said the complete opposite about Jessicka and Jeordie's relationship. Her name is Lisa LeSeur, she was interviewed by Colonel Kurtz a couple months ago and she said Jessicka would verbally and physically abuse Jeordie and this was something generally known in their social circles.

On the topic of the witnesses, the description of the sexual assault also doesn't make sense. Jessicka states that she had moved out of the apartment and didn't know what the roommate Pete was home when she came to the apartment and had an argument with Jeordie. So Jeordie must have gone inside by himself. It's also said that "it was just Pete's apartment" so it's unclear if even Jeordie lived there. Who let Jessicka in? And as described, this was a break from tour and this was Jeordie's first tour with Marilyn Manson, it's quite likely that he was greeted by Pete as he came home, with questions such as "How was it, you have a good time?" Especially as according to Jessicka's narrative, the news of Jeordie having had his fling with Courtney who was much more famous than him had made their way to the Florida scene. Could imagine that Pete would've made conversation with him upon him arriving and he'd be well aware of him being home. Why would he even think to attempt raping someone with "protective roommate Pete" in the same apartment?

Also if you take in to consideration that Jeordie was at the time very skinny, the size difference between him and Jessicka would make it unlikely for him to be able to overpower her in a matter of seconds as described. Jessicka alleges that Pete was "protective of her" and would intervene if there was a fight. He most likely would have heard an argument start and come in much earlier to see what's going on? He'd most likely also, knowing the general situation, be expecting a fight to start, knowing Jeordie and Jessicka were having problems; Jessicka says she'd moved out of the shared apartment and Jeordie had been with Courtney, an argument would be very likely to start? How big would the apartment have to be for him not to hear the commotion? You don't fight someone to the floor and get clothes out of the way that fast?

Jessicka has been caught lying. She tried to deny her association and friendship to Marilyn Manson through the 2000s as around the time of her starting to accuse Jeordie, she attacked Marilyn Manson too, stating she was not friends with him through the 2000s. But it's common knowledge that she for example attended Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese's wedding in 2005 and made it well known  through the 2000s that she supports Manson and is friends with him. She made multiple accusations towards Marilyn Manson that she later took back and said aren't true, and that they're ”outdated now as Jeordie got fired.” The Proofs page in the stolen identity section also contains an interesting lie in connection to the before mentioned lies about friendship with Manson. Then there's the false story about having a stalker. Then there's her claim about avoiding Jeordie at all costs but then calling him a friend and tweeting about him with no problem, completely needlessly on several occasions. Well and the stolen look thing is a lie entirely you can read that section too.

Details are left out conveniently. For example Jessicka claims Jeordie cheated on her with several women during a tour, but it has always been common knowledge that this woman was Courtney Love. It's unclear if this was cheating or if they had already broken up at the time though. Jessicka also conveniently left out her witness Pete's last name, most likely because a google search of his name would lead to finding a post from 2016 by Base Tendencies, Jeordie's official news page, where Jeordie and Pete are hanging out and it's stated that Pete is one of his best friends. The photo is years old but the post suggests that the status of their friendship is still at the time of posting ”best friends”. Jessicka also mentions with grief how hard it was to tour with Marilyn Manson in 1999 after all the alleged abuse but leaves out completely the fact that she toured with Marilyn Manson in late 1994 only weeks after her alleged rape. It's quite convenient considering that there also are sexual assault allegations against Jessicka from this particular tour.

Jack Off Jill's songs & bandmembers. The songs discussing rape and abuse, if put into a timeline with Jessicka's allegations would have been written before the alleged abuse. They aren't about Jeordie, contrary to a popular belief. Jack Off Jill is a riot grrrl band and these themes are a characteristic of feminist bands of that genre. Considering the fact that Jack Off Jill is a riot grrrl feminist band, it's very interesting that none of the other band members ever came out confirming anything that Jessicka said, and there for example was a drama about Jack Off Jill's Helen Storer remaining friends with Jeordie after the allegations, which caused Jessicka to publicly attack her for being ”a rape apologist” and other JOJ member defended her against Jessicka's harassment. It seems that Jessicka is the only member of the band that has access to their social media anyway.


I think that's a pretty good amount there? I'll add more points but this is a pretty good ”starter pack”.

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