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This section is for smaller issues that would just clutter the main menu. These are still pretty interesting pages and may be included as subpages in different sections if relevant. But these work on their own too.

Jessicka claims to have avoided Jeordie pretty much at all costs and that she'd had recurring nightmares of running into him. A look at the social media and website history as well as events left unmentioned in her statement do contradict that quite a lot.

The 2017 statement does mention a lot of issues relating to driving or having a driver's license. There just are things that are contradictory and impossible, as well as there's a very obvious pulling of inspiration from Jeordie's public appearances. You can see that despite "having nightmares" about Jeordie and trying to avoid him at all costs, Jessicka seems to have still kept a very close watch on Jeordie's interviews and other appearances.

This is a similar issue to the driving part. Once again seems to be pulled from public information and there are a lot of questions to be asked about this one.

In addition to the 2017 accusations, Jessicka claimed in 2019 that during the relationship with Jeordie, she had become pregnant and undergone an abortion which ended up being botched, causing her to become unable to have children. This allegedly resulted in seven miscarriages. This is inconsistent with other statements and it's very strange that such a huge issue wouldn't be mentioned in the initial accusations? It hasn't really ever come up before or after that one instagram post anyway. A lot of questions yet again, and on top of that, this addition to her accusations seems similar to one of her favorite movies in which the main character even looks like Jessicka.

It's a popular misconception based on Jeordie's past with substance abuse, that people think he's unable to remember anything that happened during his time in 90's Marilyn Manson. This misconception is so strong that some people even think he said so himself in response to the allegations. He didn't, this is a rumour. But Jessicka likes to enforce this misconception on social media...

A closer look into Jessicka's multiple accounts... Despite claiming differently, Jessicka has been caught being behind all the accounts linked to her. She claims the band pages for Jack Off Jill and Scarling, as well as House Of Addams are run by "admins" but the accounts do not behave like that at all and write very similarly to Jessicka. Same goes for her husband Christian Addams' social media accounts. 

In the 2017 statement, Jeordie is also accused of body shaming Jessicka. There is no example of this given at all as to what this means while at the same time, Jessicka has been seen making fun of other people's appearances on social media. At the same time, it's known, that some Marilyn Manson fans would back in the early days of internet speak of Jessicka's appearance very negatively. Is it possible that she is in fact blaming him for the mockery she received from immature Marilyn Manson fans online?

Why is it stated that Jeordie cheated on Jessicka with multiple women during a tour with Nine Inch Nails in 1994, when it previously was one woman? Courtney Love. This relationship has been widely discussed through the years in interviews. One woman is multiplied, is that credible? It's also a bit questionable whether or not this was cheating at all.

Upon coming forward with her 2017 allegations, Jessicka was also attacking Marilyn Manson, denying her and her band's association and friendship to Marilyn Manson... But there is a lot of evidence that shows that this part too doesn't seem to be true. Jessicka's association and friendship to Marilyn Manson was proudly presented on her website all through the 2000's, but later on she tries to make it seem like it wasn't. There also is a weird false narrative about Manson and Jeordie's relationship that she was enforcing throughout this time.

Discussing the sketchiness of the witness situation. Also a subpage in the Main Accusation secion

She states that her childhood with an abusive father "conditioned her to be subservient to men" which then affected her ability to stand up for herself. This doesn't exactly match her demeanor in the 90's

After Jessicka's allegations went viral, there was a drama between Jessicka and another JOJ member that was very interesting, and it might shed a light on what the rest of Jack Off Jill truly think about Jessicka's claims and what ecen was happening in Jack Off Jill...

So was it "four years" between 1993-1997 or what was it?

January 2023 added claim about a photo where she's "hiding a black eye" - doesn't look like that's the case.

Yet again a new claim added to the story, in March 2023. This time Jeordie is claimed to have been sabotaging Jack Off Jill's career. Does not really fit the rest of the story.

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