Jessicka went personal

Jessicka's fabricated stalker story. She "feared for her life" but then a few weeks went by and she's not afraid anymore. What does it tell about her credibility that when someone discusses these allegations objectively in no way wanting to harass anyone, she resorts to lying about it on social media and fabricating a story about having a stalker?


So let's talk about the latest. Jessicka lied to her fans about me, perhaps trying to intimidate me not to talk about her. Well, while doing so, she confirmed that she is a big liar. She, by falsely accusing me of committing crimes, confirmed she is absolutely a false accuser. And not only that, she confirmed that despite claiming to be ”scared, retraumatized and triggered” by my posts, she is reading them despite me, by her husband's request, blocking her from seeing them to protect her from hurt feelings.

Let's take a look, this is a lot to go through and I'm not even sure if this is all of it but you get a very good image of what went down. 

The "he never denied it, he never sued"part is addressed here on the Why didn't he sue page, in the timeline of allegations section. "I'm not the only woman he abused" is also a lie and has been discussed on the emails page in detail.

She stated that she is being stalked by a ”fan of her rapist”. Well I am a fan of Jeordie White, she could use his name instead of her false claim about him, you know.  Way to try and make me look bad, lol. I'm a fan of Jeordie White still to this day because I believe he's innocent. I wouldn't be if I believed he was guilty. I'm not a "fan of your rapist." I'm a fan of Jeordie White and you can stay mad about it infinitely I don't give a fuck. She seems to have forgotten he's a human being and instead of his name she uses the word ”rapist” in the place of his name just to justify her behavior. By using this word in the place of his name she's giving herself the permission to say whatever she likes while forgetting he's a person.

Also gotta say that an Amber Heard supporter supporting Jessicka really shows what kind of people she has as her fans. Imagine seeking attention from Amber Heard supporters? This is beyond reality.


Anyway. She claimed that she has gone to her lawyers/authorities about this. No she hasn't, let me tell you why:


Had she gone, they would have laughed, as nothing on my social media or site is in any way threatening or wishing her harm. I remind my followers not to harass her. There are some that comment in a mean way, but I don't see why I should start censoring the conversation since Jessicka feels the need to for example pull stunts like this. Come on now.


She claims to have gone to the authorities and that they have sent her a photo of me... from my instagram stories that are public, that anyone could see, as well as screenshots from my instagram stories. These instagram stories are from 7th and 9th of March. I published a photo of myself and she tried to threaten me with it later, implying she'd found out/was finding out my identity. But I have never been necessarily anonymous, those that have followed me from the start know this very well. I started this project on my personal account, but when making the site and the social media profiles for it, I decided to keep my identity out of it because I wanted the focus to be on the things I'm saying; This is not about me. It wasn't meant to be "hiding" from anything, more a challenge for the reader, can you argue with me or are you just going to attack me personally? Doesn't look like Jessicka can? Really shows what kind of feelings inspired her tantrum if she thought she could scare me with a picture of myself. How am I ANONYMOUS once again, if she knows what I look like? The photo she shared was from an instagram story I myself posted, she did not need authorities to dig that up.


I know what I look like, she just wanted to appear like she'd had someone actually find out my personal information for her and that she could reveal it at any moment. Isn't that a threat in itself? That she would doxx me if I don't shut up? (Doesn't necessarily say she would doxx me but implying she's had someone investigate me and then like "I have received a photo of this person,,, should I post it?, I don't have their name... yet" Like implies she knows more about me, she doesn't know anything. She should have my name, I have shared it in an instagram story on March 4th. I'm really impressed by the american authorities. Comes off as a threat like the rest of this really though.) Way to handle criticism? 


Despite claiming to have been in contact with the authorities, apparently for weeks now since she posted instagram stories from that far back, she asked twitter if there's ”anyone knowledgeable of laws in finland?” and then implied she'd be going to the finnish authorities about me, as ”from what I've gathered in the last 24 hours Finland does not take kindly to harassment of any kind!” Why would she need to ask anyone anything if she'd had lawyers and law enforcement monitoring my accounts for weeks? And her proof of these threats is apparently a joke I retweeted? Ok. I mean, I called a lawyer to ask if this would be a defamation case and how we'd deal with it internationally, the call lasted 12 minutes and I found out everything I needed to know. 


This was just her trying to intimidate me in a very embarrassing way. You should have heard what my finnish friends said as I told them to take a look at Jessicka's twitter. ”Huutista vitun jenkit taas vauhdissa.” I don't think I need to translate that, they found it hilarious that she believes she has the right to act like this! As it's a stereotype anyway here that people think Americans are fucking stupid and think the whole world revolves around them, they will sue about anything they could possibly come up with and always threaten with lawsuits. (No I don't believe this is true I have a lot of American friends who are great) My friends always ask me whether or not I've been sued yet when we meet and they ask me what's up.


Well this time they were asking if I'm okay. 


But since Jessicka was so convinced about me totally being intimidated by the consequences of crimes I haven't committed, I actually was in contact with a lawyer pretty much immediately after seeing her tweets. As I was pretty sure that this would count as defamation; She is a public figure going after a private person with false claims.


What does the finnish law say? Freely translated, this is from this formal finnish law text you'll get the point anyway.


”By the law, the laws of Finland are applied to crimes in which the target is Finland. The laws of Finland are applied when the crime is committed towards a citizen of Finland, a finnish community, organization or a person that currently resides in Finland.”


”The defamation law protects a private person. A person committing a false claim about someone can be guilty of defamation. This law protects a private person from defamation and the damages that can be caused by defamation. The defamation law protects only a person, so therefore an organization for example cannot be the target of defamation.


A person that publishes a false claim, information or implies false things about someone in a way that could damage this person, make others despise them, or in general harasses the person, can be punished of defamation. Defamation can be for example falsely implying that a person has committed a crime.”


”It is not deemed defamation if the commentary in question is criticizing another person's public work in politics, business, a public task or position, science, art, or something else public like these things. It is public work and commenting it, even in a stinging way, is allowed.”


Then there's the part that Jessicka didn't understand. She is a public figure publishing false claims about a private person. A public figure's work and their public statements can be criticized and discussed. How else would even gossip magazines be legal? How could reporters report on politicians if criticizing public figures was illegal? How could bands have messageboards if criticizing a public figure was illegal?


It's as if she doesn't even think she is a celebrity herself? Tells a lot about her confidence and sense of responsibility.

And by Californian laws, wouldn't it just be a SLAPP case if she tried to sue me for criticizing her too so... I don't see what exactly there is that she could do. She's just got these empty threats.


It's a very USA centric standpoint anyway to imply that I would be surprised or intimidated by the laws of my own country. I was born here, I grew up here, these laws were taught to me at school. Mind you, I actually took voluntary extra courses about the Finnish justice system because I enjoyed the teacher's classes and because I'm interested in politics and social issues. So, what, Jessicka has googled our laws really quick and thinks I'd be scared? These laws are automatic to me and of course I have thought about them while working on this all. It comes through very obviously from here too that this is a fan site, a fan publishing their opinions and the information that the opinions are based on.


No one should treat this site as an official news source. If they do, that's on their reading skills. I state very clearly for example on the about page that this is a fan's opinion and that I have no association to Jeordie White whatsoever. My only connection to Jeordie White is that he has liked a comment I left on his instagram page on my personal account. (It said "happy birthday" and didn't detail any plans to murder Jessicka) Wow, we're best friends aren't we? 


Whatever. This ”I have gone to the law enforcement about this” is an obvious lie. I did report Jessicka to the authorities though because her actions are defamation. It's not necessarily an acute case like a murder for example, so it will probably take weeks before they get back at me, if they do. There are bigger crimes being committed out there but I think this was pretty fucking low and even if the case wouldn't go anywhere this kind of stuff is just disappointing and embarrassing. (Note here that no matter how this goes, I have now expressed that I'm willing to work with the law enforcement and I'm ready to show them my devices if they want. This is where I'd be caught if I was planning to actually hurt her.)

I'd like to keep reminding her of this until she publicly admits to lying about me, would be funny but then I'd be like her - holding a grudge for 30 years over some stupid bullshit like a "stolen dress." But her inability to take responsibility does make her demanding accountability tweets a bit ironic doesn't it.


But by lying about this she confirmed that despite "her husband" claiming that my posts are ”retraumatizing and triggering” and me blocking her because I have no intention to harass her, she has made a burner account and follows my social media with it. She is not scared of me, she is angry that I'm criticizing her. And by the looks of how much she tried to intimidate me, I obviously have uncovered some information that she would not want people to see. Too bad, this site only gathers information that's already public and analyzes it.

Okay seriously, this is really embarrassing. She claims she's had fucking FBI on my accounts for weeks apparently and this is her proof of me "extorting her". I replied in an instagram story that it was obviously a joke and seems that she saw how stupid she looked as later it was "extortion jokes, not funny!" You obviously have something to hide if you feel the need to lie that you've gone to the cops to try and intimidate me.

Obviously that "buy my silence" was a joke (you can also see that it was someone else's post anyway) referring to how I knew that she's watching my accounts despite being so terrified of them and also how her husband tried to intimidate and guilttrip me a few months back. She acts like she only now discovered my accounts, which is also really funny considering that after I blocked her in November, I unblocked her to see if she'd blocked me and she had. So... Does Christian have Jessicka's login info or was Christian actually Jessicka messaging me? She has been caught being behind accounts that she claims not to run, forgetting to switch accounts and for example using the JOJ account to tweet things that would've been supposed to come from Christian, like all this "My wife" stuff you can read about all that on the I'm not Jessicka! page.

And then here she's trying to portray how I have absolutely no compelling evidence at all because I made a joke about that selfie. She conveniently cropped out the part of it where I added a reply to my own tweet stating that I was joking. (Since she got so mad about it, maybe she did in fact post that herself, who knows) She also conveniently censors my username so that her devoted fans can't go look at what I actually said:

Then I apparently know where Jessicka lives? What on earth would I do with that information? As a diehard Jeordie fan who wants to marry him and live happily ever after I'd probably be more interested in HIS home address but alright. 

Addressing the comments about Denise later on this page, but she was also a target of Jessicka's lies and has been many times earlier since she runs the Base Tendencies site. But the irony in this is that Jessicka apparently has so very little to do with her life that she makes up stories about stalker fans.

But yeah:

This ”stalking” that she implies I have been doing. I am reading a public figure's public profile. This is completely legal and allowed. She is publishing this information herself. I can use the browser to read these posts all I want. It's not stalking. Actually I'm doing the exact thing she demands me to do, which is giving her my undivided attention and listening to what she is saying. The problem she has with me is that my memory is incredibly good. I listened to her too much apparently and now I'm a creepy stalker.


Alright. The things she accuses me of doing, ”wishing her harm” are... Sending her death threats, extortion, harassment, finding out her home address? She claims she's so scared of me that she's installed a security camera system at her home and is ”only making this public because she's afraid of what this person would do next”


Okay about the death threats – she provides no proof of them existing first of all and had her monitoring law enforcement actually seen something, they'd probably done something about it already? Since it's been weeks. I don't know, I got some spam calls a while ago, maybe it was the FBI. Her proof of this threatening and extortion is mean comments written by someone else, me responding to her in an instagram story telling pretty much what this page contains, a tweet I retweeted jokingly about having 300 twitter accounts I was referring to Jessicka in it as she has been caught with her burner accounts. Lol. Mind you, my friends sent me most of these screenshots, I don't need to even look at her social media myself most of the time.


I don't see how scared she can honestly be, I have lately been feeling rather bored because while I get likes to my posts, I rarely get any feedback really. I have barely seen people even share my posts. Where is this huge mob of Jeordie fans? Probably listening to Goon Moon at work I don't know. Haven't really seen this get much attention. And okay, let's imagine I was trying to come over to the US...


I don't have the covid vaccine (for reasons that are none of your business). It could already make it hard for me to travel, as right now and probably for a few years still, a non citizen isn't allowed to enter the country without the covid vaccines up to date. I also would have to apply for ESTA. I would have to find myself a job because I'm a broke student (see at least I have a life) and it would take me months of planning and saving up to even purchase a flight ticket. Not only that, but I'm from such a rural area honestly that I don't think I would even want to visit LA (jJessicka states she lives in LA publicly lol) because the sheer size of everything over there is terrifying. I get overwhelmed so easily that I can't go to the grocery store without headphones or I'll just get mad because there are a lot of sounds that are disorganized.


But yeah if I wanted to come over to the US it would take me probably until next year or something and I'm not even interested in getting to LA. Like how important does she think she is? She claims that I have a hyperfixation with HER when this whole site is about defending Jeordie and there's far more information about him. And mind you, Jeordie is not even my favorite artist, that's the weirdest thing about this. I don't even have his autograph tattooed on me unlike someone else's.


I think she implies I know where she lives because of a text that was included on this site a while earlier on the about page. I edited it out because people were barely visiting that page anyway. Anyhow, it contained a text where I was responding to common comments that people who defend the falsely accused usually receive. In response to the common ”You're a fan, you can't know anything” I said something like ”There are as many ways of being a fan as there are fans, you can't lump these together. Some just love the art without knowing much about the artist, and some hyperfixate and theorize and find out the artist's home address and shoe size.”


This was obviously meant to portray the opposite extremes. And I was making fun of myself actually because in my teens I was the one with the hyperfixation, I was so unhealthily obsessed with a certain finnish musician that it completely took over my life. But it was mental illness that I didn't get the help I needed for. I have since received the help I desperately needed so I am allowed to look back and laugh at it. I'm not ashamed of it and I have since talked about this with a mutual friend I have with him, it was never creepy stalking anyway, more so just that my life revolved around his music a bit too much in an unhealthy way. Taking this out of context and portraying me as someone plotting to kill Jessicka is not exactly a good look.


I have openly admitted that I have a tendency to hyperfocus/hyperfixate, ”go insane” as I describe it myself. Jessicka referred to this as ”this person may be neurodivergent I'm trying to be respectful” while falsely portraying me as a creepy stalker and fabricating a story where she implies that I'm wishing her harm? She was not respectful. She was ableist. I am neurodivergent, yes, but she fabricated a story about me, used my openly admitted neurodivergent behaviors against me in a defamatory way to portray herself as some kind of a victim. She preaches mental illness awareness on social media but lies about stuff like this and pulls this kind of an ableist stunt to imply that being neurodivergent is inherently somehow scary.


Without medication and listening to death metal 24/7 I just walk around my apartment looking at stuff completely unable to focus. My hyperfixations keep me going, they help me out of bed. It's not scary. This is a pretty common thing that people have. I have ADHD I should probably be institutionalized.......Her victim complex is what's scary. But go preach mental health awareness, it's just obvious that it's performative and applies to only people that she think deserve it.


And okay. Let's imagine I did all this? What if I did? What if I actually was a severely mentally ill teenager who has developed a parasocial relationship to Jeordie and imagines killing Jessicka would make him fall in love with me or something? Even if that was the case, public ridicule and encouraging her fans to hate on me would still be a complete dick move.


Does she have responsibility at all? A mentally ill person whose understanding of their surroundings is compromised acts based on things they genuinely believe to be true. Publicly encouraging others to attack and ridicule this kind of a person could have horrible consequences. Going to the authorities, blocking and reporting would be the right way to go about it, without giving this behavior any attention. Don't make it worse? Someone that's mentally ill needs help, not public shaming. Even if I'd actually been the person Jessicka portrayed me as, she'd still done wrong.


No I don't mean that she should have to consider the feelings of a person that's harassing her, that's not the point. But harassing someone ”back” would only make the problem worse or hurt that person, or make that person hurt themselves. Whereas actually going to the authorities without a public tantrum could first of all solve the problem and also help this person find the help they need.


While Jessicka was going after me, I thought back to the times when I was really out of it and obsessed with that one finnish artist as I mentioned before. I was mentally in a very fragile state. I was self aware of that obsession being too much but I couldn't stop it, I tried to deal with it alone but just couldn't live without it, it was like an addiction. It gave me almost a high, completely blurred my reality. (It wasn't based on a love interest, it was more that, hard to explain, it kind of blurred how much is me and how much is him. It's almost like he somehow possessed me lol) Had that artist for example suddenly started harassing me on social media, I would have been extremely upset and scared.

So she's so respectful that she essentially makes fun of me? And I have a hyperfixation with HER? Honestly, I find her annoying as fuck. 

Also, she used a photo of me wearing a pink 90's Twiggy dress along with this all to further portray me as someone that's just so obsessed and creepy... She must have read the caption since she's been analyzing my posts and taking them out of context, looking for shit to use against me. Should have read the caption. (don't worry I'll summarise it here you don't have to actually go check the post. 

Nice emotional manipulation. This of course doesn't apply to Jessicka weaponizing her followers with wrong information. Jessicka probably takes responsibility really well for all the JOJ fans that have told Jeordie fans to "go kill yourself, I hope you get raped." She never did anything to stop that harassment when she could have, so my site saying "don't go harass people" is completely enough. Let me ask you: What sympathy should I have left for her now?

But yeah. I took the Twiggy dress photo for the post, (can I also mention how interesting it is that earlier she stated that I have no right to use her "content" but she has the right to use my photos of myself in a false story?) it's the ONLY photo of myself I have posted as a photo post on that instagram account. It was a special occasion. As I had just had my chest surgery done (trans treatments, mastectomy). It was a very big deal to me as I had to wait for that surgery for a decade for various different reasons and it kept being delayed. I had to lose a lot of weight too.

Twiggy dress I put on for the photo because Jeordie has been a huge part of my trans story and me coming to terms with myself, accepting the issue as it is and growing my confidence in a way that I don't care really how others see me anymore. 

And also because the Twiggy dress was the first article of clothing I'd made myself. Jeordie got me interested in fashion and was a big part of me getting into vintage stuff and also learning to make clothes myself and now, despite the fashion school having been one of the most depressing things that has ever happened in my life, working on this site helped me regain some of that interest that I thought I'd lost. 

But of course this context doesn't matter when Jessicka is looking for things to take out of context to lie on the internet and falsely accuse people of committing crimes. (But boohoo a selfie I sent my husband on valentines !!!) Really shows how she builds her narrative, just confirms it really how she's built her story about Jeordie. Just twisting stuff and taking things out of context, exaggerations. 

May I remind you also that Jessicka implied in her 2017 statement that Jeordie wore dresses because he was just so fucked up and hated himself, that it was just him trying to hurt Jessicka, which is a pretty Killer Crossdresser trope take really, as well as erasing the actual origin story of his character, replacing it with basically "he was so fucked up and and obsessed with me that he started wearing my clothes, what a creep!" Not only is the stolen look story false, it's transphobic and really disrespectful. Oh you flaming transphobe you did it again. Go post more LGBT support now, that's also just a performance apparently and the support only applies to people that Jessicka likes. Drag queens are just lovely but Jeordie in a dress is "sick".

Additionally I'd like to mention how actually terrible it is that she, while in her snooping of my posts being very aware that I'm trans, in this false story about a stalker is threatening to reveal my personal info? "I don't have their name... Yet..." with implications of law enforcement investigating me, she's implying she'd be finding out my legal name and posting it publicly? Very common issue is that a trans person may not have the access/financial resources into changing their name to the one that fits their gender identity, especially in finland the trans treatments take ages and a lot of trans people have to wait forever to get their ID changed. This kind of a threat could pose actual fear for a trans person, if they hadn't gotten their new ID yet!  She really seems to love LGBT people!

Could imagine she's probably the kind of a person that has all these fabulous trans friends she brags about and then when there's an argument with one she misgenders and deadnames them behind their backs because they no longer deserve the respect. Don't know, kinda get the feeling from this. 

Pretty pathetic stuff overall. But there's more! Pete Scharlatt.

Oh she's portraying me as stupid again to convince her fans that there is no evidence against her at all, while trying to paint me as some villain for daring to use Pete's full name. Creative.

I have addressed everything about Pete on the page about him. Weird how her going through my posts she didn't see it. But nice lie again. 

Pete's name has always been public information, he has a band of his own called Notch Above Kafka and has been featured in newspaper articles about it. Newspaper articles which Notch Above Kafka shared on their public Facebook page, which is where I found them. So another lie.

Jessicka is implying Denise (runs base tendencies, Jeordie's official news pages, has been a fan forever) invaded privacy by publishing that name, because she published a photo of Pete and Jeordie together on base tendencies prior to Jessicka's 2017 statements and it contradicts Jessicka's story so of course Denise is just mean for posting that. That's another lie again.

Not only that, but Jessicka's husband has named Pete fully on social media and even encouraged people to google him. So only if you're an Addams you're allowed to say Pete Scharlatt's name. Isn't that pretty much them claiming ownership of him as a person. Lovely.

This is also really interesting considering that Jessicka names Denise as the admin of base tendencies without her permission. Her name is not on the site. She has done this before to target Denise with harassment. And does it again here.

ONLY Jessicka apparently can talk to or about Pete? Does Pete actually exist at all then lol. Does Jessicka expect anyone to believe her rushed explanations anymore? Pete not wanting to discuss this with anyone clearly shows that he's pretty obviously not interested in publicly supporting Jessicka? If he doesn't want to give a statement even to an official Jeordie page admin.... Jessicka's tweets on this page have all been full of lies. All of them. And he is not a witness until he comes forward himself. So far the only actual witness that has come forward with their own name and face if Lisa LeSeur who said Jessicka abused Jeordie.

But here's Jessicka encouraging her fans to harass Denise. Remember, Jessicka had no permission to "expose" Denise as the person who runs Jeordie's site. And honestly, judging by how Denise generally has commented, it's in no way threatening, I'd say Jessicka had no reason to either except to stir up drama, which she would not be doing if she was actually somehow "triggered" by this situation.

Let me ask, what intimidation tactics is Jessicka talking about? She is the one publishing false claims about a Jeordie fan and threatening me with law enforcement to intimidate me! Unbelievable. Denise has not ran the tumblr accounts that tried to defend Jeordie earlier, I know this for sure since those people have reached out to me. To warn me about Jessicka's public tantrums and harassment campaigns and lawsuit threats. 

Denise can say whatever the fuck she wants on her personal social media accounts. She too is a private person, not a public figure. Her personal accounts are for her personal life and personal opinions. Of course she, as a long time fan of Jeordie's has an opinion on these things. There's nothing evil about that. Jessicka is only "exposing" her to try to intimidate her into not saying what she thinks. Jessicka wants to imply that official Jeordie pages are harassing her and that's it. 

Don't use us against Jeordie. 

So alright. I have been very respectful until this point. I have told my followers (lmao I misspelled it as fans originally I shouldn't be posting this late :DD:D:D:D:DD) not to harass Jessicka, I have told them to remember good manners. I have no respect or sympathy for her anymore though so I don't honestly care about her hurt feelings. But for Jeordie: Keep it nice, it can be used against him if we aren't saints on social media.  See for example here, anyone can go look at my social media pages and see that most of the commentary is not something that attacks Jessicka's appearance for example, but there are some. I won't moderate because I want everyone to say what they need to say and Jessicka really is in no place to judge others for their online behavior, but still. If there's anything rude, Jessicka will portray it as if we ALL ONLY say stuff like that and that we encourage harassment. 

But each of us is only one person and each of us only responds to things we personally have said. I will not apologize for someone else's comments.  This is honestly so stupid anyway because Jessicka was supposed to not even want to see this because she was "triggered" but still went lurking and got her feelings hurt. Pretty pathetic really. Whatever I attached also a tweet by Jessicka just for comparison.

And okay, out of all the completely valid points I have made, she gets stuck on a rude comment by one of my followers. I think commenting on one's appearance is unnecessary. But the commenter represents only themselves and not me or us. "You never address the fact Pete stayed with us!!!!" nd then she never addresses literally anything I have said, completely avoids all the points that are being made and concentrates on a rude comment made by someone else. And like she acts like we all have been talking to her directly?? No one has any desire to talk to her about this, we are not asking Jessicka anything. I have literally blocked her months ago. And since I have blocked her, let me ask, why would I threaten her life, send HER death threats in my instagram stories that I have blocked her from seeing... What purpose would that serve? Why would Jessicka have seen them to alert the law enforcement in the first place if she "has no spy accounts"... lol.

Imagine falsely accusing someone of rape, completely destroying so much of their life and then getting your feelings hurt about someone calling you names online. Must be tough. 


 Essentially, what this was, was her terrified that someone had paid very close attention, so obviously I must be obsessed with her and stalking her because I occasionally look at her twitter to see if she's lied a little bit more.

She just tried to intimidate me but made a complete fool of herself. Probably realized it herself too since she had to quickly retweet her own tweets again to bury this all somewhere deep in the timeline. 

But this means now that I absolutely reserve the right to call her a false accuser. She falsely accused me. She is a false accuser and a liar.


Really makes you think how much of her "I have been threatened, harassed, hacked" stuff even actually is true. Mind you, she also complained that she'd "been called a pedophile for coming out with the truth" but it was not because of her accusing Jeordie, it was because she has publicly admitted to sexually abusing underage fans on stage and when said fans talked about it on social media, she played the victim and harassed these people into silence. She now shrieks on social media about how there are no false allegations of sexual abuse but when there are allegations/statements made of her, they are "false, fabrications, no one else has said so anyway!!!!!" and if you don't believe her it's "bullying her for coming out against Jeordie". On the same page as I discuss the allegations of sexual abuse towards Jessicka, there's also included an instance of herself claiming she's been hacked - she uses her own twitter account to say she's been locked out of it. How is that possible? If you lose access to your twitter, don't have access to it as in you can't use it to say you've lost access to it. Seriously. 

Edit 28.3.2022 I was not kidding about reporting, thought I'd add proof of this to this page. I'm willing to work with the law enforcement. I would not be working with the authorities if I was hiding something. I'm willing to show my stuff because I didn't do anything. The fact that I actually did go to the authorities by myself; I am telling the truth. Jessicka lied to you. And for the americans reading; yes, on finnish government sites you can change the language, the options are usually finnish/swedish/english sometimes more.

She is harassing me here. I refuse to be made a part of her false narratives, I am not a tool in a false story made up to hurt someone. I stand with Jeordie White. From the bottom of my heart. I can log off and turn my notifications off, Jessicka has to live with herself. 

Update 2.4.2022.

Just talked to the local police yesterday. They stated that they cannot open an investigation into this subject because it would require assistance from the US law enforcement and they won't assist in an international situation this minor. (This is completely understandable as you know, there are actual very serious crimes being committed that need all the resources available.) They advised me to report this to the US if I'm not satisfied, but to be honest I don't see it as worth the trouble for something this fucking pathetic. 

Taking in to account both the laws of the US and Finland, I have worked based on the Finnish laws on defamation, by default, they are stricter than US laws. I don't see why any US citizen would take any of her claims seriously. The justice system and the laws over there are completely different from ours and a defamation case is more complicated. You can research the US laws on defamation and very easily come to the conclusion that she has absolutely no grounds to take legal action towards me.  Not in Finland or in the US.

Difference between the US and Finland is for example that in the states, defamation is not a crime that is investigated by the police, it's a thing that's settled in civil court with a demand for compensation. The person suing for defamation has to prove the claims false, but also they have to prove that the information published was intentionally false, that the person knew it was false and posted it with malicious intent. Would also have to prove that it caused actual financial damages. Not only that, in California, there are "anti-SLAPP" laws that protect the freedom of speech; this means that a defamation lawsuit started with not enough proof can be seen as "trying to silence the critic" with the threat of a lawsuit and huge legal costs, a "SLAPP" can be punishable. 

In Finland, defamation is a crime investigated by the police, (they are looking to change this as it takes up a lot of resources) and you can report a defamation very easily. The justice system is very different. It's a police investigation and you don't have to have financial damages, emotional distress and damage to reputation can be enough for it to be a punishable defamation. This law however protects a private citizen, a public figure is expected to handle harsher criticism

Not only that, but now I have shown the police my work and also Jessicka's claims about me. Had she actually had an investigation about me or alerted someone about these "death threats" she has never even seen herself and has no proof of, it would have come up at this point as the police contacted me. At no point did any concerns rise about me being in any way threatening. As I said above, I expressed I'm willing to collaborate with the law enforcement, I was ready to show them what this is about, and at no point did they see an issue. 

Had all involved been located here, this could have possibly been a case. I'm not disappointed or discouraged, simply understand yet again in the big picture that this is stupid bullshit overall and I have no interest in wasting law enforcement resources into this any further. This is also a "No, I will not argue with you. I won't play your stupid games."  If she thinks she's an authority on who gets to discuss Jeordie White then we'll simply discuss Jeordie White without her, he is not her property.

I will not request the tweets to be taken down. Keep them up there, I think her behavior speaks for itself well enough. There is not a single person here whose opinion of me matters to me. Especially someone on twitter of all places I really can't be bothered lol. Those who matter will seek the other side of the story. Her lies are so pathetic that it's better if she doesn't realize it and keeps them posted so everyone can see her for what she is.  An entitled brat, a liar and a false accuser. An attention seeking opportunist.

There is no team of lawyers, there is a power fantasy and a big ego. There are no authorities monitoring me, there is a woman who thinks she is an authority above the judgment of others. She is "monitoring" me; she can't resist reading what others think of her, she is that important. She is so important that even her "stalker" doesn't give a fuck about her.

Oh it continues still, update 30.4.2022!

Now these events took place a while ago, probably two weeks ago but I have been sick so I kind of procrastinated with updating. But it's very interesting how her narrative once again changes and what ”arguments” are being used. In general how she works in commenting this drama, it's pretty stupid looking if you follow both sides of it honestly.

So on April 15th, someone commented to me in reference to a tweet Jessicka's husband had made (not a recent one, around 2018), reminding me of something. It was that Jessicka's "husband" was trying to make fun of Jeordie's girlfriend Michelle Siwy's appearance by comparing her to Amanda Lepore. I was earlier not aware of who Amanda Lepore was so I googled her and fair enough, that comparison is quite the stretch. Okay, so then informed of who Amanda Lepore is, I shared this tweet in an instagram story, just kinda reminding of it.

christian addams

Then, probably a day or two later, someone messaged me that Jessicka had tweeted something rude about Michelle in reference to a six months old tweet of hers and sent me a screenshot. This is where it gets pretty interesting.

jessicka addams

Why was she suddenly interested in Michelle's tweets? Why would she suddenly have to feel the need to look through her page and make her look bad? I can't prove it but the timing is pretty interesting: Doesn't it kind of look like she saw the story I posted and wanted to go through Michelle's twitter to share something bad about her ”to get even”? She, in a later tweet, (which will be included later) claimed that it was ”sent to her” but I don't believe that, because why would someone send her a tweet from Michelle that had absolutely nothing to do with her and that is six months old? Considering the interesting coincidence with the timing in comparison to my instagram story, I could bet she scrolled through Michelle's twitter.

But why would she have any interest in even looking at her twitter? Wasn't she triggered and retraumatized of the mentions of Jeordie and trying to heal and move forward? Just saying, all the abuse victims I know, they don't go snooping around, they don't have the time to think about the abuser's relationships. And wouldn't it be kind of really awkward to send stuff like that to a supposed abuse victim anyway? Like ”Look at what they're up to!” A friend of mine, who's not even a fan by the way, just my ”outsider perspective test audience” really, had a good question: ”If Jessicka was actually wanting to move forward and to heal, trying to avoid the subject... If I tried to imagine myself into this situation, I would just get pissed off if someone sent me some irrelevant tweet by a person I'm trying to avoid because of trauma.. Like why would this person think I'd be interested. Don't send me shit.”

And now, in the typical Jessicka way, she crops out the username and the context, the timing of what was said, so that her own audience can think that it was recent and a vague jab towards Jessicka. This implication is made stronger by the claim that Jessicka makes; she describes Michelle as a ”superfan, a sad GF of - ” basically implying that Michelle is just a fangirl and only together with Jeordie because she's a fan. Reducing her to that is very very feminist and respectful of women yet again. Michelle has a career of her own, she's not a ”well known stan” but it's a very typical Jessicka thing that every woman who disagrees with her becomes a ”dumb stan stupid fangirl” immediately upon disagreement and the feminist values or really any values don't apply to people Jessicka has a problem with.

But that's even more the reason to ask, if Jessicka wants to avoid Jeordie at all costs and is uncomfortable with this discussion: If Michelle actually was a ”superfan” she most likely would be bragging about her relationship to him and posting all about it, posting a lot of Jeordie and making fun of Jessicka possibly too. She's not, she's not really posting about Jeordie, there's no need to, her twitter is for her opinions and thoughts. But let's imagine she was this ”superfan” now. Why on earth would Jessicka be scrolling through her social media. Through six months old tweets? Wouldn't it be something she'd avoid doing?

Okay so I made a post about this on instagram and Jessicka very obviously saw it and just couldn't resist responding. And oh my god this is so ridiculous.

"I didn't include her acct or name as not to encourage others to target and harass her" sure. Sure. The "Oh look at me I'm just doing the right thing! Look at how fair I am being!" Or could it be that had you actually included her account, people would have seen that you scrolled back her account through six month old tweets  looking for anything to talk shit about despite claiming to avoid anything to do with Jeordie and also that you lied that Michelle is some "superfan". 


”When you have people blocked but they still see your tweets! This was sent to me” Well you answered your own question right there. People send me tips, I never at any point deny reading Jessicka's social media. May I once again remind that I was the one that blocked her first because I knew she wanted no part in this discussion and I wasn't looking for an argument. I wouldn't have had to do even that. Jessicka is the one denying that she reads my posts, she claims that she's hurt by them and scared, lies that there's law enforcement monitoring my accouts for her but she reads through my comment sections and blocks everyone who follows me and comments to me, but still snoops around my profiles. She is trying to control how others see me so that they wouldn't listen to me because she can't control what I say and she can't control the discussion within my accounts as she's been blocked. If she had nothing to hide, she wouldn't be doing this kind of stuff at all.


 Jessicka your tweets and posts are public, you've made them public, people can comment on them, it's pretty immature to think that blocking people on social media means that will stop them from discussing this topic.

She's publicly responding to a post she was blocked from seeing, she's responding to me but her target audience is her followers who have no idea what she's even responding to? Makes no sense at all.

But here it comes: ”I'm not afraid of any of you. I'll tweet whatever I like. I'm not bothered by your criticism.”  Well, that's consistent? Where did we start from once again? She was fearing for her life? She's talking about the very same ”stalker fan” that she was going on in the earlier tweets. This is a performance for her followers and nothing more. If she's not bothered, she would not be responding at all, she would not be giving us attention at all. But she enjoys the criticism because it gives her the narcissistic supply; she can use it to her liking and twist it however she likes so that her followers will always feel bad for her and give her attention. So, was the stalker story a lie? Oh it was. Admittedly right here she says she's not afraid. She never was afraid and here she's now stating she's not afraid of any of us. 

Well, about the stalking. It is a very traumatizing experience that leaves you feeling paranoid and unsafe for years after. I have a friend who was stalked by an ex partner for years. By what I have heard from that, by what I saw and heard as the situation was ongoing: Jessicka is looking for attention. You don't just ”get over” being stalked like that. That friend of mine said this while we discussed Jessicka's claims about me; "As someone that has actually been stalked by someone that knew where I lived and how to easily get there, I could never imagine posting about it on social media because it might just make the stalker angry and it'd just make the situation worse, I did not want to confront that person and I had no idea what they would do."


It's just annoying to see her pull all this empathy from her followers who genuinely believe in her and want good things for her! It's frustrating to see that. Her followers are people that wish her all the best and want her to be successful yet she exploits their empathy with false stories like this. Causes genuine worry in them for nothing. It's disgusting. (And I'll repeat, don't go after her supporters it's unneeded, they disagree with us, they genuinely think they're right and on the side of truth. No need to fight about it just discuss the issue.)


But yeah, so she absolutely read my post about her tweet as she once again cherrypicked a ”rude comment”, cropped out the context and the username so that you'll just have to take her word for it again just as usual, she's implying that all the discussion is just ”wishing her harm” again... Which is ironic because what this comment ("It would be better for everyone, herself included, if Jessicka just left the internet") is getting at is that Jessicka is making a fool of herself and it would be better for her if she didn't make herself look stupid online all the time and concentrated on something else like making her own life the best it could be. The projection in this is really funny though. Cowards who lie on the internet? I wonder who she could possibly be talking about? Herself? What's this page about?

I'm still here and I'm not scared. Again, interesting how the narrative changed. First she was fearing for her life and now that all suddenly disappeared? But she installed surveillance cameras as you can remember? and everything? Because she was so scared?  What about the lawyers and authorities...

And then we get into the ”very good arguments”

Were you there? Have we met?

No and neither were any of your followers so their support is irrelevant and unneeded, ignorant, by this logic. Same goes for the meeting argument. This is pretty funny considering that a lot of Jeordie fans that I've talked to have in fact met him several times. This is really ironic also considering that she is responding to a post made about her talking shit about Jeordie's girlfriend who absolutely has met him and probably is hanging out with him as we speak. It doesn't matter if I've met him or not, because even if I knew him it would not be enough, that would just make me a ”stan”. A lot of people who have been defending Jessicka never have met her either. I don't need to meet her to know that her story does not add up to me. I also can ”tweet whatever I like” and I'm not stopping her either.

This is once again just ”no you are not allowed to discuss this topic, only people who are on my side are allowed to partake in this discussion because their opinions are approved by me” but the arguments as to why, if applied to everyone equally would also make her supporters completely irrelevant. The accuser does not get to make the rules, I never asked Jessicka anything. Not for permission to discuss, nothing.

But she's not scared? She still tries to keep up the ”extortion” storyline though? So to know what she's even talking about you'd have to have read her earlier ”stalker story” but this ”lol I'm not afraid of any of you” contradicts that completely? What... Also Jessicka you are blocked too lol. About the extortion; Wouldn't threatening people with empty threats of legal action in order to restrict their freedom of speech by intimidation be closer to extortion than posting a meme in an instagram story? I'm not exactly sure but it doesn't sound exactly legal to try to scare Jeordie fans with ”lawyers and authorities” every time so that they'd stop expressing their opinions? Really ironic again when coming from someone in this "abusers exploit their position of power to stay undetected" sorta discussion, what is she doing herself? Reverse the genders a bit? Pretty shady behavior. She is an alleged abuser going after people who talk about it and trying to intimidate them with false accusations of crimes and threats of legal action. If she was a man, this would be seen as completely disgusting and a "clear admission of guilt". 

And of course now we're all homophobes and whatever. Typical woke twitter stuff. She just listed all the possible ”cards” to pull to imply we hate literally everyone because we support Jeordie. This really is like playing chess with a pigeon lol. I'm literally none of the things she listed. Could pull the "Have we met??" card here on her since she likes to imply this kind of stuff. The detectives monitoring my accounts didn't see it when I was posting pictures of my cat in my story? Very typical of her to use this immature "If you disagree with me on one topic it means you disagree with everything I stand for therefore you're a racist too!!" lol.


This really is something. So she was fearing for her life but that narrative didn't work so now she's not but when you point that out she will talk about literally everything else to justify it and make herself look like the victim. 

But well yeah Jessicka I know #justicetakestime it definitely does take time to get justice when the abuse victim is male and falsely accused. It's very hard to get justice in that position.

This didn't end here but I'm not interested in responding further. But know, I have seen that stuff as people do send it in. 

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