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Jessicka's emails and Laney Chantal

In her 2017 allegations and a Facebook post after, Jessicka claims that after her 2015 interview for Alternative Press where she first vaguely referred to Jeordie, many others contacted her with their stories of Jeordie abusing them. So far, none of these people have come forward though, and only one of these people mentioned in the emails has been named, this person being Jeordie's ex wife Laney Chantal. However, Laney herself did not agree with the storyline that Jessicka was building and maintained that her and Jeordie's relationsip was not an abusive one. What does this say about the credibility of her claims? Why would Jessicka want the public to believe that Jeordie and Laney's marriage was full of abuse?

Here's the part from the statement:

In 2015, while playing some reunion shows with the original line up of Jack Off Jill, Alternative Press Magazine asked me in an interview “What would older, wiser Jessicka tell her wilder, 19-year-old self?” My reply was:

“Don't allow anybody—especially your current boyfriend—to verbally ridicule you, psychically abuse and rape you, fat-shame you, break your spirit, make you second-guess yourself and ultimately steal your identity. Don't worry: He’ll get trapped in the green dress he stole. It becomes his curse rather than a gift, trust me."

This statement may have seemed vague to most, but to many Jack Off Jill fans, they understood my words loud and clear. I began to receive an enormous amount of emails of support and love. And unfortunately, the stories started to unspool. Women (even young girls) revealed their horror stories, and all of a sudden I was not alone. I was not the only one who was a victim of my rapist. Others had also been abused by the man I was referencing.

As all of these women were reaching out to me, I had been recovering from a near death illness. The amount of guilt I felt for not reporting him when my rape initially occurred really began to eat at me. Even with my incredibly supportive husband at my side, the compunction of not speaking my truth hit me like a freight train. The bitter tears of self reproach made my chances of my own recovery feel …unattainable.

And this Facebook post, and a tweet for example where this story is being pushed. (Not on the tweet, first of all, the "he couldn't remember" thing is just pushing a rumour, Jeordie never actually said that in response to the allegations and the rumour is based on his history of addiction, therefore pushing it as a fact with the official band account is pretty disrespectful. Also, despite claiming that the JOJ page is run by an "admin" it's run by Jessicka who continuously lies about this.)

So, what's up with this? Why is this sketchy? I have now divided this previously very long page into chapters for easier navigation.

Discussing general problems there are with this claim and why it doesn't seem credible. Why such a claim does not work so well as one might think?

Going through evidence on why Jessicka's claims about Jeordie abusing Laney are obviously false. 

This wasn't a part of Jessicka's claims, but a social media story from a former fan that was then on noticed by Jessicka and accepted/spread as fact by her. This way it is in the "multiple victims claim" category.  What's wrong with this one?

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