Jessicka's emails and Laney Chantal

In her 2017 allegations and a Facebook post after, Jessicka claims that after her 2015 interview for Alternative Press where she first vaguely referred to Jeordie, many others contacted her with their stories of Jeordie abusing them. So far, none of these people have come forward though, and only one of these people mentioned in the emails has been named, this person being Jeordie's ex wife Laney Chantal. However, Laney herself did not agree with the storyline that Jessicka was building and maintained that her and Jeordie's relationsip was not an abusive one. What does this say about the credibility of her claims? Why would Jessicka want the public to believe that Jeordie and Laney's marriage was full of abuse?

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Here's the part from the statement:

In 2015, while playing some reunion shows with the original line up of Jack Off Jill, Alternative Press Magazine asked me in an interview “What would older, wiser Jessicka tell her wilder, 19-year-old self?” My reply was:

“Don't allow anybody—especially your current boyfriend—to verbally ridicule you, psychically abuse and rape you, fat-shame you, break your spirit, make you second-guess yourself and ultimately steal your identity. Don't worry: He’ll get trapped in the green dress he stole. It becomes his curse rather than a gift, trust me."

This statement may have seemed vague to most, but to many Jack Off Jill fans, they understood my words loud and clear. I began to receive an enormous amount of emails of support and love. And unfortunately, the stories started to unspool. Women (even young girls) revealed their horror stories, and all of a sudden I was not alone. I was not the only one who was a victim of my rapist. Others had also been abused by the man I was referencing.

As all of these women were reaching out to me, I had been recovering from a near death illness. The amount of guilt I felt for not reporting him when my rape initially occurred really began to eat at me. Even with my incredibly supportive husband at my side, the compunction of not speaking my truth hit me like a freight train. The bitter tears of self reproach made my chances of my own recovery feel …unattainable.

And this Facebook post:

Now, where are all these other women (even young girls) that Jessicka has mentioned? The existence of these emails is very hard to prove, just for the sake of confidentiality, really. But as we saw with the Marilyn Manson case just this year, (which will not be addressed on this site since there already is a huge discussion about it) some fans did come out with their own stories about him. (And the credibility of those accounts is also something that will be discussed elsewhere, this is page is for the Twiggy discussion we never really got.)

Surely there would be some willing to have their story shared?

And well, one thing that I'm going to address here. 

Years ago, I was 18 and went to a concert, I talked to a bandmember (don't make any conclusions about who, you're going to be wrong). He invited me backstage and offered me alcohol (Just to note that the legal drinking age here is 18) and took off his pants. He was changing out of his stage clothes but he was so drunk he just put the stage pants back on and then took them off again and yeah so he just put the wrong pants on a few times. He made a lot of very sexual jokes while doing so and also gave me his phone number. Sounds absolutely disgusting doesn't it?

Okay. But I was there willingly, I was having a good time, this to this day is a story that I tell with a laugh. At no point did I feel unsafe, I was free to leave the whole time and it was obvious that this man was joking. He did not expose himself, he did not touch me. He called me a cab home and waited for the cab with me to make sure I got home safe. We met many times after this too and I never felt unsafe. We just always joked around about all kinds of terrible shit, got into a few pretty absurd situations. It was always that he's not serious, I'm so much younger, he's not interested in me and I'm not interested in him, it's all just dumb shit. 

Now, let's imagine this artist gets accused of rape and it's all over the media. If I tell the story again while this is all over the media and in my own "I should have done something, I need to express that I don't support this behavior in any  way even though I have met this man many times and have pictures with him" sort of mindset I just tell what he did and not what I was feeling, or what if I'm absolutely disgusted with him, disappointed and I hate him so I retell this story with disgust because that funny memory feels wrong now? Or while this is all over the media, someone finds a post I made on social media about my experience and while I didn't say it was negative, in the reader's mind this person is a criminal and they're disgusted. How does it make him look? Horrible.

But it doesn't give him the chance to change his behavior in the moment anymore because it's gone and over. No one can know the answer to this question: Had I actually been uncomfortable then and told him so, would he have apologized and stopped? Would he have put his pants back on and said "I'm sorry, that was inappropriate, I was joking, I hope I didn't make you feel unsafe." There was never a chance for him to do that because, I wasn't uncomfortable. 

I'm not saying that this is how this always goes, I'm saying that our emotions greatly affect how we see things, how we remember things. Have you ever been in the situation that someone betrays your trust and you are so angry that you feel like everything this person has ever done to you was an evil plan? Have you ever been in a group of friends where you all talk shit about a former friend and you know that that one thing didn't go like that but you laugh along because you hate that person too?

I don't know how to explain this, but I guess confirmation bias is the right word. You want to believe the victim, you want to be a part of the discussion, so if you believe that Jeordie White is a rapist, anything he has done in the past looks different. A perverted joke ten years ago, oh my god, I should have known, did he actually mean it?

Like for example I saw a comment like this (I am NOT going through those comment sections again to screenshot it); The person was like "Oh I definitely believe Jessicka, this explains a lot! I met Jeordie at ____ and he was so awkward... Probably wished I'd be more good looking and that was the reason why he didn't talk to me more. God, he's such a creep!" Like what, you met him and he was awkward? That's it, the rest is just a layer added by the feelings that were awoken by reading what Jessicka said. Meeting celebrities IS awkward, many seem to forget this; they don't know who you are. It usually isn't a magical experience. 

Like there's this one guy I'm a huge fan of and people say he's a total narcissist, then these "he was so quiet, what a dick" stories are exchanged online... He's shy, I've met him multiple times and I constantly have people coming up to me like "Well if you knew what he's really like.... I met him once and-" Shut up :DDDDDDDDDD

And I will have to say it too, that some people really do look at celebrities actions through rose tinted glasses and they let celebrities say and do things they wouldn't let anyone else do because they feel it's an "honor" to be in that person's company. And that is something that needs to be talked about, you don't ever need to let a man in a band touch you wrong.

But yeah, so just saying "OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY STORIES" without showing any of them is kind of unfair really? We can't know how many there are, if there are any? And what kind of stories are we talking about? What if some are like mine? 

Now, this is probably why in his response, Jeordie said this: 

If I have caused anyone pain I apologize and truly regret it.

He doesn't really even know what he's been accused of in these mysterious emails. How can he even respond to these claims properly? What are we talking about? 

And at the same time, where is the outrage about Jessicka abusing Jeordie, if  according to a witness it was a generally known thing that their group of friends talked about. How many people witnessed Jessicka abusing Jeordie? 2? 20? 100?

Just saying there were emails means nothing, when you have nothing to show. And the credibility of these stories in the emails is a whole another thing, there is no way for anyone to know what has been said in them and decide for themselves are those stories legitimate. I could say that I have received a hundred of emails saying Jeordie didn't do anything and Jessicka was abusive. Who knows if I actually have?


Considering how in this statement the following things have already been an issue:

Courtney Love was mysteriously unnamed and multiplied to women.

The witness to the alleged rape was mysteriously unnamed, likely because googling his full name would show pictures of him hanging out with Jeordie years after, despite Jessicka's claim that he was ashamed of not reporting Jeordie to the authorities.

Jeordie somehow stole from Jessicka a fashion style that she didn't originate 

Jessicka claims the green dress specifically was stolen from her but can't even provide a picture of herself wearing the exact style of green dress and if you just google 60's Twiggy dress you know exactly where it came from, you know, Twiggy Ramirez, 60's Twiggy dress. 60's Twiggy is kinda common knowledge anyway I can't believe this claim.

Why would I have any trust in these claims and believe that there is an enormous amount of emails describing horrible abuse by Jeordie?

Especially when Jessicka soon started harassing Laney Chantal, claiming that Laney was one of the victims in the emails. That their close friends had heard her stories and decided to share them with Jessicka.

Here are some screenshots, thanks: loverofmenartandpasta 

It's very weird for Jessicka to claim that Jeordie was abusive towards Laney, there are many things that contradict that. Jessicka described Jeordie as being very jealous, for example. But at the same time, Jeordie had no issue with Laney being a Suicide Girl and having nude photos online? Rather, he seemed to be proud of her. If he was terribly jealous, would he be liking and sharing her pictures on social media like go look at this stuff?

Also, if you've listened to the Hour Of Goon podcast, Laney is often featured in the episodes. Because she happens to be home at the time of the recording and Jeordie is like "Hey Laney!" and he's happily inviting her in and asking about her work. It really doesn't go along with Jessicka's narrative. Like Laney's not a part of the podcast but walks by the room and Jeordie immediately changes the subject like "Oh Laney is home! Hey what's up, come here, what have you been working on!" From the podcast it sounded like Jeordie's proud of her and wants the listeners to know more about her. Mind you, the podcasts weren't scripted, so it was always a rather spontaneous exchange. 


So, what does Laney herself have to say about Jeordie? Note: sep.pu.ku.4u is also Laney.

So okay, at this point: To believe Jessicka would mean you're taking her word over a woman who is talking about her personal experience while Jessicka has probably never even met Laney and starts gossip on social media. Believe all women or believe Jessicka over everyone?


Around the time of the allegations, Laney attempted suicide, which was discussed publicly, and Jessicka's harassment towards her did have a part in it as Jessicka was allegedly implying that Laney and Jeordie's breakup was because Jeordie had been abusive, and that Jeordie was at fault for this suicide attempt. Little screenshots exist, as the posts have been deleted and though many have seen them, people don't want to post screenshots online out of respect. But there's this:

So Jessicka hasn't provided any proof of these emails even existing and the only person in the emails she has been able to name is Laney, who's telling a completely different story. And who Jessicka feels the need to harass online because she doesn't support her story. Is this something a person who's looking out for someone else would do? 

Now, why would Jessicka have any reason to want the public to believe that Jeordie was abusing Laney? Why was it important to her?

Well, one "motive" could be that Laney as a makeup artist was someone who was contributing to Jeordie's career, she was getting credited for his makeup, she was benefiting from his success. Jessicka on the other hand: Believes that Jeordie stole her stage looks and it was an obstacle to Jack Off Jill's success as she was compared to Jeordie. She made sure to mention this in basically every section of her own website in the mid 2000's. Laney could use him in her portfolio, Jessicka can't. So how does she bring attention to this issue? By saying Jeordie abused Laney too and claiming she made a massive contribution to Jeordie's style too. 

So like "Look there he is doing it again and if she denies it she's just like me, just like I was, hiding it behind a happy face! He's using her creativity and abusing her, just like he did with me." 

But should we believe her over everyone here or what? What should Laney do, prove she wasn't abused? Why? Like "Yeah here's a no makeup selfie of me every day since our wedding just so you know I haven't got a black eye" 

So to wrap this up, Jessicka claims there has been an enormous flood of messages from other women describing how they've been abused by Jeordie, but she can't prove the existence of these emails in any way, and the only things we know about these "emails" is this:

-In these emails Laney is portrayed as a victim, but Laney still remains friends with Jeordie to this day, years after they broke up, and maintains that Jeordie did not abuse her.