The overall effort that's put into this

The major changes in narrative, inconsistencies, they look suspicious, but when you think about how this whole set of accusations was brought out, it also looks like this whole claim of an abusive relationship was something that was thought of fairly recently. Why? Well....

Jessicka claims that she was abused in 1993-1994 and she had been holding in this secret since, and she'd been planning to go to the press to reveal her story but was silenced. She'd had many years to think about this but how did she come out with her allegations?

She made a vague remark in an interview, after which she posted very confusing posts on the social media pages of Jack Off Jill, Scarling. and herself. These posts, they were posted and then deleted quickly after and were very aggressive and not very well thought through, containing stuff like "JEORDIE IS A RAPIST!!" It looked almost as if Jessicka was posting them and someone else in the band went to delete them after hearing about them. 

Do you have screenshots? I don't, I remember seeing these posts on facebook and screenhots on tumblr, but can't find them anymore and have since changed phones and my laptop and don't have a lot of stuff I had. Contact me if you have stuff!

This delivery of this message really contradicts her narrative. Because, for comparison: 

I have been following this drama with the allegations against Jeordie since 2015-16??  And had my doubts since the beginning. It has been bothering me for a long time, and when the 2021 Marilyn Manson allegations hit and I saw Jessicka still post about Jeordie, I got very frustrated, like "I thought, by now, this issue would have been gotten over with but no, still going on." 

So I did a pretty massive research and put months of time into planning how I'm going to say what I'm going to say. A lot of that work is stuff that no one has even seen because I literally filmed and edited hours of footage for a documentary I was going to post on youtube. But I was never happy with it. I didn't want it to be a half assed thing that no one's going to watch or listen. The I decided that I'd do this site and so far it has been a much better idea because now other fans can contribute by telling me more info and they can correct me if they see a problem. 

But I didn't just shittalk on social media with badly written snarky comments because I wanted to be taken seriously. 

And this isn't a personal thing for me at all, I have never even fucking met these people, this is a drama between two artists I grew up listening to. This was something that simply had been pissing me off for a few years. Yet I put multiple months of effort in this, I used my skills in anything and everything in this, I actually was making these calm background noise covers of MM, Goon Moon and JOJ songs to use as background music for my long ass ramble videos. I just simply found this that important, this was something I'd wanted to say.

So it just looks weird to go "I have been holding in this secret for over two decades and it has ruined my life" but then just post a very poorly written statement on facebook of all places. The statement (on this site it was copied from a news article so some errors were cleaned up) had a lot of spelling errors and grammatical issues, it was written like a child writes a story. It was very "And then we went there and then we did this and then", a lot of incidents had no sense to them, they were just like "And then he jumped off a bridge"

It was not a very credible text. No matter if you look at it from the "I believe her" or the "This is a fabrication" angle, with both narratives it is not a well put together thing. 

Had she been holding this secret for so many years, wouldn't getting to tell this story finally be almost a milestone in her life and overcoming trauma? Wouldn't she set up a whole legit interview where a reporter would ask her additional questions and help her deliver this message in a more personal, more credible looking manner?  Wouldn't this issue be something she'd plan and mentally prepare for, sit down and think through what she wants to say?

Why not get it all out at once instead of going years and years arguing online and making these half assed statements whenever there's something in the media that has people discussing. I mean Jessicka brought this up 2015 directly at the same time as the Jackie Fox rape story and that aftermath was going on in the media and then again she brought it up when Maureen Herman was fired from Babes in Toyland as she criticized Joan Jett over her reaction to Jackie Fox's story. And then Jessicka brought this up again in the summer of 2017, probably trying again to get the public's attention, and then she brought it up again when the Metoo Happened. She has just been looking for an opportunity to get attention, use a publicly discussed topic to get back at Jeordie for that "dress theft".

Why not just do it all at once in an interview of something... (And Jessicka I know you read this site. Doing an interview now years later will not change anything, it will just bring more inconsistencies to the table and make people question you even more. We remember.)

No? Why?

Is it because a reporter asking additional questions could possibly catch her in a lie? That it isn't a conversation she can be totally in control of. Many of these alleged incidents are very poorly described with no "where/why/how" to them, and a reporter asking "And what happened then?" or anything could make her slip up. A mistake in a social media post could be written off as "My emotions were all over the place" which she actually did in her statement as damage control for her earlier posts and the contradictions in them. 

But people have done these interviews for much lesser claims. Remember for example when Joey Jordison revealed his side of the whole being fired from Slipknot issue in an interview that was done at his home, it was very "I can finally tell the truth." And as much as that has been criticized and whatever, he was telling his perspective, how he understood it and how he felt about it. It was a "I want this to be known, this is my side of the story." And it was something that had clearly distressed him, and mind you, that interview was three or four years after his departure from Slipknot. He wanted to be taken seriously, he didn't shitpost on social media. And he was taken seriously, because: He took himself seriously and actually believed in the things he was saying. 

And Jessicka claims to come out with twenty years of trauma, she posts it on Facebook and doesn't even think it through, keeps editing the post and ends up deleting it too. Wouldn't it have been much more credible to have her words printed into a magazine? It's almost as if she doesn't stand behind these words herself? 

And she claims she had already planned to go to the press in 1997? Why not do it properly now then? Like, FINALLY, I can speak MY TRUTH.

It just brings up this thought; Was this social media weirdness a way of making people question her just so she could post about how hard it really is to come out? Like a self fulfilling prophecy? She says no one would believe her, people don't find her inconsistent stories and deleted posts credible, and she also delivers her message in a very not so credible looking way so that when people react, she can say "There! I said it and look at all these people hating on me for simply telling the truth, no wonder it took me twenty years to tell this story, look at all these people not believing me, it truly is a struggle to tell the truth!"

Was it an intentional thing? And then she gets all these questions, all these "But what about-?" and she can post about it on twitter, stating she is being harassed and how people expect her to be the perfect survivor and she is fighting this huge online mob alone,  she never addresses the questions people have and just says people don't believe her "because Jeordie is so attractive"... it makes it harder for people to ask questions because they don't want to press the issue, and when Jeordie is completely silent, not defending himself at all, it creates this atmosphere where there's pressure to sympathise with Jessicka, there's pressure to just go "Ah okay... Hm. I guess that's it then."

And she was actually getting hate too and getting harassed, I don't condone that as much as I don't believe her. Hold her responsible, ask questions, please do but don't tell her to KYS or call her names, that is not the tactic we need. Facts fight, people don't have to. Which is by the way the only reason I am not doing this with my own face here, I'm not scared of her and her supporters, I just want my words to be the main focus and not my person. I don't need attention. 

And Jessicka knows Jeordie. She has known him for many years. She knows Jeordie won't make his side public, she knows he doesn't want any part in this, he hasn't acknowledged her literally ever. She's using that against him. She's goin on and on, she has this conversation all for herself. 

But well, from here we run into a problem: She's created an atmosphere where no one questions her, they don't dare, in fear of harassment from her. It makes her too confident and  she keeps adding to the story. Again, deleted tweets that people have seen, do send me if you have screenshots; She claimed Jeordie broke her arm and ribs, why was it not mentioned in the statement? She claimed in an instagram post that Jeordie got her pregnant and she had to have an abortion, conventionally of course, this story was included as the "pro choice" conversation was going on... Why wasn't this included in her statement either? Keep adding, but at some point people will see too much and give in to their doubts.

Like, Jeordie doesn't have to say anything, he doesn't have to tell his side of the story. Time will tell as Jessicka reveals it piece by piece all by herself. 

Whatever, it just. If I had been traumatized like that, I'd be doing my best to be taken seriously. Especially when Jessicka's claims are something that she alleges happened such a long time ago, it really is hard to prove it, but it's almost like she sabotaged her own statements on purpose just so she could cry about not being taken seriously, which would then pressure her fans to not ask any questions about her story. 

And then there's that "The big machine behind Marilyn Manson would have made sure my reputation would be ruined" part which is almost like "Manson fans are going to defend him and it just shows my fears of not being believed to be true, see?" A lot of the text is basically "I'm definitely telling the truth I'm telling the truth okay this is totally true... Inevitable backlash.... No one will believe me... I'm not lying" it just comes off as manipulative.

Or just, she knew that this would be pretty much a 180 degree turn and the story is put together so badly, this social media stuff that's all over the place could just be a "well see how I am suffering right here my posts are all over the place."

Something that was also interesting along with this badly planned show was these messages I received soon after making an instagram account:

Oh really? It really looks like this is true judging by how this all was done. Story keeps changing, all so badly planned and all of a sudden, nothing makes sense. Exactly. Thought I'd add that this person claims they were friends with Jessicka around this time, you decide if you believe it.