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The whole "Jeordie stole my look" claim, it hasn't exactly stayed the same. Somehow it has changed and also grown bigger with time. Let's see.

Jessicka interviewed by Jeff Cohn for a fanpage on November 24th,1997:

Jeff: I've heard rumors that you and Twiggy had been together for some time, is that a sensitive topic or ..?
Jessicka: No not at all, we dated for about 4 years and we used to live together, It's just he went on with his career and I went on with mine. We don't really look each other in the face. Last time I saw him was in NY at the MTV awards and we said about 3 words to each other. I have a better relationship with everyone else in the band than I do with him, it's uncomfortable still. I went out with someone named Jeordie White and then the last two years of our relationship Twiggy evolved, it was like dating a schizophrenic, so, I've always been Jessika. Then he started wearing my clothes! “hey where are my..huh? hey you asshole!” It got to that point, and he still owes me some clothes. FAQ through the 2000's

Same site, FAQ, up there until like 2013:

2015; included in the 2017 statement too, 

"He'll get trapped in the green dress he stole."

And finally: 2017,

On Christmas Eve of 1993, my friend Brad Stewart aka Gidget Gein (bass player and co-founder of Marilyn Manson) was hospitalized after overdosing on heroin. While hospitalized, Brad received a message from Marilyn Manson's lawyer via FedEx that he was fired due to his drug use. Brad was replaced by Jeordie White, who Manson renamed Twiggy Ramirez. In order to cement his spot and further humiliate Brad and myself (who he thought I was having an affair with), Jeordie adopted Brad's colorful dreadlocks, moppet persona, and stripped tights with shorts look. He also began to wear my thrift store dresses and put on his make up like mine. He eventually would get dresses made to look exactly like the ones I wore. Jeordie overnight went from dressing like he was in Metallica to unabashedly wearing dresses in Marilyn Manson within weeks. Not only did he abuse me, but he also managed to unapologetically take an identity that I created for myself, and run with this as his own.

So, see how it gets bigger every time it has been repeated?

Maybe he did wear her clothes, maybe he did borrow a dress. But the claim gets bigger, which already is a red flag. Thing is, with this kind of thing, we've all probably talked badly of someone and been bitter towards someone and while telling a story, had the thought "It has been x amount of time why am I still mad about this", and a very natural thing that occurs in this situation is to make the story a little bit bigger to convince yourself "yes, it really was that fucking bad, I am not mad for no reason." It also provokes a bigger reaction from the listener instead of the "Yeah the same old thing you've been talking about for ages let it go." And it gets bigger and bigger. 

So maybe it was "he wore my clothes" and then it was "he stole my clothes" and then it was "he copied my style" and then it was "he stole from me the exact piece of clothing he's memorable for" and then, and then. 

But then it changes to "He started getting his dresses made to look exactly like the ones I wore." Why?

Is it because in the 2017 statement Jessicka also accused him of fat shaming, which would bring us to the question; if Jeordie was very thin and Jessicka was not, would they fit into the same clothes. Why do Jeordie's dresses look like they're tailored for him, wouldn't the seams in the chest area be a little bit different, had these dresses been Jessicka's, considering that Jeordie doesn't have breasts? Had Jeordie been wearing Jessicka's dresses, wouldn't they have looked a bit more saggy in the chest area but also a bit awkward around the shoulders, as Jeordie's shoulders were probably wider. 

If it was originally "my thrift store dresses," then why is it now "started getting them made"? If they were tailored for Jeordie (which they pretty obviously were), then this would already debunk what she's said earlier. So he didn't steal your clothes or wear your clothes, but he wore his own clothes.

Another thing is that in the beginning, she wasn't talking about a specific style of dress, but now claims it was exactly the bright colored "signature" 90's Twiggy dresses. Maybe he did wear something else of Jessicka's but had he actually copied this style of dress from her, when did Jessicka wear this kind of dresses? I actually went above and beyond, looking through the rarest of pictures but could not find a single dress that looked even remotely similar. Had this been something she generally wore at the time, like she implies, there would probably be an abundance of pictures of her wearing said dress. But there isn't.

What this all kind of sounds like is, is that maybe Jeordie wore something of hers at an early show or wore her dress at a party or whatever, and then he left Jessicka and became more successful, and she believed that the dress came into his stage look from her influence. 

I doubt he actually stole anything for this one interesting inconsistency: Jeordie took on the green dress into his stage look during the Portrait tour in December 1994, before that he wore shorts and a green/purple patterned shirt. The shirt and shorts were his stage look during the NIN tour with the alleged rape on a break from that tour, at the time of which, Jessicka said she had already moved out of their shared apartment. Why would Jeordie have access to any of her belongings about a month later? It just really sounds like they broke up during that NIN tour and after that Jeordie started wearing dresses and Jessicka felt like they were copied from her.

A thing that can happen when a relationship or a friendship ends badly, is this sort of "If you don't want me anymore, you don't deserve the things I brought into your life either." So people may fantasize about going to their exes house and stealing back a gift they'd spent a lot of money on. Or maybe you got your friend into a band and you had a nasty falling out, so it pisses you off to see that friend posting about that band on social media, Because you were the original real fan and they're not. 

Another way this can happen is "We did that together, that was our thing!" So maybe two people were into the same thing and brought together by it, did it together and after a nasty falling out, seeing the other person still doing that, especially if they are successful, feels like mockery. This "Jeordie wore what he wore to humiliate Brad and myself" reminded me of something that happened to me:

A friend and I were absolutely hardcore fans of the same band, and would go to shows together. We had a really bad fight and weren't on good terms for a long time. While this was going on, I got my first real job and my driver's license and was able to go see this band many times, and I went pretty much all the time and became a "front row regular" that would get the setlists and drumsticks etc because the band and crew were familiar with me. While at the shows, I wished she could be there, I wished she could see the show, I wished we could still have fun like before, but my intention came though completely different to this friend. I got messages implying that my sole intention of going to the shows was to, humiliate her for not being able to go, somehow get back at her by posting pictures from the show, show to the band that I'm a bigger fan. 

Does it sound familiar to this? 

And because some people know me and know who I'm talking about, I'll tell another relevant story, but this time I was the asshole, just to be even! We also sometimes shared clothes and I had let her borrow a jacket I literally never wore so we could have a gothy graveyard photoshoot. I completely forgot about the jacket I had left at her house, because, again I never wore it.  So when we had that stupid ass argument and weren't on good terms, I felt like she wasn't listening to my side of the story at all and was ignoring me, I accused her of "refusing to return" that fucking jacket to me, just so she would have to let me come over and get it and talk things through. What a cringe thing to do, but I was so angry you wouldn't believe it. Emotions affect our perception of reality. 

Could be something similar going on in this "stolen clothes" drama, just saying.

It's also really interesting that not once is it mentioned in Jessicka's claims what Jeordie did in Marilyn Manson. It seems to the reader that he was only wearing someone's clothes and only along on the ride in someone else's band. It's like Jeordie just showed up. But he made very big contributions to Marilyn Manson's music and was a songwriter in pretty much all of the big hits of the 90's!  It also really shows the thinking, it's like she thinks he didn't deserve any of the success and she only sees the way he looked as a reason for the success, so in her mind, without her he's nothing. 

It's interesting how the edited newer version of the FAQ says:

"I believe [Jeordie "copying" Jessicka] was the reason why Jack Off Jill was constantly compared to Marilyn Manson"

This is her pretty much blaming Jeordie for her band not being as successful as Manson? 

But the thing is, Jack Off Jill was already affiliated with Manson before Jeordie joined the band. Jack Off Jill played their first show opening up for Marilyn Manson and their first recordings were produced by Marilyn Manson, their first real tour was opening for MM. The entire career started "as an opening act for MM". 

Not only this, but they were bands in the same scene, playing similar music. Of course, Marilyn Manson turned out to be much different from them, but you can't say that for example the Jack Off Jill song "My Cat" doesn't have a similar sound to the early Marilyn Manson.

The stage ideas in the beginning were similar, the bands had dolls and toys and random stuff on stage, they played around with similiar ideas. Jack Off Jill had the good girl /bad girl thing and childhood trauma and at the same time, Marilyn Manson had lunchboxes, candy and that whole Willy Wonka stuff going on in the beginning. The comparison was pretty natural. Could understand that it was probably annoying but the bands were similar and from the same area, same scene. 

I'd like to mention this part from an interview to show you an example,

Jessicka interviewed for a fansite, Saturday, March 14th, 1998:

c: is there a mascot for jack off jill?

j: originally, there was...

c: was it the girl?

j: it was a different girl.  it was a cyclops girl. that was the first mascot for jack off jill, it was a one-eyed little girl.  if you see any of the early flyers, which i'm still trying to find, it had a cyclops
girl on it.  and she formed into the girl that you see more commonly on shirts and stuff like that, and there's different variations of her.  but, the cyclops girl stopped when a certain band wrote a song called cyclops, originally called cyclops woman.  therefore, playing with each other constantly, it kind of got confusing.  so that's when the cyclops stopped.

Marilyn Manson has a song called Cyclops. It's included on Portrait Of An American Family and it was written and recorded before Jeordie joined the band, he doesn't perform on the album though he was a member when it was released. A very good example yet again that similar ideas were thrown around and this "problem" existed well before Jeordie stepped in.

This happens. In every scene.  Now add to this the fact that a lot of people heard of Marilyn Manson first because it was more successful, Jeordie had a dress and dreads and looked kinda similar to Jessicka. These people can't check online who came up with what, they get the mental image, oh they have a girl Twiggy there that's cute. But was that the intention? The bands would have been compared to each other anyway. 

And not only that, but if the Twiggy look was so similar to Gidget's like everyone says, wouldn't this have been a problem without Jeordie anyway since Gidget "was the original Twiggy", just wondering...

There was also a Florida band called Human Oddities that had a rivalry with Marilyn Manson in the early days because they also had the serial killer theme. Bands in the same scene and same area can come up with similar ideas at the same time because the influences and the "growing environment" is very much the same. 

But yeah, if Jessicka thinks this whole "stolen look" was the reason why Jack Off Jill was seen as "just the girl Manson", it would very well explain the need to come after him right as Jack Off Jill reunited in 2015. Just a good old "fuck you" there. That's what this whole thing is probably about. 

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