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Courtney Love

This part of Jessicka's statement:

During a short break on tour opening for Nine Inch Nails, Jeordie returned home to what was just Pete's apartment, as I was now staying with friends. I knew at that point that Jeordie had not been faithful on tour, including being with women whom I to this day respect and considered my musical contemporaries.

Why is it women when we're talking about one woman. Courtney Love? This has been discussed many times in interviews through the years. For example when Jeordie was interviewed for Seconds in 1998. 

It was also mentioned in Marilyn Manson's biography book in an interview transcription from 1995. 

Now this is a screenshot from Jessicka's website ( from 2006. Accessible via wayback machine. Here she says it herself that it was Courtney.

There are a lot of pictures of Jeordie and Courtney together during and after this time. Do realize that Jessicka states "1994/5" not sure if it means "1994 or 1995" or does the "5" mean May, but anyhow whatever the case, - Hole joined this tour lineup in August 1994 and the photos of them are dated to that month. 

It's pretty much confirmed that Courtney, whom Jeordie was with during the NIN tour, is the one we're talking about and was ten years after the fact, but in the 2017 statement it is women. 

It's also interesting that she seems to have been angry at Courtney in this earlier text and she leaves Jeordie unnamed, though she states they were still together at the time and he is recognizable from the timeline. How could Courtney know if Jeordie has a girlfriend back home? How would it be her fault? Oh, maybe Jessicka and Jeordie weren't together anymore and Jessicka was angry at Courtney because Courtney "took her man" ? I don't know, could be.

She states they just slept together once, but an interview transcription from Empyrean Magazine dated 1995, featured in Manson's biography LHROOH implies there was more to it:

Sarah Fim: So which did you choose, Twiggy, Trent [Reznor]’s peace of mind or your budding relationship with Courtney [Love]?
Twiggy: Whiskey and speed.
Manson: He kept seeing her, but not to rebel against anyone. He was just into her. I think he was also starstruck by Courtney because he had never had a relationship with anyone of her stature. At the time I didn’t really understand Courtney and was siding with Trent. I sympathized with him and believed his side of the story. I felt like Courtney was a bad thing and I didn’t want any part of it.

[Twiggy suddenly stands up from his chair, slightly flushed.]

Twiggy: Everyone was accusing me of being used when at the time it was genuine. It meant something. I learned a lot from that relationship, more than any other one. It was inspiring. But the closer we got to each other, the more pressure there was to stay away. I think there was this idea at the beginning that I was discrediting Trent’s trophy.

[He collapses back into the chair.]

Twiggy: I guess the timing was wrong.
Sarah Fim: Is there anything else you want to add, Twiggy?
Twiggy: Whiskey and speed.

So, could be possible that they'd broken up already, Jeordie went on the tour and started seeing Courtney, Jessicka was heartbroken about it and also angry and bitter over the fact that Jeordie was with someone much more famous than her?

It's also interesting about that part that they have an argument about Jeordie not being faithful on tour and she says at the same time that they no longer live in the same apartment? Of course, it's possible to move into different apartments and stay together, but "Just Pete's apartment" implies that Jeordie didn't live there either? Why did they meet there?

But the wording gives way to the question, were they even together anymore at the time? And also, even if he did cheat, well, that would be an asshole thing to do, but it's a personal issue to be solved between the people involved, not something that needs to be discussed publicly decades later. 

If Courtney was named before, why not now? Would she have an interesting point of view to add to the table. 

But yeah, this description would place Jessicka's alleged rape to somewhere between August 1994 and the end of the tour in November 1994. After this, as can be seen on the Nightmares? page, Jessicka didn't seem to have that much issues associating with him as she claims. 

So the description of the alleged rape details a single unnamed woman described as several, and then the witness 

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