Common comments

On this page I've gathered comments about the Twiggy allegations and replied to them quickly. What I've seen people say and why I think these opinions are quite... uninformed.

 "Well, I think he did it. At least it wouldn't surprise me at all, he did use a lot of drugs so there definitely could have been some sort of a misunderstanding regarding consent."

First of all, I need to ask you: Did you read past the headlines when the news came out? Obviously you didn't. Sure, drug use, especially as both Jeordie and Jessicka used drugs during their relationship, could lead to a situation where you're not able to clearly consent. That is true. But were drugs even mentioned in Jessicka's statement of accusations? No. Did you read the description of the alleged assault? You probably didn't, because if you had read it, you would know that the situation that you described is not what allegedly took place. It was not a "drug/alcohol" related misunderstanding.  Now I have seen this argument used also in defense of Jeordie, but that doesn't exactly help him. Had he actually raped her on drugs, that would be no excuse. But according to Jessicka, it was not a "drugged up misunderstanding." This drugs comment just isn't a very good point to be honest.

 "I heard some rumours..."

Unless anyone comes forward with actual evidence, that is exactly just that, rumours. We're talking about a member of Marilyn Manson here. I've heard rumours about Dani Filth too but they have not affected my opinion of him and they will not magically turn true if someone accuses him of something. 

 "In Jack Off Jill's lyrics there's a mention of rape and they sound like revenge songs often, also there are mentions of stolen clothes."

Well. Jack Off Jill is a Riot Grrrl band. A characteristic of bands like this is to have feminist lyrical themes like sexism, misogyny, domestic violence, rape. This band with these lyrical themes existed already before Jessicka started dating Jeordie. A deeper look into the subject can be found on the "JOJ lyrics" page. 

The fact that she sung about such subjects isn't undeniable proof that Jeordie did anything. Would he have worn JOJ shirts in the 90's proudly knowing that the songs were about him?

 "She said she had a witness."

A witness she couldn't name fully. An ex roommate called Pete who hasn't come forward with a statement of his own. However if you just google this a little bit, you'll find a picture of this mysterious Pete Scharlatt, ex roommate of Jeordie White, hanging out with Jeordie in 2005. This photo by itself contradicts everything that was said about him in Jessicka's statement. 

Read the Pete page here

"It's impossible to disprove it, it has been such a long time..."

If it's impossible to disprove it "because it's been so long there is no evidence left", it's also impossible to prove it for the same reason. This is a pretty dumb thing to say. This is not how it works. If we just go "well it's been a long time, not going to take a closer look" what justice would that be? With that logic, anyone could be accused of anything and be "proven guilty."

This comment also is one of those "did you read past the headlines at all?" comments. Because, had Jessicka accused Jeordie of rape only, it would be hard to prove/disprove because it has been like 30 years and there's no evidence left, that's true. Still, there's the issue of whether or not the whole record label thing is true, did that conversation ever happen? Where's the witness? Did someone see a change in Jessicka's behavior, like being afraid around him, looking distressed or behaving in a way that she normally wouldn't comparing before/after the alleged incident? These are the questions we still could ask. 


 But this isn't a rape accusation, despite the media making it look like one. Jessicka's accusation was about an entire abusive relationship, where she described multiple incidents that allegedly took place. The way Jessicka describes Jeordie behaving, for example jumping off a bridge out of jealousy, burning her stuff, getting angry at a party and driving possibly under the influence while beating her, trying to "become someone else" etc, anyone who has actually known a person who behaves this way would know that this kind of stuff, for it to happen would take a mental illness and it would show in other social relationships too. It would show on tour, where there's no privacy, no personal space, no time to sleep and a lot of drugs and alcohol. It would be visible there. Each of the incidents described by her are something that should be observed whether or not they can be proven true or false. And if most are impossible to prove and just one can be proven false, it eats away the credibility of the rest because the narrator is untrustworthy. 


 She wasn't talking about a drunken rape without a witness, she wasn't talking about a few slaps to the face here and there, she was alleging a whole story about a guy who was obviously mentally ill, whose behavior many people allegedly saw. There is a lot in the statement that does not make sense, that has been conveniently left unsaid or just blatant lies. 

It's interesting that people say "listen to the women who come forward" but then they don't do it, they don't read the statements at all, they read "accused of rape" and the case is closed. Somehow this only worked towards Jeordie being guilty, but when Jessicka was accused, it went completely unnoticed by the media and the public. Does accusing someone of abuse give you immunity from accountability?

Understandably, this kind of topics make people very uncomfortable, whether just because of empathy, or because of their own trauma connected to the issue. You don't have to take part in this conversation if you don't want to, you don't have to surround yourself with this information. But then you also have to understand  that you're not informed enough of this particular case to comment on it. 

"We should always listen to the victims!"

100% agree. But this isn't the conversation we're having right now. This isn't about whether or not we should listen to victims of abuse and support them, this conversation is about whether or not Jessicka Addams actually is a victim of Jeordie White. 

She can be a victim of abuse, the topic obviously is something that speaks to her and something she has written about, but her story about Jeordie is suspicious.

This isn't "I want to keep my Twiggy posters up on the walls!", this is; what kind of message are we giving by letting someone write online whatever they want with no sort of responsibility?