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Christian Addams

Just a moment ago, (late 2021) Jessicka's husband Christian Addams responded to me on twitter. I received quite a few tweets from him, and to be quite honest, twitter's character limit is too short for what I'm about to say and it's easier to just publish this here, so I'm writing a proper response here for you all to see and think of.


(2022 addition: I was already at this point aware of the fact that Jessicka most likely has access to Christian's account. I don't know for sure which one out of them tweeted at me, but it is suspicious that all of Jessicka's accounts blocked me at the same time, and the JOJ Official account was retweeting "Christian's" tweets within moments of them being published. It does definitely add a weird tone to "Christian" saying he's not been abused and Jessicka's not an abuser, if there's reason to suspect that Jessicka has access to his social media. No one should need to have access to their significant other's social media.)


I'll just write the tweets here for an easier reading experience, but the screenshots will be provided if the tweets end up being deleted, in case anyone has doubt whether or not this happened. 


So I tweeted:

I do know this #jeordiewhite stuff took place years ago, but this account is a response to it being brought up again and again by #jessickaaddams even this year and I have never seen anyone gather the evidence of his innocence together.


Christian (xtianaddams on twitter) responded:

I’m asking you respectfully to stop hash tagging joj & my wife in your tweets & on instagram. It is extremely inappropriate to hashtag a rape survivor with her rapist.


I have been with my wife for over 20 years. The narrative you are trying to convey about her here is inaccurate & extremely disrespectful.

Alright, Christian. I mean no disrespect, but you have no right to control this discussion. Your frantic replying tells that you obviously seem to be nervous. Hate to use the ”free speech” argument, but that is exactly that, I have the right to bring these points up, you have no right to tell me how to hashtag them.


Is the issue the hashtagging by itself or me saying these things? Are you nervous that Jessicka is going to see them? And then, why would you or her frequent the hashtags anyway? If anyone has something important to say directly to you, they will @ you. If you are telling the truth and you are in the right, why do you feel the need to control the discussion and immediately get so incredibly defensive? You do not need to worry about a fan's ramblings if you have nothing to hide and your story is legitimate.


The thing is, based on the information you have provided, I can't know she is a survivor. Using guilt tripping tactics like this message is nothing but empty words to me. Especially when we take into account what happened with the allegations against Jessicka. She admitted to that behavior herself and then called the fans liars? How do you even think to accept that? Of course people believe she did it, she admitted. In this light you should understand how ironic your response is.


Why should your words mean anything to me, when you and Jessicka demanded the public to disregard the words of the alleged victims of Jessicka and also the words of Laney Chantal and Michelle Siwy. But your opinion is just as relevant as Michelle or Laney's. You weren't there in 1994 and your guiltripping and frantic responses does not mean anything to me. Michelle and Laney at least know Jeordie personally, you don't. 


Why are you wasting your time responding to a fan on social media if my points are nothing to worry about?


Why is it extremely inappropriate for me to hashtag Jessicka and Jeordie in the same tweet when:

And then there's the entirety of the nightmares? Page.

On which there's discussions over multiple tweets where Jessicka mentioned Jeordie.


Christian responded to a tweet of mine pointing out these tweets:

3 tweets over almost 30 years of knowing some of these people is not numerous as you stated here. She did not tag him. Again, this is a survivor trying to normalize a very traumatic event that is constantly being brought up to her by strangers. By people just like you.


It was not three tweets, we both know this. It was more than that and it was GUY FRIENDS etc on her own website. Why is she always bringing this relationship up herself? 

You will not guilt trip me into silence, Christian.

Then he replied to my tweet where I brought up Lisa LeSeur's interview where she stated that Jessicka was abusive towards Jeordie:

A quick search on Twitter shows not only is Lisa following J but she tweeted to her in 2012/13. Why tweet somebody she heard was an abuser?


Okay. See the nightmares page and use this argument again.


And you know, you're acting like I made Lisa's statement up. In the light of this discussion, her statement is something that happened and it will be included whether you like it or not. She was provably there at the time and you weren't. I don't know what her relationship to Jessicka is at all. But this argument is quite ironic yet again when Jessicka herself has had absolutely no problem associating herself with Jeordie in the past years until 2015


What might explain Lisa tweeting to Jessicka could be that maybe they were friends, the relationship between Jeordie and Jessicka was ”tumultuous” as Jessicka herself put it. They broke up, neither talked about it, Lisa stayed friendly with Jessicka since she hadn't seen anything too gruesome, she tweeted at her in a friendly manner in 2012/13 as a very long time had passed, she wasn't thinking of that relationship at all. But when Jessicka came forward with allegations, maybe Lisa felt the need to express she didn't see that and the impression that she got was totally different.


You see, the way people generally react to a man being abusive towards a woman is very different to how people react if a woman abuses a man. This is especially true if we look back to the 90's. As I have stated on this site, Jeordie hasn't exactly seemed to express fear towards Jessicka. So it is possible that they had a relationship where Jessicka hit him and was mean to him, but Jeordie didn't want to publicly discuss it and Lisa didn't see anything too dramatic happen, or it was ”left behind undiscussed.” These kinds of things happen. People generally seem to find abusive girlfriends less serious. Marilyn Manson stayed friends with Jessicka too, and He was and I have heard still is very close friends with Jeordie. It could mean that if Jessicka was abusive, it was either just not discussed or it wasn't extreme.

But it's interesting that you at the same time can claim all this "Well no one saw it and it was hidden,, it was normalized, no one wanted to talk about it" and then it can't somehow be true the other way around...


If Lisa tweeting at Jessicka in 2012 means Jessicka could not have been an abuser, then Jessicka/JOJ tweeting at Jeordie, Jessicka constantly mentioning Jeordie on her site (GUY FRIENDS) is also a very interesting detail that you should not be surprised when it's brought up.


But really, genuinely, thank you for pointing this detail out! I mean to gather on this site everything possible about this case and I want this to be transparent and want to address all the proof, not just the things that directly line up with my current opinion.


Nobody besides Lisa


(who J has never met) not even Jeordie himself has ever expressed that J has ever verbally or physically abused him. J is not an abuser. I have been with her for over 20 years.


So. Lisa and Jessicka aren't friends (no one said they were, it was a possibility I laid out, but does not seem to be the case) and haven't ever met according to you and Jessicka? But Lisa does not agree with your claim obviously. If she has photo proof of having been there at the time and was interviewed about her relationship to Manson, she very likely has met Jessicka, maybe Jessicka just doesn't remember?

Have you ever met Jeordie anyway? 

Jeordie himself has never commented on this properly at all. It's true he hasn't exactly accused Jessicka of anything publicly.  Well, I have received messages where people talk about hearing about Jessicka being abusive towards someone, but when it's not a direct contact it's not exactly anything useful, can't confirm it in any way, so it would just twist things up more and look... Not very credible. 

Maybe Jeordie didn't want to publicly talk about it and just wanted to move on, maybe he does not want to be seen as a victim, rather he'd just let it go. Overall he seems like that kind of a person who's not going to bring personal things to public or fixate on things he can't change.

But we are at an interesting situation, didn't you guys demand everyone to believe Jeordie was abusing Laney despite Laney herself saying it's not true? So why is Lisa not credible again?


But so yeah the point is. Not exactly anyone besides you and Jessicka have had much to say about Jeordie being abusive either? This is once again a very interesting rhetoric; So you're implying that Lisa is lying because she is so far the only one who's said Jessicka was abusive, but at the same time we should all believe Jessicka without any question whatsoever, even though she is the only one who has, with her own name and face publicly stated that Jeordie was abusive? Hey, same rules for everyone is what I'm getting at.


And actually; Michelle Siwy stated on instagram; ”All it takes is one self serving narcissist with a long history of being an abuser...”

Michelle Siwy

You have been with Jessicka for over 20 years. That is great for you! But it does not mean Jessicka could not have been an abuser before you and it does not mean you were there in 93/94. When Laney and Michelle said Jeordie is not an abuser, this is how you responded:

Why is your opinion in any way more reliable when discussing Lisa's statement about Jessicka. That's great news she hasn't been abusive towards you though, it's just that your insight to this whole situation is basically that you're repeating what Jessicka's told you so you're not any less biased than anyone else. In what place are you to demand me to consider your feelings when this is how you write online. Not to mention you're old enough to be my father and don't seem to have any manners at all. And right now, literally, Jessicka has been allegedly abusive, the things you have said about people who defend Jeordie apply to you.

Your strategy is to silence the other side of the story completely. You chose the "court of social media" and before condemning anyone, both sides of the story must be heard. You have had a monologue now, this is the response. The woods echo what you yell into them.

Alright, then I tweeted about Jessicka claiming to not have supported Marilyn Manson since 2001, read this page. Christian responded:

“she hasn't supported marilynmanson in a long time (claimed on FB since 2001)” This is a misinterpretation. Meaning JOJ has not played shows with the band MM, hence the term support. It’s no secret that J. has known Brian (the person) for years.

So, I was talking about this post, I should have made it clearer I admit that. I didn't include it in the tweet though I referred to it. 

The term ”support” in this case likely does not mean ”play shows” since 2001 because Jack Off Jill (to my knowledge) played with MM last in 1999 and they disbanded in 2000. The expression in the post clearly talks about supporting him as an artist. She has known him for years, that is true, with the connection and everything, but are you seriously disregarding these details here where she specifically states she's friends with him through the 2000's which is contrary to the statement. 

Then he replied to this screenshot from a fan Q&A on an archived Marilyn Manson fansite:

JW was not a member of MM in 2003. (1993–2002; 2008–2017) Brian has never contributed anything to our band scarling.


Did I imply that Jeordie was? What does it have to do with Jeordie being a member of Marilyn Manson, when I was talking about the frienship, to which Marilyn Manson admits to in this statement. Again, as seen above, Jessicka stated she has not supported Marilyn Manson (band or person) since 2001 and then there's multiple statements of her saying the contrary and MM himself admitting to being good friends with Jessicka. (Jessicka  even attending Marilyn Manson's wedding) This is a screenshot from an official Marilyn Manson site, and I found this statement originally because it was linked on the Scarling. Website as press, because Marilyn was talking about Scarling. This is linked on the Jessicka & Manson page.


I don't know, may be that there could have been talk of MM possibly contributing something into Scarling but then it ended up not happening. Maybe there was a misunderstanding on his part. "I am contributing" could also mean "In the future will be contributing" and could very well be understood as so, that maybe at the moment of him replying to this fan question, there had been discussions/plans of him possibly contributing something to Scarling in the future but it ended up not happening. This kind of stuff does happen all the time. But you replied to everything else except what I was pointing out, the sole reason this screenshot was included in the tweet was because Manson said he's good friends with Jessicka, despite Jessicka's obvious lies about not having been associatied/friends with Manson. Had nothing to do with Jeordie being in the band. You missed the point completely.

No need to rush you can take your time when replying to me, we're on different timezones and everything.

Then Christian tweeted about the stolen dress claim:

Here is MM expressing that JW did indeed take his look directly from J. “Marilyn Manson is credited with production of 17 tracks & contributes sleeve notes of Humid Teenage Mediocrity”…


You had to go find this to prove that? And at the same time Manson saying he's good friends with Jessicka is not legit because Jeordie was not a member of Marilyn Manson in 2003. I would think you'd have something better for proof of this when on the page I have of it, there's a lot to the other side of the story, which, I'd recommend anyone to read. Not to mention this album booklet is for Humid Teenage Mediocrity which was released in 2006 and once again disproves what Jessicka said about not having supported Marilyn Manson in 16 years. Come on.


Now, what does Marilyn Manson say?

”It was a look that would then in turn be borrowed by her ex boyfriend and my former bass player who at the time was still doing head spins in a Metallica cover band ”


Alright. Borrow. But as there is so much proof on why it was not exclusively stolen from her here. This borrow is an interesting expression considering that in that exact quote you shared with me, Manson also says Jessicka borrowed from the Kinderwhore style that was popular at the time, and Jeordie being mentioned after that with "then in turn be borrowed" implies this "borrowing" was similar kind of borrowing as Jessicka with Kinderwhore. ---> Taking influence.

Is the "He went overnight from Metallica to Manson" expression in the 2017 statement inspired by this sleevenote? Interesting how Manson isn't a reliable source when I refer to something he said but then you immediately bring up something like this as proof.


I have no issue admitting that Jeordie probably took influence from Jessicka, but he did not copy her. At least not any more than Jessicka copied her musical counterparts.


Manson does not say the look was taken DIRECTLY from Jessicka, that is your opinion. But FACTS in the Stolen Identity section can tell you otherwise. 

This sleevenote existing also further contradicts Jessicka's claims that she had not been supportive/associated to/friends with Manson at the very time (2006) this album was released. Doesn't add up. 


Then I tweeted:

Thank you for your contributions, I will be responding soon.


I really do mean thank you, all added information is good and helps build a picture of what happened.

Then christian responded with this.


You don’t need to respond. I would just like you to stop hash tagging my wife & her band. This is not online drama to us. It’s serious, criminal, traumatic & it happened. I don’t want her re traumatized by any of this. She is finally healing & thriving.


So the problem is exclusively that I am hashtagging the band and Jessicka? You just don't want people to see this at all. What I said earlier, this is nothing but guilttripping right now. I have not posted anything but truth on this site and in this context I'm going to quote Jessicka:


Just pointing this out, let's turn this around. You don't believe what Lisa said, you don't believe Jessicka was abusive towards Jeordie, alright, that's your view. But imagine if Jeordie now went out of his way to look through all the hashtags about himself to confront everyone speaking negatively of him and started throwing out excuses and guilttripping comments. What would it look like? You would say that he looks guilty. That's what you look like. 

And I'll just say, every time there's social media drama, the instigator who uses expressions like "truth will come out :)" very often turns out to be the bad guy. These "truth will come" posts are nothing but them convincing themselves they're in the right, convincing themselves that critics are "pissed off trolls who can't accept the truth" but you know, I'm not even angry anymore, just disappointed and so is everyone else. There are valid questions asked and they're met with a "fuckin bullies and trolls can't accept the truth, stupid fangirl stans".


Maybe you genuinely believe Jessicka, you want her to feel good about herself and be happy. Believe it or not but I want that for her too. (Through taking responsibility and healing herself. There are consequences to trying to ruin someone's life with horrible lies but those consequences are easier to deal with once you take responsibility and grow up.) But these contradictions and questions in this story are not my fault, they exist, bringing them up is not criminal. I am not responsible for the feelings of someone who's twice my age. "My truth" is that Jeordie is innocent and this site is me explaining it best as I can. I believe I am in the right and I have no issue with people challenging that.


The same way it wasn't criminal when Jessicka/JOJ responded to the allegations towards her, calling the accusers liars. Were they liars? I don't know. Is it an appropriiate response, No.


All I'm saying is the older I get, the more I look to the counterparts who are quiet and think before they speak, who don't respond immediately with anger. Because it shows they're not scared, there are no inconsistencies in their words because they haven't lied.


I have no interest in waging a war toward Jessicka.

Well, then back to the topic of the Nightmares? page (I wrote this in the order I saw the tweets I'm sorry if this is confusing) 

Christian responded to me sharing this tweet:

I took this photo. I knew J felt very uncomfortable when they showed up. What was she supposed to do tell them their brother is a monster after they surprised her at a bar? Notice JW is not tagged. She was trying to take control & normalize the situation.

Why would she post this in the first place. Why would you want to take this photo in the first place? Why would Missi smile having been there and known Jessicka and Jeordie at the time? As according to Jessicka people at the time of this relationship knew but didn't want to discuss it or stand up for her because they were so ”enmeshed in the Manson camp” was Missi one of these people?


Based on my own experience with this sort of situations (which I edited out since, the issue is old and done with, it honestly does not matter and there's no reason for me to refer to it here) I gotta say that it does not make sense that you and Missi both knew about this all at the moment according to you and Jessicka's narrative, and your first action isn't telling this "monster's" brothers to fuck off? Instead, you're taking pictures and making her endure this situation even longer and posting pictures on social media, which you definitely did not have to do. Your stories sound ridiculous and you make yourself look like a coward... Knowing of the alleged abuse as you claim, you could have taken control of the situation instead of having her endure it any longer.

See, you're rushing to explain the fact that they were in the same place, but why was this photo taken in the first place? And then there's the process of looking through your device and sharing this photo with "good times!" TWO YEARS LATER? No one asked her to do that, wouldn't coming across this photo be a "uhh maybe I'll delete this" moment rather than "let's post this to twitter as a good event." 

This in contrast to how Jeordie has never spoken a word about Jessicka is very interesting.

The other woman in the photo is


. Notice Missi is smiling & J is not. This night like many others were very hard for her. After years of repression & trying not to discuss it, she found out JW abused other women. It was only then when she finally spoke out.

It's quite a low quality photo but the corners of Jessicka's mouth are upwards and there is a shadow on her cheek that tells she's smiling. A small smile. You just pulled this expression analysis out of your ass in a rush. Also well, if Jeordie had a so called "resting bitch face", would that be evidence against Jessicka that "he looks uncomfortable in photos?" He doesn't have a resting bitch face, but this is the level of your argument again.


As I said, Missi was around in 1993-1994 and Jessicka said people generally knew about her alleged abuse. It always goes from "everyone knew" to "well no one knew" when some evidence is brought up. 


Who are these other women? Where are they? And didn't she say she was coming out with the story already in 1997. Trying not to discuss it and yet still her website through the 2000s is full of Jeordie mentions. I would understand mentioning him only when asked about this but to needlessly bring him up?




You're disregarding Lisa who says multiple people knew Jessicka to be abusive towards Jeordie because ”she is the only one who has said anything like this”


While Jessicka still remains the only one who has said Jeordie was abusive but claims there were many others like this?


And I should choose Jessicka because it hurts her feelings if I don't?

SA surviors have trouble establishing boundaries in relationships due to the fact that their boundaries were compromised by the hands of an intimate partner. They try to normalize these events & over compensate by pretending nothing is wrong with the current scenario


True but did you copy this from somewhere or what. You don't need to start teaching me.. You're acting like Jeordie's supporters aren't SA survivors. I have talked to many and the very fact that they are SA survivors plays a part in why they don't believe Jessicka's story. I have heard stories from fans, from their personal lives with a "so this is why I find her story sounding very untrue" I will not discuss my own personal issues on this site so I'll leave it at that. But I don't appreciate your tone, you're making assumptions.


You're building a "So you hate SA survivors and don't believe any of them???" strawman because you want me to feel guilty while telling your own followers "please don't listen to this person, they're dumb, lacking in empathy, unlike me who's the good guy!." but do you know if I am a survivor? No. 


What does this explain exactly?

It seems that when it comes to anything at all, anything Jessicka has ever done can be explained away and everyone else ever is lying. Nothing's her fault ever and she has no control over literally anything, her friend forces her to hang out with her alleged abuser's brothers and her husband takes a photo of it for her to remember and for her to endure the moment longer and she has no say in it whatsoever.


 You're using the exact same arguments that you're criticizing others for, like "How can it be true when she is the only one saying it?" 

 Was she taking control and normalizing the situation as she was including Jeordie in every section of her own website through the 2000s even including him in a picture folder GUY FRIENDS? Doubt it.


All I'm saying is that this kind of logic where everything can be just explained away, it could be applied the other way around too. Anything that's pointed out, there's a frantic, rushed explanation.


Lisa said Jessicka was abusive towards Jeordie OOH THERE'S A FEW TWEETS FROM HER TO JESSICKA MAKES YOU THINK HUH? Wouldn't tweet at an abuser huh???


But then Jessicka has allegedly been terribly abused by Jeordie and her many instances of mentioning him, posting pictures with him, etc is just her ”normalizing the situation”. Why was she normalizing the situation decades after while happily together with you?

But she planned to come out with the story in 1997 already according to herself? She had no doubts she had been abused?

Yes. I blocked you, Because instead of demanding me to shut my mouth, you could have blocked me. You are responsible for your own internet experience. I don't like it when you talk about Jeordie because I believe he's innocent, I believe he's innocent because I looked into it, thought about it, discussed it. For years I ignored this topic because "What can I do about it?" but now I'm responding because it's not going anywhere. I didn't tell you to stop talking about it. I am responsible for my own feelings and my own experience on the internet. 

You wished not to see my tweets, I blocked you. But my response to you here is public so you can read it. You answered none of my questions, offered nothing at all, there is no reason for me to respond further messages. 

Thank you for this discussion, though, it was very interesting. I appreciate when my thoughts are challenged. 

You should not be giving me any attention.

... Okay I decided I'm going to address one more thing as I was made aware that there were more responses. This is a great example of everything being explained away and how Jessicka is not responsible for anything ever and holds no control over anything. I have referred to things said on the Jessicka website. This is what Christian said about that site.

So you're saying that her own website is not a reliable source of information? OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Had Jessicka been uncomfortable with those photos being there, especially in a "GUY FRIENDS" folder (she would have been uncomfortable were her claims true.) she could have told Polly to take them down. Jessicka and you both had several years time to tell her to take them off the site. And before the "but we didn't want to tell the fan" argument; You could have said for example, "This website is about Jessicka only, we don't need affiliation to Jeordie on the site." Did Jessicka not see the site herself? Before social media especially, this was her outlet of PROMOTING HERSELF and interacting with fans, it does not MAKE SENSE that she was unaware of what's on the site. That is the whole point of why on earth would there be pictures of Jeordie for years and years on that site. 

Another thing is this: The photos came from somewhere. I have not seen them on any earlier JOJ sites. Some, yes, but not all of them. It is possible that this fan found them on a forum for example, something that's not archived. But it wouldn't be a very far fetched idea that Jessicka uploaded them herself or sent them to this fan to add to the site. Some of the gallery photos are fairly rare and also there are photos of Jessicka as a child on there! It is a completely justified conclusion that Jessicka provided those photos to be uploaded to the site.

And even after you bought that domain and the FAQ etc was updated, there was still bragging about attending Manson's wedding in there. Which is a huge inconsistency to what you have claimed later that you were not friends with him or didn't want any affiliation with Manson. 

You're literally grasping at straws, anyone can find this page and I was completely aware of this being a fan run site. To the point that I was actually trying to find a way to contact this Polly and ask her about it but could not find a way to contact her. 

The photos were in the gallery for years, she had so much time and a direct contact to tell this fan to take them off the site and she didn't. 

Did Polly write the FAQ answers too? Jessicka probably didn't even write her 2017 accusations herself either, they were probably written by a fan sitting next to her and that is where all the inconsistencies came from. Listen to yourself. 

And mind you, Jeordie doesn't run his own official website either. Are there "cute photos with Jessicka" listed as "friends" ? No. there's photos of him performing live with his bands, news about him and also interviews, a few fan q&a's. Jessicka is not mentioned there, he doesn't need to mention her. We can ask, why did Jessicka need to mention him? On almost every page? 

Edit, February 2022:

So much for "retraumatizing posts"

Remember, I blocked Jessicka, Jack Off Jill and Christian since they didn't want to see my posts. 

I have caught her using burner accounts to spy on my stories and posts through a little test. 

Was not even surprised anyway as many others have told me the same, that Jessicka watches them with fake accounts. If this was so triggering, why would she follow this discussion like that? My opinions are irrelevant anyway aren't they?

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Anything said on social media or this site is a fan's ramblings, I don't know Jeordie personally. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND HAS NOT BEEN MADE IN ANY CONTACT TO JEORDIE/TWIGGY.

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