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It seems a common memory or a misconception that Jeordie initially responded to the allegations by stating that he ”does not remember” or that he ”might have done that but does not remember.” It has been commented to me (funny when I ask if there is a source for where he said this I get blocked), it has come up in private discussions, and recently even Jessicka has referred to this. Let's talk about this one now, this is a myth. Jeordie actually never said that.


It is very clearly so that this is a collective false memory created by the fact that this was a common opinion stated by people speculating on the issue. Why was this a common opinion? Well, Jeordie in the 90's had a reputation for heavy drug and alcohol use. It was very much present in the band's image, with flashing ”DRUGS” light up signs on stage, drugs use included in band photos. Manson's biography book Long Hard Road Out Of Hell included heavy drug use. It was everywhere. Many remember 90's Twiggy Ramirez as this pale looking guy who acted weird in interviews and was known for his phrases such as ”Whiskey and speed” or ”Spaceghost?” (He has since become sober, has been sober for over a decade by now)

twiggy ramirez

It's kind of given that with a reputation for such heavy partying, when this kind of allegations come up, the substance abuse is one thing that comes to mind to people. And well, since Jeordie didn't give as much interviews as Marilyn Manson and he was often a ”silent distraction” in interviews, looking out of it and saying weird things, this also created a situation where he was interesting because he was mysterious and quiet – people could imagine him to be however they wanted him to be. So take this mystery, then very serious allegations of abusive behavior, people go ”I don't actually know much at all about him other than that he used a lot of drugs.”  Imagination fills in the rest, there's all the negative ideas about addictions making people violent combined with the "rockstars do crazy things with women" stuff. Makes him a very easy target for false allegations doesn't it?


It just is forgotten that Jessicka herself was also known for substance abuse in the same times and the very same ”may cause abusive behavior” idea does apply to her. And also, while it is commonly noted that a heavily intoxicated woman is vulnerable to being taken advantage of, the same applies to a man too, he would similarly be vulnerable to the possibility of being sexually assaulted.


Somewhere it is lost though, that in neither of Jessicka's statements does she actually mention Jeordie being on drugs as a thing that caused anything. People assumed that, knowing his reputation.


I remember clearly that the ”he doesn't remember” idea was part of the discussion straight from the beginning, and when I scroll back to chatlogs from the time, 2015, my 17 year old self has made this very same comment too. ”Could it be that he actually doesn't remember what happened?” 


This comment was made by people online to either state that they "wouldn't be surprised" if the allegations were true, considering the heavy drug use, or that it was a thing that would make it impossible to ever know what truly happened as he "might not remember whether or not he'd done it". Does he even remember, could he even respond to this kind of claims, especially if there is no when and where given. He might not remember things clearly enough to properly defend himself either has so much time has passed anyway.


But see, this commentary happened before the longer statement where Jessicka describes multiple incidents. People didn't know anything else other than that Jessicka accuses him of rape. They had all the time in the world to just imagine what kind of a scenario she means as the alleged rape was not described and no one knew what exactly she was talking about, the definition of rape is actually quite broad. It was assumed that it was something to do with drugs and alcohol, which then would be hard for him to remember. - Having a sexual encounter while both of them are heavily intoxicated, where maybe there's unclarity about consent due to being intoxicated, sure, could be an incident forgotten, but an entire relationship with several alleged incidents of violence? Forgotten because drugs?  It's very clear that the "he probably doesn't remember" idea is older than Jessicka's 2017 statement! 


This ”he does not remember” idea was already a thing two years before Jessicka's full statement hit the headlines, causing Jeordie to finally address it. People had already come up with this opinion before he said anything, some weren't really even expecting him to respond as they thought he wouldn't be able to comment as he ”probably doesn't remember.” They were waiting for what Marilyn Manson has to say, and Jeordie's own response (discussed on Marilyn Manson page) seems to have gone somewhat unnoticed.

And as his response to the accusations is so vague, to someone that already thinks he ”doesn't remember," it being so vague can enforce that idea that he doesn't remember. Especially as he said "If I have caused anyone pain," that to some was a "so he doesn't remember if he has?" Can't win really.

I took the "If" to mean that he was stating he has never intended to go out of his way to hurt anyone but he can't know what people are talking.


But we can speculate would this "he doesn't remember" idea have been so strong, had Jessicka posted the full description of the alleged events already in 2015.


But it definitely is underestimating his brain functions to suggest that the things claimed in 2017 would be something he'd just "forget" or claim to have "forgotten" expecting people to believe it. Especially as whether or not he remembers is pretty irrelevant to the claims being true or false anyway, it just would have more to do with whether he himself can comment on them reliably or not.


"I don't remember" doesn't really confirm or deny anything, and it would have been an incredibly dumb point to respond with, it would basically be giving the accuser a message like "I don't actually remember that timeframe so you can say anything you want and I can't deny it."

But had he said, "That's not what I remember." It would be a completely different thing. It implies he does remember but it differs from what's being said. 


And well, there are quotes that might be a source of this idea:


This one?

”I worked with Brian (Manson) for... let's see... eight or nine years. I don't really remember much from that time. People ask me that a lot, actually. Jeordie, they say, what can you tell me about your time working with Manson? And I just look at them really blankly and answer, "I haven't got a fucking clue." It's a drug induced blur from about 1995 to 2003. ”

-from ”Jeordie White's LiveJournal” This has been sent to me a few times actually – It's a fake profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just might fool you as it uses the username BaseTendencies which is an official page on other platforms, but this LiveJournal account is so obviously fake you have no idea. Among other things, Jeordie does not run the Base Tendencies accounts himself and Base Tendencies writes about Jeordie in 3rd person, anything in 1st person on any Base Tendencies accounts refers to the admin, not Jeordie. But what this fake LiveJournal shows to you is that this ”I don't remember the 90's at all” idea has been a thing forever, as this entry was made a decade before the allegations took place.


But a legit interview exists:


Des Moines Register, 2006:

"My days with Manson were such a roller coaster, kind of a coming-of-age thing, that it almost seems like a dream," he said. "I don't remember much of it to be honest."


Well it isn't hard to take this as ”I was so on drugs I don't remember anything.” But could also very likely be that what he meant was that the time in the band was so eventful and hectic that he doesn't remember much right off the bat. This could be true with and without drugs. And this is 2006, a decade before any kind of allegations, so obviously not in that context. And four years after he'd left Marilyn Manson, that door is closed behind him and it's not a currently ongoing relevant thing in his life, he has another band going on. ”Feels like a dream” - it's a distant thing.

Every time a chapter ends in your life, it becomes kind of it's own "storage box" like that, the memories are there but not "on the desk" at that moment. People say "I don't remember much of that" about times that have just been stressful.


Anyway, it also has been noted by some that Jeordie doesn't talk about the Manson years in his Hour Of Goon podcast, so does he remember that or not? Well, it is stated in that podcast that it's intentional, he doesn't really talk about any other band either, just his interests. The guests aren't interviewed about their work either, they discuss it if they feel like it. He does remember the 90's though, as there are some stories from the times discussed, it just isn't a topic that's brought up that often.


So no. He did not state whether or not he remembers anything in context of the allegations and it was not a point he responded with.


And from there on I'd like to address this recent tweet from Jessicka. I know it is from the Jack Off Jill twitter account that Jessicka claims she doesn't run, but it has been proven not to be true a few times already, she absolutely does run that account, just likes to pose as a ”page admin” when old tweets are brought up. It is common knowledge among people that have followed this Jeordie case or the Jessicka & Lynz Way drama or whatever else she has gotten herself tangled into and who she has pissed off. Have additionally included a tweet where the ”page admin” who is ”not Jessicka” somehow posts a screenshot of Jessicka's profile with ”edit profile” button visible for example. A feature only visible for the person who's logged in onto that profile aka Jessicka.

So here she states as a fact that Jeordie's said he ”doesn't remember”, implying that he'd said so to disregard the allegations or to somehow gaslight people.


You know it is a common abuser tactic to claim something didn't happen by relying on the ”I don't remember that.” Familiar with it too, it's been used on me many times to say basically "It did not happen, and if it did, then as I don't remember it clearly is such a long time ago that you should let it go and it doesn't matter."


So here she's posing as a ”page admin” so that the responsibility is not hers (can just say ”well page admin was misinformed :( be kind”) and then she's enforcing this common myth, she knows people think he doesn't remember or that he's said he doesn't remember. Or is this claim that Jeordie doesn't remember how many people he's allegedly abused according to Jessicka whose story changes all the time anyway? 


But as I said earlier, the ”he doesn't remember” idea was something that was born out of speculations at a time when the full extent of the accusations had not even been publicly posted. That idea was in context of a single incident, not a whole abusive relationship and these ”several other women” Jessicka claims there are. Jeordie did not say ”I don't remember” at any point, (in context of the allegations, and if she tries to claim this was said privately, come on there is no credibility left for that) she is just implying here that he's supposedly been approached by several people and he's tried to gaslight them all with the classic entitled asshole catchphrase ”Well I don't remember that so it didn't happen.”

But here on it's an interesting contradiction though, because Jessicka also says Jeordie never denied any of it? But if she also claims he denies remembering it? ?? What? So he didn't deny but he says he also doesn't remember, which could be understood as a denial, a "not that I know of?"


It's several lies at once what this tweet is. Jessicka remains the only accuser, she posts this stuff while claiming it's a "page admin" and Jeordie did not say this "I don't remember" thing, she is relying on a common misconception that's based on a history of addiction, which is incredibly hypocritical considering her own ”mental health and addiction awareness” virtue signaling tweets and her own history with substance abuse and admitted irresponsible behavior such as giving alcohol to minors at shows and bragging about it.

That she even needs to resort to relying on this claim is enough said.

Anyway, when it comes to the "I don't remember" the way the story varies on how he stated it and what he meant, combined by how there is not source for it being said in context of the allegations, clearly shows that it is a "fanbase myth" that is based on his history of drug/alcohol use. It is not true, he didn't say it.

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