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Body shaming?

Jessicka claimed also in her statement that Jeordie would body shame her;

In the AP interview from 2015 mentioned in the statement she claimed Jeordie would fat shame her and it is also mentioned twice in the 2017 statement. 

He began to body shame me.

And then 

 Everything he did was in order to control me or fat shame me.

Despite it being mentioned multiple times and "Everything he did was in order to fat shame", there is no example of this body shaming though, which is kind of an important thing to consider for multiple reasons; First of all, the times have changed greatly, the overall discussion about weight has changed over the decades a lot. If there is no example of what she claims he's done, how can we know what to think about it? What does she mean with body shaming? 

 Without an example, we can't be sure if she's not just looking back with the lenses of 2017 and condemning him for something everyone was doing/saying at the time. 

And also, since for example the whole stolen identity thing seems to be more something that she experienced on an emotional level without Jeordie necessarily intending to "mock her" as she claims, could this be that she was feeling insecure about herself and the fact that Jeordie was very skinny and him wearing a similar look and getting praise for a look Jessicka claims to have come up with was making her feel bad about herself? Like "They think he looks better because he's not like me."

Like personally I remember feeling super insecure if someone borrowed my clothes and was much thinner than me, they'd look all different with them on and I'd just feel bad in my own overweight body. 

There's already so many exaggerations in her claims, so many just ??? things that really...

And what about this tweet then. As Jessicka had a falling out with Lindsey Way (artist and also the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence) she started accusing Lindsey's husband Gerard Way (artist, singer of My Chemical Romance) of sexual misconduct and all kinds of things on twitter, with no proof of course ....And proceeded to make fun of Gerard's weight.

Jessicka Addams

This is just kind of very rude to tweet considering that Gerard has struggled with his weight through his career just like Jessicka. Gerard mentioned in an interview in 2014 that he was "starving himself" earlier. He has also openly tweeted about how his medications for his mental health issues have caused him weight gain. Not cool Jessicka. And in general, to use the band's social media to post stuff like this, you should be setting an example to the fans that are following you but you're creating this online bullying environment, encouraging this kind of behavior. Grow up. 

She's also made fun of other people's looks, like Helen Storer

Jessicka Addams

Another thing is that for Jeordie, his own body has been a source of comments as he was very skinny growing up. In the late 80's - early 90's he was very thin, tanned, and had very curly hair, and people commented on it.  But it has also been kind of even a source of inspiration.

In Marilyn Manson's biography Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, Manson talks about meeting Jeordie for the first time and describes him as looking like "A well-tanned store employee who looked like and exotic Middle Eastern skeleton with an afro bigger than Brian May's"

Before joining Marilyn Manson and the band he was in before that, Amboog A Lard, Jeordie had a thrash metal cover band called The Ethiopians. 

BUDDYHEAD AUGUST 2007 by Aaron North

What was the worst band you were ever in growing up?

Jeordie – Mine was called The Ethiopians. We were a speed-metal cover band. We covered "Trapped Under Ice". It was amazing.

What made you want to name the band The Ethiopians?
Jeordie - I was super skinny at the time… I was 16, and I had a HUGE afro. Y’know, “Florida hair”. This guy named Larry Pierce who was the local “cool guy”… think Kelly Leek from “Bad News Bears”… He would call me a "skinny Ethiopian with hair". So there ya go.

And then he joined Marilyn Manson a few years after, taking on the name Twiggy Ramirez, which was partly chosen because of how the model Twiggy was skinny just like Jeordie.

Guitar World, 1998:

Guitar World: Did you choose that name out of anything like genuine admiration for her?

Twiggy Ramirez: I have a lot of English family and it was just something I grew up with. I always saw her image. There was the Beatles and there was Twiggy. She was one of the first people who actually sold product just by being a personage, you know? So she's actually one of the first icons of modern times. Plus, she was skinny. I was always kind of called Twig anyway, because of my body structure.

He has also mentioned in some episodes of Hour Of Goon for example, that he was even bullied at school. One reason for this was his name, - people would call him "Jordache" after an 80's jeans brand to make fun of his name. People also made fun of him for looking like a girl.

From this what could be gathered is that he probably knows what it feels like to have people commenting on his appearance, and he also has a pretty thick skin for comments like that, which could either mean he'd avoid commenting on other people's appearance or say things without thinking, assuming everyone else is just as confident as he is. Neither of which are a crime. But I'd see it as unlikely that someone who's experienced bullying for their appearance would do it to someone else.

Just pretty weird to be all like "Everything he did was in order to fat shame me" and then give no example of that whatsoever? And then there's Jessicka body shaming others on twitter. It's pretty laughable. 

Pretty sure this "body shaming" thing is also nothing but an exaggeration. This is all delivered with the "My truth" expression anyway, which, well. There's no such thing as your truth, there's the truth and then there are point of views, but point of views are affected by emotions very much and may not always be true.

While going through online discussions from the late 90's, I encountered something that could explain where this "body shaming" accusation could have come from. Fans. Old online discussions, newsgroups, chats, at the time were pretty much a place where you can say whatever you want. The online discussion culture was very different and I remember that many other artists were talked about in very rude ways even up until the early 2010's. The whole discussion of "problematic language" online is fairly new. Anyone who's been online even in the 2000s remembers these attitudes. It was also definitely not rare for female fans to hate on an artist's girlfriend/ex.

Going through old online discussions, I saw that there was partly noticeable a sort of a "rivalry", - for lack of a better word, between some Manson and Jack Off Jill fans. Some Marilyn Manson fans that did not like Jessicka would comment on her appearance in ways that did include body shaming very much. Comments like "Really? Twiggy was with HER? He really stuck his dick in THAT?" I'll "withhold" the rest of the shitty comments I saw, you get the point, there's no need to repeat them really. I don't agree with them nor do I think that anyone should be talked about in that way. 

If Jessicka had "had her heart broken" by Jeordie, and was feeling bitter over the relationship not working the way she'd wished and then she saw commentary like this from fans of Jeordie's band,  maybe even fans that were interested in him and felt they'd been a better match for him than Jessicka,.... To Jessicka, seeing this kind of discussion would be in context of these people hating her because they like Jeordie - These comments would come her way because of Jeordie. 

A lot of her claims seem to be twisted truths, things that kind of happened but not the way she described or in the context she described. It's very possible she's actually just holding Jeordie accountable for behavior that she had to endure due to the connection to him. 

It comes through to me in her text that she saw him succeeding as a personal attack towards her, -he wore dresses "to humiliate her", everything he did seemed to be about her. So maybe this is really a thing that could more be translated to this: "He succeeded just so his fans could call me fat online." That's what it sounds like. 

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