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"The big machine behind Marilyn Manson"

Alright, let's discuss the ”Big Machine behind Marilyn Manson”...

In 1997, I was warned by my band’s record company that if I revealed my story publicly, there would be a very good chance that my band Jack Off Jill would be black balled by concert promoters, radio programmers, and other bands and their managers. Jack Off Jill was also warned of running the risk of losing our coveted record deal (which they gave us!!,) as they were certain no one would ever take a rape victim in this male dominated music business seriously, nevermind a ferocious, disenfranchised, outspoken overweight front woman such as myself! The label blatantly feared the big machine behind Marilyn Manson would use their power to destroy not only Jack Off Jill, but my name, Jessicka, as well. The pressure and guilt of the inevitable repercussions of my rape story affecting my band’s livelihood, happiness and success kept me silent for years.


Jessicka states that it was the record label representative that expressed this concern, but had this discussion with the record label ever happened (which I doubt, as she hasn't named the label even though it's defunct, wonder why?) it would have still been her decision whether or not to talk about this issue. 


And if her message was all about feminism and Riot Grrrl, Riot Grrrl being a grunge/punk movement that largely discussed feminist issues such as domestic violence, women's rights, sexism, sexual abuse; wouldn't whatever controversy with Manson have been a thing that would rather attract attention to Jack Off Jill in the Riot Grrrl scene? Similarly as now her fans are hailing her as a hero for #metooing Jeordie and causing him to get fired from Manson, even though it seems that he likely could have been leaving the band anyway for other reasons.


Overall, I think this record label thing and ”the big machine” narrative seems more like an excuse that has been thought of in 2017 to explain why she's coming out this late with her claims. Because it actually doesn't make sense.


When you think of how, in general it seems Jessicka's plan was to just get Jeordie fired from Marilyn Manson and get back at him for ”stealing her look”, of course the fact that he's a member of Marilyn Manson is an issue that would be mentioned as an obstacle for her getting justice.


Her statement also implies that she couldn't leave Jeordie for this same reason, as her friends and people in the scene were ”So enmeshed in the Manson camp that they didn't want to discuss it and couldn't stand up for her and expose to the world the horror she was dealing with.” This especially sounds like this was made up in hindsight for various reasons.


Because, in her statement's timeline, this ”I wanted to leave Jeordie” thing takes place in 1994. Jeordie had just joined the band, he was not yet a central member in the lineup. He had just joined and hadn't even developed the memorable Twiggy Ramirez look that well yet, he was not a songwriter. He would only later become a co-star to Marilyn Manson during the making of Antichrist Superstar in 1995-1996. In 1994, his position in Marilyn Manson was ”the new bass player”. He was not yet famous, so the expression ”exposing to the world the horror” really sounds strange, as the world largely had no idea who he even was. 


Another thing is that Jessicka mentions Gidget Gein in her statement. Gidget Gein did have his issues with Jeordie (more on the Gidget Gein page) as he was not happy with how he was fired from Marilyn Manson and he believed that Jeordie had copied his look. Jeordie did not, it's explained on the page about it. Gidget was feeling backstabbed by Manson because of the way he was fired, with a letter on Christmas while he was in rehab.


Jessicka first of all mentions this in her statement, even though it has nothing to do with Jeordie, but as Jeordie was Gidget's replacement, she makes it sound like this was somehow Jeordie's doing. But Jeordie had no control over how Marilyn Manson handles his own band. Jeordie did not fire Gidget Gein.


But the issues between the two do raise the question: Well, if Gidget Gein was so angry, surely he'd have been defending Jessicka? Why not? It's also very interesting that it's completely left out that indeed, it had nothing to do with Jeordie how his firing was handled, and Gidget Gein rekindled his friendship with Marilyn Manson in the 2000's even appearing in the music video for (s)Aint.


Another thing is that Daisy Berkowitz, who played guitar in the band at the time, left Marilyn Manson during the recording of Antichrist Superstar. He stated that he felt excluded from the band and that there was a ”lack of respect” towards him. He sued Marilyn Manson for breach of contract and unpaid royalties and around the same time, he joined Jack Off Jill. He maintained since that he did not feel very positively of Manson or Jeordie at all. So in 1997, as allegedly Jessicka was ”planning to come out with her story” there was an ex Marilyn Manson member in her band who also had a lot of issues towards Marilyn and Jeordie. Surely Daisy would have been supporting Jessicka?


Did this lawsuit between the bands cause ”The big machine behind Manson” to do anything to Jack Off Jill? Not really. -Well, there was the issue with LHROOH that you read about on the LHROOH page, but that comment in the book and Jessicka being left out could have been a result of many other things too.


Also, in the 90's, Marilyn Manson was in the middle of all the rumours. He was already being rumored to have done all kinds of things, most famously probably swallowing a whole cat on stage, blinding his own eye to get the white contact lens look, and removing his lowest ribs to be able to suck himself off. There were counterfeit "legal documents" and "witness statements" circulating around where anonymous "witnesses" stated seeing Marilyn Manson and the rest of the band take part in pedophilia, murder and literally every possible evil thing. These were different christian organisations trying to get the band banned from performing. The band's reputation was not exactly good to begin with, so it's unlikely that it would have actually caused "The Big Machine" to do anything at all, except see what they can do in case Jeordie gets sued. 


Well, then. A lot of people have asked, why is it not mentioned in Jessicka's statement at all that Jeordie left Marilyn Manson in 2002, dropped the Twiggy look and joined A Perfect Circle some months later? Why is Jessicka's friendship with Manson completely left out too?


You know, it kind of debunks this whole story about ”I tried to come out with my story but was silenced” narrative as well as the ”everyone knew but didn't want to talk about it” thing.


Because, as you can read on the Jessicka & Manson page, I'm not rewriting this all here, what happened was this: Jeordie left Marilyn Manson, they did not have a falling out, they stayed on good terms. Jessicka stayed friends with Marilyn Manson, flaunted her association to him everywhere possible and implied that Manson had had a falling out with Jeordie and was now basically best friends with Jessicka and no longer friends with Jeordie.


So, in 2002-2008 there was no Twiggy Ramirez, there was no Jack Off Jill, Marilyn Manson was ”very good friends” with Jessicka and Jessicka herself was implying that Manson had no interest in being friends with Jeordie anymore.


There was no ”big machine” to worry about, there was no record label worries either, as Risk Records had gone defunct and Jack Off Jill had disbanded.


Also, Jeordie was starting a completely blank page, dropping the Twiggy persona and using his real name. For many, this was the first time they would even hear the name Jeordie White.


Wouldn't this have been the perfect time for Jessicka to come out with her story? To be able to ruin Jeordie's ”new beginning” ? With Manson as her ”very good friend?” And wouldn't this also have possibly helped her boost the beginning of her own new band, Scarling? Now with Jeordie without the ”protection” of his position in Marilyn Manson, wouldn't all these people that allegedly knew and ”couldn't talk about it” also want to come forward with Jessicka, including the ex Manson members that didn't like him such as Daisy and Gidget?


This would have been such a convenient spot for her to come out with her story but she didn't. And she obviously knows this, because she tried to deny the fact that she had been flaunting her association and friendship to Manson. And she left out the whole part about Jeordie leaving Manson and dropping the persona. But for Manson fans this was something that stood out, because if Jessicka was so afraid of the ”big machine behind Marilyn Manson”, why didn't she come out when there was no fear of it? - Why did she come out with her claims only when Jeordie had returned to Marilyn Manson....


Well. The stolen identity claim! She was satisfied with the current situation. Jeordie was not a member of Marilyn Manson anymore and he was not Twiggy Ramirez anymore. He was someone called Jeordie White in A Perfect Circle and he looked like this:

Pretty clearly, could also explain this by quoting Nazi Halo, a song that seems to very obviously be about Jeordie: ”Can't keep my mouth shut if you keep that dress on.”

Well, she did not really seem to have much of a problem with Manson or Jeordie when Jeordie wasn't wearing the dress, - aside from snarky comments on her site, but they too were almost flaunting the fact that she thought she had influenced the Twiggy character and it was her idea. Quote from her website bio from the 2000s: ”It is said that most of Twiggy Ramirez's grade school ghoulie, dead girl, kinder goth, look was taken from her.” We know it wasn't, she thinks it was. And well on the Nightmares page you can read about how Jeordie was listed as a ”guy friend”, Jessicka proudly shared pictures of them together on her site.


But then Jeordie returned to Marilyn Manson and put the dress back on and all hell broke loose. Okay.


What else is interesting is this facebook post from Jessicka's husband Christian Addams. (more on Manson & Jessicka part 2 page a lot of these claims about Manson are FALSE tooSo Christian states that the reason why they didn't come out with their story about Jeordie is the fact that he left Marilyn Manson. They were satisfied with the situation in the 2000s, just like I stated above:

So much emphasis on Jeordie leaving the band. "I mistakenly thought the split was for good"  -Well, if Jeordie was such a horrible predator, why was it an issue ONLY when he played in Marilyn Manson? It's like these people forget he did not disappear at all in his time out of the band in 2002-2008. It seems they only had an issue with him in that particular band.

But no problem with Jeordie in Nine Inch Nails, an equally huge band that helped Marilyn Manson get the fame they're in? No problem with Jeordie being in A Perfect Circle? Goon Moon? You didn't address the "vile things he did" because you thought he would never return to Marilyn Manson? So the issue never was a "sexual predator getting an audience", it was Jeordie White playing in Marilyn Manson. Realize that all these details are added to the story now, because had it been "I thought he left for good" you wouldn't have known at the time that he was going to return to Marilyn Manson. And they would be mad about him joining Nine Inch Nails where he gets to play huge shows with a huge band. Or they'd been mad that he auditioned for Metallica, an absolutely huge band compared to Marilyn Manson?

This is also funny because when I pointed out the friendship between Jessicka and Manson that Jessicka denied later in 2017 as she was attacking Marilyn Manson, Christian was quick to comment with "Jeordie didn't play in Marilyn Manson at the time" as if that were what I was even talking about and not the very obvious lying about this friendship. Christian very quickly corrected me, that Jeordie in fact was not a member of MM in 2002-2008. But see what he says here?

"I met Brian Warner in 2000. During this time Jeordie was leaving his band." and then "I'm glad he wasn't around" In 2000, Marilyn Manson was about to release the album Holy Wood, in the making of which, Jeordie was still present, he did not leave the band until 2002. 

All the connections to MM are always justified with "Yeah but Jeordie wasn't in the band then, so?" It's also interesting that Christian, who played in Scarling, would allow the band to link Marilyn Manson as a "Scarling friendly artist" on their website and include a link to a fan Q&A where Marilyn Manson says he's close friends with Jessicka. C'mon now.  And this all is the Addams not supporting Manson and thinking he is an asshole since 2000 (interestingly was JOJ broke up too hahah) but still Manson was allowed to write the notes for the booklet of Humid Teenage Mediocrity in 2006 and this is used now as proof for the stolen identity claim. How much can you contradict yourself. 

It's also quite amusing to act like two grown adults with their own careers and everything were somehow forced to hang out with Marilyn Manson? Christian was friends with MM because Jessicka dragged him along or what? Why would Jessicka want to have anything to do with this absolutely shitty person who had kept Jeordie in his band and given him a good career through that... It just really looks like they were friends with MM for good connections and didn't care for him as a friend and now in hindsight they were unable to end that friendship despite being grown ass adults. Ok Christian. 

It's so obvious that the whole point is just a petty "revenge" for Jeordie for daring to rejoin Marilyn Manson and "stealing" Jessicka's look. The next pages in this timing section prove this even further.

Essentially the "I could not get justice because Jeordie played in Marilyn Manson" is a made up excuse as to why she only suddenly came up with her claims. It being made up is clear from what a plot hole it created.

Another thing is that this narrative is also obviously meant to disable Jeordie from defending himself and Manson from defending Jeordie. Because basically it says "If they try to defend themselves, it means my story is true." - She claims she'd been silenced as Jeordie had been "protected" by his position in Manson. If Manson had defended him, it would have been a "Here they're at it again, this is why I couldn't come out earlier." 

It only really leaves the option to vaguely deny it between the lines and just try to wait the social media bullshit out.

This narrative is nothing but a psychological trick, Jessicka demanding your sympathy when she's committing a crime herself.

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