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The allegations against Jessicka Addams

As Jessicka came out with her allegations towards Jeordie, something else came up too. Fans that had allegedly attended a show in 1994, at the time underage, accused Jessicka of sexual assault. She tried to appear empathetic and handle it responsibly, but behind the scenes... Not really. And in her claims of these accusations being false, several issues with credibility could be seen.


Her reaction and her deflections towards these claims, which she had previously even admitted to in several interviews, do also clash with her "believe and listen to survivors always" posts, it's quite hypocritical that all while she demands that the entire music industry denounce Jeordie solely based on her sketchy story, in this case when she was the one accused, she was demanding to be listened over the people coming forward, she was playing the victim and using the exact arguments she complained about as being "rape apologist" in her own case; "No one else has even said so," etc. 

Let's take a look at some older interviews, what was she proudly saying herself in interviews prior to her allegations about Jeordie:

It's interesting that for some reason in her 2017 statement, she leaves out the fact that Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on the Florida dates of the Portrait Of An American Family tour in 1994. This, in the timeline of events, would have been only a couple weeks after her alleged rape "during the NIN tour", which Marilyn Manson ended on their part to start this POAAF tour. She only mentioned touring with Marilyn Manson in 1999 with great grief, though originally in the 90's, she'd mentioned several times how this 1994 tour was a great experience and a lot of fun, and she would mention this even on her website bio a decade later. Yet somehow, it's completely forgotten in her 2017 statement and replaced with "I saw Jeordie throughout the 90's, even toured with Manson in 1999".


Well, during this 1994 tour, at a show in Jacksonville, Jessicka and Manson were arrested for breaking the city's adult entertainment rules. Manson was simulating masturbation with some sort of a strap on on stage, (though his version of the story in LHROOH details that he was accused of this but he didn't have it on stage, so this isn't exactly clear) and Jessicka was bringing young boys in stage, encouraging them to take their clothes off, and serving them alcohol. 

Her exact reason of arrest is not clear, though from some sort of records it could probably be looked up. Reporting on it varies from prostitution - she performed a sexual act with a person who had paid for a ticket to this show, solicitation of a minor - this show was all ages and allegedly the young boys brought on stage were underage. 

Let's look at what she said about it - and here comes through that it might not have even been only one occasion, as at the time it was talked about as though it was a part of their performance. It's mentioned that this also happened elsewhere, in a video attached below the interview quotes. 

Interview with Jessicka, conducted by phone on Friday, June 13, 1997. Jack Off Jill fansite

c: what were the circumstances surrounding your arerest in 1995 following one of your shows opening for manson?

j: manson was arrested for violation of the adult entertainment code. I was charged with prostitution, encouraging a man to expose his testicles, and pouring jack daniels into childrens’ mouths. it was a big setup. the police attended the show undercover. it was obvious that they wanted the publicity they would get for arresting us. we both spent more than 20 hours in jail. the people at the jail referred to us as mickey and mallory biography, archived, 2007.

The fierce female foursome quickly became one of the most exciting and controversial underground bands during their heyday and it wasn't much of a surprise. With gut-wrenching lyrics, angelica to banshee-like delivery, catchy songs, and shocking on stage antics that included stripping young men on stage while the band and crowd taunted the exposed fans as well as covering the audience with spit and real blood and candy-covered razors

Jessicka even spent a night in jail after her and Manson were arrested after a 1994 concert in Jacksonville Florida after being accused by the town's Christian Coalition for breaking the town's adult entertainment codes.

Focus Entertainment Magazine

Press about Jack Off Jill focuses on their stage show. Rock scribes call their live set "shocking" and "outrageous"; maybe that shouldn't be surprising for a band that developed in the same environment that produced Marilyn Manson. Jack Off Jill's most notorious show to date was in Jacksonville back in 1995. "We were opening for Manson. He was arrested for violating the adult entertainment code and I was arrested for prostitution. Both of those terms are defined in Jacksonville terms. He was arrested for simulating masturbation. I incited a young man to come on stage and expose his testicles. Then I tried to light them on fire."

Genesis, 1998

Q: Weren't you arrested with him after a show in Jacksonville?
J: Yes. It was while we were on tour together. During our set, one of the guys in the audience was cat calling, "Take off your clothes!' We brought him onstage and took his pants off. I poured Jack Daniels on his testicles, and tried to light them on fire. Marilyn had started some trouble with the Christian Coalition. When we got offstage, we found out he was going to be arrested for breaking the adult entertainment code, which he did (do) by ejaculating with a plastic dildo. As they were taking him to jail, they decided to arrest me for prostitution. What they didn't arrest me for was feeding alcohol to minors. This all happened right when Natural Born Killers came out in 1995. The police kept calling us Mickey and Mallory and held us for 20 hours. The fondest moment of that experience was when Marilyn had an itch, and I had to scratch it with my head because we both had handcuffs on.

(note: she states in 1995 often, but places this after the release of Natural Born Killers which came out in October 1994. The Jacksonville show was in December 1994. Looking back one might say 1995 mistakenly. I can't personally tell 2017 and 2018 apart they were just mashed together in my head.)

See, the story is proudly shared for shock value and it varies depending on the interview, what remains the same is the fact that she brought young men on stage and encouraged them to strip. And she also bragged about serving alcohol to minors. 

Then there was also this video, that by now has spread all over the internet. 

People shared this on twitter and tumblr, accusing Jessicka of pedophilia. I do have to say that it has a pretty joking manner and especially what Robin Moulder says, with her body language in mind, seems like edgy jokes and with the "2020's glasses" it is often forgotten that back in the day joking about stuff like this was not exactly uncommon. It doesn't mean that the behavior they're joking about is in any way okay, but the context of the cultural gap between the decades should also be noted. How much of it is a joke? How much actually happened? It's in no way bad to have a discussion about that, but Jessicka plays the victim every time her own problematic behavior is brought up and discussed. 

This is yet again one of those things though, where, if you reverse the genders, you might see the issue. Why is abuse of boys "funny" and "not a big deal" so often? 


And another issue here is that Jessicka, in her feuds with others likes to bring up literally anything bad about others, sometimes out of context, to make them look bad. This in her own case though, she doesn't like, and for the spreading of this video, she/"Christian" has for example said that this was all a joke and people shouldn't attack her "because her deceased best friend (Daisy Berkowitz) is in the video". All though the drama of this video being brought up, she made it about people bullying her and taking her words out of context to try and silence her about the Jeordie accusations. The contents of the video and what she and her bandmates said suddenly didn't matter at all and it was all about her feelings. It's incredibly hypocritical. 

She will jump along when Marilyn Manson's lyrics and interviews are taken out of context or taken literally but doesn't like when people do the same for her. 

A song called Boy Grinder did come up in her allegations about Jeordie too, as it mentions rape and stealing old clothes. But as discussed in the JOJ lyrics page, this song was actually written before Jeordie allegedly "stole the look", before they even dated at all. If this song can be used in the context of the Jeordie allegations to somehow "prove" his "guilt" - why, in the context of Jessicka's own creepy towards minors behavior shouldn't it be looked at too?

See yourself through my eyes 'cause you wanna fuck
The little teenage boy that we wanna fuck

Of course these are lyrics, as in an artwork that shouldn't be taken out of that context too easily, we don't know the story behind this song. 

But so, alright, up until at least the 2000's this kind of "bringing young boys on stage, encouraging them to strip" behavior  was rather proudly discussed, but then hidden when Jessicka came forward with her allegations. And then when it was brought up again, it was aggressively denied. 

Two men, Scott Hodges and Matthew Omen came forward on social media, accusing Jessicka of sexual assault and serving them alcohol when they were minors. These posts and comments were being deleted and little have been archived online...

So. How did Jessicka react to this?

On a surface level look, she seemed to apologize after a while, posting a long update on Facebook. To which Scott replied to, seemingly satisfied with the situation:

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

She doesn't exactly deny it here, but makes it kind of all about herself. And it isn't, as you read above, true that she "was under the impression that the show was 18 and over, because she had previously bragged about specifically minors. 

And well, it actually wasn't the end of it.  Soon, another version of this story surfaced. Jessicka had posted a preview of this in her private Facebook group Sparkle in Darkness. Attached with a note "False accusations but trying to be the better person. I want to squash this for good."

So what kind of an apology is that? Not only did she lie about the "being under the impression the show was 18 and over" - clearly as she bragged about serving alcohol to "minors" / "children" previously, but she publicly acted like she was admitting and apologizing, and privately denied the claims. Signed "SINCERELY, Jessicka Addams" what a joke. Of course the alleged victims were not happy. 

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

This is especially interesting because one of her own main points against people defending Jeordie is "he never denied it!" well, publicly Jessicka basically admitted to these allegations in her "apology", and only the private version called them false. It's a bit uh... Well things apply to others but not her. 

Anyway, "behind the scenes" Jessicka, "her husband" her band account scarling as well as the Jack Off Jill account (which, if you've read this page, seem to be her behind different names) were doing their best to discredit these claims and attack these people that came forward, with all kinds of explanations and harassing tweets/comments.


Jessicka Addams

"She never gave them booze btw. Urban legends." "And he was not a minor as the show was 18 and over..!"

Uhh how is it that she said the exact opposite about these shows years earlier as you could read in the beginning of this page? How is it that she, in her initial "apology" implied that what had lead to this happening was that she'd been "under the impression this show was 18 and over".

And how is it that Matthew had a ticket to post, which had "ALL AGES WELCOME" written on it? - Someone's clearly lying here and that one's Jessicka. 

Jessicka was also claiming that these men were either fans of Jeordie trying to get back at her for coming forward against her, or that they were friends/fans of her ex friend later enemy Lynz Way, bassist of Mindless Self Indulgence. Photos of Matt meeting Lynz were shared by Jessicka to push this idea,she was implying the photo with Lynz was taken "Days after Jessicka's allegations against Jeordie" and that it wasn't a fan photo but evidence of friendship.

Then, yet another point to discredit these accusers was brought up, "Christian" posted an older tweet from Matt/Scott where they'd been expressing excitement towards the Jack Off Jill reunion shows and talking positively of the band as a fan:

Jessicka Addams

So, obviously the point is that before coming forward, there didn't seem to be as much of an issue towards the band. Well, why is this a "rape apologist" "harassing/bullying" point then, when this same thing is brought up with Jessicka and her seemingly having no problem associating with Jeordie as she claims? See Nightmares page


Thing is though, these guys never said they were "afraid" of Jessicka or trying to avoid her in the first place, and at the time of the events they would have been teenagers. They said that as they'd discussed it later, they'd rethought what had happened and thought of what they'd think of it if that'd been their own child at the show. 

And this can be a fair explanation to this, as the attitude towards sexual abuse of boys is much more "whatever" still to this day. Boys being victims of abuse is seen as an impossible thing by some. And where abuse of teenage girls is seen as extremely creepy, at the same time a 15 year old boy being taken advantage of isn't even seen as abuse, more so it's talked about "being lucky". This difference in attitudes can be seen for example in news reporting: Where an adult male teacher making sexual advances towards underage female students is absolutely gross and reported as "Male teacher sexually abused minor" at the same time if it's an adult female sexually abusing underage male students, it isn't seen nearly as creepy, and often it's reported as "female teacher had sex with 15 year old, freed of charges of abuse"

If you grow up in this kind of a culture as a boy and you're never told that women can abuse and take advantage, even rape you, you might not even understand when you're being hurt as you might not have the words to even explain it to yourself, let alone anyone else. You're told you're lucky when getting attention from someone much older who shouldn't even be interested in someone your age, not only that, but a rockstar who wants to bring you on stage. 


It's not really that impossible that maybe these guys, at the time as teenagers thought it was cool, and upon the sexual abuse in the music scene discussion they rethought to those times and were uncomfortable with it as they looked back at it with more grown up eyes, a more educated sight. 

Another thing is that Jessicka too probably grew up with these attitudes and it's possible she maybe didn't think of it that way back then. Maybe she in fact thought she was giving the guys a good time, maybe she didn't at the time realize either that abuse doesn't only happen to women. Her art was so fixated on abuse against women, that it might be that she simply saw men as those that need to be taught how to behave. This though, doesn't rid her of responsibility of her actions, she could absolutely have taken this as a chance to have an extremely good and educational discussion and show an example of unlearning harmful attitudes, but instead she played the victim and made it all about herself, put her energy into bullying these men into silence because she just can't take criticism. 

Eventually the accusations seemed to die down, there was a comment from Scott, seemingly taking back the accusations (though it seems more like he's being sarcastic towards JOJ after being continuously harassed) and then some dms were revealed, where indeed these men stated that Jessicka and her husband had been harassing and threatening them, as well as their friends over this so they'd stop talking about this. Scott's accounts were later deleted but Matt's still remain. 

This isn't new at all, many Jeordie supporters for example have had to deal with stalking, threats of doxxing, threats of lawsuits, harassment, for example you can read about Jessicka's attack on me on the page about it. 

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

Let's take a closer look at the last screenshot - the post it has attached where Jessicka is now, after publicly "apologing" suddenly publicly denying the story in a longer post. She brings up the allegations made towards Ethan Kath by Alice Glass, you can look them up if interested, happened around the same time as Jessicka's allegations, but the last paragraph of what she says:

"You've tried to discredit me with a fake internet story where 500 people witnessed it, yet not one person besides the two men who started it have come forward. Why? Because it's a fabrication!"

Really? "No one else has said so therefore it's a lie?" Who complains about this kind of arguments on social media all the time? Jessicka. Yet who's the one to use it when accused herself. Jessicka. 

UHH Jessicka herself has defamed and harassed Jeordie White as well as his friends and family for years with a fake internet story in which she claims he abused 30-50 women, none of which have come forward. Except one she named,  who came out and denied these claims and was then bullied into attempting suicide by Jessicka. Jessicka allegedly even had a witness who she couldn't fully name who hasn't come forward and who doesn't behave at all in the way he should had he actually seen something like that. The only witness that has come forward is Lisa LeSeur who said Jessicka was abusing Jeordie. 

And guess what Jessicka said about Lisa LeSeur to me on her husband's account a while back too? "No one else besides Lisa has said so." 

Hypocrisy much. It is kind of interesting that in literally everything, her word should always weigh more than anyone else's, even when she's continuously caught lying. 

Jessicka Addams

And then, when did these men mention Jeordie? This story being true wouldn't disprove her allegations against Jeordie because the fact that someone has been abusive doesn't close out the possibility of them being abused too. Often the source of abusive behavior is trauma from experienced abuse too. She is claiming this story was brought up to discredit her - but was it? Even if it was, it wouldn't deny the Jeordie situation, these are separate issues. 

What this Scott and Matt situation does show us though is that her "believe survivors" demeanor isn't as genuine as she proclaims it to be, and the values she claims to have only seem to apply so that it's how others should treat her, not how she's supposed to treat others too. 

But of course, she made this a part of the Jeordie story, and stated that she'd been harassed, doxxed, lied about, called a pedophile "for coming out against Jeordie" - No! She was called a pedophile for acting like a creep towards minors and bragging about it. Who doxxed her? Who hacked her?

And I'll yet again mention that anyone who has criticized Jessicka knows that it always results in, exactly, being lied about, threatened with doxxing and lawsuits, I've been told of even threats of physical violence. Musician William Control (who was also accused of abuse around the same time as Jeordie was, but was able to defend himself with contrary evidence against the claims, such as text conversations etc, he posted things in support of Jeordie and loudly criticized Jessicka) also tweeted about receiving death threats from Jessicka. Tweet 1 - Tweet 2..  She has harassed me, lied about me, threatened me too, personally.


She also lied about Marilyn Manson pretty extensively when he didn't immediately believe her in 2017, which then she later lied about too that he had immediately believed her? Then she lied about former JOJ member and her ex close friend Helen Storer when she didn't go along with her narratives. This is Jessicka claiming everyone else does what she in fact herself is doing. All the time. 


I also attached an example of one of the many instances of her claiming to have been hacked. Tell me, Jessicka: If you've LOST ACCESS to your account, how are you using the account you lost access to, to ask Twitter support to help you get access to it? This is literally the same thing as using your phone to call in a report that your phone has been stolen. 

Jessicka Addams

So alright. This doesn't look exactly very credible of her.  What a mess. 

Every time she's "hacked", it seems to happen after she's done something problematic and as she's trying to avoid responsibility of it on social media by claiming it was said by someone else. She always gets her account magically back within moments of it being "hacked".  It's just that when literally anyone else gets hacked, they most often permanently lose access to that account, the account's original posts are lost and it's used by the hackers to spread scams and virus links and to get access to more accounts for the same purpose. In the Marilyn Manson discussion for example, several people have had to completely start over as their accounts have been hacked by someone who then starts spreading links to scam games and all kinds of scam cryptocurrency sites or to advertise fake gambling sites. Could guess by this that probably most of the hacking on social media is done with a financial motivation, to get access to people's bank accounts etc. 

Usually when anyone else gets hacked, the posts from then on are weird and completely different from what the person was originally posting and it's clear that it's someone else. This has never happened with Jessicka. Had someone hacked her in the aftermath of her allegations towards Jeordie with a defamatory/sabotaging/bullying motive towards her, we might have seen the hacker for example use her account to post something that would get her in trouble. Instead, Jessicka herself lies, gets herself in trouble, then claims she was hacked and always magically gets her account back within the day. 

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