The allegations against Jessicka Addams and the "believe everyone" -hypocrisy

As Jessicka came out with her allegations towards Jeordie White, something else came out too. Two men came forward about their own experiences about Jessicka. On this page we're looking at what went down to that, is there anything to support these allegations and how does her own behavior while addressing these claims go along with her own message. 


A topic that Jessicka often talks about is how survivors are often criticized, they are questioned, their stories disregarded and there often are belittling questions asked. And this is not hard to agree with, survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse face unnecessarily uncomfortable situations and the demands to prove the things that happened while traumatized by them is a very rough thing. 

But at the same time, when a celebrity accuses another celebrity, it is a different situation. Because it's a threat to the entire livelihood and the reputation of the other person. Now, a victim should not worry about this, absolutely not, the consequences that the abuser faces are not the victim's concern.


But from the point of view of an outsider, in the court of the public opinion, a fan of an artist is expected to react, expected to symphatise, and when there is no trial, no police investigation, absolutely no proof at all and a story full of contradictions, it's completely expected that questions are asked. Because while we as fans do not personally know these people, they often are the building bricks of who we are and how we've grown up with their music.


We're told "You can't know, this is not your place to talk." and it's true, we cannot know, we cannot know anything, which is why we should take into consideration all the information available before condemning anyone, because it would not be justice for anyone if we as the public just took someone's word and destroyed a career by doing so, just to avoid feeling bad about it. As in this case, people have come forward with the message that it was in fact Jessicka who was abusive towards Jeordie. This whole site in itself is not necessarily a call to "cancel" Jessicka Addams, but more a "look into it before you talk, think fora second before posting these emotion based opinions online"

But this "Jessicka vs Twiggy" turns out to be a very good example of why you shouldn't just take someone's word for literally anything when public figures fight their personal issues online. It's a totally different situation when a friend confides in you and seeks support in you about an experience they've had. You know that person and how much you trust them before they come up to you. But in this case, exactly, we don't know these people yet we're expected to react, we're expected to have an opinion, we're expected to think about who we support, whose music we identify with. 

I personally have an completely unrelated artist's autograph, album cover and references to his songs tattooed on me. I could not bear to keep them if I couldn't trust that man to have a good heart. There are people like this, for both Jessicka and Jeordie and both Jessicka and Jeordie as public figures have the responsibility not to morally disappoint these people, it's not a matter of opinions or who they voted for, but a matter of "Are you an absolutely fucking disgusting piece of trash." 

Well, that sidetracked a little bit there. But the point is, Jessicka's message is that victims should always be believed and supported without question or criticism, no matter what, because no one lies about this kind of stuff. There is no perfect way, no perfect time to tell someone about these experiences. Sounds good?

It does, but she hasn't exactly lived up to this herself. And it seems that these thoughts only apply to her. In her situation, she should see how this doesn't work this way, but she doesn't. (well, in a perfect world, wouldn't we all love to always be supportive with no question, I would, but I have seen false rape accusations happen just in the name of bullying) She wants the public to "cancel" Jeordie White based on her very contradictory and plothole filled story, but when she herself is accused, she wants her word to be taken over the accusers. 

Here's Jessicka basically demanding Jeordie never to be seen on stage again because of the things she said, as Jeordie played his first show after the allegations in 2019, after two years of silence. He has not appeared on stage since. 


And the allegations against Jessicka, they are a different situation. They are a fan coming forward about a musician, Jessicka is a musician coming forward against a musician. The power dynamic in the situation is completely different. She can silence these fans just by the power of social media rage. 

So. what exactly were the allegations made towards Jessicka Addams? 

Two men came forward saying that in 1994, Jessicka sexually assaulted them, they were minors at the time and Jessicka also served them alcohol.

Well, is there any proof to these claims? Let's have a look.

Well, interestingly this show happened on the Portrait Of An American Family Tour. And on this particular night, Jessicka Addams was arrested. The exact charges are a bit unclear since the story has been told many times. But this was something she liked to mention in interviews. (Also note that in her 2017 allegations she left this tour unmentioned and said "I even toured with Manson in 1999" as if that were the only time. This 1994 tour was Jack Off Jill's first proper tour and what else there is is that the incident of Jeordie allegedly raping her "during the NIN tour" would be somewhere in fall 1994, right before this tour, had it happened..)

Interview with Jessicka, conducted by phone on Friday, June 13, 1997. Jack Off Jill fansite

c: what were the circumstances surrounding your arerest in 1995 following one of your shows opening for manson?

j: manson was arrested for violation of the adult entertainment code. I was charged with prostitution, encouraging a man to expose his testicles, and pouring jack daniels into childrens’ mouths. it was a big setup. the police attended the show undercover. it was obvious that they wanted the publicity they would get for arresting us. we both spent more than 20 hours in jail. the people at the jail referred to us as mickey and mallory biography, archived, 2007.

The fierce female foursome quickly became one of the most exciting and controversial underground bands during their heyday and it wasn't much of a surprise. With gut-wrenching lyrics, angelica to banshee-like delivery, catchy songs, and shocking on stage antics that included stripping young men on stage while the band and crowd taunted the exposed fans as well as covering the audience with spit and real blood and candy-covered razors

Jessicka even spent a night in jail after her and Manson were arrested after a 1994 concert in Jacksonville Florida after being accused by the town's Christian Coalition for breaking the town's adult entertainment codes.

Focus Entertainment Magazine

Press about Jack Off Jill focuses on their stage show. Rock scribes call their live set "shocking" and "outrageous"; maybe that shouldn't be surprising for a band that developed in the same environment that produced Marilyn Manson. Jack Off Jill's most notorious show to date was in Jacksonville back in 1995. "We were opening for Manson. He was arrested for violating the adult entertainment code and I was arrested for prostitution. Both of those terms are defined in Jacksonville terms. He was arrested for simulating masturbation. I incited a young man to come on stage and expose his testicles. Then I tried to light them on fire."

Genesis, 1998

Q: Weren't you arrested with him after a show in Jacksonville?
J: Yes. It was while we were on tour together. During our set, one of the guys in the audience was cat calling, "Take off your clothes!' We brought him onstage and took his pants off. I poured Jack Daniels on his testicles, and tried to light them on fire. Marilyn had started some trouble with the Christian Coalition. When we got offstage, we found out he was going to be arrested for breaking the adult entertainment code, which he did (do) by ejaculating with a plastic dildo. As they were taking him to jail, they decided to arrest me for prostitution. What they didn't arrest me for was feeding alcohol to minors. This all happened right when Natural Born Killers came out in 1995. The police kept calling us Mickey and Mallory and held us for 20 hours. The fondest moment of that experience was when Marilyn had an itch, and I had to scratch it with my head because we both had handcuffs on.

(note: she states in 1995 often, but places this after the release of Natural Born Killers which came out in October 1994. The Jacksonville show was in December 1994. Looking back one might say 1995 mistakenly. I can't personally tell 2017 and 2018 apart they were just mashed together in my head.)

And this one is for the "but the JOJ lyrics" people out there:

Boy Grinder, the very song that has been used as an argument that Jeordie is guilty, contains these lyrics;

See yourself through my eyes 'cause you wanna fuck
The little teenage boy that we wanna fuck

Of course these are lyrics, as in an artwork that shouldn't be taken out of that context, I'm mentioning it more to criticize the overly common narrative that song lyrics prove something against Jeordie. 

This video:

Well, they're talking about a show in Atlanta. But Jessicka says they brought underage guys on stage and had them expose themselves and that they'd be judged and the "winner" got a date with JOJ bassist Agent Moulder.  They could be joking in this video, but considering the allegations, this still is an interview that happened.  This stripping boys on stage has been mentioned so many times that it absolutely happened, but at least Robin comes across as joking around; however it does not make the subject any less gross, you can try a little thought excercise and imagine if the genders were reversed, would this be funny? No. So it isn't funny now either. But then again the context of the social issues and the culture of the time should not be overlooked either.

So. How did Jessicka react to this?

There was an apology she posted on Facebook, and then a thank you from the other one of the guys that came forward:

This apology is kind of more a "feel sorry for me" to be honest, she doesn't exactly address what she was accused of, only reminds the public of what has happened to her.

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

But then, another version of this apology came out, one that was shared in a private group:

Jessicka Addams

"False accusations but I'm trying to be the better person. I want to squash this for good." ?

It's funny that we should take her word for the accusations being false when in this statement she says she was "Under the impression that the show was 18 and over" when if you look at the interviews mentioned earlier, that wasn't the case. She said so herself, first of all, she recounted this story proudly many times and mentioned giving alcohol to minors. She demands accountability on social media all the time but look at her squirm right here. This "apology" is all about her and her feelings.

Now, this is exactly where the "You can't know, this isn't your place to talk" comes in. Jessicka has provided 0 proof for her own accusations towards Jeordie. But how would she have reacted, had Jeordie said "False accusations, but I'm trying to be the better person. I want to squash this for good!" It's really kind of ironic and contradicts her own message. Or maybe denying everything is the right course or action? In her and her husband's harassment towards people who defended Jeordie, it was always a point "He never denied it!" What if he did? Would it make the allegations untrue like Jessicka expects the ones about her to be seen as untrue?

We can't know if these allegations against her are true or false, but this apology that barely even is an apology answers no questions at all, nor does it help any, when Jessicka herself has admitted to this kind of behavior multiple times in the past.

The alleged victims weren't happy. The timeline of these comments is a bit unclear, I just received more screenshots of this whole thing. They were called liars by Jessicka and her husband and even threatened so they would back down with their claims. Jessicka maintained that these allegations were simply angry Jeordie fans trying to ruin her reputation. And there's again the "18 and over I did not give them booze" but if you just look at the interviews above....

Edited here, comment about the screenshots: I was not aware of the Ethan Kath situation, Jessicka mentions this name, I thought he was one of these people accusing her at first but he's not, a completely different case that she just refers to. Her wording let me understand that he was involved in this too. I have so much information to go through it's unreal, sometimes I don't notice stuff, which is why I wish i could add a comment section but can't, please email me or dm me on social media if there is a correction that's needed, see and think for yourself


Ethan Kath is a musician, he was accused of abuse by former bandmate Alice Glass. Alice came forward with her accusations also in October 2017 and dropped off a tour with Marilyn Manson while doing so. This is why Ethan is mentioned by Jessicka. Thank you so much to the person who messaged me about Alice Glass that made me notice this! - So in the screenshot where Ethan Kath is mentioned, Jessicka refers to Ethan but the person that responds to that post is not Ethan, he's the other fan who accused Jessicka and he's replying to Jessicka's claim that his story is a "fabrication." 

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

If you are one of these guys or know more, contact info is on the home and about pages.

What I find very interesting is that Jessicka states that "not one person besides these two men who started this have come forward" she discredits their story with this? Really? Very often the reason that an abuse victim isn't heard is that people don't listen "because no one else has said that" and she defends herself by this same one: Her words are supposed to be heard because she's so brave, she's the only one who has the guts to come forward against Jeordie, yet when someone calls her an abuser, it's "a fabrication" because "no one else has come forward". This was true also in her husband's (or just her, she has been caught using Christian's account to harass fans) response to me tweeting about Lisa LeSeur's statement: I shared a video clip where Lisa states in an interview that by what she has observed from being there at the time, Jessicka was abusive towards Jeordie. To this, the Addams responded: "Lisa is the only one who has said that, no one else has called Jessicka an abuser." Hypocrisy much?

Right now, these men that attended the show have come forward stating Jessicka is an abuser, Lisa has stated Jessicka was abusive, Michelle Siwy and Laney Chantal have expressed that sort of hints too, that is not something that should just be discredited with an "only these people said it." Jessicka herself is the only person that has come forward against Jeordie. And that by itself isn't the thing that would discredit her - the lies in her statement and her hypocritical and harassing behavior, her constantly changing narrative is what discredits her. 

After this, the narrative changed and the existence of these allegations towards Jessicka was used by her as more a proof of how hard it is to come out against Jeordie. She stated she had been "called a pedophile for telling the truth" and harassed and bullied online... (which is kind of ironic really after you've read this page)

Called a pedophile for telling the truth or maybe it was for you know, acting like one? 

(Well, by definition a pedophile is a person who's sexually interested in children, a teenager is not necessarily the same thing as a child but by legal definition a minor, and definitely not someone an adult should be touching anyway, therefore no matter what it's gross and creepy to be sexually assaulting 13 year old this should not be a controversial statement. Reverse the genders if you don't understand, imagine if Jessicka was a guy and the fans had been girls... So why is this not a bigger discussion? Jessicka really trying to take credit elsewhere for "Being right about Jimmy Urine" while she has this kind of stuff that she's trying to hide.)

Jessicka Addams

Who called her a pedophile for accusing Jeordie? Even if the allegations against her were false, they brought attention to her own behavior that she has admitted to, serving alcohol to minors and sexually assaulting them. It is really no place for adding it into the victim points. Especially when, at this point, quite honestly, there's more proof to these claims than to the claims against Jeordie.

Of course, the idea is possible that a devoted Jeordie fan got angry, was aware of the things that went down at the show in Jacksonville based on old interviews and news articles, and then accused Jessicka claiming they were there. But how, without proof in either direction, does a bystander know which one is telling the truth? And if Jessicka was arrested that night and has admitted to such behavior already, does it matter if the person in question personally wasn't there? Someone else was and there are statements from Jessicka admitting it happened? Jessicka denying things she admitted to before is basically "I lied then but you gotta just take my word now"

But then again, a fan coming out after Jessicka's allegations? Is there a right time to come out with a story? Jessicka herself has addressed this in her statement against Jeordie, as it was something that caused a lot of questions, why come out after almost 30 years?

 Is there a time limit on telling the truth or does it expire with age? Is there a right way to say it? It being the truth. 20 plus years of hiding this shame and rage, so I wouldn’t rock anyone’s boats, or roll any heads?

If the timing makes the Jessicka accusers "angry Twiggy fans", what does Jessicka's timing make her? It being: (read more about the theories regarding the timing)

1. After Jeordie got married to Laney Chantal. The first time Jessicka called Jeordie an abuser in public was not long after he got married to Laney. Laney is a makeup artist who got a lot of exposure from being together with Jeordie and doing makeup for him. Jessicka demands credit for creating Jeordie's 90's Twiggy Ramirez look, saying it was copied from her. A motive could be, that Laney had what Jessicka wants; Jeordie crediting her for stage makeup etc, Laney was included in Jeordie's career and benefiting from it, Jessicka wasn't as much as she kept repeating that the 90's Twiggy look was "taken from her". This could also have something to do with how in 2017 Jessicka seemed to want the public to believe that Jeordie abused Laney, going as far as to harass Laney on social media when she said Jeordie never abused her.

2. The first hints just as Jack Off Jill was reuniting for their last shows. Publicity? Someone to blame for how Jack Off Jill never got as big as she would have wanted it to become?

3. The second statement just as the #Metoo started trending. No more Jack Off Jill, no more Scarling. So maybe Jessicka wants to be known as a sexual assault survivor activist (check her social media, seems like it), she has experiences in the past (read the lyrics page, there in the statements she originally maintained that her songs were inspired by her childhood, and there were JOJ songs about such subjects before the alleged time of her and Jeordie's issues)  but accusing Jeordie would get her more validation and publicity than just saying that she went through something earlier, and it would be a good "revenge" for the way she claims Jeordie stole her look and made Jack Off Jill face constant comparisons to Marilyn Manson.

These sound like rude speculations, but is it any different than a public figure facing allegations from fans and basically going "well, they're just angry Twiggy fans attacking me for no reason, false accusations."

There's no "right time" for her, but for these men there is?

Considering what went down with these allegations towards Jessicka, and also the way she claimed that Jeordie abused his ex wife Laney Chantal, who to this day maintains no such thing ever happened, which caused Jessicka to harass her on social media, demanding the public to believe her over Laney, it kind of looks like the message is more "believe me" than "believe everyone"

Just read her 2017 statement and count how many times she says in it that it's the truth. Is she trying to convince the reader or herself?

There was also the issue of Lexa Vonn coming forward with allegations towards Marilyn Manson (discussed in the Manson page) apparently inspired by Jessicka's accusations towards Jeordie. For some reason Jessicka didn't like Lexa Vonn accusing Marilyn Manson and proceeded to call her a liar and attack her on social media, implying that she needs some help with her mental health.

Jessicka Addams
Jessicka Addams

How is this for believing everyone and listening to survivors no matter what? Why does Jessicka denying the allegations mean they're untrue and then Jeordie gets no say whatsoever in what happened in his opinion???

Just going to put it very simply here:

Jessicka is the only one who has come out against Jeordie. Her witness was apparently silenced by SPIN as his story did not match hers? But Jeordie has a witness who has come forward saying Jessicka would hit him, this has not gotten any media attention? Why?

Three fans who were minors at the time accused Jessicka, they were disregarded by Jessicka was "Jeordie fans", threatened to silence and ridiculed publicly, this too had no media attention at all and Jessicka remains the only victim here and gets to decide what is true and what is not.

So it's "Believe everyone without question, stop talking about perfect survivors" until it affects Jessicka. Then even Jessicka ADMITTING TO the behavior she has been alleged to take part in isn't "proof". However, we should just take Jessicka's word that Jeordie did all the things she claims, even though some are not even possible and are provably false.