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In here we're gonna look at how well the story about why she chose to come forward with her claims so late, in 2015-2017, stays together and what does it look like when actually taking a look at not only Jeordie and Jessicka's careers, but other things that were going on at the same time. 


So, shortly: Jessicka originally claimed in a now deleted Facebook post, that she's only coming out with her story as late as 2017 because physical therapy for an elbow injury triggered her repressed memories. But it had already been brought up earlier since 2015... There is another screenshot that also clearly shows this confusion with her story. Did she repress the memories or try to talk about it for years? 


Then she claimed in October 2017, in the story that was picked up by the media as the #metoo discussion caught up, that she originally planned to come out with her story already in 1997 but was warned to stay silent by her record company, which she conveniently leaves unnamed. Allegedly, she was told that her career and her band's record deal could be in danger because of ”The Machine behind Marilyn Manson.” She claims that after being silenced for years, she made a vague remark on an interview to Alternative Press, as she was interviewed about the Jack Off Jill reunion/farewell tour in 2015, and that this sparked a big flow of similar stories from other women, which inspired her to come forward. But she has not been able to prove this overflowing amount of emails ever happening. 


In 2019 she claimed she's had a botched abortion in the 90's. This had allegedly been because during intercourse with Jeordie, a condom had broken, resulting in her getting pregnant. She stated that this botched abortion had caused her to be unable to have children, and resulted in seven miscarriages through the years. Why did this first of all not come up in the story and why was it "physical therapy" for something completely different that had "triggered" her memories? Wouldn't a miscarriage resurface these memories more likely?

But if we put things in a bit of a timeline, why does her story look weird and could it be that the events leading up to the allegations inspired her to come up with her claims?


Jessicka says that in 1997, she was planning to come out with her allegations but was pressured to stay silent by the record label that Jack Off Jill was signed to. This record label, now defunct for over 20 years, just was left unmentioned? Why?


Marilyn Manson's biography book being in the process of being written clashes with Jessicka's "being silenced" narrative too, as she in her statement claimed that the "Big machine behind Marilyn Manson" was a threat. Well, it's interesting that she originally claimed, upon being asked her opinion about LHROOH, that it had in fact been out of her own request that she'd been left out of the book. That she'd asked Marilyn Manson to leave her out. What?


So, Jessicka stated that Jeordie's spot as a central member of Marilyn Manson was a reason why she couldn't come out with her story. But this raises a lot more questions... If we look into what happened in the 2000's.


What exactly happened as Jeordie rejoined Marilyn Manson, in Jessicka's career and also elsewhere?


Events in the careers of the people involved, as well as in the scene around them leading up to the 2017 viral statement. 


This also included in the Exit From Marilyn Manson section. Addressing the "he didn't even sue" argument and how historical accusations are very hard to prove false in a lawsuit despite the details being sketchy, because of Californian laws and justice system. 

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