The timing of the allegations

So let's see, does Jessicka's story make any sense, what exactly happened between 1997 and 2017. There is a LOT of information to be added to this section, so I decided to divide it into smaller parts. This may cause a little bit of repetition.


So, shortly: Jessicka originally claimed in a now deleted Facebook post, that she's only coming out with her story as late as 2017 because physical therapy for an elbow injury triggered her repressed memories. This post has been lost to time, but there are a a lot of people who remember this, and a comment where she says this has been screenshotted (included on the Who knew? page where this is discussed, the underlined text links to it)


Then she claimed in October 2017, in the story that was picked up by the media as the #metoo discussion caught up, that she originally planned to come out with her story already in 1997 but was warned to stay silent by her record company, which she conveniently leaves unnamed. Allegedly, she was told that her career and her band's record deal could be in danger because of ”The Machine behind Marilyn Manson.” She claims that after being silenced for years, she made a vague remark on an interview to Alternative Press, as she was interviewed about the Jack Off Jill reunion/farewell tour in 2015, and that this sparked a big flow of similar stories from other women, which inspired her to come forward. But she has not been able to prove this overflowing amount of emails ever happening. 


Indeed, a lot to go through, but a big narrative change is there to be seen here. Let's take a better look. Why does her story not make sense? - Click on the buttons and find out.