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A lot of info, but this is kind of all that happened leading up to Jessicka coming out with her allegations, really interesting details. - Was the general public discussion around rape and abuse in the music scene after all just an opportunity for Jessicka to have her "stolen look" claim publicly noticed, to get back at Jeordie. I think it was, and here I'll go through why. 

In 2013, Jack Off Jill started planning their reunion.


Now, around this time, Jeordie had already returned to the Marilyn Manson lineup, and also he got married to Laney Chantal too. Laney, in Jessicka's later allegations then for some reason was one of the targets of Jessicka's harassment, as Jessicka was implying that she had gotten emails from mutual friends describing Jeordie abusing Laney. Laney denied these claims, denies them to this day, which lead to Jessicka harassing her on social media very much over this.


This really raises the question; was Jessicka angered by the news that Jeordie had gotten married, despite her herself being married too at the time? Why? (There have been messages sent to me even about some people remembering her implying that she should have been invited to this wedding, but I haven't seen these social media posts myself, so that can't be confirmed. – do send them in if you have them saved or remember such thing. But until then, this is a rumour. I would doubt this, could be very possible that this is someone remembering wrong, this could stem from the fact that Jessicka attended Manson's wedding when he married Dita.)


But well, anger about Jeordie being happy, since by all of this it seems Jessicka always wanted to ”get the upper hand”, could be one of the motivations behind her ”getting back at him.” She did admit in her private Facebook group, Sparkle in Darkness, that around the time of the JOJ reunion in 2015, she was looking through Laney's social media. This is very weird because in her later 2017 statement, and later on social media she was claiming that even mentioning Jeordie was triggering to her, and that she was having nightmares of running into him. Why would she spend her time looking through stuff like that then? Was she jealous?


Could maybe think that she prided herself with the fact that at least she had a happy marriage, which Jeordie earlier didn't, and when he got that too, Jessicka was no longer the one "with the upper hand." Her competitiveness towards Jeordie can be seen for example in the "Jessicka & Manson part 1" page, where she appears to have tried to almost taunt Jeordie with the fact that he no longer played in Marilyn Manson while she was bragging about association to Manson. 

It isn't that uncommon anyway, that when a friendship or a relationship ends on bad terms, some people keep up with the other person's business and resort to petty competitive behavior where "at least I got it all better than that person..."


Anyway, Jack Off Jill reuniting briefly for a little farewell tour could definitely also bring back some memories and prove to be a good opportunity to make a statement towards someone from the 90's if there was something still bothering her. Also considering the fact that Jeordie started wearing the 90's dresses, - Jessicka claims were stolen from her, on stage again around the time JOJ started planning their reunion.


Especially as, she stated that upon planning the reunion of Jack Off Jill, she had been ”recovering from a near death illness.” She has not specified what this was, but if she actually had a near death experience, it definitely also could cause a situation where she's looking back at her life and thinking; ”Am I where I always wanted to be? - If not, why?” 


And since she's been talking about Jeordie ”stealing her look” (which is not true you can see the details here) being a factor in JOJ's initial downfall and her career not going where she would want it to, it's really not too much of a reach to suggest that this kind of a situation could cause her to think of a revenge plan of sorts.


It's been stated that it's quite convenient that the idea of a rape accusation came up just as Jack Off Jill was reuniting and then again when #metoo was trending, but that's really just hindsight, Jessicka couldn't have known that #metoo was going to become such a huge discussion. She made multiple attempts to gain the public's attention for her claims before #metoo was a thing, the first one in 2015 in an Alternative Press interview, where she first implied someone with a green dress had raped her. This was already two years before #metoo. So where did it come from, if I think it's not true, what could have given her the idea?


Well, you have to look into the bigger picture and the scene in general at the same time. Because at the same time with JOJ, another 90's Riot Grrrl band reunited too. Babes in Toyland. Jessicka, as friends and colleagues of Babes in Toyland was very much aware of this reunion. But with their reunion came a rape discussion that has went quite unnoticed by the Manson fans. - The Jackie Fox case. And it has interesting parallels to Jessicka's storyline.


About two weeks before Jessicka's AP interview, in the summer of 2015, Jackie Fox, bassist of 70's all female rock group The Runaways came forward with her rape story from the 70's. She stated that she had been raped backstage in front of a roomful of people by the manager of the Runaways, Kim Fowley. She had been forced to stay silent about her story through her time in the band, and that the music business of the times did not allow for her to get justice, so she internalized her trauma and kept quiet. Until 2015. People that were there came forward confirming her story, except guitarist Joan Jett, who barely reacted at all, and basically denied the story.


So, this happens, starting a huge conversation in the scene, and two weeks later, Jessicka is interviewed for Alternative Press about Jack Off Jill's reunion, it's her time to shine.- Jackie Fox started the conversation with a rape story from the 70's, where she's been forced to stay silent for decades. Suddenly Jessicka too has a vague rape story from decades ago, that she'd only just remembered – as later claimed by her, through being triggered by physical therapy for an elbow injury? Right.


Another reason why this statement feels like something thought on the moment is the fact that she says ”Don't allow anybody, especially your current boyfriend to rape you” but well, it isn't really ever a case of allowing is it? Had she yet even thought of the full story that she would later publish, where she alleged that there was a struggle where she screamed ”No!” That's not her allowing it to happen. And, well – No one ”allows” rape to happen, what sort of victim blaming would suggesting that be.


But this story caused somewhat of a discussion on social media, but Jessicka's story didn't really go anywhere as she didn't exactly name Jeordie, nor did she have a story with enough details for anyone to confirm or deny.


But Joan Jett's reaction, – or lack of one, to Jackie Fox's story, caught the attention of Babes in Toyland's bass player Maureen Herman, who also is a feminist writer. In August 2015, she wrote an article criticizing Joan Jett and sharing her own thoughts and experiences, further bringing attention to the discussion. This lead to Maureen being fired from Babes in Toyland, though. The reasons a bit unclear, but apparently it had to do with BIT label business with Joan Jett, Maureen states that it was criticizing Joan Jett that got her fired from the band.


Interestingly, also in August 2015, Jack Off Jill's account on Facebook started posting comments about Jeordie, screenshots of which seem to have disappeared to time. This is when I first heard of the allegations though, so I clearly remember this. On Jack Off Jill's Facebook, there were posts made and deleted quickly after, such as: JEORDIE STOLE JESSICKAS LOOK AND RAPED HER! JEORDIE WHITE IS A RAPIST! These posts quickly spread to tumblr as screenshots and a discussion about Jeordie started. I tried really hard to find these screenshots but couldn't, however, I do have whatsapp chatlogs from the time (in Finnish, but I can post them if you need more confirmation) where me and a couple of my friends who weren't Manson fans tried to figure out what to think, – In August 2015. It's almost as if someone wanted to get their share of this discussion but couldn't come up with a proper statement.


There are very interesting parallels to this story in timeline and also the contents, and it's not the only time Jessicka's done something like this. As in 2019, she jumped on to the #prochoice discussion on instagram, sharing an abortion story regarding an unwanted accidental pregnancy during her relationship with Jeordie – which also was false and quite obviously inspired by one of Jessicka's favorite movies. But this time too, Jessicka had read someone else's story, and right then suddenly remembered her own and posted it right away.


A similarity between Jessicka's story and Jackie's story is the fact that there is a witness who stays silent, (a witness that Jessicka conveniently reunited with upon Jack Off Jill's reunion, whom she left partially unnamed due to there being pictures of this witness backstage hanging out with Jeordie years after this alleged rape, still friends with Jeordie, only a quick google search away) there is a music business that keeps them quiet for decades, there's the victim compartmentalizing and normalizing the experience and being seen in photos with the abuser many times and then only coming forward a long time later after something caused them to feel brave enough to share their experience.

– Of course, this is true in many cases, this similarity is not impossible, there absolutely are stories like this all over the world, the timing is the key here, the timing is what makes this similarity suspicious, in addition to the fact that Jessicka absolutely was following this discussion as a friend an a colleague of Babes in Toyland and also as a female musician in general, The Runaways is legendary.


Had Jessicka been holding in her secret for so long, I'd imagine the Jackie situation would cause a "I have a story too, thanks Jackie" sort of a statement, wouldn't her AP interview statement have shown solidarity to Jackie in order to respect her for coming forward and also bring attention to the discussion? Wouldn't it have been thanking her? But no, it just so happened to be at the same time with similar details? - Did she expect the attention to this subject to highlight her claim? Was Jackie left unmentioned because she wanted it to seem like she was starting a whole movement of her own? I find it unlikely that Jessicka would have been unaware of this discussion.  

Another thing is, that interestingly, through Jackie Fox's story being in the media, similar stories started coming out. This is described by Maureen Herman in her article about it, ”Now, it was Kim Fowley's turn, and stories, inspired by Fox's disclosure, started peppering the internet, one after another.


Oh! So what did Jessicka say in 2017?


That her vague remark caused a huge flood of messages from women that had also been abused by Jeordie... None of these stories have been seen by anyone though, and as stated earlier, she claimed one of these victims was Jeordie's ex wife Laney, who to this day is friends with Jeordie and has denied these claims


But like, she didn't really succeed in starting a movement of her own similar to what happened with stories about Kim Fowley, though it seems she would have wished for one. So she claimed that her 2015 AP interview vague remark was ”heard loud and clear” by fans all over … Doesn't seem like it though. Considering Jeordie's very ”sex, drugs & rock n roll” reputation from the 90's, one might think there would actually be a flood of stories visible to the public too, but none such flood has been seen. If she really had to go as far as to lie about Laney, it tells enough. 

So it seems she was inspired by the Jackie Fox, Kim Fowley and Maureen Herman situation from the start, wished for a similar outcome, but since her story is false, one didn't happen, so she claimed that she'd started a wave like this. This way, possibly, her earlier failures to catch the public's attention could be seen as foreshadowing in her final #metoo hit statement in October 2017 rather than failed attempts to gain attention.


Wikipedia edits page discusses the possibility of Jessicka editing herself as ”The first woman to hashtag #metoo against a musician Jeordie White who was fired from Marilyn Manson after” but we know that it's Jessicka who'd like you to think Jeordie was fired because of her, no, it seems his departure from the band was a mutual decision between him and Manson and a result of multiple things going on in the background.


Jessicka does follow Maureen Herman on social media, she has very likely read her writings. Maureen doens't follow her back, though. - And I'll state my opinion on Maureen; I have read her articles on rape and sexual abuse, she writes intelligently and has good points, I have no reason to doubt her stories. She writes out of passion for the subject, she refers to studies and other people's writing. She comes across as someone who cares about this subject and someone that can be taken seriously. And the Jackie Fox situation; well in itself it is a case of it's own, not invested enough to say but I don't exactly have a reason to doubt it right now, read about it and make your own conclusions, what you think about it. This kind of things do happen, I don't think any of us discussing false accusations did at any point claim that none of abuse stories in the music scene were true. It could very well be true. 


This absolutely is an important discussion, but hijacking it to hurt someone with false accusations is disrespectful on a level that there aren't words to describe it. – Why I yet again think that is what Jessicka is doing with her claims is that she, in this case too, was so invested with talking about herself that she didn't realize her story could actually sound more believable if she'd referred to Jackie Fox's story and given her some respect publicly like that. But could she bring out her ”stolen identity” claim in the context of other Riot Grrrl bands, they if anyone would know that that claim is definitely false as the look could not have been stolen from her as she did not originate it.


It's interesting that despite Christian/Jessicka telling me Babes In Toyland members are ”friends to this day” with Jessicka, I have never seen Maureen Herman or anyone from Babes in Toyland show much appreciation for Jessicka's story? If it was such a huge movement with a flood of messages of support, where are the members of Jack Off Jill, Jessicka's other band Scarling and also the rest of the 90's Riot Grrrl bands in this. Looking through social media it feels like Jack Off Jill is a bubble of it's own.




Another thing, of course, if she was planning to go after a Marilyn Manson member... She was attacking Marilyn Manson too, as Evan Rachel Wood was hinting towards abuse claims on social media around 2017 already and the Johnny and Amber situation was going on too. Jessicka tried to get Evan's attention and even included her in her claims against Manson, stating that Manson had hit Evan. This attack towards Manson was taken back, though, as Jessicka got what she wanted; Jeordie out of Marilyn Manson.


But later she tried to get Evan's attention again, yet again failing. She was asking why Evan still followed Jeordie on twitter in 2020... Was she wanting to jump aboard to the discussion Evan Rachel Wood was stirring up? Did she see Evan's claims coming and want to "collaborate"...

Anyhow, I think a look at one of Jessicka's favorite movies that seems to have inspired her identity theft claims in general could further explain to you why I think the word rape was just an opportunity to bring attention to her ”stolen dress” issue that she's been always going on about.


Hedwig And The Angry Inch tells a very similar story. A trans woman called Hedwig has her songs stolen by an ex boyfriend Tommy, who overnight becomes a teen rock idol with the stolen songs. The movie revolves around Hedwig telling this story and planning a lawsuit, enviously following Tommy's success. Hedwig meets Tommy in a limousine and the two drive together and get distracted, which results in a car crash that gets the media's attention. The truth comes out, Hedwig gets her songs back and Tommy disappears.


It very well seems that the discussion of sexual abuse in the music industry just gave her an opportunity for a petty revenge. ”Rape” is the car crash that gets the media's attention, and it also works as an artistic metaphor for how Jessicka feels Jeordie used her, discarded her and benefitted from her ideas, building a successful music career. But they provably weren't her ideas that he was succeeding with, and anyone with any knowledge of how the band dynamic worked in Marilyn Manson knows that Jeordie's success wasn't only based on the way he looked, but also on his musical talent and the songs he wrote, which have absolutely nothing to do with Jessicka.

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