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2007 -  Scarling. hiatus, Jeordie reunites with Manson, what else?

So, what happened in the late 2000s?


In 2007, Jessicka's band Scarling went on a hiatus. It's status is still active apparently, but very little activity has been seen from this band, and it has seemingly disbanded. Jessicka has more recently tweeted that she is not a part of the music business anymore and wants to focus more on her art and writing. It's unclear what exactly happened with Scarling, but one thing is clear; Jessicka seems disappointed with her own music career.


In this case, if she's got issues with Jeordie, like she has always had with the ”he stole my look” claim, what else happened in late 2007 would likely cause her to feel bitter:


In late 2007, Jeordie and Marilyn Manson ran into each other at a bar of a hotel and had a short conversation, which lead to them reuniting. They had separated on good terms in 2002 as Jeordie left the band, but despite being on good terms, life seemed to have pulled them into different directions which caused them to not see each other very much. This conversation at the bar lead to them keeping more in touch, and they discussed making music together again. Jeordie then rejoined the lineup of Marilyn Manson in January of 2008 on the Rape Of The World Tour.


He picked up the name Twiggy again, but says it was more ”To remind the fans that it's me” and he shortened it from the original Twiggy Ramirez to just Twiggy. This detail is very interesting considering the fact that Jessicka's opinion of Manson turned sour after Jeordie rejoined the band and it seems she had been satisfied with the overall situation of Jeordie being out of the band in the 2000's. To put it shortly; she sang ”Can't keep my mouth shut if you keep that dress on” in her song Nazi Halo. Well, she did not seem to have much of a problem when the dress was taken off as Jeordie dropped the Twiggy persona, but when he picked it up, putting the dress on again, she had a problem with him and Manson again.


Considering the stolen identity claim, another thing I need to mention that was going on in the media and the public around this time is the Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana conspiracy. I was instantly reminded of if when I read Jessicka's 2017 claims, as her story changed from ”He was wearing my clothes” to basically ”He ultimately stole my identity and destroyed me, created his career on my ideas.” - Which is very similar to what Lina Morgana's family claims happened to her with Lady Gaga.


Lina Morgana was an aspiring artist starting her career at the same time with Lady Gaga and they were friends. She suddenly died, and very shortly after Lady Gaga became an international superstar. It has been speculated whether or not Lady Gaga had a hand in Lina's death, and Lina's mother claims Lady Gaga stole her identity and ideas and is using them to gain success to this day, stating ”Lady Gaga has Lina's soul.”


I didn't think this was anything more than a coincidence, a similarity, until I remembered that Lady Gaga rose to fame around the same time as Jeordie rejoined Marilyn Manson. And then she collaborated with Marilyn Manson around the time of the release of The High End Of Low, which was the first album with Jeordie back in the band as not only a bandmember but also a songwriter. Comparisons between Gaga and Manson's stage looks were made and at the same time Twiggy was in the press with Manson, doing interviews together. This would absolutely have caught Jessicka's attention if she didn't like Jeordie's return to the band, it could be that there was a subconscious or even a conscious influence to Jessicka's claims from the conspiracy theory that would soon follow regarding Lady Gaga.


The Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana conspiracy rose to the headlines soon after, and it would be picked up again and again by the media and be a very popular discussion, especially on twitter.  It was once again a discussion very much alive around the time of Jessicka's 2017 statements.


Jeordie obviously didn't kill Jessicka, but if she wanted a similar story to the headlines, rapist is the worst possible thing she could call him, and leaving out the last name Ramirez can highlight the idea, ”Where did you leave the serial killer name?” 

On the next page there's much more on how rape seems to just be a highlight marker for the stolen dress claim, something to catch the media's attention for what Jessicka has always been going on about, the damn dress. 

Also yeah, read the stolen identity section if you haven't already. The claim is false.

Also, important thing to note, that Jeordie didn't wear the 90's dresses on stage immediately upon his return, they seemed to come back to his stage looks around 2012-2015 which is interestingly close to JOJ's reunion plans that started around 2013 and the 2015 AP interview where she made her first comment hinting towards Jeordie being an abuser. 

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